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Subscribe! Because SMART IS THE NEW SEXY: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L Since ancient times, people tried to explain numerous miraculous things that exist on our planet. Many people to this day do not believe that one can travel through time, but the physicists seem to not agree with them. Even Albert Einstein claimed that people can take a trip through time. He recognized time travel as an idea that could be applied to his theory of relativity. The majority of such things have yet to be explained scientifically. However, there are still some phenomena that are hard to believe. We in Smart is the New Sexy believe that our adventure through time has taken the most serious turn. Let’s look closely at 10 best examples it actually exists. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: http://facebook.com/enjoy.science/ The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Martin Lopez (5 hours ago)
OMG even some BASIC research would dismiss most of these. I want to believe this is possible but in the search for real truth you need to be prepared to objectively dismiss and pick apart 99.9999% of the nonsense. The Hipster one was debunked ages ago, the astronaut one was put there as part of a modern renovation, The Time Traveller one has also been debunked comprehensively. Weak video.
cusathor 1 (9 hours ago)
Wow, your video is so very boring, that ghost dude, is a ghost, no time travel what so ever in that one, no ghost either but thats a different conversation, all of these can so easily be explained, i mean come on, just because someone has stripes on thier clothes does not in any way make it addidas, you fool, those two women were obviously off thier tits on opium and as for the hipster dude, how and why would anyone hipster go back in time, they are useless people, its just a madman dressed differently and obviously thats not a camara in his hand, not one from this day and age anyway. Your videos are stupid and I feel stupider for watching.
Felix Begay (12 hours ago)
trpe petroski (13 hours ago)
lot of lies and old stories
Mellissa Cross (14 hours ago)
The paradox of time travel: we'd run into many more time travellers, or more commonly expressed as we'd have multiple selves.
diego fontanive (18 hours ago)
Aline C. S. Ribeiro (20 hours ago)
Aiden Marr (21 hours ago)
was that the beginning of the big bang theory intro in the beginning of the video?
Ahmad Mumraiz (1 day ago)
We are already time travelling...our ancestors used to take months to move from one city to another..it takes us only hours..so what else is time travel?
Qrdebele (1 day ago)
Dinoshit. :D
Rutuja Pillai (1 day ago)
3:12 I Have The Proof That It's Not Time Travel Just Go In Channel AzzyLand And search Unexplained Viral Photos Reality.
marc leong (1 day ago)
I do believe time travel is possible. I but i dont think they would be silly enough to be caught on so many photos
daily tsukasa (1 day ago)
So many unnecessary special effects and long pauses making it so uninteresting to watch this video.
catherine baker (1 day ago)
The Man from Taured is a book by Bryan W. Alaspa published in 2015 (fiction - lol)
King Manta (1 day ago)
So carlson opened a trading account with no SS number or linked bank account. Was arrested, so they should have figure prints the FBI has a data base of millions, did they search...the whole story is BS ,, plus that's 437,500 times the original value of the 800$ , in 10 trading days.. I would like to see and sets of stocks that rose that fast...
happysnapper999a (1 day ago)
What a complete load of made up nonsense.
Tabitha Henke (1 day ago)
I bealeve in time travel
Lancelot Monkfish (2 days ago)
Slowest video ever made. Video doesn't actually start until 1.35. I want that 1.35 back.
David Angelo (2 days ago)
I am traveling from the future. I need help, I can not go back to the time I came from. No one here believes me.
All-rOund channel (2 days ago)
I am a time traveller from 2035 John Cena's gonna die 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
dan226343 (2 days ago)
You sound so knowledgeable, not like a child. 100% true.
dan226343 (2 days ago)
Just realised you may not understand sarcasm as you are American. I was lying this is bull and shut up :)
Grace Payne (2 days ago)
If someone could travel at 99.9% of the speed of light they could time travel
Yue Jojo (2 days ago)
I do not know but what is this that I have? The day before 9/11 I saw it but I just didnt know where would it happen. I just saw two buildings crashed by airplenes. Then this Fukushima Tsunami I had felt it 6months before the disaster. I just saw it was in the ocean and many people were crying for help. Now, sometimes I see things about my friends or closed relatives but I ignore. My dad told me to ignore when I was akid. Now that I am in my mid age I want to shArpen it but I am not sure of the thing I have. So I ignore everything. Before my kid sister died I told my elder sister Oh my God your younger sister will die. I was then in trouble about personal problem and I told her Oh... do you think I would die? I saw it three times and again asked her the same question to our eldest sister and we were three as her younger sisters. A month after our youngest sister passed away due to Pneumonia. Since then I ignore everything. I do not tell anybody what I feel.
Brett Bales (2 days ago)
This should be titled "Person who never researches anything is easily impressed."
Jacenty Opiela (2 days ago)
I hate you so much
B Rotten (2 days ago)
How does the Sir Goddard's Squadron Ghost explain the theory of time travel. You just said it does. You didn't say why it does. I see it all the time in ghostly channels & in ghost videos. But....time travel...?
Kimberly Curran (2 days ago)
no research... astronaut carving done in 1992... it makes the rest of the list have no value to me now by overlooking something so simple
I have come here to see the black goggle guy in hoodie standing in crowd
Kevin ORB (2 days ago)
No one ever says what happened to the 350 million dollars. Why?
Aimee Runyon (3 days ago)
I won't comment on what I think of this list -- but what movie or tv show is used at 6:30 in #6. I know I've seen it multiple times and it's driving me absolutely crazy that I can't figure it out. It's not credited in the bio either. I KNOW THIS VIDEO IS OLD BUT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.
Yesh (3 days ago)
the man came from uranus.
Xiaoqian Zhang (3 days ago)
So according to this video, the are "the ten best examples that time travel actually exists"... Really? These are the BEST examples? Oh waiter! .... Check please!
PARTH SARTHI (3 days ago)
People says that the time is extremely slow when we are in the process of death ....those moments of pain we used to remember our all life details in a very extremely small and minimise period of time..what if we are all actually on the process of death and living this life is a memory we all are remembering it.??
S S (3 days ago)
Such BS.
Shivraj Mulik (3 days ago)
We're not living in a cycle that would begin with dinosaurs and end up with WW3 to be able to travel in Future or Past... Suppose you have comple Titanic film in your device/laptop...so in the film you can Go to any part of the movie in fraction of time like 0:25:00 to 1:12:00 Or 1:38:00 To 0:09:00 , 'cause it's a COMPLETE movie, or a cycle we say, which has infinite loops, which has been SET UP forever... And as of now Avengers 4 is being shot let's say the film has been shot upto 1:30:00 out of 2:45:00... So even if you have that file somehow in your device/ desktop, even then you will only be able to advance time from anywhere between 0 to 1:30:00...but YOU'LL NEVER GO BEYOND 1:30:00, 'Cause It's YET TO SHOT (HAPPEN)... Similarly You may be able to go somehow in past, I doubt tho', but Never in Future. Period.
GrimArrow (3 days ago)
What a waste of my time! 5:20 Salamanca Astronaut; 6:40: "So far no one knows how exactly it appear there." Really? Just google "salamanca astronaut explained" https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=salamanca+astronaut+explained "The astronaut, along with other contemporary symbols was added in 1992 during restoration work on the “new” cathedral. According to an article about the restoration, it is a tradition of cathedral builders and restorers to include a contemporary symbol on the building as a means of “signing” their work." Blacklisting this channel
Frost Whorty (3 days ago)
10 Shocked Photoshopped videos
Dave0551 (3 days ago)
Some fraudulent guy claims to be from future to explain his stock market manipulation=evidence
Ray A (4 days ago)
The chick in the thumbnail with the phone is adult actress Melanie Skyy
Crappy, misleading and unecessary visuals. Should have told the stories straightaway.
Tyieeb Dewan (4 days ago)
The church with 17th century astronaut was renovated during 1990's during that time the craftsmen added some modern touches to it if you see pictures befor that timeline the astronaut carving did not exist so actually it does not confirm time travel
Gary Fisher (4 days ago)
I'm pretty sure knitted cardigans, Box Brownie cameras and sunglasses with side panels existed in the 40's.
marissa lindsay (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice the figure behind Freddie Jackson
sarah m (4 days ago)
yes it exists just not now
Geilor theFormlessOne (4 days ago)
1:30 oh no, it's BIFF!!!
Jeroen Leeuwerke (4 days ago)
"The astronaut, along with other contemporary symbols was added in 1992 during restoration work on the “new” cathedral. According to an article about the restoration (in Portuguese – Click here for Google translation to English), it is a tradition of cathedral builders and restorers to include a contemporary symbol on the building as a means of “signing” their work." https://www.hoax-slayer.net/astronaut-carving-on-salamanca-cathedral-wall/
100 PERCENT AWESOME (4 days ago)
4:13 guy from national treasures
Natarsha Tobin (4 days ago)
Your editing is annoying af
Jim Speiser (4 days ago)
10 Mysterious Evidence? And we're supposed to take you seriously? I won't even watch. I'll bet it's 10 laughable bollocks.
Ahmad Viki U1 Fan (4 days ago)
Phone in 1938 Ok accepted which network they used??
Dabeat76 (5 days ago)
The astronaut was work of the stonemason Miguel Romero (that of extraterrestrial has nothing), is part of an addition made to the façade of the cathedral in 1992, when a necessary restoration process began, led by the architect Jerónimo García of Quiñones.
istara (5 days ago)
According to Snopes, the astronaut is well-documented and was carved in 1992.
David Staudohar (5 days ago)
Hello Cyber World My name is David I'm in 1906 footage in San Francisco CA 4 days Ori to earth quake , in Cable car What Do you Think ???
Jonnor McgregJones (5 days ago)
I'm from the future.....It's no big deal everyone in the future go to different times in history for vacation......
Ozella Mykel House (5 days ago)
Jahbulon lying asses will stop at nothing but that's typical for apostates!
C Walker (5 days ago)
its not time travel its dimension hopping.
Antonio Martinez (5 days ago)
serious channel like one smart banana
Jamie Deak (5 days ago)
his tone alone makes me not believe any of this though i would like to
Jill Mason (5 days ago)
leijensa (5 days ago)
Was there vocal fry in the past?
Tushar Korat (5 days ago)
The lady who is holding the phone talking with anyone but from whom is she talking from , from where is she getting the network
H Suthers (6 days ago)
How can it be 1940’S when it’s the same picture from number 10 🤔
Grace Watkins (6 days ago)
Wow, has anyone ever heard of Photoshop?
Tron X3629 (6 days ago)
In the modern hipster photograph, you can also see Andrew Carson to the Left of him
Max Headroom (6 days ago)
What a load of bollocks
Carlos Robles (6 days ago)
I can't make up my mind if I would like to time travel or become invisible and walk into banks.. Tough decision
gunther123ful (6 days ago)
shalom my friend!
Ryan O'Hern (6 days ago)
A quick google search to most of these stories will prove them fake. Fuck this channel. The video was really good and entertaining, little did I know I was being cock-fucked in the ass with every story
Etienne Groom (6 days ago)
How is goddard time traveling
GAMEPLAY RML (6 days ago)
The question is' why do most of them timetravel in the 19th century?
Douglas Dishroon (6 days ago)
You know everything is fake to humans who think our best invention was cold cereal. Why are they so naive? For one, they are unable to imagine, or, venture to places an ideas other than those their little minds allow them to go. Simple minded people lack imagination skills. Why do aliens and the afterlife refrain from contacting idiots? Because these entities communicate telepathically. Could you imagine being in the mind of one of these fucks. Alien, "We are here to communicate with you." Ass clown human, "Y'all are doing what now? Jackie Lee, get your finger out of that dogs ass. Okay, who's this?"
Javeilmundo Tamayo (7 days ago)
Humans in this time line has blind Eyes
Campbell Sullivan (7 days ago)
youtube.. you're welcome, i watched it
Robbie Wisher (7 days ago)
Physicists know that in theory it's possible. In THEORY.
ThomasPaine (7 days ago)
Who was the guy talking to with the phone in 1938? There were no cell phone towers. Unless the guy was from the distant future and the technology improved and he was talking to his partner or partners in the future.
Angelica Rodriguez (7 days ago)
Perspective is in the eye of the holder or person. Unless there's 2-3 credible witnesses, it's all speculations.
Scotty Corsey (7 days ago)
If you travel into outer space at the speed of light, Earth time slows down and starts to go backwards.
Vladimir Nedeljković (7 days ago)
Evidence is an uncountable noun. You can't say '10 Evidence'. You can say 10 pieces of evidence. Not very smart. Ugh.
Mr Purplhazed420 (7 days ago)
Soham sharma (7 days ago)
Are you sure that these are real
Sherie Klein (8 days ago)
If i was going to go back in time I would dress accordingly.
sharon h (8 days ago)
Edit: quick google search found the first story was fake😒 In the first story they say a stranger paid bail but they gave records when someone pays bail and they’d lose that money if he next went back to court so I don’t know if that’s true
sharon h (8 days ago)
What I don’t get is who would they be talking too on a cell phone back than if no one else had one at that time?
Kevin Donnellon (8 days ago)
according to Hoax Slayer re astronaut figure on Salamanca cathedral: "There is no mystery. The astronaut was added in 1992 during restoration work on the cathedral."
Majid Slyteen (8 days ago)
The Cathedral statue is a possibility.. Well space is mysterious and strange place and there's alot of unfiguered things out there.. So who knows? To be honest i don't think it's time travel but there's a possibility as long as it came from outer space i can relate it to our humble knowledge of space.. But other evidences are all in the US so it seems so unlikely cos laws of physics in the US aren't different from them in Asia or Europe so it should be some evidences from other parts of the world.. Specially in China cos time travel well explain alot about 1.25 billion people of them and their similar faces.. So as well all the stories could be faked one way or another.. But it's still fun to watch and hope for time travel to become truth and mastered by mankind
Anton Radut (8 days ago)
The astronaut that is carved in the cathedral was added trought its restoration in 1922, not the 17th century. The whole video is full of fake things.
UTubeAngelique (8 days ago)
This video has been time-stretched.
UTubeAngelique (8 days ago)
This video is sooooooooo sloooooooooow! He takes so long to set the scene that I’ve already forgotten what point he was making!
Sgt-J Smith (8 days ago)
I know time travel is real. my iq is 152. i work with several law agencies and the government. all of that is fact. anyways i woke up the other day. i looked down at my balls and they were hanging rather low. being in my early 30s it appears my balls were from me in my 80s or 90s. so during my sleep my balls from 2058 to 2068 came back to see the olden days. freaky i mean really freaky! girl next to me thought so too. single again. dang you time travel!!
Jeffrey (8 days ago)
Who else is already watching this in 1981?
Sir Meme (8 days ago)
how could you watch in 1981 when modern phones weren't made in that timeline
Richard B (8 days ago)
#WEEKLY WORLD NEWS LMAO!!! Where's Marilyn Monroe in this video? She's in the thumbnail .......
Roberto Ginsburg (8 days ago)
If Time Machine actually exist could be *made a trip to the past to avoid the appearance of Crunk, Trap, Mumble and Reggaeton* . Period.
Hot Key (8 days ago)
cough, cough, BULL S***!
Cindy van Empel (8 days ago)
Yeah, egg on the anti-science crowd, what a good idea.
bailey bevan (8 days ago)
I can time travel It just takes 20 years
J. Kenton Handler (8 days ago)
The arrest picture 2:03 (#10) is the same as the hipster picture from #9. Stopped watching there.
KD Khawlo (8 days ago)
Fact is all time Traveller are Men... We're is women...???
FARABI's oeuvre (8 days ago)
Gamora daughter of thanos. I bet thanos did that bombing
Michael Lack (9 days ago)
I want to travel back so I don’t watch this shite again.
arctic wolvz (9 days ago)
#8 wouldn't that just be a ghost? You could only see part of his face and nothing else. Honestly, he resembled ghosts in other pictures. Sorry to break it to you, but ghosts aren't time travelers.

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