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DIY IDEAS FOR ROOM 2019 I Ideas tumblr

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Text Comments (625)
אביה חמו (3 hours ago)
So many products that you have to buy to create. Just pay up and that's it🤔
sugar honey (20 hours ago)
5:04 Ok but how you can get the keys with you without these pieces of wood👏🤔😂
Karenxx lovexx (22 hours ago)
First video ever :-) is so horrible horrible horrible :-)
Neta Raz (1 day ago)
7:05 this is a little reminder for me,, keep scrolling :))
Vadim Yurchenko (1 day ago)
Angelea Vella (1 day ago)
Troom Troom is shook.
Denell hana (1 day ago)
who else heard that sound from adobt me at roblox? only roblox player know this...
Bé Bông Art (3 days ago)
đẹp quá
Mia H (3 days ago)
who's about to buy all this mess for the end table when i can go and buy one?
Miriam Diaz (3 days ago)
Oh I totally have Fuad fur wood and random table things in my house 2:05
Alexis Quintana (4 days ago)
Diganlas medidas
DIY manía (4 days ago)
furry trash (4 days ago)
2:05 we making a fursuit LMAO JK
_ iiishxlbyxo _ (4 days ago)
guys the clock is for decoration . it’s not meant to look like an actual clock . jeez
Miriam Diaz (3 days ago)
But it was a perfectly good clock
Layla Taczanowsky (4 days ago)
How are you supposed to make the mold if you don't have a crystal
Ari Awesome (5 days ago)
AmelieSnape * (6 days ago)
Poor clock...
Gacha Queen (6 days ago)
*comes for room ideas for Roblox welcome to bloxburg*
Kate Crowe (6 days ago)
Take a pice of wood you have lying around Then your random chunk of foam. Use these tools no one has And relies you could have bought the same bench on line but you wanted bragging rights
Reese Jeez. (7 days ago)
:o like the rooms.
Tracy Johnson (7 days ago)
Who came right to the comments?
ксюша izi (7 days ago)
Sheila Marie B. (7 days ago)
https://youtu.be/m6gxGNSyp2M Please visit on my channel.. thank you
dasboot27 (7 days ago)
The clock one is a bunch of bullshit. Firstly, you measured nthr paper from outside the bevel, which means it's too big to fit inside the clock. Secondly, that paper was soo wrinkly the hands would never function again.
Hernestina Garcia (8 days ago)
La verdad es que el reloj lo arruinaron
Djolien NL (8 days ago)
2:49 where can you buy these samples or what are the names of these samples?
jade (8 days ago)
most of these are too complicated or require products that no one would ever just have .. I'd rather buy a finished product than have to buy all the things to make these. (& I agree the clock is dumb)
netta suomi (9 days ago)
Am i only who thinks that the clock was SO ugly
Srta. Style (9 days ago)
Like si eres español 🇪🇸🇪🇸❤️
Lilian Apaza (9 days ago)
One =😒😒🤨😑
Thank you for sharing. Wish you health. Forever you good.
Crystela 101 (10 days ago)
I always watch these videos but never actually do them 😂😭
yeet scadeet (10 days ago)
Forget the clock. How the fuck do u get them keys with a whole wooden block in the way???
Michelle Baudach (10 days ago)
*МAKЕ $300 РER NIGНT WITHОUT INVЕSTМЕNT **vesensys.ru/profit?v=LKHcR7pPqSQ*
Emily Cortese (10 days ago)
I can safely say that I will never in a million years use a single one of these hacks
•Dino Cat• (11 days ago)
Does anyone else like the clock just me ok ;-;
kuki _ (12 days ago)
El comentario español q estabas esperando
irene ofelia castro (13 days ago)
Que pérdida R.I.P por el reloj
Midnight x Tears (13 days ago)
I feel like getting a smaller bed...my bed takes like 30 percent of my room....I wannna sell it
•Edits Kayra• (13 days ago)
Al fin algo sin clickbait ( o como se escriba)
Anyone else here for Bloxburg ideas? :>
Sienna Lol (16 days ago)
Oh it can’t be....the next troom troom
Hi person (16 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are purple I’m bored And I like turtles
Terence Michael Walsh (16 days ago)
you are so cool with diy rooms
Vincent1324. (16 days ago)
Honestly I don’t like black and white decor style cause it’s so bland and there is like no color, it’s very basic. I like to add wood and add plants so my room can have a bohemian summer vibe
Messan Azigodoe (16 days ago)
Plutôt bien
Maddy Whitecar (17 days ago)
I luv ur tattoo!! and these ideas
G_aXcHa g*U_rL (17 days ago)
Isn't it bad to have plants in a room?
Koalamator (18 days ago)
Other people: Getting mad about the clock Me: Getting mad about how these aren’t even her video clips
hlkort (18 days ago)
The clock is a bit uuha, but the other diy’s are cool!
Buzzy bee (18 days ago)
Wow the perfect song to play.....
HANA WARDAH (18 days ago)
Bagus n kreativ banget
Maddog Playz (18 days ago)
Umm... sure let’s make a clock more shiny but u can’t see the numbers
Eve Masaki (19 days ago)
reena madaan (19 days ago)
Arzum Alsatia Ahi (19 days ago)
Hi ✨ I From Turkey 🌸 I Love You Who Reading This 💖💫🥺
Gaming Sisters (19 days ago)
Finally something thats better than troom troom
Doctor House (20 days ago)
This clock ;-:
ೃ༄ Ariana Support (20 days ago)
minchia per fare una cosa bisogna spendere mille euro, ce fai te.
Zeeshan Bashir (21 days ago)
Ic ki glue k name bata dy
Salome Amaya (21 days ago)
Ok every body is talking about the clock but THEY CALLED THAT IRIDESCENT IT WAS CLEARLY HOLO gshsghshsgh
sarah Osmani (23 days ago)
the music is horrible. just as bad as the damn clock
Savera Faza (24 days ago)
peanut_life (24 days ago)
*Normal paper has left the chat*
Moon Studios (25 days ago)
Well.... if I had the time, money, energy, help and so on, I would do this. 🤣🤣💞
Provalone (25 days ago)
Whats the point of the clock😐
Ciamciaramcia (26 days ago)
Before watching: Wow maybe there exist good diy channel During watching: Nevermind Seriously, why did you destroy this clock? You can't even see what time is it... And didn't you think that you can wait until play doh become dry? And why in the world did u make this K thing? It's totally useless... After watching: Prostracja, please appear
Ciamciaramcia (26 days ago)
Prostracja! Cho no tu na chwilę
Astoria KoOkIEs (26 days ago)
I don't have a damn staple gun
riley young (26 days ago)
when she touched that hot glue right away oh no sis
wagner fernandes (26 days ago)
They’r worst DIY of the world
KaldeaSan (26 days ago)
there are nothing special in this video... other videos got really great life hacks but this? i mean... after ur "change" it does not looks like a clock anymore?! ... or adhesive film and a golden marker as special?! really?!
hi time (29 days ago)
I'm sooo going to do this In roblox blox burg 😎😎😎
Milly Guest (29 days ago)
if you want the paper to be flat in the clock you could put a piece of cardboard on it first
That's Holo!!!!!!
Jungkook Oppa (1 month ago)
jokes on them I can’t even read clocks😎
Залайкайте,чтоб англичани поразмыслили, что я что-то умное написала)
June D (1 month ago)
omg the first one sucked!!! it was so bad, why would anybody wanna do that!!!!
JUNE LAYTON-RAYNER (1 month ago)
the clock looks good... its just not useful
sᴡᴇᴇᴛɪᴇ (1 month ago)
not going to lie but the second one is pretty cool
Согласна со всеми- часы осадок вышли. Только попортили
Very cool 😎
Ida Tanoesemito (1 month ago)
Are you always worried about being late? Well say no More we have THE solution for YOU.. just cover the numbers with a beautiful peace of paper and TADAAH problem solved😉
itzMehAlyssa (1 month ago)
80% of comments about how bad clock is 5% about thumbnail 15% other
Marry Me Jisoo (1 month ago)
Leave the clock alone, it’s most likely for decor, we have technology for a reason, use that to tell the time.🙄
ayoolamide pearl (1 month ago)
I want to try some of this but where are the equipment 😕
The Matic Adventure (1 month ago)
Why is everyone so mad about the clock like we all dont use our phones for it anyway
Addison Wendt (1 month ago)
Oh my God do you know like that hack that they break the paper and she put the ring on the paper that I actually my ring
Lilajane Sampson (1 month ago)
the diy projects are terrible but at least the editing is DEDICATED
Maddison Risdon (1 month ago)
The second ones probably the only one thats actually good
SunStarr (1 month ago)
While everyone is triggered by da clock, I’m triggered about the FING SONG REPLAYING 😤😤😤😡
Millie Godwin (3 days ago)
SunStarr me to
sarah mckinney (1 month ago)
Why do people comment such dumb stuff if yo just came to be rude then don’t watch the video... I have a lot more to say but I am being nice
Gacha Fish (1 month ago)
Yo i bet they took like 2 Hours to remove the playdoh😂
Sofij a (1 month ago)
Umm...Am i the only one person who saw there arent numbers on clock?
Larissa Bräutigam (1 month ago)
ist hier noch jemand aus Deutschland?
Mel van der Klugt (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who thinks the clock was bad? Oh wait.. Clearly not the only one.
Niceee (1 month ago)
You work so slow
Golli DIY (1 month ago)
Bad clock 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
breanna Douglas (1 month ago)
Who's watching this in 2020 😆😆

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