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The Best Brownies You'll Ever Eat

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https://www.buzzfeed.com/marietelling/heres-exactly-how-to-make-the-best-brownies-of-your-life?utm_term=.riAvJ3ae2x#.qrQ6pkmVxv Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here: http://bit.ly/2IooLS4 Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/58958 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network Cheerful Bossa_fullmix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Dive In_fullmix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Cafe On The Beach_fullmix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
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Text Comments (5118)
Elsie Ross (46 minutes ago)
sorry... what, potato chips in brownie?!
Chicago Illinois (54 minutes ago)
I like a dry nutty brownie....good work
Andrea Mendenhall (3 hours ago)
No baking powder for chewey brownies. Rises too much
James Pak (5 hours ago)
"Ergo" means "Therefore". Great video BTW, thank you
Broken soffa (7 hours ago)
Use the metric system, god damn. Be the change you wish to see
Vigga Rohweder (8 hours ago)
I have never been able to make fudge brownies but this recipe made it so easy. Thank you! It taste amazing and my family loves it❤️❤️
Bunnicorn Lover (8 hours ago)
Why tf am I not subbed 2 you?
PaintedBooks (10 hours ago)
Can u post the recipe using grams and stuff?
ella ella (10 hours ago)
Ummm.... Excuse me, my grandma makes the best brownies!
Grace Y (1 day ago)
If you hadn't had added the ginache, would you have made a blonde?
Ash Cruz (1 day ago)
Don’t ever change, Claire! ❤️
Ok so just made these, a big fail.
EverythingWonderful (1 day ago)
My friend made that for me, and it is AmaZingggggg!!!!
Milda cat (1 day ago)
Theese are not brownies, just chocolate cake. 1.Too much flour, eggs 2.you should put more butter, sugar 3. bake shorter There are some good recipes on YouTube of REAL FUDGY brownies, But if you want chocolate cake, this recipe good
jealousharibo (1 day ago)
I'm doing this for Christmas instead of any traditional dish.
SamPey SocuTe (1 day ago)
The granulated sugar that she add is killing me! Its ok not to taste this rather than poisoning myself because of sugar content
steven miller (1 day ago)
quick chef tip: allow the brownie to cool in the fridge before cutting and it also helps with the goooeyness of the brownie and once cooled you can slice smaller and use in sundaes
steven miller (1 day ago)
also did you try using tahini paste for the perfect swirl on the brownie, use the end of a spoon and run from top to bottom creating a curve at each end
River 005 (1 day ago)
Ahamed Dhilzath (1 day ago)
I love this voice...it adds more taste to the video
DanaDoodles (1 day ago)
my mouth is watering. but i have like almost none of this stuff or a working oven. oh god help
Elizabeth Bailey (1 day ago)
I made these tonight and they were a big hit! Thanks so much!
addy okunoye (2 days ago)
How do i get a crusty shiny top to my brownies?
Stickiboi (2 days ago)
Sunshine City Slimes (2 days ago)
I made these brownies for a youth party they were SOOOO good! Defiantly recommend!!
Le Hoang Nhat Nam (2 days ago)
Lol, imma make this to bring to school as a snack
Hannah Walls (2 days ago)
i’ve just gone shopping and i’m making these tonight! i came across this yesterday looking for something to bring to my last day at work, and couldn’t not with this voiceover ♡
joya's Bake n joy (2 days ago)
hey, can i half the amount of the ingredients from this rcp to make 12 pcs of brownies? btw, these are looking so scrumptious.
Rachel Fishbein (2 days ago)
I will say that the first time I tried this recipe, I couldn't find dutch processed cocoa, so I went with high-fat cocoa instead. When I was later able to make another batch with the dutch processed cocoa, I must say that I prefer the high-fat. It tasted richer.
Blank _ (2 days ago)
Why the F an I forced to watch a tasty ad when I come to watch a tasty video. Like you already got me you can stop trying to sell me on this
Ana York (3 days ago)
I need a bite
Zeuses Coven (3 days ago)
A good brownie looks moist this looks dry af.
Zeuses Coven (3 days ago)
Nah they look dry af and chewy and grainy ew reminds of the 'healthy banana brownies' my aunt makes.
Finlay A (3 days ago)
There was no weed in them SHIT!!!
Ashroff Ash (3 days ago)
I just wanted to know the exact measurements in grams!!
Missile Gaming (3 days ago)
6:30 i hear someone scream "walmart" inside my brain... It makes me wonder lol
sereyna scott (3 days ago)
oooohh yum i want to eat them nowww & i really like how for some reason? loll? it's spontaneouslyy improv-ing the ingredientsss
Tori Ruff (4 days ago)
Where do you buy the Dealer’s Choice chocolate bars? I’ve searched and can’t find that brand anywhere
f (4 days ago)
Fucking delicious.
bdusa (4 days ago)
That's a lot of salt dude.
tinker bell. (4 days ago)
How much butter did you use
x Taniwha x (4 days ago)
*beat dat batter*
Ilish Bath (5 days ago)
Makke JR (5 days ago)
Good video but shit commentator
Spectre 7734 (5 days ago)
Hint: Try adding crushed walnuts to the mixture, it's a match mad in Heaven.
Gil Edwards (5 days ago)
Looks soo good and I'm glad America don't use the metric system. I just never liked it
Ben B (5 days ago)
Anna Okrostsvaridze (5 days ago)
5:45 why would someone do that to a brownie
zeinah alsabah (5 days ago)
i want to fudging lick the spoon
lilyy I (5 days ago)
don’t put salt on top vomit 🤢 🤮
Akiak Wolf (5 days ago)
When she dipped the brownie in the milk, I groaned out loud
marsbar525 (5 days ago)
Thank you so much Tasty 101 .. First time making brownies and following this recipe they turned out absolutely perfect and had so much fun making them 😁 You're totally responsible though for me getting fat, totally blame you lot 😜
Bella Far (6 days ago)
I tried these with normal coco power but I think there was too much salt. Besides that, it was very good and I use it regularly now
Just Sam (6 days ago)
The brownie came out tasting too much like coffee tbh and salty. Imma try with more sugar and less of espresso and salt
Kai_ Playzz (6 days ago)
This recipe is shit there’s no pot.
ASMR Sweet Deal (6 days ago)
What are the dimensions of the pan?
Maryam Sulu (6 days ago)
I never get tired of watching this video 💜💜💜
Zayashuku (6 days ago)
Thank you for this recipe but you aren't allowed to write down recipes in "Kitchens". So it makes me kind of doubt this person working in a pastrie shop. What normally ends up happening is that the recipe becomes you after working there for so long. Y'all and if you have a new job some where do not start writing down things you'll like. It's considered stealing and you'll be fired if not sued if somebody produces their techniques else where in a short time. Just saying :x
Sammy Rasa (6 days ago)
Those aren't the best brownies they ain't got no weed in them
Iman Aziz (6 days ago)
I made these last week and i added some nutella and oh.my.god IT WAS THE FUDGIEST BROWNIES IVE EVER HAD AMAZEBALLS
DA H (6 days ago)
...But what's with the huge amount of sugar?? I'll try this recipe but with half or one third of the suggested amount of sugar.
Smile EveryDay (6 days ago)
When was making these the worst thing had to happen to me , so I was using a electric hand mixer and I leaned in closer then MY HAIR GOT CAUGHT IN THE MIXER WHILE IT WAS STILL ON. So then I quickly turned it off and was like OH MY GOSH WHAT DO I DO so then I quickly went to the bathroom and then i only cut off a tiny piece of hair my hair looks normal and I had a electric mixer on my head for a long time my arm was going to die so here's a tip IF YOUR HAIR IS ABOUT SHOULDER LENGTH TIE YOUR HAIR luckily no one in the house knew
Smile EveryDay (6 days ago)
I made these and if you want to make them IT TASTE LIKE ANGELS IT IS SOOOOOOO GGGOOODDDDDDDDDDD but I would take away a few tablespoons of white sugar ( about 4 tablespoons. Whipping the eggs is the key to your treasure this recipe is a must try.
NarrowSkyGamer (6 days ago)
I’ve made these and I recommend it sooo much, if you have a tub of vanilla ice cream laying around, MAKE BROWNIE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES
Shy Sunny (6 days ago)
Personally I'd want brownies with less sugar so I could eat more of them, but that's just me.
Antonisha Cooper (6 days ago)
I hate gooey brownies 😖
Niamh Donaldson (6 days ago)
I can't make normal brownies again without thinking about this video
Spaetzle Monster XD (7 days ago)
My brain: let‘s watch this... While I‘m hungry 😑
Do you add the weed in with the flour? Or do you add it in with the sugar? And should I sieve it into the batter
I made a mistake in my brownies, I added 1 egg then ALL of them which made the mixture eggy, to combat this add the slightest bit more flour
I made these without using the espresso powder they are the equivalent to Marks and Spencer’s melt in the middle puddings. They taste lovely
For those who use grams. 80% dark chocolate Cocoa powder Dutch process 20g Espresso powder 1tbs Unsalted butter 105g Granulated sugar 170g Dark brown sugar 45g Vanilla extract 2tsp Salt 2tsp 6 eggs all purpose flour 85g Cocoa powder Dutch process 45g
Suqar (7 days ago)
the best brownies come from my ass
Navas2345 Jamal (7 days ago)
The brownie is killing me
_.mysticmess._ (8 days ago)
oh shit i’ve been buying £1 brownies from greggs i need to step up my game
besmalah halwachi (8 days ago)
shenade teves (5 days ago)
a lot of channels do believe it or not
Ms MoDDy (8 days ago)
Konpeito Pop Studio (8 days ago)
I don't have chocolate bars in my pantry but I do have coco powder. Couldn't I just use that instead to make brownies?
Denise Sturm (8 days ago)
Right now, my brownies are in the oven. The raw brownie batter was so amazing!!! I cant wait to eat them !!!!
Denise Sturm Cool I’m making these today, hopefully at least
Daniel Brett Burrows (8 days ago)
Why don't you put a metric system conversion along with your videos? The rest of the world could do with a little he!ping hand 🙏
Daniel Brett Burrows (7 days ago)
Hi That’s so nice of you, yes please that would be great! I tried the chocolate cookie recipe this week and I think it didn’t work because I used the same cup measurements for two different types of flour, I need to stop being lazy and do some research on American cups measurements to metric! But thanks again for your kind offer, it would certainly set me off on the right direction x
Daniel Brett Burrows Do you want meh to give you grams translation?
天照 (8 days ago)
putting chips in those brownies is a immaculate argument for capital punishment
天照 Lol yeah
Stacey Beadle (8 days ago)
I love this video! I am totally making these. You convinced me!
joss solis (8 days ago)
Should I preheat the oven?
Beatrice Oguku (9 days ago)
I recommend the old recipe for fudgy brownies because this one looks too candy compared to the old recipe where it looks like a literal brownie
_shookjungkook_ (9 days ago)
Don’t come at me but I hate chocolate or anything sweet but brownies are THE BOMBB
angry bird (9 days ago)
Perfect 👍
miamion (9 days ago)
Subscribe please : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvTvpuJK7wdVglv-5V3N-PA?view_as=subscriber
Laura M. Williams (9 days ago)
you can found recipes on www.easydinner.club
Shelley E (9 days ago)
I love the narrator's casual style!
Seth Amtsberg (9 days ago)
Millenial twats
Tony Hayes (9 days ago)
The only acceptable size pan for brownies is 9x13. Any other size = you're doing it wrong.
Venice Lee (10 days ago)
Can I just use coffee powder?
Venice Lee (7 days ago)
+ItZ Emily! The dog lover thank you
Venice Lee It’s the same thing
Asi_Asi_ (10 days ago)
It workssss If my 14 year old sister can do it , it definately works
秦晓豪 (10 days ago)
I did it! That's amazing!
Kirito kun (10 days ago)
If you adding things to the top like at the end, when do you add them? from the start of baking or nearer to the end?
Thatsjustme Xx (10 days ago)
Take a shot every time she says ‘fudgy’
Thatsjustme Xx You’d get alcohol poisoning
aku kamu (10 days ago)
brownies shyni crust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w145qcjTxBI
Rotten Meat (10 days ago)
I know this is a late comment but I needed some explanation, Ok so I followed this 100000000% Put it in the oven after 25 MINS, did the smash against the counter, put it back after another 20 MINS it was Nowhere near done. The top cooked nicely and formed a solid chunky layer. After 2 and a half hours it was finally done. Still tastes amazing but I'm very confused as to why is took so long!!!! Any help is appreciated (sorry for this long AF comment😊)
FakeRei (10 days ago)
Just say 100% libtard
FakeRei (10 days ago)
You can’t follow something 100000000% retard
DatBoi Dom (10 days ago)
Crisps (potato chips) in brownies !? Nani?
stillmikaela (10 days ago)
Tim Scott (10 days ago)
I’m American

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