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The Haunting of Hannah Williams

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Season finale. We make our first haunted house call. Unsolved has BRAND NEW merch! Check it out here: http://bzfd.it/shopunsolved Shop our UK (http://bzfd.it/shopUKunsolved) and Germany (http://bzfd.it/shopDEunsolved) merch stores too! Watch on Amazon Instant Video: http://amzn.to/2nxA2q6 Watch on Hulu: https://hulu.tv/2FHqdMT Check out our BuzzFeed Original Series channel on Roku: http://bit.ly/2DUnOlE Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/68736 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network! This channel is your one-stop destination for all things mystery, conspiracy, supernatural, true crime, and everything in between. Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2zuaR06. MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network STILLS Emoji provided free by http://emojione.comangels - michael nazarethman/Getty Images Los Angeles 3D Landscape View South-North Natural Color FrankRamspott/Getty Images Bed/Pictures and en suite bathroom of modern bedroom Spaces Images/Getty Images Couch in cozy living room Westend61/Getty Images Double exposure of spooky girl against wall at home Cavan Images/Getty Images Portrait of family in front of home MoMo Productions/Getty Images Six Men Sihouettes bamlou/Getty Images Evil Spirit Pointy Knife Demon Paul Campbell/Getty Images Good Morning Won Kim Photography/Getty Images Family turns a house into a home laflor/Getty Images Interior View Of Closed Front Door Lakhbinder Gharcha / EyeEm/Getty Images Moonlight on a scary night Douglas Sacha/Getty Images Tools hanging from bicycle repair shop wall Jetta Productions Inc/Getty Images Make the nightmare go away Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images Large plain white removal van parked outside of a house JasonRWarren/Getty Images Home security system isolated on white kevinjeon00/Getty Images Fashionable Women Silhouette Set Illustrious/Getty Images Reaching across the sky John Lamb/Getty Images Brand New North American Home Sisoje/Getty Images USA, Oregon, Wasco, Wheat ears in bright sunshine under blue sky Erik Isakson/Getty Images Halloween D-Keine/Getty Images Halloween D-Keine/Getty Images Portrait of a girl smiling rubberball/Getty Images EXTERNAL CREDITS AJ Barrera + Gustavo Rosa
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We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!
Alicia M (2 months ago)
You know it's okay to be skeptical but it takes a real jerk to be disrespectful. You think you're being funny but really you're just being an a******
reaper gaming (4 months ago)
What if the ghost wanted some Cheetos or Cheerios or even Doritos
Edward Smelstoys (4 months ago)
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network you guys should go to slayton farms private school and do an episode, it’s in Pennsylvania
Clara Azadegan (5 months ago)
So ghosts can change the entire environment around them but they can’t move a teddy bear? Still a shaniac! This is all bull!
Raven Grace (13 minutes ago)
I love this!!
bea marie (31 minutes ago)
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at an episode omfg
MangoKiss (31 minutes ago)
Catherine Huang (37 minutes ago)
Hippo pig..... that's a Minecraft ocelot stuffed animal
Dragon Huntress (2 hours ago)
Shane: **opens the closet door for demons to posses him** Ryan: **wont sleep without the lights on bc it’s horrifying**
TooLazyForThis (2 hours ago)
Ok, my electricity just went off, a storm is happening outside and the door to my room keeps banging in a very terrifying way. I am straight up shitting myself why is this so scary???
Divyam Singh Chauhan (3 hours ago)
This Hannah girl better change her house or we will be soon having a sequel for the Conjuring series.
Saira Jezz (4 hours ago)
Shane: Do You hate Ryan? Ghost: No. Uh-oh... It did.
Saira Jezz (6 hours ago)
19:30 almost got me jump out of my bed.
Sarah, just Sarah (8 hours ago)
Selena Cruz (13 hours ago)
"If you are a demon, feel free to slither into my heart..." 🤣
Slayy A (14 hours ago)
hannah baker next plx
Katelynn Oxendine (14 hours ago)
nobody: *chair is thrown* shane: is it a lil windy 😂😂😂
Caitlin Marin (14 hours ago)
Calico Ghost Town for the next episode!
Gimmerty Frog (15 hours ago)
When he said "What do you want with this place?" it sounded like it said "Death.", creepy.
Katherine game (16 hours ago)
That ghost had the hots for Ryan 😂😂😂
Joshua Blount (17 hours ago)
Anybody see how the medium or what ever looks like the guy who voices people on family guy? Seth MacFarlane is his name I think
CheeksSmackn (18 hours ago)
of course it was the buzzfeed producer
Adolfo Barajas (18 hours ago)
Who else jumped at 27:08 lmaooo
Elias Libonati (19 hours ago)
Kale Girouard (19 hours ago)
14:01 gottem
AdriánCorona (20 hours ago)
so i called in a phsychic *phoebe buffay enters*
Madzie 2000 (21 hours ago)
Kyleigh janes (22 hours ago)
by far one the scariest videos they've posted, had the overwhelming to cry and a heavy weight on my chest
Princess Trina (22 hours ago)
Ryan when you were talking to her about the time she woke up and saw a little girl then went back to sleep. When you said, "initially my thought was: it seems like maybe that could be sleep paralysis." It couldn't have been that anyway because she said that "she rolled over" both times to see the little girl and then to go back to sleep. During sleep paralysis, you can't move.
Freya-Alana BETTS (23 hours ago)
Literally i woke up in the middle of the night one put my glasses on sat up and looked around and saw a little ghost girl kneeling on the end of my bed and listen to what the guy said i'm now like there's a demon in my room btw i don't sleep in my own room any more
Zorion Mclarrin (23 hours ago)
Shane: I want to make sure the lights aren't hooked up to an Alexa or a Google lady. Ryan: it's... A light switch. Is Shane just pretending to be that old just for schitt's and gigs, or is he actually a grandfather trapped in a 30 something year olds body?
Yoona Kara (1 day ago)
"And also why the pigtails! It's a little... cliché!" -Shane Hahaha.. Whenever i watch buzzfeed, i get scared but when Shane butts in, i laugh hahaha... #shaniac
Qwimso (1 day ago)
Sometimes I think about how maybe some ghosts aren't Western and can't speak English and when Ryan says to them "You can show yourself if you want." they're just like "????Qué???¿¿¿???¿¿?¿?"
Hans Pimmel (1 day ago)
12:52 sounds like a nuclear siren XD
MariJ Camilleri (1 day ago)
i completely lost it and started having a laughing fit when shane screamed in the beginning
Everyday Edits (1 day ago)
They’ve never been to Virginia! They need to go to Virginia. Like go to Colonial Williamsburg or Yorktown or somewhere that has had historical happenings there!!!! Virginia loves you guys!!!
Tygo Tigchelaar (1 day ago)
11:50 girl face in the window
Nelly Doodlenoodle (1 day ago)
I was an atheist but now ....
Nelly Doodlenoodle (1 day ago)
Ghosts are just souls that need to be given a peaceful after life . Poor things
Ryan is getting bullied by a demon
Random Kid (1 day ago)
31:38 the top right corner of the mirror an orb flies out....I can’t see it when I watch the video on my phone but I can when I’m watching the video on my tv through my Xbox......weird.
jillian smith (1 day ago)
I was scared until I got a kim kardashian ad
Kiley Lindley (1 day ago)
do you fear the tall man? the one with checkered squares who denies all ghostly affairs
Isaac oconnor (1 day ago)
This ghost a savage ya
Blake Cutter (1 day ago)
Ghost adventures any day.
Stan Swink (1 day ago)
omg I am legit dying over the jump and screaming part XD
noir. aep (1 day ago)
14:23 shane's eyes lowkey scared me ngl he looks like ryan's sim
Jäger Autism (1 day ago)
The raping massacre of Bill Cosby remains..unsolved
YeetYaBoiEd (1 day ago)
I usually watch this to get rid of my fear of ghosts, not this time...
Dracomancer 623 (1 day ago)
25:55 Soooo do demons like horror movies?
Bryce Absher (1 day ago)
Ryan got angry there. I truly agree with the psychic, there is something negative in that area, they cause anger and rage
Alexander Guevarra (1 day ago)
Billy boy Cosby (1 day ago)
Make a Ryan scream compilation
Norh457 (2 days ago)
I’m kind of on the edge. I’ve never seen a ghost before so I’m a little skeptical, BUT there’s all this credible evidence that ghosts do exist and i’m just confused.
Arpita Phatak (2 days ago)
please do such episodes ....this was the best so far.......And plzzzzzz involve psychics too... ..
Katniss Everdeen (2 days ago)
I would love it if you guys did... 1. The Tower of London (London) 2. Auschwitz (Poland) 3. Adelaide Gaol (South Australia) 4. Adelaide Arcade (South Australia) 5. Kapunda Hotel (Barossa Valley, South Australia) P.S. If you do end up doing a case study on any of the three South Australian locations, as mentioned above, refer to Haunting Australia as a starting point.
Are shane and ryan couple?
Mrpineapples (2 days ago)
Don’t worry guys they just got ninjas
kenna miles ritchie (2 days ago)
Don't mind me hiding in the comments.. :)
Rory O'Brien (2 days ago)
Ghosts ain't real
Andy Sandy (2 days ago)
No nonono, The worlds Okest mom DOESNT DESERVE THISS
Rachel Lee (2 days ago)
“let’s feed it YUM YUMM”
Leah Lieffring (2 days ago)
This needs to be like ... a series ! Recaps in Hannah’s house , going back to there and trying to get rid of it .
Fandom Representative (2 days ago)
Do the pictures of the children bother anyone else? They creep me out-
Hannah Lee (2 days ago)
This episode was actual scary!!!
Corina Prado (2 days ago)
So Shane AND Gadiel should do an episode to annoy the ghosts AND ser what happens
Chrissy (2 days ago)
"You saw the specter of a little girl in your room, and you were like...I gotta catch up on some z's, see ya later?" CAN RELATE 100%.
K Schachel (2 days ago)
This one was amazing to watch, I really want to see a lot more episodes on Hannah’s house, and more spirit boxes in more rooms, and maybe some all night cameras with them sleeping in the house
LilMissCosplay62 (2 days ago)
24:37 Oh HELL NO
Audrey’s Animals (2 days ago)
*Yeah she needs to burn some sage*
Drink my Bleach (2 days ago)
Ryan: I have a vile of holy water. What do you have? Shane: me
Olivia Wynn (2 days ago)
For some reason watching this made my head burn, like fire
Claire Votta (2 days ago)
Hannah needs to move
Lexi lol (2 days ago)
shane: literally gets his arm ripped off also shane: my arms a bit itchy
Goldensky (2 days ago)
I forgot to subscribe a *year* ago.
Yaniv RUIMY (2 days ago)
Hannah is inducing, unconsciously, responses from her son. He is a child, he invents stories. He plays her game because he loves her and gets attention from her.
neeraj kumar (2 days ago)
Plot twist : Devon doesn't exist
D'rayxa ϟ (2 days ago)
Girl just move out.
Heidi Randles (2 days ago)
If i was one of them I would just scream I know miss trunchball when speaking to Matilda 🤣
starsn (3 days ago)
yo on a more serious note, i felt kinda bad for ryan. idk he looked terrified and with that segment where they basically had a full on conversation with the demon, he looked like he was about to cry/breakdown or lose his mind..
starsn (3 days ago)
god something about that house makes me want to vomit jesus christ
Austin Watkins (3 days ago)
Okay, at like 28:18 Ryan laughs...the box laughs on time with him. 28:19 someone says "oh" and the box follows suit, again on time. Weird?
SlayJellyBeanQueen (3 days ago)
Move out girl, tf kids are creepy especially if they’re standing right beside ur bed at nighttime and it’s not ur own
Annie Furness (3 days ago)
Was Devon from ladylike there?
hot dog (3 days ago)
The picture of the girl in 18:00 was hella creepy hahaha
JIMIN 99 (3 days ago)
"Feel free to slither into my heart"
Darsh Singh (3 days ago)
Bhangarh Fort one worth trying if ya looking for a new place
Darsh Singh (3 days ago)
bruh i have to go along with you next time
Gael (3 days ago)
That's one annoying ghost...
Tia C (3 days ago)
Meet the warrens!
Lily Bobily (3 days ago)
I paused the video to go feed my cat and when I came back and pressed play YouTube crashed and my phone died even though it was on 40% then when I went into my watch history it didn't have the video in it so I had to search for it again, I hate that I choose to believe in this stuff because now I am freaked out so much
Indira Safa (3 days ago)
i thought she is halsey...
A Wut. (3 days ago)
*Grabs minecraft cheetah, begins to scream*
Mango Natsu (3 days ago)
What’s up demons it’s ya boi Shane
ismita gharat (3 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Allison Alvarado (3 days ago)
“Feel free to slither into my heart”😂
emma roland (3 days ago)
ghost: *stabs Shane* Shane: "whoops paper cut I guess!"
MiniMetal (3 days ago)
29:30 multiple orbs around Ryan's head
The Weebtaku (3 days ago)
26:58 Ocelot from Minecraft: **exists** Ryan: *Hippo Pig*
Shellton (3 days ago)
maybe the ghost is speaking russian and hes using a really bad translator
Alexia Solis (3 days ago)
I know the demon that is haunting the house kone
Ava Krekeler (3 days ago)
Shane seems high in this episode. Too.much cough syrup. #istillloveyoushane
jess (3 days ago)
You should check out this creepy place Dunham Park / Dunham Tuberculosis Hospital in Cincinnati ohio. Apparently it’s haunted.

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