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Best Scared Cats Compilation 2015 - FUNNY CATS

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New Funny Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlI31rUAmbs These little cats are really scared of the funniest things ever which is the reason why I made this cat compilation. Enjoy these scared and afraid kitties and cats. Please share with friends and family :) ---------------- ORIGINAL VIDEOS USED IN THIS COMPILATION: Cats scared of Cucumbers Compilation Cocumbers are scary My pet kitten scared Scaring my cat with a horror mask FUNNY. Interesting and educational video about afraid animals. ---------------- -- INSTAVIDZ LINKS: --- INSTAVIDZ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC42GPSgkuR0LGaNka_Kk9Aw --- Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114649406501675339425/114649406501675339425/
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Text Comments (9777)
Amoun Amouna (11 hours ago)
The Phantom Of Romance (20 hours ago)
0:28 My God, I laughed so hard! 1:15 Also: Wait for it! Wait for it!
Patoto Azul (22 hours ago)
1:10 yummy tummy yum yum yummy tummy yummi tummy
EleterHD (1 day ago)
Jevoxani 2 (1 day ago)
That poor kitten landed on its neck. Not funny 😢
grassroots (1 day ago)
1:17 son of a pussy flipped on its back
hunbalt hundel (1 day ago)
猫 かわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいいかわいい
Aminul Islam Maruf (1 day ago)
5:09 me when teacher say show your homeworks.
BEPIS (2 days ago)
Cats hate snakes that’s why they are feared when the see something like a banana it could be a little snake
airess kc (2 days ago)
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Sina Helmi (2 days ago)
Scaring cats is NOT funny at all. Scaring a cat for making a funny video is CRUEL.
Leena Gracias (2 days ago)
Curiousity scares the cat
gacha girl lover (2 days ago)
Your an idiot you were scaring the freaking baby kittens
Tanya Lake (2 days ago)
Some of the videos are/were not funny. One of the videos that got to me was the tiny baby kitten at 5:03. It was so scared of the vacuum, and looked like it was going to have a heart attack. 😡😟
Alkaf shaikh (2 days ago)
So cats are afraid of cucumber
Alkaf shaikh (2 days ago)
1:10 oh no no no no no😂😂😂❤️
Alkaf shaikh (2 days ago)
Do that with big cats :P
gp (2 days ago)
Diosconnor torres (2 days ago)
2:50 Pickle: /ban Cat *Cat have been banned from the game!*
spidermonkey432 (2 days ago)
Man so many cats those house must smell
Ares (3 days ago)
Please don't do again this to cat😭 .Please cat is so poor. Save 😭😭💔
Iverson Asehan (3 days ago)
アニメのはしご (3 days ago)
2:50 How?…
kalina (3 days ago)
Hahhahahahah Poor cats But not to scare old cats give them heart attacks
Deku Boom (3 days ago)
5:10 Omg so cute!
Lyman Johnson (4 days ago)
Cats' terminal velocity is non-fatal to them. They can fall from just about any height and survive. Strangely enough the most dangerous height is the one seen right around 0:23 when they are turning from their "I'm going to land gracefully" position to their "oh fuck let me show you my parachute impression" position. They are most likely to hurt themselves badly if they hit the ground during that weird split-second transition period.
Jon Burns (4 days ago)
Um quite a few of these cats are terrified and I would go as far as saying there is animal cruelty happening in some of these scenes.
Diane d'Lune (3 days ago)
yt b (4 days ago)
5.10 that was so cute
Elvis !! (4 days ago)
3:30 pickel Rick
Diana Ursan (4 days ago)
Corek BleedingHollow (5 days ago)
The first two videos were the funniest
Noshed (5 days ago)
1:53 my back
Dave Ridlespriger (5 days ago)
I'm not laughing
Ms. Clustin (5 days ago)
3:50 omg leave the poor Cat alone!
Marta Marta (5 days ago)
Sa G (6 days ago)
Diane d'Lune (3 days ago)
Ethzooka (6 days ago)
0:12 when my car won’t start.
Chillin Chillin (6 days ago)
👍I present to you Japanese stanp🎎🎏🎋🎎🎏🎋🎎🎏🎋🎎🎏🎋🎎🎏🎋🎎🎏🎋🎎🎏🎋🎎🎏🎋😸Nice video Thank you😄
BRUH NOOO (7 days ago)
AP Audiography (7 days ago)
4.22 brave cat😎
4 video that make me laugh
Droid time (7 days ago)
4:52 best part
Mario Sturmat (8 days ago)
I do not understand why you annoy his own cats so much. some animals are so much in defense mode that it seems awful
lewis case (8 days ago)
Your all sick that’s a terrified animal the quick jumps are okay but putting a mask on a putting your animal through that much stress is sick you should be shot
mohan nandlal (8 days ago)
To cute
Wa luigi (8 days ago)
Waluigi loves cats!😺❤
Alann Hod (9 days ago)
2:18 aww she's playing with the kid, pretending she's a common barn owl hooo-hhoomvveeowww how cute
Agilit Inferno (9 days ago)
1.27 LOL
Zaunee Bhaai Diru (9 days ago)
Man , secnd 1 made me laugh the laugh of my life , they must have been too scared to see such a humongous cat , hahahahaha !!!!
jeremiah yarde (10 days ago)
lol good prank😂😂😂
Mochi bunny's Mommy (10 days ago)
5:08 gorgeous eyes, beautiful kitty 🙀😻😻😻
JANETH TISI PACK (10 days ago)
Border Jumper (10 days ago)
Yes good
Daniel Pannacci (10 days ago)
2:47 supercat incoming
Eric Passos (10 days ago)
This is animal abuse 😡 take down this video
Zach Campbell (10 days ago)
I have a coloured female support worker with long dark hair called Sonia and I think it would be funny if a scared cat jumped up onto her lap and pooed on her Making her stink and feel gross.
Roger Johansen (10 days ago)
If you do this videos without understanding the damage you do to your cats...fuck you !
Mr Spoiler (10 days ago)
0:10 wtf
Ankjok Ming (11 days ago)
1:15 way too cute for me handle❤🐈🐱 And most of cats behave like that when the see something new or that was not near him before because they still have animals instinct they can hunt so they inspect new things unlike dogs who were with us for over 100 of thousands of years so the animals instinct is mostly gone and dogs easily get along with everything unlike cats that have the instincts to check if it is safe or not mostly because if it was jungle the food could have been contaminated with other animals pee.
Fuck cats
SpinierYT04 (11 days ago)
5:26 that's happening when I gave mirror to my cat😂😂😂😂
ゴッショ (11 days ago)
oh my cat
Shugorou Yamamoto (11 days ago)
猫を怯えさせてどこが面白いんだ? 人間の傲慢だ。
PsychoNoMono (11 days ago)
3:43 that cat has PTSD
Christopher T Munro (11 days ago)
0:30 Cat got so scared it posses on that chair!!!!
Jami Reign (11 days ago)
Oh my god, someone save that adorable creature!!!! 5:09
Jami Reign (11 days ago)
I swear, cats are just the reincarnations of Black people.
John Denzel (12 days ago)
3:47 that was so Coward😂
Taofiq Ardhani (12 days ago)
2018 ,,, ???
alois wolff (12 days ago)
Troppo forte... Li adoro..
2:50......What do I say
.hmm.. Please pause the video at 1:52....the cat can even do that much jump... You should probably take it to high jump competition....like if agreee
Timofey Kozyrev (12 days ago)
0:27 fireworks of cats!!
jillian sacco (12 days ago)
Actually, scaring your cats like this is terrible and scarring. Have fun with your cat, but don't mess with its mental health.
Goodman (12 days ago)
Not funny for the most part, cruel owners terrorising their animals, making them nervous wrecks.
Gaming with Nahomy (12 days ago)
Cats are so funny and curious 😸
Eventually Sa (12 days ago)
Send it to evanka trump 😂👌
Hadil Remou (13 days ago)
haah haah semua lari semua lari
0:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Erik Geerling (13 days ago)
I hope you all fucking die of cancer and your children to ! Why do you wanna scare your pets ?? I really hope your kids will die of cancer !!!!
Ezic Sky (13 days ago)
Why many cats in video is Scottish fold?)
Jonathan Welters (13 days ago)
Time to feed my babies. 😂🤣💀
Natas Si ereh (14 days ago)
The 2nd video is very funny 😂
白丸姫 (14 days ago)
so funny lol
KaoGacha (14 days ago)
whats the name of this song?
NIGEL The Cockatoo (14 days ago)
Paxton Fairbairn (14 days ago)
0:21 I hate cats. If you are a grown man and seriously have that many cats their is a problem. Who honestly goes out and buys what is usually around $200 crib for cats then there is an issue
dark game00 (14 days ago)
Krista Maust (15 days ago)
Who else’s cat came to you and watched the video with you??. Lol
AnimeImani Gamez (15 days ago)
1:51 what jumped the cat? it was funny though xD
Mr Feast (15 days ago)
Cats yodel when they're scared confirmed!
4:31 owner: What is it? cat: I don't knooowww...
paul chance (15 days ago)
Too funny...
O5fordgtx1 (16 days ago)
Cool vid
Blazi 64 (16 days ago)
FNX deathgun (16 days ago)
5:10 que fofo rsrsrs
Gamer MQV (16 days ago)
why cats scare of cucumber??

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