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Vigilance Elite - What do Spec Ops dudes carry every day? Every Day Carry (EDC) Pocket Dump

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Some of Vigilance Elite's Special Operations crew do an Every Day Carry (EDC) Pocket Dump. I'm a big fan of running slick. Website: https://vigilanceelite.com/ Follow us @vigilanceelite Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vigilanceelite Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VigilanceElite Twitter: https://twitter.com/VigilanceElite
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Not That Kind Of Vegan (6 months ago)
Its amazing how in every profession, a group of men or women with a certain level of experience will tend to look and act in very similar, tribal ways. In my industry, computer nerd stuff, it's usually anxious, awkward, stooped over with distracting talk about computer capabilities - usually all theoretical. But tribal all the same - including the same gut and pasty skin. It's interesting watching these guys, all confidant but humble, knowing exactly what they are talking about. I'd assume these guys could wordlessly depend on each other for their lives - while my nerd pals I can't trust to order lunch. I recently asked for advice about buying a computer and got a war or nonsense comparing capabilities. Ask these guys what they are carrying - almost all carry the same thing and you know they'd trust their lives with the advice. Mucho Respect.
Shitizens United (3 days ago)
Its call being an Alpha male.
KmanA ! (1 month ago)
Billy Prendergast who are they registered too? You’re mom. GTFO with that stupid response.
Phil Glass (1 month ago)
Billy Prendergast Little Billy, your mommy has a sticky pussy. Very nice place for SEALs to dive.
Billy Prendergast (1 month ago)
Noah Branch Swallow sperm like you and your Dad and your friends,no cum dodging allowed MERICAN psycho idiots.
stephen glazer (19 hours ago)
I live in Canada so unfortunately I can't carry. But I have a .45 Sig Sauer (legally) at home it's an awesome fucking pistol.
John Smith (21 hours ago)
MrJihadkoplo (1 day ago)
lolololololol...u guys sooo funny
War Monger 0311 (2 days ago)
3 out of 4 spec ops guys carry glock...the 4th is on his OFP! Lol
Transexual Dinosaur (3 days ago)
You could throw these guys EDC’s in a bucket and when they emptied it they wouldn’t know what belonged to who.
Bitcoin Beafy (3 days ago)
I’m just a regular marine, and I also carry the glock 43
83 Ricky Spanish (4 days ago)
I know this is going to sound silly but every video I see where someone is pulling their everyday carry tactical gear and showing it to the camera they're always throwing it so that it lands on the table as if they don't care about it .
cr4zyu (4 days ago)
WARNING: idiots did the sound editing. Painful loud volume at end, WARNING.
Pipe Thrive Survive (5 days ago)
you guys do know that the last guy pocket dumping was basically saying.. "im not fucken letting ya'll know what the fuck im carrying... hooya?"
adam ander (5 days ago)
are they carrying on a empty chamber? i hope not
Bert Hutchings (5 days ago)
Drunks and dick jokes for idiots elite...
DEFawareness (5 days ago)
My friend carries a glock 43 but I prefer my sig 365
Aaron Ark (6 days ago)
Lol not one of them has a flashlight ! What a shame
josh gallegos (6 days ago)
Are they sponsored by Glock???
adaboy4z (6 days ago)
I now carry a Glock 43 my little SW 380 bodyguard wasnt manly enough. Now I have to wear Jean's every day. 😆
Jay Weezy (8 days ago)
can you guys do more of the "what spec ops dudes..." series please!!
adammatrat (8 days ago)
It would be a little safer to draw, unload and clear the gun while standing and facing a clearing barrel . You should avoid sweeping the muzzle over part of your own body as much as possible . Even an unloaded and broken open gun should be pointed in a safe direction when benched on the table . At about 5:29, the shotgun is pointed unsafely . The implication that a guy consumes alcohol while armed is bad . If you are going about armed, it is best to give up drinking for safety and legal reasons . Reference is made to the standard safety test procedure used by FPS and ICE .   These guys failed to emphasize the need for a safe holster and the good habit of leaving the gun holstered except to remove it at home, alone, for maintenance and function checks .   If you really want to be prepared , consider a 5:11 tactical vest or equivalent , fixed blade defense knife (in Kydex grab-and - pull sheath arrangement if available ) , Photon Micro-Lite on key ring , tiny Victorinox Classic Swiss army knife on key ring , full-size Victorinox Swiss Army Knife ( Explorer model maybe ), rescue knife by Victorinox or other, Surefire or other tactical flashlight, pepper spray ( MKIII or MKiV canister with cone or fog pattern ) to provide non-lethal alternative to your gun , Remington personal alarm ( if still sold ) , Emergency pocket rain poncho to protect gear if it rains and for multiple other uses / Paracord bracelet / whistle / spare magazine / mini-revolver as last ditch weapon might be good .... I have yet to test the Col. Blades knife but it looks interesting . The jury is out on tactical pens, expandable batons, Kubotans and keys clenched between fingers .
L5man (9 days ago)
Hey look everyone, it's the Spec Ops kids!
firemedic947 (9 days ago)
I just bought a 2-pack of the ResQMe tools - <$13 on Amazon. Thanks, Brandon!! Thank you for your service, gentlemen!! ("head eraser"!! That's hilarious!)
Eduardo Quiroga (9 days ago)
who are these dickheads
savageboy14 (9 days ago)
I find it funny that out of all the guys edc carries, the one guy that isn’t spec ops has the best edc
Robert Kunferman (9 days ago)
Spec Ops?? Makes a person wonder what that includes other than staging propaganda and scaring people with toys and guns. I thought Navy seals had to be in the military for 6 years before they left the base to face real threats. U.S. Special forces get called up much sooner and faster and do not lie as much as Seals do. Just Sayin'. And, no they did not kill Bin Laden 15-20 years after he was on kidney dialysis. Hostage rescue and snatch is not one of their missions. Likely, he died of natural causes and they did get his body for identification. Probably shot some women and children in the process, but not much needed.
Daniel Lutsky (10 days ago)
Second guy is douchey. The rest are cool.
Justo Mantas (11 days ago)
Nominated for americanest table of the year.
TS (11 days ago)
It's too bad Sig screwed the pooch with the P365. It was so damn promising that, had they done more testing and corrected the striker problem, slide problems, and trigger problems before releasing it, I would expect it to be very attractive to special ops guys, many of whom trained with and carried the P226. The P365 threatened to sink the Glock 43, but it appears that the Glock 43 is quite safe for a long time because it will take a long time for Sig to regain its reputation for reliability, at least regarding the P365. Did Sig get sold out? Usually when a venerable company starts selling crap, it means that the brand was sold and the vultures are trying to make a quick buck off the name by selling cheap stuff at high prices because the consumer expects excellence. For example, see every tool brand that your father relied on when you were a kid.
David Flores (12 days ago)
Sig p220 C all day.
Isaac Low (13 days ago)
guy on the right looks like Chris Pratt
myles myrol (13 days ago)
Great reminder not to travel to the USA . Not a peaceful safe place to spend your tourist dollars.
The Awakening Mind (4 days ago)
Not because of criminals but because of these type of barbaric douchebags. Apparently, the USA is crawling with these type of paranoid people who think that they are the good guys.
jim morgan (14 days ago)
I carry around every day as my concealed carry a "Minuteman lll intercontinental ballistic missile plus launch station. Its light, easy to carry and has enough stopping power to take down any would be attacker... or several million.
Ski daddler (14 days ago)
I was kind of surprised none of you guys carry a flashlight.
I'm 12 so I cant carry but I would if I could
Fortnite Colonge (16 days ago)
What is this yellow rescue tool?
FreedomSlaves (16 days ago)
What is this an ad......
flightparamedic505 (17 days ago)
I think the first gentleman meant to say glock 19 instead of glock 23 since he referenced 9mm. The glock 23 is a .40 caliber pistol
MOTORBREATTH m (10 days ago)
yeah..you can see how small it is...single stack....3 out of the 4 all have the 43. and ofc the one with the shotgun lol
flightparamedic505 (12 days ago)
Kevin Hill very well may be
MOTORBREATTH m (12 days ago)
Glock 43 in 9mm
Kevin Hill (16 days ago)
i think its a glock 43
Andrew Roseboro (17 days ago)
The Jack Daniels is ABSOLUTELY needed. 😊
Joe Bech (18 days ago)
How come nobody had a good flashlight? I keep my next to my benchmade
Harry miles (18 days ago)
I carry a plastic bag with my groceries
Wouter (18 days ago)
I life in the Netherlands, Carry nothing.
Zainjal26 (19 days ago)
I carry an eggplant in my pants,,,,, an actual eggplant
Tony O (19 days ago)
Bunch of dang retards... Love yall to death, but not a single one of you num nuts had a damn flashlight on you, not even a little one... WTF are you thinking ?
richard monroe (20 days ago)
Glock 43😑, I had to live in California. Off Roster handgun. I carry sw shield. XS Big Dots😀
Jack Smith (21 days ago)
Quality vid 🔫
Elijah O'Gwynn (23 days ago)
What do special ops do ? In my lifetime as Elijah's mama married to special ops Navy Seal Chiefs my husband's cut stupid mother fuckers up and went free. Y'all ya hoos make stupid videos and just sit on your asses while target practice caravan mother fuckers walk in ma dorothys Country huh piece of shit
joe matacavage (23 days ago)
No one had cash?
tr763 (24 days ago)
glock 23 doesnt hold enough rounds
green wood (24 days ago)
Glock = water gun
Mr&Mrs Morrice (24 days ago)
NO OFFENSE, but why does every spec ops video always seem to be a glock fest
Shane Boushie (24 days ago)
Seams to be that Federal Hydra Shok is the round of choice. I am curious as to why. I personally use Hornady Critical Duty. I have used Hydra Shok in the past though.
Daniel Gavrila (25 days ago)
George Dillon (25 days ago)
A bunch of gay
Andrew Champy (26 days ago)
Fucking lame. I’ll never get that 6 minutes back.
Oscar Lechuga (26 days ago)
iPac9mm (27 days ago)
these guys are bad asses and they all carry a g43. carried mine for 8 months and switched to a g19. do you carry g43 for more comfort?  thanks for the vid.
FREE KENDO (28 days ago)
The shotgun guy is fake imposible to carry that shit evry day
russell (1 month ago)
mega gay circle jerk
Dangerous Don (1 month ago)
empty chambers? really?
badcompanygg (1 month ago)
If you’re in a rush: they all Carry glock 43s
Remainder (1 month ago)
What holster do you recommend for the Jack Daniels?
83 Ricky Spanish (4 days ago)
Your liver , if i had to guess.
tubeslats (1 month ago)
It appeared that none of them was carrying with a round in the chamber.
Ben (1 month ago)
It's good to know that there are still some men in this country. Thank you gentlemen for your service.
L. Peyton Adams (1 month ago)
Good to see folks can have a sense of humor. Kind of like the folks selling Zombie bayonets for Glock 26's, sometimes you just have to laugh.
Ger O'Mahony (1 month ago)
Murica..you never cease to amaze me lol
Cole (1 month ago)
What if you don’t have your CIA contractor colleague/buddy there to look down your chamber and confirm that it’s clear while showing everyone that you carry a glock 43??? How in the world would they all know it’s REALLY clear?!! I’m sorry, but that’s just way too risky for me and I’m just not a gambling man.
Omar Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Glock, the best firearm of all time.
S O (1 month ago)
I got a phone. I call the police if their is trouble let them deal with it.
Michael Brian (1 month ago)
Shocked at the G43 carry. How come you chose that over a G19 or G26?
Franklin Gun Shop TN (1 month ago)
Yeah but where's the broadsword?
Minh Vu (1 month ago)
I used to carry Chuck Norris until they classified him as weapon on mass destruction...
weerobot (1 month ago)
My EDC....some vaseline and cotten balls....
GRANADE Crew (1 month ago)
Cool video! Here is my EDC https://youtu.be/0VmV5jMWxOs
Mr.Techaky (1 month ago)
Oof..... that fuckin' appendix carry.
sale 001 (1 month ago)
I live in Canada i don't have to carry anything
drewmorg (1 month ago)
Glock all day. Good enough for SEAL dudes. Good enough for me.
Ray Rascon (1 month ago)
Lol i could have bet money these dude are going to pull out a 9mm lol but honestly i thought they were glock 19 dudes for sure but i like the video my opioin is the guy with the shorty 590 shotgun has the best edc
I leave mean comments (1 month ago)
Why does this have so many dislikes?
Wayne (1 month ago)
3:01....safe? Yes. WRONG! *Blows kneecap off* ahhhh that brings me back. You ok buddy? Yep lets get a drink.
Conor Walsh (1 month ago)
I am no longer allowed to operate a vehicle or carry a firearm so I always try and carry any blade I can grip well and deploy quickly . I guess you have to be pretty high speed to carry a single stack in 9mm. I carried a Glock 19 with critical defender in FL. Very little imprint but still 15 rounds. Oh well. The other day I was close to breaking and swinging a wine bottle but the conflict never happened. You can always use your environment too.
This Guy (1 month ago)
Why not glock 26 or 27? I know they’re double stack but mag can hold more.
This Guy (1 month ago)
ELITE-DELTA -117 didn’t they say they use glock 43? Isn’t that the same caliber as the glock 27?
ELITE-DELTA -117 (1 month ago)
Nah, glock 40 shows you mean buisness.
Brian Lewis (1 month ago)
Head eraser! My nipples just got hard.
Ira Fowler Jr. (1 month ago)
good stuff.
Matthew Kuh (1 month ago)
these guys think theyre tuff lol. i could take them all down with my protech sprint
Jesse Wrangell (1 month ago)
I'm Australian, so I don't carry a gun, but I do carry a wallet, my phone, a small torch and a tactical boomerang, which is one sided to make it more compact, and gives it the ability to appear as an everyday common stick, so no one will know that I'm actually packing some serious throwing power.
AlpineMind (1 month ago)
Who the fuck can't make sure their own pistol is clear? A mossberg 500 is a POS and everybody has a cell phone you douchebags. I'm surprised no one mentioned what kind of jeans they're wearing.
James Allen (1 month ago)
+AlpineMind Do you have any idea what the fuck you are talking about? Seriously. It is a simple question. Do you have any idea what the fuck you are talking about? What is your background? If Mossbergs sucked as much as you claim, the company would be out of business. You are full of shit. Oh, and what the hell does 'gays reproducing' have to do with anything? Is this a fetish of yours?
AlpineMind (1 month ago)
Maybe it's normal for a bunch of cops on the yearly training day but for "spec ops" give me a break. You should know if your pistol is safe and your "spec ops" team should trust that. You must be the type of person that worries about gays reproducing if you think a 500's not a hunk of cheap plastic and tin metal. I'm not saying it won't shoot but the number i've had to send back for customers because of it shooting on/off safe has been ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that this is supposed to be a fucking "EDC" video. I believe these guys are real spec ops like i believe chuck e. cheese is a real rat.
James Allen (1 month ago)
Each was getting confirmation that his weapon was clear. This is normal when clearing a weapon in a group setting; people make mistakes so why not double check? The Mossberg 500 isn't a POS. Do you have any idea what the hell you are talking about?
R. A. (1 month ago)
Short answer- whatever they want
james William (1 month ago)
I’m an old SPS k-9 fuck I carry my balls in my left pocket and a Kane made from Kevlar . No carry Allowed NY
Ian Moon (1 month ago)
Nation (1 month ago)
Imagine a Spec Ops with a hidden psychopatic personality disorder and all these weapons
boomerhgt (1 month ago)
Yeah great a bottle of jack Daniels and a gun
Jesse James (1 month ago)
I guess that says alot about glock
ftzftz32 (1 month ago)
sonny_69 (1 month ago)
"got it from a guy down the street"
Zac Mcgrady (1 month ago)
You guys need a razor knife and a tape measure and a pencil
carlos cameron (1 month ago)
One side has a trillion rounds, the other doesn't know which bathroom to use....
Darius Lumpkin (1 month ago)
How come none of you ejected a live round out of the chamber? I figured that you all would carry with one in the chamber.
hampstershat123 (1 month ago)
They absolutely do; I'm it was just a prep for the video, for safety. edit: if you look close they eject the round into their hand, the guns were loaded.
Adam Zeller (1 month ago)
I love this channel man you cover everything. It really surprises me that you all carry Glocks though, so you all like the 9mm round I presume? Don’t care for more stopping power?
Muzafar Md Yusof (1 month ago)
Wow! Its amazing how ‘normal’ these spec ops guys are in day to day situations! Lol Do admire their gun safety protocols. These shows they are really no bullshit operators.
AI3xZJE41 YT (1 month ago)
So al Glocks and in 9.I would have yall would have something a little different may be a Glock 21 and maybe a biger cal like 45auto and different hand guns being that yal have military background
Daniel Cagle (1 month ago)
You guys failed to mention your huge titanium balls for doing the type of work you do/did. Well done fellas.
cali foolya (1 month ago)
Jack daniels is the bud light of liquor
cali foolya (1 month ago)
+Mick Funny bud light is the eqivelance of piss, change my mind.
Mick Funny (1 month ago)
cali foolya bud lite is the ...damn, I don’t have a clever analogy 🙄

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