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Blac Youngsta - Booty

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"223" available at http://smarturl.it/2.23 Blac Youngsta online: https://twitter.com/BlacYoungstaFB https://www.instagram.com/blacyoungsta https://soundcloud.com/blacyoungsta https://www.facebook.com/BlacYoungsta http://blacyoungstamusic.com/ (C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment #BlacYoungsta #Booty #Vevo #HipHop #VevoOfficial
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Text Comments (10402)
Bo Dollore (11 hours ago)
Can i lay on the booty
JQ (15 hours ago)
no nut November failed
Black (18 hours ago)
If you have a giantess fetish then congratulations on finding this video.
Bolo Pain (19 hours ago)
Copyright that booty, Mike Tyson on the booty ,toot toot. Roflmao. I luv this song. If you broke go to work, make that big booty twerk. Haha.
ahmed warsame (21 hours ago)
this dope asf that booty dawg gayum
Art in progress (23 hours ago)
I live for that *Too Too*
Games Everyday (1 day ago)
Ehmmmm no comments
Verry Merry (1 day ago)
It’s too funny 😂😂😂
I wish I can touch that booty
68sav 77 (1 day ago)
It was too far
Sad 2 (1 day ago)
Xvideo XD
Danilo Gaitan (2 days ago)
Kids in Africa would eaten those big booty 😂
Marcus Vivas (3 days ago)
What club is this?
Alexa Play Despacito (3 days ago)
Gay ass song. Corner boy P made a better song on this beat
CJ DABOSS (3 days ago)
Ehdjen Sbsbeb (3 days ago)
Big ol booty am I right
Leon W (3 days ago)
Some where Luke and 2 live crew are smiling. Tuuu tuu
xXPheonixXx (3 days ago)
I came for the song... Said noone ever
I am Not perfect (3 days ago)
I like the song , not the video :|\\
Melissa Vaught (2 days ago)
I agree.
Jemimah Dawn Pagbilao (4 days ago)
Why do they have tatoos on their asses
Jemimah Dawn Pagbilao (4 days ago)
Nanou Gacha's (4 days ago)
TWERK QUEEN'S LIKE IF Y'ALL HERE ! btw i can twerk do ya ?
Thunder Strike (4 days ago)
This is the trash song ever
Hype Luca (4 days ago)
Tamar Braxton Edits (4 days ago)
I'm just kidding
Pop Pop (5 days ago)
I like that u put black women in your video! Keep up the good work
Angel Games (5 days ago)
99% Porn 1% Music
ICraze (5 days ago)
1:06 name girl PLEASE !
feh Araújo (5 days ago)
2018 ✔💣
belge ali i (6 days ago)
Sean Wright (6 days ago)
Perfect example of a song with a catchy hook that stays in ur head with no damn lyrics
듀만 (6 days ago)
Jan Kindl (6 days ago)
Some people dont deserve to live.... im gonna throw up :X
Kim Vorade (6 days ago)
Can I be little like you and do that
Bane Gang (6 days ago)
I wanna get sat on. lmfao 😅😂😂😂😂😂
? ¿ (6 days ago)
Its gonna be one difficult November
Clay Alfama (6 days ago)
Pause at 2:23
FMW Honorable A (7 days ago)
This shit funny asl
katie x (7 days ago)
There goes no nut November
sahin sayili (7 days ago)
being animal (7 days ago)
Thank God... They not farting...
Jeffrey Patilla (7 days ago)
Sergio (7 days ago)
Amalia Elena (7 days ago)
1:02 to crap on it?
Timothy Davenport (8 days ago)
mehemmedrza esgerli (8 days ago)
danki dead
OBA Gaming (8 days ago)
T-pain did it better
layan cute (9 days ago)
I hate it eww 👎
sarah reinhart (9 days ago)
2:11 damn
Jeffrey Patilla (9 days ago)
I can't watch this without laughing 😂😂
NoSkillzNeeded (9 days ago)
I basically just watched porn Better go clear my history
Sofia Vazques Flores (9 days ago)
Dios mio santisimo aqui muestran mucho culo iuuu
Tena Green (9 days ago)
My 2 year old brothers favorite song
Tyler Plummer-Francis (10 days ago)
Honestly i only came for the big eggs
Penelope Kay (10 days ago)
This song too funny😂💀❤️
Jessie Medina (10 days ago)
They have more ass in this music video the the mexican one called "booty" .
Savvy Clements (10 days ago)
This video is more funny to me than anything
]: (10 days ago)
*b o o t y*
NiteSoulTM (10 days ago)
Bekir Çakan (10 days ago)
Really, Good job.
Pimp Williams (10 days ago)
Booty booty booty
Bossy Johnson (10 days ago)
Can I touch that booty can i lay on the booty
Catia Consoli (11 days ago)
Peggio di elettra
Father Russia (11 days ago)
Bruh they made this age restricted on the early days it was released . Why they change it
Sp0Ken (11 days ago)
I came for the ass
Cheyenne Daniels (11 days ago)
Noooooo... Them jeans honey 😭
Ralph&Rose Kat&Dog (11 days ago)
You're supposed to respect women on their personalities not and what they look like but I know it's just for a song so don't get me wrong
Micah Scott (11 days ago)
Twerk* stupid fucking auto correct
Micah Scott (11 days ago)
If you broke go to tweet 😂😂😂😂😂😂
paco ramon (11 days ago)
Back in my day we jerk off with 144p porn.
g money (11 days ago)
when your watching and your parents enter the room D:
Crystal Higginbotham (11 days ago)
His ass should've been out there twerking with all them hips and booty he got 😕
Marco Dorsey (12 days ago)
KawaiiLuv (12 days ago)
RONNIE So cool (12 days ago)
ItzWizzy (12 days ago)
blazer lazer (12 days ago)
vegito Blue (12 days ago)
Man why you sell your soul to the devil
the right (12 days ago)
Pervert😠 you have no respect for women
katie x (12 days ago)
As a straight girl before this vid my sexuality is now ?🤣
katie x (12 days ago)
Blac youngsta thicker than these hoes
Juli Correa (12 days ago)
es bueno ese compa
Juli Correa (12 days ago)
qué chulada Papi 😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😻😻😻😻
Breyon Wilson (13 days ago)
I kinda feel sorry for girls without a big curvy booty that always catches my attention
Lisa Palmer (13 days ago)
Stephanie Cotton (13 days ago)
Enzo Telles (13 days ago)
Fap fap...
James Doward (14 days ago)
Ohhh lala
MrTriggerFinger (14 days ago)
Gacha Cherry (14 days ago)
wtf is this shit
MGBUCKETZ (14 days ago)
october 2018 anyone?
Pockett (15 days ago)
Ann H (15 days ago)
Ann H (15 days ago)
I hate this freaking vid get a life
Umenemo (16 days ago)
Best watched muted, with pants down
If Allen Iverson was here you would see 5 stacks of money
BLACK GRIP (16 days ago)
I like this song, it represents me
katie x (17 days ago)
Never seen this much plastic before
UniqueHacks-PC (17 days ago)
I'm 20years old I still beat my meat after done fucking my girl , is that an issues or her sex is not enough for me maybe I need 10 girlfriends , currently only date 6 right now
Polo Gambino (17 days ago)
After watching this video I'm absolutely sure our youth is headed in the right direction.. Toot Toot

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