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5 Coolest BACKPACKS You Should Buy! (2018)

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Theft is on the rise. Worry not with these amazing anti theft backpacks packed with some of the abstruse features that will amaze you. These backpacks ranging from an anti theft bag to a super cool smart travel pack offer various advanced features we have ever known. Check them out from the links below. Albert - Everyday Anti Theft Backpack : http://bit.ly/2DgN2tA Numi - The Smart Travel Backpack : http://bit.ly/2DzM3C9 Standard's Carry-on Backpack : http://amzn.to/2D8DDAT The Speed Backpack: http://bit.ly/2DxFosh Black Ember Citadel Backpack : http://amzn.to/2Dl1zV4 (Official Site: http://bit.ly/2FGNOyi) Follow us on Instagram - http://bit.ly/incredinsta (We post awesome gadget photos, videos and giveaways!)
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Text Comments (142)
Incredibles ! (5 days ago)
2019 Backpacks are here, check them out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv9qczyl88I
Noah Boock (7 days ago)
We all just gonna ignore that the Albert dude locked his backpack to the bottom of a chair leg as if you couldn’t just lift the chair up
Trung Lau (24 days ago)
Has anyone seen Rival's Onyx backpacks? It's all the above and very smart looking, think it's still on Kickstarter..
{insert name here} (29 days ago)
1:21 just lift the chair (lol). Can someone reccomend a brand of backpacks that don’t look as boring as Albert? (No offense Albert T^T)
Eric Costa (2 months ago)
1:15 someone can steal if lift the chair
poo you (1 month ago)
Look at the stools of the chair so it wont
Zane Meliodous (2 months ago)
I really like the hidden zippers but I prefer a lock because what if people who steal see this video
Fogzz (2 months ago)
So the backpack charges from solar power?
The Gamer (3 months ago)
jkromes20 (4 months ago)
sweet suit cases with straps!
jamie goode (4 months ago)
"5 Expensive BACKPACKS You Should Buy! (2018)"
Red Hand Devil (5 months ago)
Why would I want to buy all 5 bags & is "(2018)" the individual price of those bags? Anyway, I reckon i'll save myself a fortune by just purchasing a mid-range backpack on eBay for around £30 & carry a hammer as it's anti-theft. Jobs a goodun!
Keyvan S (5 months ago)
Just pledged for that Black Ember WPRT backpack... looking sweeeeet.
YoshiBroccoli (5 months ago)
Albert looks great for New Yorkers
Ethan Smith (5 months ago)
Why would I need 5 backpacks
Ethan Smith (3 months ago)
Scribble Unlimited (3 months ago)
Ethan Smith 🤦‍♂️
Incredibles ! (5 months ago)
We are Giving Away Products worth $299, Enter Here: http://bit.ly/incrediblesgiveaway1
JADE ZARA (1 month ago)
Incredibles !
LIam Dawber (6 months ago)
1:22 lift up the chair leg to steal it
Brandon James (6 months ago)
Backpacks are dorky af. I'd rather use a satchel bag
Zachary Law (5 days ago)
Alright you fucking hipster, calm down.
cocainepowder (6 months ago)
way too expensive bro xD
Luísa Hilário (6 months ago)
Would be interesting with other colors and design. It's a great suitcase concept . Great idea !
blaringnat (6 months ago)
When albert goes to denmark
themagnificent store (7 months ago)
Cool and SMART USB Charging Port Backpacks To see details and other products here is the link to our Company website https://themagnificent.net/
Chrovo (7 months ago)
Speed bag, Numi, And Daily are the best backpacks in the video (IMO)
Grain Chef (7 months ago)
1:21 you just need move the chair and release backpack
Not if you're heavy and sitting on it
Aaron King (7 months ago)
Albert copied the berg backpack and bobby backpack
Danial Khan (7 months ago)
I hate gimmicky bags. Bag should be simple, durable, sturdy, standable, minimal, organizable, and water resistantable. It shouldn't have solar panel and build-in shits because that makes bag even heavier and unstable.
dirt232323 (7 months ago)
Fuckin ugly
Jess Thony Labadan (7 months ago)
Looking for cool stuff bags like Anti theft Backpacks? Here's a cool and trusted web store on USA Today and they are reliable and I recommend it.. visit the link https:// www.ohmybagstore.com
RayPlays PH (7 months ago)
The first video sounded like the voice was from Pringle the One from Planet Dolan
Leonita Imeri (8 months ago)
Where is Tigernu Backpack?
A h v e (8 months ago)
I cant find the 2nd one in my country :(
Darth Celsius (8 months ago)
The USB charger comes in handy I love that book bag
GaryGaryGary810 (8 months ago)
where to you carry a water bottle?
LazyTiger 1 (8 months ago)
The name tho, "Albert".
PixyPop (8 months ago)
I want these super bad but..... Almost 50 grand for Albert... Edit: nevermind guys that’s the total raised....
Vy1 Hapy (8 months ago)
Yyyyyyyyy are they all so freaking expensive, just yyyyyyyyyyyyyy,
Paul Italian (8 months ago)
The Speed backpack looks Amazing!
Excalibur (8 months ago)
too many cool backpacks, wtf cant choose
Jade Defoe-Banton (8 months ago)
Hi I’m having problems with the back pack one how to use the charger port but help !!!!!
Rambi Rumbi (7 months ago)
Jade Defoe-Banton u idiot
Ty Lamb (8 months ago)
Why is Albert just like Bobby????
Scribble Unlimited (3 months ago)
Ty Lamb because they copied it form Xd design
Deekshith Eesala (9 months ago)
can someone tell me where should I purchase it ?
AFR (9 months ago)
So they all have lifetime warranty?
Tyler Mottola (9 months ago)
minygirlxx Quuen (9 months ago)
Omgochhhh ned won OF those
yiencool bro (9 months ago)
Numi was the best
depresso expresso (9 months ago)
5:21 who would put there keys and there phone in the same pocket
mygoldenlambo (9 months ago)
Albert gets locked to a chair that can be lifted😂😂😂
Gena Bexman (3 months ago)
If you can lift my chair and carry it out with my backpack tied to it while I'm sitting ON the chair, I'll let you have the pack and buy you an extra one.
bruno lopes (5 months ago)
The chair has triangular legs... even if you lift it eont work
Anthony Thomas (5 months ago)
but it's a lot harder to casually walk out of the place with a' chair
Ryan Smith (8 months ago)
look again
Incredibles ! (9 months ago)
NEWEST Video on Backpacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AZ2Pt2A-KY
Leonita Imeri (8 months ago)
Tigernu Backpack should be there?
chaz kaz (9 months ago)
Oh snap. Bobby got ripped off by the first bag???
oofmasta64 (8 months ago)
Incredible Tech Gadgets (9 months ago)
so amazing
Seth Williams (9 months ago)
HEEEEEELP!! I do not know how to purchase the Numi pack. The link takes me no where????
random things (9 months ago)
Which bag should i by
Tamberg Robid (5 months ago)
Numi back back
random things (9 months ago)
Saltass Sky thanks for responding to my question i will probaly buy it
Sky (9 months ago)
Henrick Del Castillo mark ryden anti theft backpack
starwars1744 (10 months ago)
Several of these are the same as those that came before them. Nothing different. Nothing new, except for the ones that are portable battery packs and nothing else.
iiEqul (10 months ago)
They should call Albert, bobby jr.
Cherociouslee! (9 months ago)
Agree albert should remove there side pocket
Wanda Abdillah (11 months ago)
kalibre hypershield?????
Secret Recipe (11 months ago)
Nice..iwant buy one
Jay Yu (11 months ago)
Olaseni Sogaolu (30 days ago)
Nghĩa Lương Tuấn (3 months ago)
Lmfao dude :)))
HiFi Beast Gaming (7 months ago)
Lmfao dude
chaz kaz (9 months ago)
Emmanuel 7000 (10 months ago)
Jajajaja LOL
TImeless Solar (11 months ago)
I already got the Xddesign
ashar jainam (11 months ago)
How many book carry in albert
Bubshies The Tomato (11 months ago)
Lol, at 1:15, You can just pull the chair up and you can get the bag
Kevin Chan (3 months ago)
Mindboggler123 😂
Mindboggler123 (3 months ago)
+Kevin Chan me
Kevin Chan (5 months ago)
SHINSUI lol who would carry a light saber a round
Switchz (5 months ago)
+Kevin Chan not with a light saber
Kevin Chan (8 months ago)
Danny02 its cut proof
Koen (1 year ago)
i have bobby
oofmasta64 (8 months ago)
bobby is better than albert i tink
Deep (1 year ago)
Hello Everyone, We are Team Tracuz. We are developing a Smart Bagpack. We would like to know your thoughts related to Smart bags. Please help in making a revolutionary product by filling a small survey. https://goo.gl/forms/m5fl3LdBAEs3PQ3C2
Sarah Mahan (1 year ago)
wtf albert locked to a chair just lift the chair and it will come off STUPID
Aiden (9 months ago)
no look at the bottom of the chair
A Little Hair (9 months ago)
Sarah Gray ya what what about the other ones?
Adarsh Govindan (11 months ago)
Sarah Gray Are you stupid? xD did you even look at the legs of the chair properly?
Daron The Logic (11 months ago)
Sarah Gray then carry the bag lol😁
Sarah Mahan (11 months ago)
Daron The Logic and if they go to the bathroom or get up for napkins
Kai Suzuki (1 year ago)
How much is the Albert bag?
oofmasta64 (8 months ago)
cool cool
SPOONN (8 months ago)
oofmasta64 the quality is very good i have main and you have more access to pockets and lock system
oofmasta64 (8 months ago)
albert basically stole bobbys design and features i dont know about the quality of the backpacks tho
A Little Hair (9 months ago)
Kai Suzuki 4,000,000,000,000 dollars
SPOONN (10 months ago)
Adrian Mendez for sure
FrostFangzz (1 year ago)
numi is the backpack ive been looking for!!!!!
Sniuka Michel (1 year ago)
Where can I buy them 😍😍😍😍😍 pls tell me
Mister Me (1 year ago)
Sniuka Michel in the description
Sawyer Seth (1 year ago)
Lol how is Albert different from Bobby omg.
Ho Homer (4 months ago)
I thought it was related to Bobby XD until I saw them try to cut the back of the bag
Sunrise Gamer (6 months ago)
Bobby backpack is a rip off anyway
Lily Smith (8 months ago)
I agree
Cherociouslee! (9 months ago)
Albert has side pockets which I disagree
Mc Nicole Pascual (11 months ago)
Sawyer Seth better pockets, space inside is used in a smart way
Geminhya Music (1 year ago)
Those are so great !
Cancer Carrier (1 year ago)
What the fuck is Albert? They legit copied Bobby
Andrew Fantolgo (1 year ago)
Deal breaker: - no laptop compartment - thin foam pads - waterproof - not stabproof -not shockproof so no tnx to that
Andrew Fantolgo (11 months ago)
or even you want a very expensive bag go for Bobby Bizz by XD Design
Dennis Xu (11 months ago)
Jaspreet Singh Bobby by XD Design
Jaspreet Singh (1 year ago)
so, do you have any suggestions that have all of these features?
Hey, Great content...I subscribed Are you looking for affordable exclusive,Durable smart backpack? Well..you found one LOOK HERE:https://goo.gl/6Ht2dK
Sukhbir Singh (1 year ago)
by which app we can buy these backpack
Ultra Ace (1 year ago)
I love you guys you have awesome content
Ultra Ace (1 year ago)
Galaxy Girl (1 year ago)
The first one copyied Bobby anti Theft Backpack XDdesign :l....
oogabooga luca (1 month ago)
+poo you no Bobby is first
poo you (1 month ago)
+Sunrise Gamer yeah
poo you (1 month ago)
The opposite
oogabooga luca (2 months ago)
I was going to say the same thing
Darkkos 11 (2 months ago)
Yeah But with extra features

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