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5 Bedroom Essentials To Upgrade Your Room!

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1) Check out Helix Sleep here: https://bit.ly/2b03LBP Use code "Teachingmensfashion" to get $50 off! 2) Watch Box: http://bit.ly/2c27KBT Watch winder: http://bit.ly/2c286rY 3) EDC Tray: http://bit.ly/2cd5W5D 4) Shoe Rack: http://bit.ly/2c29DOJ 5) Portable closet: http://bit.ly/2cd5sfM The Helix Mattress is a custom mattress that you create from home! After answering questions about your age, height, weight, sleeping style, etc., a mattress is created just for you! The website will walk you through how your answers influenced the various features of the mattress, from the point elasticity to the amount of cooling. And with Helix, you won't spend as much as you would for other personalized mattresses of similar quality! Thank you to Helix Sleep for sponsoring this video! Subscribe to our 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/2aOthqV Check out our app in the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teaching-mens-fashion/id990817880?mt=8 Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Instagram: @teachingmensfashion Email: [email protected] Facebook: Teaching Men's Fashion
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Text Comments (564)
MrSerge (17 days ago)
Watch box! Really now!
spencer tom (24 days ago)
How does a bed jol like that, like this if ur coulored and from Africa and understand Goffel talk, my oens
Josh Tilly (1 month ago)
It couldn’t be good quality if it’s rolled 😂😂
Vir Gandhi (1 month ago)
Hey man plz have more stock in esntl as I want to but some products but all of it is sold out
Danny Cantu (2 months ago)
i’m tired of seeing this nigga on my recommended
aleem farooqui (4 months ago)
Why the fuck do you keep repeating the same vedio topics ¿
B mcc12 (6 months ago)
Half ur vid is sponsered
B mcc12 (6 months ago)
BUDDYBASEBAll6 (6 months ago)
How boring is your week..,
Sam Hindman (6 months ago)
*I’m so incredibly happy with this mattress.>>>**ur2.pl/1236**   I was really skeptical but it’s awesome. We were able to sleep on it the first night perfectly. It’s soft yet firm! I have no regrets about the purchase! All my back issue with my other mattress are completely gone! I will update in a year! We’ve had this about a week with no wants to get rid of it!*
Javell Mcgee (6 months ago)
German Garcia Jr (7 months ago)
Got a purple ad before this
brightful5 (7 months ago)
Jeremy from jersey just subscribed
Richard Harvey (7 months ago)
You could just use a fan
smcox1991 (7 months ago)
That's the saddest edc unload I've ever seen 😂🤣😂🤦‍♂️
Plague Vortex (8 months ago)
Please no one like or comment on this comment
Ritchie Rey (8 months ago)
Owww nice 3.2m+ subscribers, congrats😊
Joel Benjamin (9 months ago)
Complete waste of time. Just sponsor throughout all the video.
DanDaBoss 1212 (9 months ago)
Looking gay af with those 2 inch shorts
Alex (9 months ago)
So many voice cracks lmao
Yung Ties (9 months ago)
0:01 Whats up guys its sezarisaniger
Roshan Mohan (10 months ago)
Please Make a video on how to match your clothes...thanks man.
haitham baloch (10 months ago)
This asshole is so cheap he wud promote a hand watch as an essential for bedroom
James Garcia (10 months ago)
bro you're​ bought out. all these sponsors lol just post a billboard
Joshua Kun (11 months ago)
Ur basic
red chicken (11 months ago)
Library half the vid is an add
Duvan Solano (11 months ago)
In spanish, please!!!!
TrueSparks (11 months ago)
All the timestamps in this video for the 5 steps: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0:33 - The Bed 2:38 - The Watch Winder/Display (Personal note: I'm not a big fan of this item myself knowing that I am not a watch collector, but this might be an accessory to people who happen to like collecting things like this and such, knowing it can brighten and add more life to a room rather than just a bland simple design.) 3:24 - The EDC Tray 4:07 - Shoe Rack (Really nice and can add a nice touch of design :3) 4:37 - A Portable Closet. (There are other P.Closets like this one that are more walled and covered if that is your thing for a closet or if you want the stereotypical look of storage, which I personally prefer over others.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Small touches are sometimes the best touches :3
Cadebamba nelson (6 months ago)
TrueSparks how do you make your name without the space
Mohamed Nasurutheen (11 months ago)
Aaron_the_Guitarist (11 months ago)
Hey are you famous at your collage
Freddy Jimenez (11 months ago)
Great video
Robo Dragon (11 months ago)
In a blooper Your pen your condom--shit
Paul Saunders (1 year ago)
Thanks bro 😁
Luke Thornbrough (1 year ago)
Helix mattress sponsor with Purple mattress ad. Lol
Phant4sm (1 year ago)
no way in shape or form that is a queen size bed.. I have a queen size double pillow top and the dimensions i m reading off the tag right now is 60"x80" that is NOT a queen
Jake Cyrus (1 year ago)
Sam Butler (1 year ago)
What was that closet called?
KaiserSoze679 (1 year ago)
So, I just discovered this channel but have watched 3 or 4 versions of the "___ things every guy should have" lists, and they all seem to involve direct sponsors. Seems to me these should really be called "things I've been paid to tell you every guy should have."
Armie Runs (1 year ago)
Also you can get a humidifier for your room so that unwanted dust doesn't accumulate in your room
VicDaShadow (1 year ago)
Started the video aaaand its already showing advertising.
UK Snehaloka (1 year ago)
Rome Jefe (1 year ago)
EDC tray great for thieves
Y K (1 year ago)
When u say bed u mean mattress let's me clear here
Kraazy809 (1 year ago)
This video dumb asf thats just bedroom essentials
Ali A (1 year ago)
He is hilarious. He says the same thing for every sponsor
SBFLEETtv (1 year ago)
The V is way too deep
Hugo Lizardi (1 year ago)
Travis (1 year ago)
Basically you promoting these fucking companies instead of real advice or suggestions smh conveniently has links to everything below 🤬
ryan sooku (1 year ago)
The spinning watch box is like the thing in doctor strange movie
Rigo Abel (1 year ago)
Was looking for tactical ended up here😕
Francaudete (1 year ago)
Me gusta mad tu español, es broma jaja
Francaudete (1 year ago)
Clowndog07 (1 year ago)
Can't choose who is better:Teachingmensfashion or Alex Costa
SolsticeShabaZZ (1 year ago)
Night sweats are a sign of an underlying health issue, see a doctor fam.
Sam Johnson (1 year ago)
Tha guys videos have been popping up a lot recently. Quite good.
Mayon Wijesinghe (1 year ago)
sixty syxti (1 year ago)
#add wtf you sell out
mj k (1 year ago)
I guess essential had a different meaning here
He is everywhere
Ayrton Sy (1 year ago)
what watch is that
Jose Villalba (1 year ago)
Hey man, great videos! What is your preference? Helix or Layla? ( i know you reviewed both). Thanks!
Jeffry Hay (1 year ago)
Ur boiiiiiii
Sanskar Singhal (1 year ago)
Tiege hankey is developed by alpha.m, you know that right???
Nikola Tesla (1 year ago)
Jose's a nigga
Kameryn Risper (1 year ago)
I didnt realize this video was a matress commercial
John Jimenez (1 year ago)
@teachingmensfashion What white shirt is that????
Mark Lejsek (1 year ago)
For the 1st one, that add came up before the video.
Tiny Vids (1 year ago)
I might make a vid like this
Devin Nazar (1 year ago)
is this an ad for a mattress?
ConvertibleJay (1 year ago)
You should voice-over more visuals. Too much you. But thanks for the tips
Wahab Shaghasi (1 year ago)
Ya know I gave a homeless man some Teige Hanley and he turned his cardboard box into a mega mansion
Amir M (1 year ago)
I cant stand videos that all falsely endorsed because they are sponsored. I have tried one of these mattresses and it was HORRIBLE. You obviously are only pushing the product because your getting paid. Sad man, UNSUBSCRIBED. I hope that others pick up and know to not follow you or trust your recommendations.
Bishop Hays (1 year ago)
This obviously all just ads for products from companies that sponsor him
Paul Leyva (1 year ago)
A este wey le falta ver mas bax
Thomas Cervantes (1 year ago)
Do you know where i can find the u neck shirts that will go below my belly button? I have chest hair and im fat so i need tgat shet
KEEVVY (1 year ago)
Good for u but this will never work in a country that rains every 2 weeks & probly they even have spiders in the room or even worse, mice
LUIS BAUTISTA (1 year ago)
jose I find your videos very interesting. as well you are very interesting guy too.
Michael Belluomo (1 year ago)
That is not a queen sized bed
Ducati Master (1 year ago)
0:00 hello guys its jose is a n****
Keaton Lefebvre (1 year ago)
You are oneofmy favourite youtubers and you help me out alot keep up the amazing work and you have very good quality videos
Do you think you'll do more bedroom/apartment stuff?
OWG Nuke (1 year ago)
1.Lotion 2.Toilet Paper 3.Internet 4.Speakers 5.A Laptop
Isaac Jimenez (1 year ago)
Why u always gotta throw in a damn sponsor
McNetDeck (1 year ago)
Honestly I hated my heelix sleep mattress. Medium firm is not for me.
Brandon LaBanca (1 year ago)
Best youtuber
Zinwn_kun (1 year ago)
Casper is better
EpyonRoyal (1 year ago)
Video starts at 2:38
Brett Eagan (1 year ago)
shut up about the bed
G. G. (1 year ago)
This was a fucking ad.
satheesh.g 222 (1 year ago)
How to buy a new look like fashion able watch brand in India?
Kaine Kerrick (1 year ago)
Can you do a this is how your room should look?
BlueSeal8 (1 year ago)
Magpul case 🙏
Sixties Mate (1 year ago)
I have about 5 pretty expensive watches and don't have a box 😬😬
Sam Mckenzie (1 year ago)
where is the dart board where is the mini fridge where is the fun
darryl k (1 year ago)
At 4:40 I thought it was one of "the fifth" advertisements.
Pat Grey (1 year ago)
Joses a nigga ?
Suraj Goshwal (1 year ago)
u gotta make a video bout the best cellphones to use!!plzz!!.....techtubers only give the benchmarks and the very first day of it..
Mohammad Khan (1 year ago)
Your shorts are too long bro.
Noah Bapat (1 year ago)
Lol thought he said he was “Jose’s nigga”
Tommy Boss (1 year ago)
First he said the Layla mattress and now its the Helix mattress

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