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TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN: Funny and Cute Bull Terrier Videos Compilation 2017

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Text Comments (837)
E M (27 minutes ago)
Yeah if people could control their kids that'll be great.
Antipodean33 (7 hours ago)
Teach your damn kids not to hit dogs around the face, or bounce on their backs, they'll do it to the wrong dog one day. Also don't over feed your dogs, fat dogs are the same as fat people, ugly and unhealthy
Lit Forever. (17 hours ago)
Dog jacks off at 1:50
Been Redeemed (2 days ago)
The kid jumping on the poor dog (ruined) the video and the people letting the child do that....don't have the sense to take care  of a dog.....!....They should NOT own a pet if they don't have any more sense than that!!!!!
Laura Montoya (5 days ago)
Is amazing
Jay Lionheart (6 days ago)
Wtf you let that kid sit/jump on a dog and than one day his face gets mauled off ...
Jessica Andrews (7 days ago)
I loveeee bull terriers so much! I’m getting a bull terrier puppy in 2 weeks
Diinchjen Din (8 days ago)
Those children.. i'll never unterstand parents who allow such stupid and dangerous situations of children wich riding or hitting the dog.. shame on you..
I don't say it you. (11 days ago)
The Bull Terrier is not Natural he is a Clone.
Astrophonik (13 days ago)
Yukira Shanaya (18 days ago)
1:48 *what the he-*
Elise Buchan (19 days ago)
Lost it at the dog covered by the blanket
Holly Williams (19 days ago)
People need to teach their children to respect their pets! They aren’t furniture. That’s how kids get bit and then the dog pays for it
Tony Howell (20 days ago)
Idiots that let their toddlers mess with their dogs then cry when they get bit.
Suckit Suckit (21 days ago)
Bull terrier is a biutifol dog
Isaiah’s FeelChannel (21 days ago)
That woman is going to dislocate her dogs arms Omg and the children with dogs is just nonono
Isaiah’s FeelChannel (21 days ago)
That kid could’ve injured th dog
Majda Susnik (24 days ago)
idiotic kids
Charlotte (3 days ago)
Idiotic PARENTS. The kids don't know that what they're doing is mean and potentially dangerous when the PARENTS are allowing the poor behavior.
Parish Pandey (25 days ago)
Sooooooo cute!😍
*** ERIDAN *** (26 days ago)
Bull Terrier https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQiPIzMhfMWnZrXBjGZtHig
Valentina Marco (26 days ago)
cavalierebianco mino (29 days ago)
Derek Sinclair (29 days ago)
This made my day today
Mayra Cabañas (1 month ago)
dale like si te gustaron todos los videos 😙😚😎😍😍😘
Por que tiene cara de burro
Zack De La Rocha (1 month ago)
Pinches mamadas me acorde de mi perro era igual que el del vídeo cada que me eserraban en un anexo era el unico se alegraba cuando salia porque mi familia mis amigos todos me daban la espalda pero gracias al jefe y hasta el día de hoy no e tomado ni me drogado
Лазуритка (1 month ago)
Bull Terriers♥
Aeris's World (1 month ago)
2:00 minutes in and decided that I want to watch for the cuteness and funny dogs to brighten my day
Aeris's World (1 month ago)
Not for the challenge
carmen vang (1 month ago)
they too cute
Fernando González (1 month ago)
lucieni (1 month ago)
Love English bullies... totally always up for it.. whatever IT is. Xxx
Ян огненый (1 month ago)
Самая прекрасная и наилучшая порода собак
J ROWE (1 month ago)
Spuds mecenzy
Kylie Reidel (1 month ago)
Or hitting he still doesn’t feel pain
Kylie Reidel (1 month ago)
Little kid sitting on dog I know they don’t feel much pain but 😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😠
Andre van Zyl (1 month ago)
Cutest dogs in the world
All That Is Krogan! (1 month ago)
This video got a dislike solely due to the clip with the kid bouncing and the other kid slapping the dog. Not cool
2WheelsAndAFishingRod (1 month ago)
Owned pits, staffies and various other terriers for 30+ years...some grew up with my kid but I would never allow any young child to "play" as these kids did. It is just not worth risking your childs life if that 1% of unpredictability, of any dog suddenly came into play. It is also seriously irresponsible.
Jaime L. (1 month ago)
What is the name of the song? I really like it
Ross Persoglia (1 month ago)
Jaja yo tengo un bull terrier hace todo eso
andresyoutube HD (1 month ago)
Lena aaa (1 month ago)
i try to "not laught" but... I CAN'T DO IT XD
Самая восхитительная порода собак! Мои любимочки!
rathtain 123 (1 month ago)
1:16 sneaky doggo?
Legends of League (1 month ago)
Ugliest thing in the history of dogs
Irena S (1 month ago)
fantastyczne zabawy, cudowne pieski, uśmiałam się po pachy, aha ha
Obe (1 month ago)
Jay Thomas Jr (2 months ago)
2:33 why are you doing this hooman
Mario Medeiros (2 months ago)
Tu sabias que e a rasa que a minha fomilia gosta
738polarbear (2 months ago)
These dogs are just clowns . I’ve had several of them .
rggtrsdg2355 tw (2 months ago)
I had to put my bully to sleep a month ago. I miss her
mimi Cardell (2 months ago)
Bootiful smiles
mimi Cardell (2 months ago)
At 3.00 btw
prono gagnant (2 months ago)
Abonnés vous! A 100 abonné je mets vidéo bull terrier tout les jours !
Luka (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Oue31EfyAB0 watch this
Jeff Calvin (2 months ago)
35 is a cat
Jeff Calvin (2 months ago)
34th dog
Spirit Fox (2 months ago)
It's impossible not to laugh it's too cute
Dark wolf (2 months ago)
I love them and i want one dog like they
Bts Jungkook (2 months ago)
bull terrier😍
Radio Active Emissions (2 months ago)
Overweight dogs are not funny
Edgar Foerster (2 months ago)
Such a beautiful being! Love em the best!
These dogs remind me of "Frankenweenie"😊
christopher ceron (3 months ago)
1:47 this dude beatin his meat 😂😂😂
Jessie Dries (3 months ago)
Aren't they cute.
Delaney O’Hara (3 months ago)
I love love love bull terriers😊
Donald Sexton (3 months ago)
Irresponsible BT owner at 2:23 letting their baby bounce on its back like that. Owned them my whole life but they can occasionally snap when subjected to this.
Studio hoonhyo (3 months ago)
What's name of sound bg
Miss Nia (3 months ago)
Letting a child bounce on a dogs back is a terrible idea and is no way cute or funny, the child can be at serious risk of being bitten, and then if that happens the dog will likely be put down even if it had never bitten anyone before. How would you react if someone decided to climb onto your back while you were laying down relaxing and starting bouncing? It doesn't matter how young the child is, its never okay to let them torment an animal.
Clara Gaitan (3 months ago)
I have one and I love those dogs
Mack Shaw (3 months ago)
I have one and she stays into something
OCRAM 46 (3 months ago)
Tous les mêmes 😂 J'ai aussi un Bull terrier qui va sur ses 9 ans... Toujours adorable 🐶
solo Juegos (3 months ago)
Logan Murray (3 months ago)
But where's it's snout?
Sharik Bustamante (3 months ago)
Qué lindo yo tenía uno pero Melo regalaron y no supimos más de el
Cute my white bull terrier died 3 yrs ago I will never forget Ella BUT we have a new one Toyah a black toffee and white bull terrier love you Toyah
Ms Barnes (3 months ago)
I will spank your kid. Control those little fuckers!!!! Not cool
Triton Man (3 months ago)
Perro deforme
Michelle Cavalcanti (3 months ago)
Jasmin Bran (3 months ago)
Frage mich wieso man zulässt, dass ein kleines Kind den Hund haut...
Jaime Paz (3 months ago)
Cut dog !!!!
Riya Sethi (3 months ago)
Very nice
DAMA Siempre (3 months ago)
Están hermosos 🐕🐩🐕
Branca Guedes (3 months ago)
Que lindo
Its so annoying watching the kids hit the dogs i know they’re tolerant and it doesn’t hurt for them but still by letting the kids hit the dog they will think its right for them to hit other dogs and some dogs have short temper Ps:if your not gonna say anything nice please don’t atack me just keep your rude opinions to yourself
Johnny Felcher (3 months ago)
Is that the peanut butter kid at 2:30?
Ramen Rampage (3 months ago)
This breed is amazing, they are so silly and stubborn. But really? Sitting on the dogs back? That could really do some damage! :(
Lynn Smith (3 months ago)
Adorable But honestly kind of a weird breed Loving to the baby And tolerated the kitty
Ben Quinney (3 months ago)
No me parece gracioso que ese chusco de mierda le salte en su columna ni tampoco el otro que le pega !corrijan a sus hijos carajo!
Rocky The Traveller (3 months ago)
Bull terriers are just the best dogs ever!
SoNiliny (3 months ago)
pues no veo nada gracioso que arrastren por el suelo a un pobre perro ni que permitan que los niños (por muy bebés que sean) golpéen así a un animal. Ser gracioso es compatible con el respeto.
Спасибо за видеоклип😊😊😊😊
alma jaimes (3 months ago)
de la manera mas atenta les pido q esterilicen a sus mchos y embras hay tantos en la calle abandonados por gente irresponsables porfis gracias
Mandalore863 (3 months ago)
anyone who isn't at the very least slightly amused by this video is a soulless vampire
Hak / Keyland Terrier (3 months ago)
Tbm faz isso.... Kkkk
Nia the Gulf Gypsy (3 months ago)
Bull Terriers are such awesome and wonderful dogs!

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