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We Rented A Girlfriend In China | ASIAN BOSS

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Text Comments (15872)
Black Minoan (12 minutes ago)
Why rent a Chinese girlfriend when buying the sex with a beautiful Chinese lady for a night is much cheaper? You can go to many Asian countries and pay less than $50 dollars for a long time ALL NIGHT stay with a Gorgeous and intelligent woman....PLEASE learn how to shop for your ladies....lol
Kitty (22 minutes ago)
So shes like a sugar baby... but no sugar
Longshah wangnao (57 minutes ago)
No value in them.
megan white (2 hours ago)
men have been "renting" women for centuries
Nur a Shams (3 hours ago)
Heartless business women....I pity on her...so cruel...
JAMES BOND (3 hours ago)
Not worth it !
Diab Beydoun (4 hours ago)
For $75 + expenses , I know i can invite 5 strangers off the street to dinner and have a more genuine experience and a much better time , renting a girlfriend is pathetic in the first place .
Fly High (6 hours ago)
Is there an app where I can rent a dog...?
: ] (5 hours ago)
Fly High Yes....the app is called Rover and there’s another one called Wag
pervert kun (8 hours ago)
Wait you can rent a girlfriend?? Like a real girl?! Wow China is in 2050 while we all in 2018.
Naomi Nelson (8 hours ago)
She looked rather terrified the entire time. Perhaps she needs therapy. I'm serious.
anaknipara (10 hours ago)
It's hard for me to believe that there is no sexual favors being exchange with the amount of money mentioned. Girlfriend for hire is just a cuter phrase for Escort Service and same with the latter, women working as an escort would usually say that companionship is what they only offer but of course... And I applaud her for being honest despite sounding harsh, "A job is a job"
Practicerecordings (12 hours ago)
I wish they had something like this in Korea, but more to learn English...and just hang out, I would love to meet people, and exchange cultures, etc.
: ] (6 hours ago)
Practicerecordings This would be amazing and I would like to learn Korean too 😭😭😭
sungyeol yeol (16 hours ago)
Bold attitude I like this girl 😍😛󾓥
Vanessa Lin (18 hours ago)
What's her IG
Jackson james (19 hours ago)
I feel sad for the girl because by this time her mom's would've kicked her Outta the house
Sone Selenator (19 hours ago)
She is cute i think and i admire her for being real
Sone Selenator (19 hours ago)
What's the problem?, she is making her money by herself so
Sone Selenator (19 hours ago)
You get money just for playing with people and eat with THEM ? SIGN ME IN
sungyeol yeol (20 hours ago)
Wow I like his style this men spent 70$ for a Chinese girl For 3hours And without any hug,kiss wow look like 77$are nothing for that men And this girl is amazing because she charging only for some question , feeding food wow 77$ for this😂😂😂😂 give a like for this girl
Sirmi98 (20 hours ago)
Spoon me
tgd norman (20 hours ago)
ur hair is killin me
박나나 (22 hours ago)
Please fix ur hairstyle~~ It was a fun content though
ili n (22 hours ago)
“why should i care “ its sad but honest
MO5E5 T.YILMAZ (23 hours ago)
Wow Chinese girl drinking coffee,,,
lank pank (23 hours ago)
This girl loves her money
Kelsey Luo (23 hours ago)
these mainland asian girls make stuck-up american girls look like angels :/
better than being homeless in china
Ricky Jhutty (1 day ago)
She needs to pay off the plastic surgeries
James Marvel (1 day ago)
Stone Cold (1 day ago)
i wanna lip lock with her in the shower
Jhony D vlogs (1 day ago)
Damm girl is too cute
Jack loner (1 day ago)
Jack loner (1 day ago)
Jack loner (1 day ago)
陈英鹏 (1 day ago)
How can do it
TK Kim (1 day ago)
it was not a date, it seems like just interview. But it was quite interesting) I think it came from Japan originally.
Ester Tan (1 day ago)
Alex (1 day ago)
China focused so much on having male children it now making them pay to just go on dates.
AmyTaabh (1 day ago)
Simply wasted ur money. You could hv gone for shopping!
Long Ma (1 day ago)
So stupid, this video is fake, do you really things that you can spend just less than $100 to rent a girl in China? This is impossible for you poor people. If you really think you can rent a girl in China , u gotta prepare like $500. Don’t fool people using this fake video.
Seb Huang (1 day ago)
5:13 this is what you're here for.
Heaven許慧茵 (1 day ago)
The old people also have to rob.😂😂🤣🤣
Jinyi Li (1 day ago)
It is not true that in China man need to use money to show affection to a woman he likes. A same place can be shown in different ways in different people's eyes I guess
Danny Duong (1 day ago)
That’s one ugly dude
DC Brandon (1 day ago)
I really thought this was going to be a different kind of video than it turned out to be.
LAN EVO (1 day ago)
Can u f**k ur fake gf???😊
SosukeAizenTaisho (1 day ago)
how to waste money.... men are only interest in sex, and she wont do it.
Jess Vizo (1 day ago)
Such cute girl whose intention is only money
I love this girl
sweetcattv (1 day ago)
She is so lame this is more like paying for a dating experience.
jbroge (1 day ago)
So this is what happened to the "I am looking for a girlfriend" guy...
Miracle Beats (1 day ago)
He looks like and Emo Elon Musk
John Constantine (1 day ago)
John Constantine (1 day ago)
꾸룽푸르니마 (1 day ago)
This blog is really wow it’s so inspirational
If you rented him. Is it OK to have one night stand with him??
GAME PLAYER (1 day ago)
No need to watch video women is not item buy in shop ...stop promoting these kind of videos
Lyza Conz (1 day ago)
"can you spoon me" Lmao I died XD
Namie DiLa (1 day ago)
I see Kei ahaahahaa_ Awkward
movableimages (1 day ago)
she spoke like a true capitalist.
Srashti Ahuja (1 day ago)
I honestly don't know what to make out of this! I'm not judging her...she's just doing her job. That's all...be professional!
jhen FranzVLOGz (2 days ago)
Hehehe... she’s strict.
eazon (2 days ago)
failed on that focus.
alya june (2 days ago)
Aku stressed tengok rambut dia
sungyeol yeol (2 days ago)
Japanese girls are cute and China sucks󾓥󾓥😂😂
: ] (6 hours ago)
sungyeol yeol Why are you watching videos about China if you’re easily disgusted??? Doesn’t really make sense tbh
Jet Zee (2 days ago)
no offense but out of my curiusity can you slept with her?... because she's your girlfriend..
Sam Sam (2 days ago)
so its more like paying to get social experience of talking to a girl if you feel intimidated otherwise. Abit like getting driving lesson before going solo...
Summa Summarum (2 days ago)
The fall out from the one child policy is that there are way more men than women.
Yoon_Izzy (2 days ago)
damn where do I sign up i need the money for college 😂😂 im already broke and i be eating ramen for days lmao 🤣
Cindy (1 day ago)
get a sugar daddy lmao almost the same thing
Lotzz (2 days ago)
I respect her hustle
Johnson Zaoz (2 days ago)
Thatz bulshit.. she is not even very pretty.. even after double eyelid surgery
Jancen (2 days ago)
Does she speak Cantonese or Mandarin?
: ] (6 hours ago)
Jancen Mandarin
regie b (2 days ago)
Everything in china in business.haha
lily yang (2 days ago)
I love the communication and cultural gap between them 😭😭 she was super cute too . Good on her , doing what she wants to do for herself and not what others expect her to . Should’ve asked if they do lgbtq requests ?
Edward Wild (2 days ago)
What a waste of money !! She doesn’t even hug or kiss, better going out by yourself!!
Kamarul Bahrien (2 days ago)
09:41 haha
Yvan Cadieux (2 days ago)
what an horrible vampire ,this girl
loco loca (2 days ago)
no touch? i am out of it!!
Kim Bong Un (2 days ago)
In china even your girlfriend is fake
Polly Huang (2 days ago)
5:36 there are many good looking people, not many people I liked
NATHAN M. (2 days ago)
Aren't we all renting our girlfriend?
Manup73 (2 days ago)
I love her, she seems very serious about her job and smart
some girl (2 days ago)
She's really pretty
Jammy M (2 days ago)
Pay money for these zombies... what’s wrong with Chinese men ...
Ariston Hrangkhawl (2 days ago)
Most of the pornstar begin their career, such as part time like this and Their family members are not aware of her un professional activities.
Chinese are clever people. A lot of times I did like this in china but they don’t want to go for sex it’s just normal job in china not bad.
dizzyrizzyy (2 days ago)
i want to b her
zittythekitty (2 days ago)
can you spoon me?
Roger K (2 days ago)
What guy in his right mind would pay for a service as this!
Nito John (2 days ago)
Go bang her what r u waiting for .....time is money
Mee Young (2 days ago)
"Can you spoon me?" LMAO its funny because I went on a date 3 days ago with a girl and asked her the same thing because of this video 😹😹
Umer Bava (2 days ago)
If her husband find this like a girl will she sacrifice and believe him?
Swapnil Choudhury (2 days ago)
I'm coming China😂
Guys paying her 30 grands without any physical contact? How can that be a girlfriend? Totally a scam. 21st century “Noli me tangere,” new religion for Jobs generation. Working class hero is something to be...
barcasoccer1 (2 days ago)
The post behind her was super clear, good job with the focus
Glenn Young (2 days ago)
I’d hire one to clean my house for an hour or two
Jason Bouphasavanh (2 days ago)
Umm this is escorting, it's legal form of prostitution, of course they found a loop hole and work around the law so yeah. If the girl wants to have sex with you (only if you're not super ugly and disgusting) she can and that is sometimes the point
Chicagoguy84 (2 days ago)
Man it's like "Me love you long time", but no happy ending ??
Tang Ke (2 days ago)
Lenard Torres (3 days ago)
That dudes hair is repelling, like a guy who escaped a mental hospital and tryna fit in

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