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Classic Track About Women By Necro 86 Measures of Game Track 12 Of The Pre Fix For Death Released on September 21, 2004 by Necro Psycho+Logical-Records www.necroproduct.com
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Text Comments (100)
Alfa Flyt (5 days ago)
Too relatable.
Mic Luvin (6 days ago)
Underated af ,good jams
A nobody 27 (1 month ago)
Fuk Youuu (1 month ago)
I never get pussy
El Gerardo Edwardio (1 month ago)
Why does the guy in the interview at the start sound like Larry David?
El Gerardo Edwardio (14 days ago)
@Chris Pd I actually wondered that also... I kind of tend to agree with his sentiment ;)
Chris Pd (14 days ago)
Gene Simmons !!!
Chris Pd (14 days ago)
Gene Simmons!!!
Sosa Montana (3 months ago)
Just blasted this out my appartment Hope they get the message
Ian Captain (4 months ago)
Necro, explaining hypergamy to the SIMPs.
lil wak (4 months ago)
the official incel theme
Erik Bright (5 months ago)
"Yo, the more degrading I get the more these ladies get wet" haha so fucking on point! Fuck Busted bitches they make my dick limp they're useless to a sick pimp who needs his gratification instant!!
Toney513 (7 months ago)
This a MGTOW song. Send it to them
Ryan (1 month ago)
Not really. Only when you think all women. There are some left in 2019 somewhere
Thanos Kavalas (7 months ago)
Sounds like Gene Simmons in the intro
Buzz Worthy (1 month ago)
That's because it's him
GhostAdvocate13 (8 months ago)
I don't think I've heard another such brutal and unrelenting rap. Shake my head in disbelief at several points in this song, thinking "damn!". Fire.
Criz Talks (9 months ago)
holy fk yes
Hey miss you on ig
Maxime Malo (9 months ago)
try to spit that shit I had no more breath
Angry Lolii (10 months ago)
check out Nos Insidious for dope music
this is like quagmire's song! Love this shit.
Adrian Picaso (1 year ago)
This foo is a fucking legend with this song
You bitches better lick up! Lol
Adrian Picaso "why should I should say something behind your back that I can't say to your face" - Cold Pimp in the sample
e34Boat (1 year ago)
brutal truth in the lyrics
yungknives (1 year ago)
id like to thank necro for putting me on game at such a young age and making me the bad ass i am today aha. because of this song im awesome
Carlos Ramirez (1 month ago)
But you're still a woman. You ain't shit...
Earth2 (10 months ago)
Cause being easy for men is just a cash tunnel then ladies roll with stacks of 100s and walk with 1000s and dude be going home empty handed lol
Gretzel Eisbrich (1 year ago)
He's got it right,
Jeremy Wood (1 year ago)
Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo buy me a bday gift
dopechill (9 months ago)
alright. heere's your knuckle sandwhich. just kidding :P
Mr.WetMEME (1 year ago)
Damn son, Necro was mgtow before mgtow was mgtow.
Phillip Aldridge (1 year ago)
My deep condolences to you bitch, cause honey for the rest of your life you'll be lonely!!
groupe 584 (1 year ago)
It makes me smile everytime
Serial Killer (1 year ago)
Pretty Sure (1 year ago)
Amazing masterpiece.. someone had to do it. Glad it was Necro
SynthGuy777 (1 year ago)
Every single line is quotable!!!
I bought a girl a beer, a phone and a fuckin TV. Still no dicksuck. What's going on necro??????
Triple Threat (1 year ago)
Kyle I love your mother
MultiSpacehead (2 years ago)
the illest
Bellator popo (2 years ago)
trigger warning is over 9000
T T (2 years ago)
Necro is Don Kong Pimp
MR MOTO MEME (2 years ago)
That's why catholic school girls are the biggest sluts Down to take it in their butts They're always licking somebody's nuts And why not? That's why God made 'em
Mighty Megatron (2 years ago)
" after all i bought her a beer!". hahahahahaha
Mighty Megatron (2 years ago)
lots of truth is being said!
boland191 (3 years ago)
loves it
T T (2 years ago)
boland191 Okay Smeagul
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. That's why they like to suck penis.
Vicious Warmong (1 year ago)
whyisthere apenisinmycoffee that's the classic line in this song
MisanthropicDread (3 years ago)
Women are so fucked up in the head, some like to be snuffed.
Nolan (3 years ago)
Ulf Bortomberg (10 months ago)
no pussy tonight, huh ?
John Melnikov (3 years ago)
Another great track from Necro ! Much respect from Russia !!!
New East (3 years ago)
what are the on about? who's the geezer with the studded cod-piece?
Getsuu Fuma (3 years ago)
+New East Gene simmons
Jeff Jefferson (3 years ago)
Its just like cheese, it ages..
FreshPrincce (3 years ago)
What a freakin legend this Necro!!
U need 2 stop (3 years ago)
SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: Post this to every feminist you know. The reactions will be priceless. Reply with their reactions, im curious lol
crof7 1997 (5 years ago)
crof7 1997 (5 years ago)
nakedboobsfight (5 years ago)
the empire state yes.
preparefordie (5 years ago)
tastycakey (6 years ago)
tastycakey (6 years ago)
Necro makes me hooorrrrnnnnyyyy!
TheLochy1234 (11 days ago)
Thots BTFO
Jose Linares (1 month ago)
Shut up thot
Bradius Maximus (1 year ago)
philip szwarcberg (6 years ago)
*cough*attentionwhore....for real, if u dig, come hop on my dickk
4pplincognito (6 years ago)
-.- okay ill let you think you won, its done.
Bo Jack (6 years ago)
I'm not even replying, though. Also, it's only "trolling" if you let it troll you. Want to be friends? P.S. - I always stick my thumb in my friends' asses.
4pplincognito (6 years ago)
you stupid troll stop replying to me
Bo Jack (6 years ago)
Sounds like you DO "care", bro. You sound mad. Why so mad?
4pplincognito (6 years ago)
i dont even fucking care, go fuck yourself "bo"
4pplincognito (6 years ago)
no you diddnt, you're just a fucking idiot. it sucks fags like you are stumbling across necro now :(
Abronymous (6 years ago)
Hahaha, what are the odds huh? ;)
kevin shapiro (6 years ago)
necro is my hero. in the sense that hed take a bullet for the president TO THE PRESIDENT
Chris (6 years ago)
I'm laughing so fucking hard, because this song is so damn true.
Guye Swanson (6 years ago)
Gene Simmons, class in the form of misogyny. Fuck that bitch.. Actually he probably did.
moona178 (7 years ago)
gene simmons interview
hamdan aziz (7 years ago)
wheres the intro from....?
Kaila L (7 years ago)
For real ima chick but I still think the songs fucking awesome
Jazz Warrior (7 years ago)
Show this your girlfriend.
ftnsbcsk8t (1 year ago)
We bump this all the time smoking bowls and talking about how true this is. Step your game up.
Mudafka (7 years ago)
Fuck bitches are stupid!
Mudafka (7 years ago)
Sick shit love ettttt :D
sakaklovas (7 years ago)
Dope. Just dope.
wa6515 (7 years ago)
Biggup necro, old skl shit, any of you insulting necro make me crease cus you know you aint gone say it to his face, this shit is dope.
NamajnaG AKA Filou13 (7 years ago)
@doobbbb Sick in that context means "Awesome".
JimmySmithWesson (7 years ago)
So, bitches are stupid.
ROCKPILE666 (7 years ago)
murderous flow keep up the deathrap!
MadWorldOrder (7 years ago)
Necro your beats are litterly the inspiration for why I got into music. Keep that grimey shit cant wait for the Godfathers!!!
Jason (7 years ago)
Hey what's up bro ?
Invisible-Society (7 years ago)
Necro you a damn fuckin monster.. thats good
Marko Popović (7 years ago)
tell em Necro!
Drew Waine (7 years ago)
good tips in this track
Deins Zukovskis (7 years ago)
Sick....Dope....AWESOME.... Love from Latvia!
ANDRE LUIS (7 years ago)

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