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TWERK ASS COMPILATION of : soniaamats 2018 HOT Twerk Booty Best Twerk!!

3319 ratings | 627245 views
Hello Friend , this is a compilation of : soniaamats follow her Instagram . 2018 HOT Twerk Booty. Like and Follow for more videos. Share with you friends!
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Text Comments (809)
Oh man this is very good
gameplay wolf (2 days ago)
Stefan Vukosavljevic (2 days ago)
22 min ass nice
Bert Lol (2 days ago)
Im a Kid😂😂
Kenan Dzelilovic (2 days ago)
Good ASS
Hdjdjdjddj Gyhdhdjxjx (2 days ago)
First song name?
Mohamad Mustapha (2 days ago)
Any girl single 😍
AR TV (2 days ago)
Panda Bear (2 days ago)
Tanriyi arayan adam (3 days ago)
OOF Memes (3 days ago)
She crushed a water melon with her ass wtf
NO ONE (3 days ago)
Abre'Jeon Jackson (3 days ago)
Das Brot (3 days ago)
Zu geil
Adrian Martinez (3 days ago)
it’s hard to type with 1 hand 🤧
Manju Dio (3 days ago)
If you do this in India. you will be beaten by your husband .ha ha ha
Fernando Neri . J (3 days ago)
My balls going on all them asses sex is coming 80 kids add is all I see oh man ass ass ass my balls going there
Kevin Balderas (4 days ago)
But it on my face
Pudding C (4 days ago)
OMG 😱😱
Edgar Loayes (4 days ago)
I Want that big ass
dramat lorda (4 days ago)
Nice ass
Bryan Otero (4 days ago)
Just anyone (4 days ago)
Its no nut november yall xD
Jacira Santos (4 days ago)
Anyy _ (4 days ago)
Jaime Corral (4 days ago)
I would shove my dick up those ass
Tommy Altimore (4 days ago)
Like it if u masturbate while watching the video...
Zouhair Ayach (5 days ago)
2:13 زبي مكان البطيخ 🔥😤
HenryPlays (5 days ago)
Anyone else watching with 1 hand😂
Suheil Rotary (5 days ago)
Can i suck that
John Sand (5 days ago)
Who else failed no nut November when u saw this video
Tanriyi arayan adam (5 days ago)
💜art of God💜
Tarek Smith (5 days ago)
Dat ass
lars royale (5 days ago)
No nut November failed
Akash Fun (5 days ago)
Finally i 🍾🍾🍾
Paul Bilbrey (5 days ago)
Love to eat all of these asses
PaK Deville (5 days ago)
what a dumbass
Akkis Akkis (5 days ago)
FAKC!des is not sodobol for kids ho kam upp vet des.
Seth Chivers (6 days ago)
I never wish I was a watermelon
JustP55 (6 days ago)
Free replay button kids 0:00 0::0 0:00
Jens Huib (6 days ago)
i want her in my room
nthnpark0 (6 days ago)
Now we see why the alt-right hates to see white women around "evil" black men and hip hop...
Kein-_-Name (6 days ago)
Dian Jiang (6 days ago)
No nut November
kagourasfranzis (6 days ago)
never mind she looks ugly
Gole (6 days ago)
Now i have 3 legs
Atakan Şahin (6 days ago)
3 posta attım helal et
Sniper Muzition_01 (6 days ago)
Warning the 4rth one has no ass
Kim Jong-un (6 days ago)
I approve.
Jackson Smith (6 days ago)
Daddy why is my Pee pee hard
Marion Muhumuza (7 days ago)
Nice ass
ionel ciuc (7 days ago)
and I want to hump one so bad
Nicholas Elliott (7 days ago)
Nicholas Elliott (7 days ago)
naruto uzumaki (7 days ago)
i am watching this with no hands
Jacob cool (7 days ago)
Yes 😎
Trenell Anderson (7 days ago)
That ass
ionel ciuc (7 days ago)
and I'm 6
ionel ciuc (7 days ago)
I found this on my dad's phone
Socke_home (7 days ago)
Socke_home (7 days ago)
I have a good bed do you want to come🍑🍑
gabriel sylvestre (7 days ago)
Goodness, that's a wicked song,...what's the name? 8:32
maddox rowe (7 days ago)
Anyone got a bonor
XXXTENTACION Fan (7 days ago)
*Nigga just ruined Panda*
Dom Zaro (7 days ago)
This is my phone number 0498709891
Look at all that ass
Those asses tho
Mathias Bridges (7 days ago)
this song tho😉
Hodag Brownie (8 days ago)
anyone wanna *#@!?
Govens Pierre Saint (8 days ago)
Hey girl you got a big dam sexy ass
schuschkröte soos (8 days ago)
Song name pls
James Brown (8 days ago)
I am only 12 years and i had sex last night
Gilmara Albuquerque (8 days ago)
You Ass fucking plece shit MUST DIE!
Vinny LT (8 days ago)
I hate when people make twerking videos... And there is absolutely no twerking in them.. like what's the point?
salehuddin hareez (8 days ago)
WTFcompilation (8 days ago)
If you concentrate, you realise there is a song
chriss yunno (8 days ago)
8:32 song ?
aaser rifai (8 days ago)
12.10 i need name this song
Tek Elle Oynayan Adam (8 days ago)
Hey hey I cant control tablet with one hand I need draw my work.💂
Kyle Smith (8 days ago)
Who just typed ass in the search bar out of boredom?
Billy DaCool25 (8 days ago)
11:00 get me insta/number/adress now😍🤑😺👉👌
Billy DaCool25 (8 days ago)
It's hard with one hand
Ayoub Zouein (8 days ago)
My banana is ig
The Broskies (8 days ago)
love ass
Akuryō (8 days ago)
So much better when you turn the sound off. This music is truly the epitome of retarded autotune trashy mumblerap.
Samuel Mukwele (8 days ago)
are you doing those bootys workouts for me
Samuel Mukwele (9 days ago)
if you're a are interested in having sex I also in Delaware
Skye Elsey (9 days ago)
My vagina is experiencing 'things'. Am I a lesbian or just bisexual?
Samsung Phone (9 days ago)
Let me deep my finger in it
Samsung Phone (9 days ago)
Juicy ass
Radian 808 (9 days ago)
Time to delete the history
Myrin Barton (2 days ago)
Deb Dub (3 days ago)
Radian 808 shut it
Maria Perez (3 days ago)
Radian 808 lmao
Victor Rivera (4 days ago)
Marco Toledano (5 days ago)
I did that too
Youssef6 Dn (9 days ago)
My boo boo wana go inside the bitches
#J# S (9 days ago)
4:08 😮
3:38 - 3:53 OMGGGGGG💭
Goaway bitch (9 days ago)
ass everywhere!
zack Carlson (9 days ago)
November is a hard month
Myrin Barton (2 days ago)
Do not fail no nut November don't be like me
ItsYoBoy ECHO (4 days ago)
no nut november has hard so far xD
tonya lacy (5 days ago)
It is I'm watching in November
This video is in october
puppy squad (9 days ago)

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