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Body Painting. Painted bikini. clip60. part1 (1of3)

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Body Painting Watch as sexy model gets her body painted so she can hit the streets of Budapest! Watch as expert artist applies a white outfit with orange and green flowers on it. Once the application is done, you won't be able to tell if she has clothes on or not!!!
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Text Comments (1766)
Rick Picone (4 hours ago)
That's beautiful.
Moto Moto (5 hours ago)
I like um big I like them chunky
Ubirajara Campos silva (16 hours ago)
Ficou linda gostei amiga
Brett Koeshall (17 hours ago)
I really like your painted on bikini project, and you really need to upload parts 2 and 3.
Lauro Neto (18 hours ago)
Really nice job. Imagine how hard is to airbrush the skin of a human body! I would give 10 likes if I could.
jorge borges (20 hours ago)
I loved that art as a model excellent girl very well and the person who is doing You are also an expert I stay with what in fact looks very good the girl too very beautiful greetings.
se la tirò al final?
Лёва (1 day ago)
адресок этой бляди, безотлагательно!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Лёва (1 day ago)
ёбаные дибилоиды хуйнёй занимаются!!! нужно эту блядину во все дырки ебать, а не разрисовывать!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Лёва (1 day ago)
желаю трахать шкуру в попу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Лёва (1 day ago)
пидарас отрисовывают,точно!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! я меня стояк был бы мгновенно и я бы выебал её сходу!!!!
Лёва (1 day ago)
Alice Smith (1 day ago)
Wow looks amazing I would love to try this x
Alp K (1 day ago)
who is sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????????
Recep Ivedic (1 day ago)
у мужчины железные нервишки...вредная специальность)
Skyfall (1 day ago)
She has a great figure👍🏻 We have a great future 😜🤓
Annie Hernandez (2 days ago)
tinyurl.com/EroSexGirlDating25nu සිද්ධිය සමඟ වැටී කලිසම් සහ එය විය එනවා හෙට රැස්වීමක දී
CRAIG WETMORE (2 days ago)
Sweetheart you are absolutely gorgeous I love you Babe you rock
oof oof (2 days ago)
There us a lot of perverts out here lol
Taliyah Smith (2 days ago)
Eeewww it show eeewww
Flash Gordon (2 days ago)
So perfect so sexy and so tempting
Manuel Abreu (2 days ago)
Best job on earth.
GeekPR-1977 (2 days ago)
I couldn’t do that job! Would have a hell of a boner all day!! ;-)
Mark Ferrari (2 days ago)
I want a job like this
Rich Allen (3 days ago)
I'm sorry to see that so many here make comments on the "vulgar side" of this form of art. While it may be "very sexual" in nature, it is a form of ART and men should look at it that way. If you look at Brazil and Carnival it's an "art form" that the whole country shows each year, while here in the US it's not allowed in so many places that we are truly a "repressed society" when it comes to our own sexuality. BUT I hope that YouTube continues to show it because it is ART, not the connotations that show it to be something much worse. I wish there was a way to "block those who speak so" as they don't deserve to continue to post their comments on YouTube. Culture is what it's all about!
karly fornos fans (3 days ago)
mi actriz porno favorita
Skylander (3 days ago)
This guy is a amazing painter
Leonardo Barbosa (3 days ago)
O melhor canal do YouTube.ainda mostrou essa vagina linda.
Jesus Torres (3 days ago)
Must be for sure
Jean-cul Asseik (3 days ago)
Wow sexy
ADAM AYAD (3 days ago)
very slut, street slut
Carlos Sousa Kscapas (4 days ago)
Que bucetinha linda gostosa
Bob Sweetland (4 days ago)
Perfect ass....noice
Bob Sweetland (4 days ago)
She looks amazing..whew
Bob Sweetland (4 days ago)
I wonder how hard it is to paint with a Raging HARD ON pulsing in my jeans
Box logo Boy (4 days ago)
How is there literally pussy on YouTube. And channels that’s smoke weed get terminated smh
LR Lapua (4 days ago)
that is one nice eatin' pussy right there.....
سمير الجيش (4 days ago)
Roberto Fuentes Jr (4 days ago)
Wowww so beautiful bikini 👙 pretty body paint good artist too I love that like the beautiful model too😍👍👏👏👏👆😍💘😘😘🌟🌟✨💫😘
Sweet Sweet (4 days ago)
И ей приятно , а мальчугану , тем более !!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SEAD Djerekarac (5 days ago)
gacha kid ! (5 days ago)
*GUY*ok ready for your bikini bottom *WOMEN* ok *GUY* WHAT THE F GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF MY FACE
Len Kleinschmidt (5 days ago)
He HAS to be gay that much time with my face that close to her delicious looking as S and puss Y and I would have had my tongue out by now.
Len Kleinschmidt (5 days ago)
Wow that bikini ended up with a camel toe in it!
Len Kleinschmidt (5 days ago)
You are a lucky man she is sO sexy you get to be in the same room as her and then you get to paint her sexy body you dog you I hate you but am so jealous man
superhiker cy (5 days ago)
i will make hard love fast then if i can make paint may be or i cant do that even i am artist but i cant left that yummy pussy
Keith Sage (5 days ago)
Poor guy
Bryton Burns (5 days ago)
Best job ever that chick is perfect 👌
Qays Ali (5 days ago)
Qays Ali (5 days ago)
I really really wish I could paint 😘
Qays Ali (6 days ago)
Qays Ali (6 days ago)
Antonio Gomez (6 days ago)
I love you
5:42 nice lips!
Mitchell Clare (6 days ago)
Looks like it tickles
Antônio Leal (6 days ago)
Muito gostosa
Wilfredo Bugueño (6 days ago)
Muy hermoso
Frank Kolton (6 days ago)
I'm not that good with a brush, but I really good at finger painting.
Lotta Gravy (6 days ago)
Brother and sister
G Wizz (6 days ago)
Best 15.36 of my life ...She’s beautiful and with a great figure too. I would have give anything to have been the guy painting her
Foolish Bard (10 hours ago)
Yeah... painting her ;;)
Manny Konstadopoulos (6 days ago)
GROSDOUDOU 37000 (6 days ago)
What's the girl name?
Aly Ahmed (6 days ago)
Aly Ahmed (6 days ago)
I want to eat it
Utamu TV (7 days ago)
Naked pussy?
Afidatul Athirah (7 days ago)
Oh mah god...did she just take off all of her bikini and stay like this?!oh mah god....this is too sexy for guy to see.....
Jose ANTONIO Barreto (7 days ago)
tiger Pubg gameing (7 days ago)
Hard work
CARLOS SERRANO (7 days ago)
And my work is painting houses and builds .....not is just for me!!😩😡🥵
Kiran Patel (3 days ago)
Janet L. Groover (7 days ago)
Something wrong with wearing a real one?
Grey Soul (5 days ago)
Don't be jealous
TheColinChapman (8 days ago)
what does the young lady do when she needs to urinate? or even worse, when she needs to......? :)
Shaobo Ye (8 days ago)
Benjavel Velásquez (8 days ago)
How wonderful, you can go to the beach; without worry that the bikini will fall off; excellent work of the boy, very professional; The girl was very sure of what she was going to pose later. They must have been excellent photos. Thanks for sharing.
XxTediixX MSP (8 days ago)
Unlike most of you pervs I came here to actually see the result, and I can’t believe y’all only care about the boobs and private parts..grow up. 🙄
Raffa AthayaRoblox (8 days ago)
Itsyeboicoop (8 days ago)
Ayang Abyah (8 days ago)
Hot cameltoe
Д К (8 days ago)
Peaches Johnson (Hungarian porn actress). https://m.imdb.com/name/nm0668743/
Cindy Busch (9 days ago)
Beatriz Luz de Luna (9 days ago)
Yo quiero un trabajo así.
Jerome Fink (9 days ago)
That girl is extra smooth
Sodiq Olaoluwa (9 days ago)
Lovely pubic hair is the only thing missing to her perfection !! Like Kyla Cole !!!
FalconBoxe (9 days ago)
Whats her name?
nastygreyfurt (9 days ago)
At first, I thought it was a porn video seeing the thumbnail. But hey, of course I kept watching the whole video because I appreciate this art of high quality!
Cindy Busch (9 days ago)
Raquel Sem noção (9 days ago)
MY BODY PAINT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQrfCFWvX98
JELLY _GAMING (10 days ago)
U look sexy wkaoakwoaka
John Smith (10 days ago)
BRB just gonna change my career.
clark748 (10 days ago)
She has NO inhibitions.
clark748 (10 days ago)
Perfect in every way. Dude must be stone cold gay.
Foolish Bard (10 hours ago)
Or more self control than you
CRAIG WETMORE (2 days ago)
LOL yeah u got that right
Walter Melon (3 days ago)
No, he banged her brains out that night. Fuckin layer!
Russ Post (3 days ago)
Teach me how to body paint ... .only hot models allowed
Shaobo Ye (8 days ago)
ᆞ뿌웱 (10 days ago)
이이이이잉~~~ 앗살라말라이쿰
Emilio Braconi (11 days ago)
Must not fap!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Sanders (11 days ago)
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gaurav shukla (10 days ago)
Hye dear
97warlock ismyname (11 days ago)
this guy has the best job on earth!!
JACK 123 (11 days ago)
She looks like Lil’ Kim
陳NÖÖBỴ》 (11 days ago)
You can paint everything on pussy or even a turned on hardened nipple..but can u paint anything on a erected dick??bet u can't 😆
Godwin Iyamu (11 days ago)
I saw her peneas and her butt

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