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10 Cheap LIFE HACKS to decorate your room! | Belinda Selene

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Inexpensive room decor life hacks you have to try! Spanish Channel: https://goo.gl/at2lKy Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/belindaslife SNAPCHAT: BelindaSelene INSTAGRAM: @BelindaSelene PINTEREST: Belinda Selene TWITTER: @MissBelindaxox FACEBOOK: belindaselene BLOG: http://www.BelindaSelene.com DIY CLOSET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4WPTZHfrSA BEDROOM MAKEOVER BEFORE & AFTER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggJBa6NT4yg __________________ LINKS White Desk http://bit.ly/1DK4ufP White 9 Unit Alex Drawers http://goo.gl/Sh9OSs White Clothing Rack http://bit.ly/29YhUN6 String Lights (similar) http://bit.ly/29U3n9G White Faux Fur Rug (similar) http://bit.ly/2aEEpbv Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM http://bit.ly/2b037Ev Tory Burch Bag: http://bit.ly/21yaoO8 White Book Cases (similar) http://bit.ly/29U3LF5 Pink Curtains http://bit.ly/2alOFaP ______________ MUSIC Provided by Epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (1395)
Marizelle Naude (1 day ago)
I don't have most of this stuff 😔But the ideas are amazing
Sara Kashf Mughal (2 days ago)
informative video for further info visit website: https://www.wikihow.life/Decorate-a-Bedroom
N Kh (3 days ago)
This is one of the best rooms I have seen :)
Baers Gurl (5 days ago)
I only have 5 pairs of shoes? 1 pair of mud boots, 1 pair of hiking boots, 1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 pair of flip flops, and 1 pair of high heeled boots.
Jordan Tapley (5 days ago)
i loved this!!!
Issyere (5 days ago)
Bethany mota anyone?? Did anyone notice that Bethany mota has done all of these. No hate.
Emily Clark (5 days ago)
I'm completely redecorating my rental bedroom and I love these ideas. I especially love how they're *actually* cheap, unlike some videos where a "budget" is £500+!
JasmineLight (6 days ago)
i would definitely do all of this stuff but i have $5 and idk when i’m going to get more momey
Nathalie Berdat (9 days ago)
i don't know if you borrowed your friends handbags but how many hand bag does one girl need and like seriously if they Are all yours why so many just have one
Zayzay 642 (15 days ago)
You just got a new sub
You look beautiful with make up and without make up!!!!!😍😘😜
Roxann Nino (17 days ago)
Daniella Denton (18 days ago)
This is so cool. Such a great video
Baers Gurl (20 days ago)
Kawaii Me Berry (21 days ago)
I am the one who disentangle have a lot of accessories
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Carly Cota (23 days ago)
last 1
Mobasshir Naseem (26 days ago)
Your room is very beautiful 😘😘
Sheetal Surana (27 days ago)
Sabai badi pagal girl in the world😂😂but, ur video is nice🤗
Teen queen (27 days ago)
You talk so fast
Qamar Usmani (27 days ago)
It's not instrusting
Novelust (28 days ago)
The idea for the vanity mirror was my favorite. Definitely an inexpensive take on something that can cost like $15 or $25
Amayran Arias (1 month ago)
*4:10* Where do I get a guillotine like that?
Paula Thornton (1 month ago)
All of them great 💡 ideas
Ellie M (1 month ago)
She kind of looks like rita ora
Azeem Anwar (1 month ago)
You so lovely i like ur smile
Boneless Pizza (1 month ago)
Damn so many shoes! Me over here having like 3 shoes
RENU KUMARI (1 month ago)
•Lily edits• (1 month ago)
I want my own room but I'm scared of the dark. AND A BUNCH OF LIGHTSSS
Rubie Rhythm (1 month ago)
i am going to put lights in my closet. the rest, everyone does so...
nirmal joshi (1 month ago)
U r beautiful belinda👩👩👩❤
nirmal joshi (1 month ago)
OMG..... It's really cheap but the thing is that I'll not get this supplies here but I'll try to search...And oh Well done...👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤
hobo kylie (1 month ago)
this was one of the best videos i’ve seen of affordable things, the rest were actually really expensive for me since i like using my own money for stuff and i’m moving soon.
Trissylou (1 month ago)
um im not one of those tipes of girls so im not going to do it but they are pretty good hacks make your next vid less girly.
Maria Ramírez (1 month ago)
My teacher gannon calls us loves
Definition1 (1 month ago)
Honey please breathe between sentences I’m concerned
after the intro I almost thought you were Rita ora lol hahahaha
Rajesh Dawale (2 months ago)
Nice idea bilinda
Kylie Dominguez (2 months ago)
I love ur whole room
Dark horse (2 months ago)
Your room is small but so beautiful ❤️
Donuts .-.forever21 (2 months ago)
Haley B (2 months ago)
I think my favorite was the perfume tray! Definitely going to try these thanks for the tips
K DIAMOND (2 months ago)
Any budget....mine is freeeeee
tamara diab (2 months ago)
What is the camera that you are using?
Mandy Olsen (2 months ago)
Super helpful video
KawaiiKittyCatND 93 (2 months ago)
Hmmmmm... I heard the intro song and thought of a certain youtuber
Nour Mohammed (2 months ago)
Rita ora is that you?
BELIPLAYZ YT (2 months ago)
U have the same as me YAY
Juliana diciesare (2 months ago)
Purfume hack:)
Jasmine Carranza (2 months ago)
I can’t choose which one was my favorite they all work on goin to do all of them love this channel!😍💞💖
noreehai (2 months ago)
Loved it!!
Thomas P (2 months ago)
Very cute! :) just like the doodle arts from doodlelut.com :)
Lucy Fieldhouse (2 months ago)
I’ve done the perfume photo frame one I love it it’s so pretty when all my friends come round for a get together they all say where did you get that from I say it was a life hack from you so thankyou xx
Cyber Glitch (2 months ago)
I actually recommend getting a cute oversized non-fitted sheet, that most definitely won’t fit your bed. Apply it, then take some cute yarn and tie bundles. If you think your doing it wrong here’s some things. -Make the bundles a reasonable size, so you can make them all across the bottom of your bed. -You want it to make a pocket, for added storage (I hold my art supplies, and styluses, but you can also hold needed medication, small toys, paper, card sets, anything small) - it should look cute! If you don’t like the bundled look, make the bundles smaller and loose, then cut the end of the bundles to make little strips. Mind you this would ruin the bed sheet.
Flying _Puggle (2 months ago)
Ur room is super cute!
Jeanette Cruz (2 months ago)
Love your room girl!
rashid yaqoob (2 months ago)
your room is very nice
Brittney Lee (2 months ago)
Does anyone know where she got her storage thing thats inder the desk?
Skylar Moon (2 months ago)
Outdoor lights heat up a lot, they have too cause I live in Canada. To use them inside would be horrid. Fires
Veronica Correa (2 months ago)
Where did you get your little chess ? I will for sure be doing all of your hacks btw I love your room 😍
Jenessa Ruiz (2 months ago)
I love those cool hacks i did that to my room
CASAS KUSMA (2 months ago)
i love flower SUBSCRIBE FRIENDS with a simple
Ekta Singh (2 months ago)
Esmeralda Sanchez (3 months ago)
love the mirror idea! i will be going to my dollar store tomorrow!!
Lilith Rose (3 months ago)
theory: pretty and popular people have beauty powers which makes simple diys and anything else look like amazing cute art, while with normal poeple it makes it look like shit i call this theory The Pretty Effect
Gloria Salazar (3 months ago)
The perfume hack👌
Samha Abubakkar (3 months ago)
listen ........who is gonna accept my dare...... it is to go to a channel named akif ubaidullah and subscribe............ and see the magic ...to ur phone trust me it works
salim Rabii (3 months ago)
ProGaming MK (3 months ago)
Samara happy (3 months ago)
Cutesy Crafts (3 months ago)
Love ur makeup!!!!! 💕 so pretty!
Fallon Gamer (3 months ago)
That was smart are used to of those hacks 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄😛
Sara Eeg (3 months ago)
the mirror one
Izzy Stead (3 months ago)
Perfume hack x
Azariah Lauderdale (3 months ago)
wow u must really love yourself there are so many mirrors
Nann Vasquez (3 months ago)
My name is Selena
mrobershaw2 (3 months ago)
wow you have a lot of shoes and purses!!
Alyssa Michelle (3 months ago)
i love all these hacks and i love this room omg😍
Amy Smith (3 months ago)
Love the mirrors and the pillow case idea
mint sugar (3 months ago)
put many nail polish in a jar not a good idea. it looks cute but when we need blue nail polish at the bottom of the jar, we have to take out the others. just my opinion
Keilee Nichols (3 months ago)
I just wanted to decorate my room
My mom said we gonna move house and she said I can do or decor my room what ever I want that’s why I watch this vid
PopsiclesInMyCellar (3 months ago)
Disliked within 3 seconds for the gay intro music
Isabella Gonzales (3 months ago)
ALBERT'S EVIL CLONE (3 months ago)
amazing but i will use teal thank you!! :3 ^w^
Gayatri Sharma (3 months ago)
Wow i love your diy
Evette M (3 months ago)
I’m in love with ur room...it’s so pretty! I want more room hacks and where u bought all the stuff cause gurlll u know it!!😘
Hack Empire (3 months ago)
shakiba amiri (3 months ago)
you remind me of rita ora idk why
Hammie ;-; (3 months ago)
OMG ur so frickin pretty!!
Jay (3 months ago)
SONG AT 1:50 pleaSEEe??!!!!
E Shaffer (3 months ago)
command strips
Huda Gillani (3 months ago)
sam I (4 months ago)
The photo frame perfume case
Mariposas 18 (4 months ago)
Okay so like let’s be honest guys we watch these videos get inspired to make these but remember your justa child can’t drive and your mom still doesn’t know and if you ask her she will say no 🤣😭 sad case me too
Rim Sha (4 months ago)
Karina Tirado (4 months ago)
I'm going to do the mirror 😍😉😘😄😗
stephanysensations (4 months ago)
Your room is so nice! :)
Alma Dominguez (4 months ago)

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