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Subscribe! Because SMART IS THE NEW SEXY: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L Since ancient times, people tried to explain numerous miraculous things that exist on our planet. Many people to this day do not believe that one can travel through time, but the physicists seem to not agree with them. Even Albert Einstein claimed that people can take a trip through time. He recognized time travel as an idea that could be applied to his theory of relativity. The majority of such things have yet to be explained scientifically. However, there are still some phenomena that are hard to believe. We in Smart is the New Sexy believe that our adventure through time has taken the most serious turn. Let’s look closely at 10 best examples it actually exists. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: http://facebook.com/enjoy.science/ The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (6986)
Rob Gandy (1 hour ago)
Good grief; just do the story, and focus the story on the title. The ghost of freddy has nothing to do with time travel. DA
Edgar Orlando (2 hours ago)
There is no mystery. The astronaut was added in 1992 during restoration work on the cathedral.
Galleous Blue (2 hours ago)
This is my theory of time travel. It doesn't exist. Haha xD... have you ever thought it could be some classic Hollywood setup and they made it all oldies looking, put the classic black and white view on the I camera and brought in some lady with her cellphone xD, what in the world guys c'mon, you are not convincing. That's just looking at the image of the video before I even watched it, I don't have to watch the video because it's the same thing. Time travel, and they make realistic star wars movies. Haha they could interview some dude dressed as a rebel trooper and have him say he's from the future and they found a planet called Yavin IV xD and that big flat phone you saw in the beginning of the video could have been a tv remote haha have you seen the first tv remote xD plus maybe just maybe it was a phone, and it was made by the government to test phones and to improve them haha cause the military makes futuristic weapons, but does the futuristic tech confirm time travel?
Funtime Production (3 hours ago)
I’ve had a lot of Deja Vu growing up even tested it by checking behind a while and finding a game pad that I predicted would work
Bruce Wayne (3 hours ago)
Stupid banana
Talon Mader (5 hours ago)
This video is all over the place is it time travel is it interdimensional travel is it portals
Mark van Slooten (5 hours ago)
126 stock exchanges and they all payed off? So what. If you ask 33554432 people to flip a coin 20 times , there is one person that gets a 'head' every single time. That's not magic, that is not foresight or time travel. That is actual luck.
bRfc9QgjclrMlc (6 hours ago)
If they was from the future they would not be using a iPhone by that point,it be a iEye or something very embedded in there body or hidden n tiny.
funforlife 88 (7 hours ago)
Your mispronounciation of names are killing me man!
Trechia Magallanes (7 hours ago)
iiRoyal (7 hours ago)
3:10 was proven to be wrong and that stuff was available back then. Just not popular.
Blackshirt 14 (8 hours ago)
The Pharaoh series/// now deadstock
Blackshirt 14 (8 hours ago)
The Astronaut was done during restoration to the building.. I seen it on something else.
james denby (9 hours ago)
the spaceman was added during renovations in 1992 !!!!!
Shadowkey392 (11 hours ago)
4:44 that's not time travel, that's proof of ghosts.
Edwin Baktanian, M.D. (11 hours ago)
If I could go back in time I would not have watched this video.
Randy Thompson (12 hours ago)
This is trash... just lazy. Most is stories with no real evidence. The video and pictures are real but fit the tech of the time period. Lady is using a state of the art battery powered hearing aid. State of the art for her time. The hipster is most likely a motorcycle rider. They wore glacier glasses and flight jackets and he had on a college sweater.
Crazyfire (12 hours ago)
Once at night I was about to go to sleep. I dreamed that the volcano at Indonesia erupted. I was there, I saw everybody running, screaming, and I even saw some people recording, army helicopters and all of that stuff. I got so scared that time, I woke up in the middle of the night. My heart was beating so fast that time, and I had to catch my breath. After 2 days, I was about to watch some tv. I got bored that time so I decided to watch a news. At the news, I saw the *volcano and Indonesia erupted and it shows a lot of people screaming, running, and I ALSO saw army helicopters and people recording.* I will never forget what happened that day.
David Tallon (14 hours ago)
Fact check these stories!!! Urban legends!! Or real, you decide!!
Silver Moretti (15 hours ago)
This YouTuber is idiot lol
GeoWolfsDeth (16 hours ago)
1:32 mark, you’ll thank me
Katrina Godinez (17 hours ago)
In order to trade stocks you need a social security number among other things for tax purposes. If the man was not traceable before 2002, he would not have been able to make any trades.
woody hall (18 hours ago)
7fema christmas surprise
Killerkarotte1 (19 hours ago)
Elias Reyes Jr (20 hours ago)
its stupid...you stole someone elses story and some of these stories have nothing to do with time travel
Beth McNeilly (23 hours ago)
He said Edinbro. It’s EDINBURGH.
jesushatesyoutoo (1 day ago)
Relativity states you can go forward but NOT backwards in time!!!
Your Mom (1 day ago)
So the knee high boots are nothing like Adidas shoes at all... Okay.
Your Mom (1 day ago)
Taured was likely a misunderstanding of terre d’Andorra. The other stuff is made up.
Your Mom (1 day ago)
Rudolph Fentz is the main character of a short science fiction story written by Jack Finney in 1952.
Your Mom (1 day ago)
The Astronaut of Salamanca was carved and place there during restoration in 1992. It was meant to represent 20th century culture.
Ralf Braun (1 day ago)
i can actually feel how this video made me dumber
Your Mom (1 day ago)
Hipster's T-shirt has the logo of the Montreal Maroons NHL Hockey team. They were a team from 1924 to 1938. The rest of his clothes are period appropriate too.
fanis black flag (1 day ago)
all full of lies
Your Mom (1 day ago)
The 2003 Stock Market dude was only reported by one source. And that source was a satire website. All other sources that reported on this man simply redid the satire site's story.
The shoes look more like Air Mags... Not Adidas...
li syroan (1 day ago)
i cant bielive
Me: mom I'm going to sleep early At 3:00 am: *watching this video*
chickoo15 (1 day ago)
nancy gonzalez (1 day ago)
Stupid shit reminded me of crash box ...... where the lady with read hair talks and a bunch of shit distracts you for you to be like wtf and you’d have to pay close attention ..... well I waisted 16 minutes of my time ....
lammassu (1 day ago)
This is all bullshit. The magic of Photoshop, in fact, the lady with the cell phone is an artist that makes these digital remakes. It's all fake, none of it's real, grow up.
Theighthsage (1 day ago)
8:00 There is another video with a man on a bike getting saved just like that from a truck
Randlyn (1 day ago)
thats why im afraid of time travels
Jammin Clemmons (1 day ago)
You are not telling the entire truth! Quantum physics/mechanics (and understanding a black hole) is a giant blender and everything within it is vaporized and turned into it's absolutely most base physical/theoretical form. Basically the fukkin' grinding-everything-down into atoms, then grinding those atoms down further, to then continue to grind and transform the energy within into something totally un-salvageable. Similar to what a quasar is at the exact point were light and heat are the most intense, that bright inner ring around a black hole. Whatever screwed-up reaction would be trumped by the fact that everything will be caught in that vicious circle of heat, fukkin' burning millions/billions of degrees! It's simple science, right? Even being near that level of heat and radiation would render everything completely toast, and information itself would be irrelevant. You at least owe this explanation to your viewers!
Niggarichard (1 day ago)
5:42 that’s a swimsuit
LEWI MCPHERSON (1 day ago)
there is no such thing as time travel or father christmas.
gakaface (1 day ago)
This was dreadful.Terrible. Don't waste your time watching this!
sam sam (1 day ago)
Reg. last example -Churchill and his war, shame over him. (Read Martin Allen, highly recommended.
sam sam (1 day ago)
Interesting examples. But why is it presented in such a stupid way. Awful fill ins, absolutely unnecessary.
Leah vapes86 (1 day ago)
So someone standing in a crowd in the 1940s in today’s clothes holding a camera but no one is staring at them OK then totally believable lol The second one is more likely to be a ghost there a time traveler
The apocalypse grows near... dig your bunkers 666... jz jkn .. 💣🖤
MarStoryTime (1 day ago)
Why does the narrator sound like Michio Kaku?
Brook Eggleston (2 days ago)
It's Sir *Robert* or Sir *Robert Goddard,* not Sir *Goddard* you fool! Do a bit of research, and prevent a show of ignorance!!! 🍄 ✴️🇬🇧✴️🇺🇸✴️🇬🇧✴️
Mark Mc (2 days ago)
editing effects are bit pain in the arse. Too much flashing imagery when trying to look at a photo.
Roberts Jaunzems (2 days ago)
The astronaut figure dates not from the 12th century or the 16th century or even the 18th century, but from 1992, and we know both who put it there and why: The New Cathedral was undergoing restoration work during that period, and one of the artisans engaged in the project chose to engage in a bit of tradition by “signing” his work with a contemporary symbol representative of the 20th century: an astronaut.
NadavBenArie (2 days ago)
6:21 you tired to search for a good name
John Smith (2 days ago)
#10 - Man from the year 2256 proves there is still no cure for premature balding in the future.
Nathan Bell (2 days ago)
Time travel is impossible the photo was photoshopped. Time travel doesn't exist this is just entertaiment. People are ignorant this is a waste of time.
chris craft (2 days ago)
🎵♊🎤`🈷📧🎼➕臼♬♑💶{•ؔʶ̷ ̲̮ ؔπ°}🔦
Ty Armand (2 days ago)
Anyone watching in 1986 uhf?
Ty Armand (2 days ago)
Rudolph Fentz is an urban legend according to Wikipedia which I find more reliable source than this bucket of monkey nuts.
Mateusz Pietrewicz (2 days ago)
Time is funny thing. I am thinking now about writing something here and my plan is for future 1-2 minutes. I do it now. I did it, it is already my past o.O
Monty Tabor (2 days ago)
Well the astronaut at the church is a recent carving....NOT evidence of time travel.
Joni Michalski (2 days ago)
Maybe Freddie Jackson Wanted to Be Remembered And Maybe His Friends Wanted That Too.
Joni Michalski (2 days ago)
Gabriela Arriola (2 days ago)
When i dream something like of my future, i don't like that because almost all the time comes true, for example, i had a dream some months ago that was someone telling me " you will see it and you will not know what to do" i didn't want that to happen even if i had no idea to what i was not going to have reaction, some weeks later i was at the mall and i saw a boy that i used to talk, i liked him but i had to let him go even if i wanted to stay with him (long history) so i saw him at the mall and as my dream i had no idea what to do, i saw him with amazement and he too but then he kept his way and inside of me i really wanted to give him a hug, i knew i had the opportunity to give him the last hug but i hesitated and i just left him go again, it was all my fault since the beginning i met him
christian janssen (2 days ago)
hi smart banana, please do better research, i have been to salamanca , the astronaut is simply the work of a modern stone carver/ macon who where doing restauration work and adding his personal touch, the restaurators allowed to do this. it is not the only exemple.
Bob Malony (2 days ago)
Non of this is photo shop
Subhadeep Kar (2 days ago)
Was those experience were Vision for them? Probably not! It's a reflection of light. Human can't travel in future but light can. But the mummy was Advance.
TINA, K 1965 (2 days ago)
Fallen angels technology been here from the beginning.. only the public are not knowing...
Randy Coger (2 days ago)
The fact I will mention may not be associated with time travel, but yet again, it may. When traveling in a space craft in the opposite direction of the Earth's rotation for and extended time will change a person's DNA.
Rob g Anderson (2 days ago)
What a load of rubbish
CLeeP1983 (3 days ago)
Liked the video, but maybe a few too many special effects and some moments took a little too long to progress.
Queen Peridot Alysha (3 days ago)
Question: Who thinks that time traveling is pretty cool?
Mike Layton (3 days ago)
I am a time traveler. Of course I only travel from the past to the present and then into the future.
Blaster53 (3 days ago)
Waooo, that is a convincing video for all of those who want to see unseen. Incredible how many stupid believers are out there. Everything in this video is a pure hoax and has the perfect explanation. USE YOUR BRAIN before it evaporates and learns basic physical laws why time travel is impossible. Just a question: Your father was a brutal and dangerous man and your mother was a sweet and gentle woman. After your birth, your father gets drunk and kills your mother and cops shoot him dead and you end up in an orphanage. Now you come across a time machine and you are incredibly angry on your father so you travel back in time and you want to kill your father when he was still young and way before he met your mother. You appear before him and then you fire the gun in his head. His brain splatters all around and he is 110% dead. What do you think would happen to you at that time? Would you just fade away as never born? How on Earth you would be able to go back in time if you were never born? Phisical laws are not custom made for anyone own suit that is best for them because then again what would happen to your world if someone would kil you in his??
MLCProductionDesign (3 days ago)
Does no one actually seem to notice they slipped in a bunch of ghost stories to fill in for the lack of "Time Travel" events? Ahem, lame.
Brian Vuich (3 days ago)
Sweet jesus. No really. We ate fish, we had bread and wine then healed some lepers. Then i came back.
Elizabeth De Paz (3 days ago)
1:01 phones were invented in 1876
Debra Malinsky (3 days ago)
And in what network is that phone working?
Christopher Bird (3 days ago)
how many times are these stories going to be rolled out, by another post. make it current at least
Big Tom (3 days ago)
How did they get a flux capacitor back then ?
Christina Leone (3 days ago)
I'm only a few minutes in and I'm can't watch anymore because of the stupid "special effects" flickering crap. If you are showing real pics, just show them, stop all the idiotic flickering....
Jmsessn (3 days ago)
been watching a large number of time travel vids recently and not a single one of em, incl. this one, had a relatively moderate number of dislikes. all of them were crushed by the number of dislikes. look, people. this is mind programming at its best.
Alex Arcos (3 days ago)
The Salamancan Astronaut was added by a stonemason to the Cathedral in *1992* lol. There is also faun eating an ice-cream, but it was added in recent decades too.
Kazim Raza (4 days ago)
I have foreseen several events before they happened actually in the dreams. Does that make me a time traveler too?
Bill (4 days ago)
Utter Nonsense 1) the lady on the so-called cell phone in the silent film clip in the intro is from a Charlie Chaplin fim and was proven a hoax when advertisements of the day showed a handheld hearing device was regularly sold at the time. Weekly World News is nothing but a grocery isle checkout rag with ZERO basis in fact!!! They once had a headling, with photos of Rush Limbaugh meeting aliens.
Thomas Kaxe (4 days ago)
Well, this was almost a complete waste of time... You didn't even take your time to do fact search on any of these... -.- But one thing I would love to know... Who is the girl at 9:07 ? She's cute.
Keenan Still (4 days ago)
Number 7 a astronaut probably ascended is space went trough a warp hole and teleport in time
Sean Graham (4 days ago)
How does the Freddy Jackson ghost thing related to time travel?
The Hickory Stump (4 days ago)
10 mysterious evidence of Photoshop.
JoanMonet Barnard (4 days ago)
Leroy sweet ,39k love (4 days ago)
Is it strange that I keep telling my cuz strange thing that will happen ahead , and keep coming true ?
ryan (1 day ago)
What kinds of things ?
nelly branth (4 days ago)
No nine aren't a person as travel like that. Saw a video as explained that he indeed had all the things as they had during that time and he isn't a man from another time.
Darth Thraxle (4 days ago)
Albert Einstien did not believe in time travel, his assistant did.
redfullpack (5 days ago)
Taured is a name of a Mental Hospital. He escaped and ended up at Tokyo
Neil Wiggs (5 days ago)
Entanglement is a scary thing.
Ande' B. (5 days ago)
those looked like Adidas to you????
Jagi Frisbee (5 days ago)
The over-editing is obnoxious as shit.
June Bennett (5 days ago)
Absolutely unwatchable due to the flashing and jumping on screen. Made me freaking sick.

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