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Hi Everyone, we found this pimple popper by ZURU in the Entertainer and decided to try it out. I thought it was a little gross but at the same time it was kind of satisfying. http://www.facebook.com/maisiestoyworld/ http://instagram.com/maisiestoyworld/ https://www.twitter.com/maisiestoy/ #maisiestoyworld
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NooNid KidZone (2 days ago)
Great video! Love and Full watched.
Mucky Toys & Games (2 days ago)
Oh my! This is so gross! I can see that it may be kind of satisfying at the same time, LOL! Great review, Maisie! New friends here! Big like and full view.
Maisies toy World (2 days ago)
Thank you💕
Summer Joy's Toy Joy (5 days ago)
oh wow am not sure about these they look gross and fun lol greay review 😊🦄
GAME WORLD FOR KIDS (7 days ago)
That's amazing video!! big like &&g7
Maisies toy World (5 days ago)
Thank you💕
Surprise Kids Tube (7 days ago)
Super gross super fun👍👍👍big like and full view from us👍👍👍ave a great day 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Maisies toy World (7 days ago)
Thank you💕
Peanuts paper DIY (8 days ago)
Awesome great video 😊
みやチューブ (9 days ago)
✨✨Very beautiful dear friend✨✨ Thank you very much for your subscribe😊😊😊 I look forward to your video from now on✨✨✨
daynagirlworld (12 days ago)
Ups,, I little gross,,,you got fun,,,greetings my friend.
Wow that is one weird game hehe
TRIPLESEVENSIX (12 days ago)
Nastaaaaay. Lol.
Maisies toy World (12 days ago)
It is isn’t it😃
Hi. I enjoyed it. Subscribed Come to me.
Maisies toy World (12 days ago)
Thank you💕
Super Santa (12 days ago)
Hola ! LIKE от друзей !!! Заходите в гости на новинку, будем рады)))
Maisies toy World (12 days ago)
Thank you💕
Starikids TV (12 days ago)
That is a really gross toy! 🤣 You did a great job reviewing it! We are happy to be your new friends. 💜👍🌈🌟🦄
Great video 😀 New friend 👍+🔔 all the way from Denmark 🤓 Have a great Weekend 👍
Maisies toy World (12 days ago)
Thank you❤️
BJ Toy Play (12 days ago)
Excellent video😍😍 I'm a new friend to your channel I hope we can be friends🤗🤗 I will sub your channel Can you visit my channel too🤗
Maisies toy World (12 days ago)
Thank you💕
POPO TV (12 days ago)
LIKE :) nice video... come and watch our new videos too !
Maisies toy World (12 days ago)
Thank you💕liked your Halloween video😃
Kids Toys Zone (12 days ago)
That's amazing video.
Maisies toy World (12 days ago)
Thank you💕
TOY GOGO TV (12 days ago)
Wow So lovely girl and funny 😍😍😍 I will keep subscribe and like. I'm glad to be your friend 💖💖💖💖
Maisies toy World (12 days ago)
Thank you💕
3Dtoys4U (13 days ago)
Like👍 and kiss😘
Julie Ann Pertez (13 days ago)
Hi, baby, I am to support.. hope to see you too on my crib hehe.
Maisies toy World (13 days ago)
Thank you❤️
kingdes world (13 days ago)
Hello baby... Thank you so much for visiting me😍😍😍
Sis's Playtime (13 days ago)
OMG, this looks gross. But fun at the same time. Very cool share. We enjoyed watching.
Silvia Deegon (13 days ago)
Hi! thank you for coming over :) Just subbed back #4887 Keep in touch xo
Splat Kids TV (13 days ago)
Gross, haha great review guys.
Marinas Toy Box (13 days ago)
This is so gross, the things they come up with...
Super Fun Game Apps (13 days ago)
Super gross and weird but looks fun! 😜😜😜
Fashion sisters (13 days ago)
Que guay😀😀super like,👍❤️💞
Chloe Venice (13 days ago)
looks FUN! Great video love it SO AWESOME
Creative Fun Learning (13 days ago)
Hi there!! You have a new subscriber here!! 😍🌹🌹🌹
😆😆awesome video very interesting 😅
Hello, I like your channel. She is great. We are twins. Come see our chain. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=7wVBPz_oeCY
Fans SP (14 days ago)
I support your video, I done subbed, liked, Thanks you for sharing, please help subscribe me, Have a great nice day,
Maisies toy World (13 days ago)
Thank you❤️
Top Toy (14 days ago)
yekkkkkkkk who invented that game? where did you bought it? yek. But you are amaizing :)))
Family Fun N Toys (14 days ago)
This game looks fun but its kinda gross too. Great review. Like and thumbs up friend
Scarlett and Skye (14 days ago)
eww! this was soo gross , your brave! xoxox Big thumbs up! 👍👍👍
Lorenzo Toys and Games (14 days ago)
Big like! Gross haha but fun! Love it!
ELIYA FUN TIME (14 days ago)
OMG! We want to try this! Thanks for sharing friend! Full view and like from us as always! Let’s stay connected! 🌺🌺🌺
Maisies toy World (13 days ago)
Thank you💕
Беее.е..... будто прыши подавили )) лайк друзья
Missy G23 (14 days ago)
Cool game but dont think I would like to squeeze the zits haha xx Missy G23 xx
Maria Kalinowska {K1} (14 days ago)
Hello and greetings and subscribe to the channel I leave expecting the same :) Great whole video - thank you and have a nice day :)
Maisies toy World (14 days ago)
Thank you💕
Fireman Sam Toys (15 days ago)
Cool Review 😊 Just amazing job my friend! So creative !! 😊 Best wishes from Fireman Sam Toys 🚨 🚒 🚨
ooo gross but fun! x
Nice share and nice video
Princess Jade TV (15 days ago)
nice game! little bit strange to play! looks gross! haha! liked and subscribe! thanks for sharing!
Maisies toy World (13 days ago)
Thank you❤️
Flamilie Kids Vids FKV (15 days ago)
We saw this game in the shop just today looks great to play
Uslu Minik TV (15 days ago)
Beautiful share friend, very nice channel, always support 🌹👍💕💞👑💓😍👏sweeeeet ❤️🌷💐🎈💌😘🎀💖
Maisies toy World (13 days ago)
Thank you❤️
мисс Кира (15 days ago)
Прикольненько.жду в гости
Woww super 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Very cool! Never seen these before ... awesome review friends 😎👍🏻 very interesting!
NunaGirl toys (15 days ago)
Ewwww so gross!!!!!! I’ll make sure not to buy it 🤪😐🤮🤢but good to know about this ha ha 😀
Cool video!!! ~~~^^ Very nice🌸🌸🌸🌸 Have a nice day😀😄☺
Y-trebil (15 days ago)
Wow! Pimple popper! Awesome 💖💖💖
IvySee TV (15 days ago)
💕Gross but looks fun💕 Fantastic Review💕
KIDS STUDIO (15 days ago)
Groase but fun Time Maisies ! ♥️😁
MinikPanda Tv (15 days ago)
oooppss :)
워네TV (15 days ago)
Zé Carabina (15 days ago)
Great . Nice video. Wow looks strange uuuu
les demos de charline (15 days ago)
great video my friend👍

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