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Baby and Mastiff Dog are the sound of laughter and happiness | Dog loves Baby Compilation

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Text Comments (39)
Queen Johnson (5 months ago)
I cant wait to get my bullmastiff
I miss my boy last 13 morning.i really missed you buster.
Helal Uddin (7 months ago)
nunya buisness (1 year ago)
My mastiff was very protective of all children and when they cried he always went to them. A neighbor was yelling at his daughter for riding her bike too far from home and she was crying and ran into our yard. Rocky ran right past her toward daddy mad as hell. Rocky chased dad away and laid at her feet while dad was yelling from the street until I came out and walked his girl back to the street. He only lived 6 1/2yrs because cancer had eaten his entire jaws, snout, teeth. He was my sons best friend during our divorce. At age 5 my son told that dog all his worries and problems. Tearing up just thinking about it.
Satan's Trilogy (1 year ago)
Cane Corso (1 year ago)
<3 :) Nice
Ri Ro (1 year ago)
look at all these gentle giants so beautyfull how they are to lil kids
kedar dave (1 year ago)
Hi. Which is the breed at 1:29. He is a giant
Antony Farfan (6 months ago)
kedar dave they can be of course with time, effort, and dedication. But I would always buy one as a young puppy if you want one for your family. Never bring an adult dog around small children because behavior can be unpredictable
kedar dave (1 year ago)
oh, Is ita good guard dog ?
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
that's a Tibetan Mastiff
andrew Hoard (1 year ago)
Mastiffs see infants as their own babies and even Mom and Dad have to approach the children always in a good mood friendly. because the babies are safe even from the parents.
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
lol that's super sweet
andrew Hoard (1 year ago)
+Dog Loves Baby Muffin my little girl who is a Presa Canaria will nip and growl at me if I raise my voice at her mom. They definitely keep the peace in the home. She will also let my girlfriend know to simmer down if she yells at me too😊
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
they're just gorgeous. Lovely breed.
Greyhound (1 year ago)
the last dog is like *GET THE FOCK OFF ME M8*
Jeffery Stephens (1 year ago)
Those poor animals are obviously traumatized by the events.
3642130 (1 year ago)
Extremely protective of children. Sweet big babies.
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
they're just gorgeous. Lovely breed.
poppaluv (1 year ago)
I miss my 220lb. Pooie. He protected the wife and I after Katrina on out ecav and return months later. RIP Franklin da Pooie.
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
This video made me smile.What a lovely breed
ilovesparky13 (2 years ago)
What kind of dog is that at 1:21? It is so cute!!
Unknown (1 year ago)
ilovesparky13 looks like a burmese mastiff. :)
Dog's N' Drums (2 years ago)
I love mastiff breeds, there my favourite types of dogs there just so tolerant and chilled out and get judged and stereotyped a lot just by the way they look, I own an ambullneo mastiff who is an absolute gentleman and scared of his own shadow yet people are quick to judge him just by appearance and call him aggressive and say those dog's always attack children when they can never even identify his breed
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
aw nice story
Malin Sivertsen (2 years ago)
consumer pay situation shore DNA pay way.
Aadisree Prajeesh (2 years ago)
Malin Sivertsen &))?+ fg,/
Dan McMaster (2 years ago)
I love my Mastiff. He sleeps in my bed every night, now. Truly the biggest, goofiest, and sweetest dogs around.
Dan McMaster (1 year ago)
Yeah, but especially my mother. He is friendly with strangers, except if we're in the yard. He's getting more protective as he gets older. He's a big baby, but his bark scares everyone.
Abby Babby (1 year ago)
Dan McMaster Are they protective of your family?
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
just a beautiful breed
Adam Saxe (2 years ago)
They're wonderful dogs. Highly underrated. Very gentle and friendly.
Albo eagle (1 year ago)
Adam Saxe Do they shed alot?
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
I see that they make you so happy XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
corinne glaser (2 years ago)
Thanks very much. That was one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen.
B Robinson (2 years ago)
Sweet, really sweet(:-)
Kartik Gupta (2 years ago)
if was given a chance of choosing b/w gf and dog, I will choose Dog atleast they are cute and LOYAL
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
This is my last video, you'll have 12 hours to save all favorite videos in Dog loves Baby channel.Thanks!
Andrea Vance (2 years ago)
love it,keep your good job!💙

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