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10 TIPS + Lifehacks to Make Your Room Look Bigger!

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❤ Hey I'm Kat! ☺️ Thank you so much for clicking on this video! Today I'm showing you my top 10 tips for making the best of a small room! Of course everyone has different sized rooms, but I think these tips can help almost everyone! If you LOVE room videos then you should totally subscribe because I have a TON of videos like this! If you enjoy, give this video a big thumbs up and of course subscribe! Some of my favorite youtubers, who have inspired me to create a channel and inspire a lot of my videos are Rclbeauty101, MyLifeAsEva, AlishaMarie, Meredith Foster, Karina Garcia, Aspyn Ovard, Niki & Gabi, Clarissa May, VasseurBeauty, Michelle Reed, Nichole Jacklyne, LaurDIY, Tess Christine, Alexa Mae, and many more! I reeeally hope you enjoy these cookies - your taste buds sure will :) ❤ More Videos From Me (open)!!! 1. Grandma Does My Makeup https://youtu.be/omaosu9cqEo 2. Organize your Backpack! https://youtu.be/zupiTEtC9iI 3. The PERFECT Morning Routine for School! https://youtu.be/knsMoTWEP6U 4. The PERFECT Night Routine for School! https://youtu.be/qyV9fbtOu9E 5. 100 Layers of Clothing! https://youtu.be/y-qTaN8yFZo 6. Weird Life Hacks! https://youtu.be/jxoFDZEUGdA *********************************************************************** STALK ME! Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/caringcosmetics Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caringcosme... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caringcosmet... Pintrist: https://www.pinterest.com/Caringcosme... Snapchat: kat4j8 *********************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video, I purchased all these items with my own money!
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Text Comments (2498)
shay cute (3 days ago)
My room is so small like it's the same size like that one 😂
XxLittle GrimmyxX (3 days ago)
I legit don't have a closet. So I have two huge dressers.🙄
p o p c o r n studios (3 days ago)
My mom never let me have doors on my closet, at my old house she gave me a chance and in my house now I don't have any more closet doors😂😂😂😂
Soccer Sisters (4 days ago)
I’m trying to make my room clean and it use to be a washer room. I live in a farm house and there is so much windows. I DONT EVEN HAVE A CLOSET. This video kind of helped me
Brandon Saldana (6 days ago)
Her:take posters down Me:looks at my post malone poster nope never no way😣
weirdo thats me (6 days ago)
Your room is not even that small
King Kyah (10 days ago)
2:30 I have the same picture
sky m (10 days ago)
Can u believe her room is bigger than mine im going insane
Unisaur_potato (14 days ago)
i cant have mirrors in my room coz omg im terrifyed );;;;;
Jesus Amaro (15 days ago)
Her room is smaller than mine!!!
China Sheep (15 days ago)
I can’t get rid of much of the stuff in room because apparently I have to have both my sisters and grandmas stuff in there 😑
Alberto Lopez (16 days ago)
How to do hose of paper big like a room
Gacha Nickky64 (17 days ago)
Me: Has a ton of plushies and pillows Video: Clear your room/bed of plushies/pillows. Me: .....NEVER U EVIL PERSON😂😂😂
*Thedeadlykitten6 * (18 days ago)
I share a small room ;-;
The Carzy Potato (18 days ago)
Am I the only one who is new here??????
Subhan Saeed (22 days ago)
Rosy with the Boss (23 days ago)
Omg, I have that same pillowcase. 0-0 :0
DilanyX (23 days ago)
The bins honestly made your room look smaller cuz ur adding more into your room..
Rehan Tariq123 (23 days ago)
I feel my room is hhhuuuuuuueeeeeegggggggeeeeree!!!!!!!😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
ItsJustGabriel YT (28 days ago)
I don't want my room bigger I just want a small 1
Christina Sohl (28 days ago)
My room is soooo tiny
ms. catstache (28 days ago)
I sleep in something that looks like my mom/dad janitor's closet so that's going to be hard
Kathryn Ford (1 month ago)
My name is Kathryn but it is spelled Kathryn not Kathrine❤
best Sisters (1 month ago)
you are rich because of how many views
Kevin Wilson (1 month ago)
Her socks are so so cute OMG awesome video
ToukkaZZ (1 month ago)
i dont know where the hell im supposed to put my setup
Destani Culler (1 month ago)
Yeah i always hang my pants on a hanger
Ashley Robinson (1 month ago)
Puts it under your bed but then once you have to clean your room then you have to move all those boxes and stuff under ur bed...
Ashley Robinson (1 month ago)
You say if you don’t have space just take it out. But some of the things I take out I wanna keep but have no where to store it. So i don’t know what id do to store so it won’t be in my room
kawaiiXpress (1 month ago)
Video: take down posters Me: * looks at Marvel and band posters * Me: NEVER
kawaiiXpress (3 days ago)
@Aimee Ervine they are all my favorites
Aimee Ervine (4 days ago)
It said keep up your favourites 😑
Chaos XD (22 days ago)
kawaiiXpress lmao 😂😂
T Butcher (1 month ago)
Use little hangers to hang dress and shirts up
Sok Phalla (1 month ago)
Please help my room
Blank Blank (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this. My room is huge.
Emma and Chloe (1 month ago)
I love things on my wall 😡
Emma Fields (1 month ago)
Your room is ugly
Malak m (1 month ago)
I have a big room but I have lots of furniture like a huge closet a huge bed ,a vanity , night stand , a couch , a huge desk and a TV stand and TV
Kevin Kyei (1 month ago)
You could put a memory foam thing on top of your bins so it's softer
Gabi Moniz (1 month ago)
anyone here in 2019,or is it just me ?
Wendy rose Fontanilla (1 month ago)
Alicia woodhall (2 months ago)
What your room is big ?!!!! Well compared to mine it is
Tori’s Story (2 months ago)
I don’t even have a closet!!! 😂😂😂
The Animated Boi (2 months ago)
TBH my room is much bigger than urs but I thought ur room would be as small as mine but seems like no XD
Chloe Winning (2 months ago)
we have the same bed!!
Dizzy Oreos (2 months ago)
In my room I have a bed and draws and there’s barley no space to walk.
Ellie Murray (1 month ago)
Rose Official same I have the box where the stairs is in mine😭
Delney Pearen (2 months ago)
No tea no shade but u should make longr vids
Biki Tabi (2 months ago)
So boring
عسسولة خالص
precious domingue (2 months ago)
my room is kind of small but i have way to much stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cicely Blackwood (2 months ago)
I have that bed
Luna The Octoling (3 months ago)
My room isn’t even small.....................I have no idea y I’m watching this
Miriam Sisson (3 months ago)
My room is the exact size of her bed
Skittles The Pie Face (3 months ago)
Now, I can’t say I have a super small room, but this video definitely helped and motivated me to make my room neater, and cuter! Thank you so much for this video 🙏🏻 💜 totally subbing
Poppy Walton (3 months ago)
My room had a big bed how do I make my room bigger if everything is in the way
xxcrystallouisexx (3 months ago)
You just earned a subscriber👍🏻
Gage Marie (3 months ago)
I have a super big room My room is the size of 4 bedrooms put in one lol but my sister moved into my room
Gage Marie (3 months ago)
I have a super big room My room is the size of 4 bedrooms put in one lol but my sister moved into my room
Gage Marie (3 months ago)
I have a super big room My room is the size of 4 bedrooms put in one lol but my sister moved into my room
Gage Marie (3 months ago)
I have a super big room My room is the size of 4 bedrooms put in one lol but my sister moved into my room
Lauren Elizabeth (3 months ago)
My rooms is literally half of yours
KB. Vlogs (3 months ago)
My friends rooms are so big and their rooms are so decorative.. since I have a small room AND a sister who I have to share with.. My room is so much smaller then it would be lol plus my room is just in general crap 😂
ELISHA JOELLE G. (3 months ago)
What if u have many clothes??btw i sub cause im new here on ur vid
I don't really like the idea of shoving all your clothing in a crate and closing it so you won't be able to see it, usually I don't really wear clothes that I can't see so that wouldn't work for me very well
Soccer 101 (3 months ago)
b u b l e h n o o d l e z the clothes she put in there were the clothes she is not wearing during that season
Savannah Moore (3 months ago)
My question is how do I rearrange my room with out getting in trouble with my parents
The fact my room is smaller then this hurts, it’s legit the size of a double bed
Greggy Eggy (3 months ago)
Every 2 seconds is a aesthetic waving the camera thing lol it gets annoying
Julissa Brown (4 months ago)
What if I... shoved all my extra clothes underneath the bed lmao
Itmeee_Anna (1 month ago)
Julissa Brown but what if you get tired of the way it’s set up then you move your bed then all the clothes rip brother rip
Alessandro Bartolomei (4 months ago)
My room is so small and I'm getting a new bed and I won't have any floor room any more 😣
Emily Bass (4 months ago)
Whoever decided to make small rooms a thing is the meanest person ever
rama sharma (4 months ago)
Keisha Natania Tanoe (4 months ago)
Can u sub to me plzzz
Jaya Surya (4 months ago)
Kat, pls do a redoing my room vedio
Christine Simser (4 months ago)
I clean my room for fun
kendra marie johnston (4 months ago)
I love your room
Aradhana Pathak (4 months ago)
Manage room with kids 😓😓
It's Emmi (4 months ago)
Kaden Adand (4 months ago)
My closest is bigger then mt room
Lela Goddard (5 months ago)
i dont have a closet sad face emoji
Lela Goddard (5 months ago)
what if you have a bunk bed (but just that the bunk bed is for sleepovers )
Mangle FzYT (5 months ago)
I Have A Little Room But I Really Wished I Had A Bigger One ;-;
My bed takes up legit the whole room rip
brittney pineda (5 months ago)
Bro y am I here my room is big
N G (5 months ago)
No one has small room as mine.
Cute Panda (5 months ago)
The mirror issue is confusing, some say not to put mirrors in your bedroom because it doubles the negative energy and things like that and other say to put mirrors so your room looks bigger 🤔
I love your videos their so great love you
Brooke Ann (5 months ago)
The bin idea with a blanket on top is not good.... that makes the room cluttered
Denisa Borza (5 months ago)
I am not trying to be mean but like alot of youtubers say ' omg my room is so small ughh' but it is small because if you look closer they have a twin or king size bed instead of a single bed like you dont need such a big bed oh and a tip if you have a very small room you could buy a sofa bed and open it before bed and close it in the mornings
brandon and jahir (5 months ago)
You live in pensalvania
Mitsukii Chan (5 months ago)
Also how to these girls fit double beds in their 'Small' rooms?
Mitsukii Chan (5 months ago)
My room is that halfed, halfed again. To the point where you can only fit a bed and seek and tiny wardrobe you hate.
Khloe Rivera (5 months ago)
Dang your room is small as hell
oJo (5 months ago)
My room is huge but I got a huge ass bed
Boom z (5 months ago)
3 cabinets take up so much space in my room and they're all full of clothes
Isabella Flores (5 months ago)
I love
QUEEN QUEEN (5 months ago)
To get to my closet I have to squeeze through the small space between my bed and tv nightstand
Nuvo (6 months ago)
step one: get a smaller bed
Still cryinq (6 months ago)
I wanna small room bc it never gets dirty
zoepoeloe (6 months ago)
Where did you get the clothes bin and what are they called
life with jayla (6 months ago)
I love those little polka dots on your wall. And also #smallroomsquad 👌
Laura Bracamonte (6 months ago)
I'm new, I love your video (not videos) already! You're a really good YouTuber :)!
My room sucks

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