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Vigilance Elite - What do Spec Ops dudes carry every day? Every Day Carry (EDC) Pocket Dump

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Some of Vigilance Elite's Special Operations crew do an Every Day Carry (EDC) Pocket Dump. I'm a big fan of running slick. Website: https://vigilanceelite.com/ Follow us @vigilanceelite Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vigilanceelite Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VigilanceElite Twitter: https://twitter.com/VigilanceElite
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Not That Kind Of Vegan (4 months ago)
Its amazing how in every profession, a group of men or women with a certain level of experience will tend to look and act in very similar, tribal ways. In my industry, computer nerd stuff, it's usually anxious, awkward, stooped over with distracting talk about computer capabilities - usually all theoretical. But tribal all the same - including the same gut and pasty skin. It's interesting watching these guys, all confidant but humble, knowing exactly what they are talking about. I'd assume these guys could wordlessly depend on each other for their lives - while my nerd pals I can't trust to order lunch. I recently asked for advice about buying a computer and got a war or nonsense comparing capabilities. Ask these guys what they are carrying - almost all carry the same thing and you know they'd trust their lives with the advice. Mucho Respect.
Phil Glass (2 days ago)
Billy Prendergast Little Billy, your mommy has a sticky pussy. Very nice place for SEALs to dive.
Billy Prendergast (5 days ago)
Noah Branch Swallow sperm like you and your Dad and your friends,no cum dodging allowed MERICAN psycho idiots.
Billy Prendergast (5 days ago)
mrrossn WTF are you doing in Afghanistan and Iraq.HOW many innocent people were killed by the Moab.MERICAN psycho idiots.
typedeaf (13 days ago)
Yeah ...or when you put a camera on someone, they try to project how they want you to see them. Duh? I am a contractor for Govt and let me tell you that titles and rank create egos the size of galaxies. Been in IT over 20 yrs and if someone argues over computers, then its because they are all still rookies who THINK they know everything, and are trying to PROVE it. Some people never grow past that point. Typically those are the people locked into remedial IT jobs, like supporting Microsoft products; they are self proclaimed geniuses...who just happen to be able to stuck in roles doing remedial work. Truth is, they never make it past the phone screens for better jobs. Experience beats theory in spades every time, in every profession.
Marshall Law 2A Texas (17 minutes ago)
To the three carryin the Glock 43’s, y’all could have said what holsters you’re usin.
Vincent Vanjaarsveld (2 hours ago)
You guys are craaaaazy,🤣
6mm_chris (14 hours ago)
What holster do you have for the 43?
Rie Kumar (1 day ago)
G19 on my person, even though it might be a bit overkill for ccw. I sometimes carry an extra magazine on me, but not always.
eleycki (1 day ago)
America is fucked up if anyone really thinks they need to carry this. Mental.
Robert Muldoon (2 days ago)
Oh the CIA, don't you mean the Globalists Hit Squad, fucking pieces of shit
Tim Johnston (2 days ago)
Edc Glock 19 sometimes a spare mag or two. Can of dip and my Walmart prepaid phone. Used to carry a sig p238 but didn't like the mag capacity. I am not a super duper bad ass soldier so I need more than a 8 round mag.
Rob Soper (2 days ago)
Douchebag is overcompensating with the Mossberg repeatedly dry cocking the shit out of it like newby
Dick Sargent (2 days ago)
Sausage fest...
Pethello (3 days ago)
If I was sitting with them, I would have put out my EDC, a Kahr MK40 Elite (or a Kimber K6). And a short FIXED knife (you wouldn't want a FOLDING tactical knife in a very urgent stressed situation that calls for a swift draw of knife).
Pethello (3 days ago)
0:20 - 0:23 you can skip that next time! ROFL!
Everyone is so serious lmao
ColdCanuck50 (3 days ago)
My edc is a 5-month old with diarrhea, gas and drool.
maximus astuputen (3 days ago)
Yuuuhhh buff guys showing their gunss... smdh I don't gotta show that's it's clear when it's clear you just know it's clear sorry I know I'm bashing but this lame af.
DefCom Top 10 (3 days ago)
They look more special ed than special ops. Cheers lol
旭韩 (3 days ago)
比起他们随身携带的那些个破烂儿, 我对他们所处的生活环境更为感兴趣.
Marius Cezar (3 days ago)
Damn...none had a round in chamber. Those are some fast cowboys.
hugoNOwhere (4 days ago)
Mike Folgers (4 days ago)
"Head eraser" LOL I like it!
Jonathan Lopez (5 days ago)
James Bernthal (5 days ago)
Where you guys in condition three because you were making a video? I didn’t see any rounds coming out of the chambers.
Frankg Estrada (5 days ago)
Head eraser. Hell yeah
Mono Nation (6 days ago)
RIGHT on men, and thank you all for your Service.
Aryan Pride90 (7 days ago)
Nice to see this douche finally turned his hat around the right way. He finally caught on from the other guys in the video.
Ryan Harris (7 days ago)
Winkler knives are the best
Foreign Toenail (8 days ago)
"Everyday carry?" HAHA
торнег (8 days ago)
Damn my nigga bouta straight up one pump somebody
Binh (8 days ago)
Stick to being professional killers since comedy definitely isn’t your strength ;)
Shaun Pearson (9 days ago)
I usually carry my hands in each pocket that are both equipped with extendable middle digits for clear indication of being perturbed by your antics and both hands can quickly be condensed into fists for punching faces. On my feet I carry boots for swift kicks to nuts and they also double as useful running away implements of escaping from dudes.
Michael Jones (9 days ago)
Does this remind anyone of that business card scene from American Psycho?
J. Fetets (9 days ago)
I wish i lived in USA
E Dawson (10 days ago)
EDC "Carey's fucking 12 guage" that's great in Canada we carry our hands and knuckles 💪✊
David Wilson (11 days ago)
I carry smith @ Wesson  shield 45 fat and slow still gets the job done
Slacker Engi 2 (12 days ago)
*Yarrrrr* I be carrying a spare eye patch Bird feed Lemons fur scurvy A bottle of rum A sword And four flint locks
Devon Howdershelt (12 days ago)
Shawn you guys should do a vid talking about carry ammo
Matt D (12 days ago)
Good for reviews but they aren't giving it all up. 😎
82 Luft (16 days ago)
I just placed an order for the Glock 43 based on these guys edc. Can't top the creme de la creme of bad ass.
Ben Jamieson (16 days ago)
Lol all those other guys with pistols then there's him with a fucking shotty 😂😂
Carley Smith (16 days ago)
I'm right there with you on the Chapstick. My husband has a shotgun but I don't know what kind. Guns....yeah, I'm just a girl. 😂😂😂
j (17 days ago)
Bohenek Horsemanship (17 days ago)
Lmao... CLASSIC!!😅😂
Jay P (17 days ago)
My everyday carry is my pecker and balls. The balls kinda hang and the pecker i just slang over the shoulder. If i need to take out a room of insurgents i just take a boner pill, stand in the middle of the room and start spinning. Lay em out in one spin. 😆
Noah Fricke (18 days ago)
What caliber do you recommend?
Steven Estrada (18 days ago)
3:03 Check if my Gun is clear while I point it at your Leg! 😂
autismi (19 days ago)
Yes i carry In csgo
ColtDeltaElite10mm (19 days ago)
A non-bragging “spec ops” dude (whaaaaaat ever) NEVER discloses his personal security measures, nor has the compulsion to tell everyone that they’re a “former” Seal-Ranger-Green Beret-CIA-Ninja-WWF-Cage fighting-warrior-Spartan-Trojan-Mossad-Spetsnaz-GSG9-Gurkha-Shaolin Priest-Eagle Scout-Beard growing-MILLENNIAL-Commando. Only those that want their faces plastered all over social media because it’s the queer thing to do these days, do that kind of stupid shit. They’re the “Look at me Retards.”
Mike P (17 days ago)
I was never in the special forces so I'm not going to question them. But that said, I have noticed what you are saying. The people who have done that stuff are almost always very soft spoken about it.
butchy586 (19 days ago)
I like the glock 43 but I prefer the g19 or g26 but I find myself usually carrying the sig p239
Charles Martel (19 days ago)
Sig p365 ALL DAY 😎
Bob Harris (20 days ago)
And two out of four wear a Rolex Submariner..
In Cognito (20 days ago)
concealed carry 9mm full frame 16 round clips x 3.bellyband ,spring assisted buck knife a good attitude and the ability to walk away from a no win moron.Communications,Army
Oscar Gold (20 days ago)
The bullets you use in your EDC gun should come in a box that doesen't create a violent image. Zombie killer bullet box in the evidence table in front of the jury is a step in the wrong direction.
fl_799 (20 days ago)
Wow I felt like a wuss carrying my 43 and switched to sig226’s and full size and commander 1911’s. I might need to get those mag extensions, upgrade the sights and carry the 43 more often. Thanks for the inspiration!
Kevin Hammond (20 days ago)
nothing chambered, no lights, no medical?
Odd Savage (21 days ago)
I'd love to have these guys in a firefight, but they don't have much else. That being said, they probably have skills and knowledge enough that they don't need as much EDC as a normal shmo like me. Regardless, I'll be ready for any situation, except gun fights. I guess I need to start looking into a conceal carry license.
Ramon Anzures (22 days ago)
Damn alot of safety checking
Brandon Owen (22 days ago)
haha they sorry for being dicks to owens yet?
mark guyette (22 days ago)
None of these momos have their wallets with the CCL? Hey the guns are clear tho!🤔
bee Blue (23 days ago)
is he jokin with the shotgun..???
Vigilance Elite (23 days ago)
h3HUg7Sp (23 days ago)
Damnit! Just one time I'd like to see a Spec Ops dude EDC an 8 shot .357 Magnum wheel gun. Is that too much too ask?
Vigilance Elite (23 days ago)
It'll never happen.
Justin Gaspar (24 days ago)
Shawn what belt are you using
Northend Rocco (24 days ago)
Bad ass!
Vigilance Elite (23 days ago)
Thank you for tuning in. Cheers
nellAyaR2034 (25 days ago)
What? No Medford Pretorian folding prybar?
Shae Chavis (26 days ago)
Bet these guys carry 9mm now
Robert Bender (26 days ago)
Why the baseball caps tho?
Tony Iocca (27 days ago)
Come on now we want to know more about the 590 tell us things about the difference between the 2 1/2" shells and the 3" Remington Express 00 buck. Both can be fired from a 590A1. The 2 1/2" has 9 00 buck pellets and the 3" incher has 15 pellets. Somethings to consider along with plenty of exotic shells...
Yeah you lose Harry (27 days ago)
I got a rpg up my ass,They don’t know shit about being tactical
piet skiet (28 days ago)
why would I play a card came with these dudes , no way , just buy them a drink and shut up !
Stonie Johnson (28 days ago)
Randy Orton ain't foolin nobody... We are on to you
Michael Brian (28 days ago)
I’m curious.. What was the decision maker to carry the G43 vs a G26?
JLPC13 (29 days ago)
This week on Tampons Out...
Sgt. Milton Osiris (29 days ago)
all glocks? interesting
Jake Hold (29 days ago)
I carry my 2 nuts 🥜 and that’s it!
vta61558 (29 days ago)
Useful and funny! Gotta love these guys!!
BillyBob Roberts (1 month ago)
Is it clear yes Homo it's clear have no fear queer.
Charles Hunt (1 month ago)
you really carry a TQ half-in your back pocket?
Chris M (1 month ago)
A glock 43 infomercial....
TheChronicRhythm (1 month ago)
lmao that rack at 3:11. idk why my drunk ass is laughing so hard.
Haiden Mariani (1 month ago)
Wut if the bullet didn’t eject 3:04 "safe??" *aims it at the dudes leg* lmfao not sharpest knife in the drawer
Robert Holts (1 month ago)
I thank God these guys are on the good guys side God bless.
Dr WGA Labriskagni (1 month ago)
Did I just see two SAD assassins?
LiuProduction (1 month ago)
Mick Jones (1 month ago)
Do you have to stuff your pants in order to attract females?
Dan Greene (1 month ago)
Not a Glock fan but can't argue with the professionals. Last guy still has my resect for serving and more, being a seal, him, not me... Edc shotgun? Dorkish.
Mick Jones (1 month ago)
It was a joke that I think might have gone over your head. Nobody carries a EDC shotgun.
Hunter Cihal (1 month ago)
I feel like a shotgun would be an uncomfortable carry... But hey if you trained with it enough, go for it. As for me, I'd never trust a 9mm. 45 baby. Also, this video was published on my birthday. Kinda neat.
Mick Jones (1 month ago)
It was a joke. Nobody carries an EDC shotgun
donathonnn (1 month ago)
What kind of knife was the last one?
Sheila Morrison (1 month ago)
Cant they just put the guns away and fuck eachother with their hard-ons?
Mick Jones (1 month ago)
Is that what you want to see? Glad to see that there are people that have kinkier fetishes than me
ZuRriX (1 month ago)
I love the straightface reactions on Jack Daniels.
MrAlphonsomango (1 month ago)
You guys need to move to a better neighbourhood. Somewhere a little less like Mogadishu, perhaps. I'm sure your brothers from Credenhill would recommend Hereford.
ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn (1 month ago)
I live in Europe so I only carry my credit cards keys and condoms
Mick Jones (1 month ago)
Since when do Europeans use condoms?
Robert Mottram (1 month ago)
I almost pissed myself laughing when the one guy says he carries a Mossberg 12 guage as his EDC.. Seriously??? And what is this a Glock commercial? Although I did notice the nasty type of ammo they carry, that I DO agree with... Otherwise I'll stick to a 1911 .45 Kimber Ultra Carry or the Colt Defender .45 cal but replace the recoild spring with the Kimber .45 Ultra Carry, turns that Colt into a much smoother slide action and easier disassembly. Just a U.S.N. vet, no Spec Ops here.
Kevin Doekhi (1 month ago)
I carry a taurus. 38 special .
Waynehedd (1 month ago)
Camera Man sucks.... did not show the actual products up close...
Joshua Manning (1 month ago)
Service men and industrial skilled trade workers act exactly the same
Mick Jones (1 month ago)
That's what I was thinking! I'm a general contractor and own a demolition business and I kind of have the same mannerisms and mentality that these EX Special Forces dudes have lol
Vic Rivera VRP, Inc. (1 month ago)
Sup fellas. Thanks for your service and vid. I carry a.... Hahaha
No sense of humor 😂
CyanLink (1 month ago)
Shit 3 of these guys carry the same gun I do.
Wernher von Braun (1 month ago)
I carry just pack of condoms and some money...
Vigilance Elite (1 month ago)
haha Right on man.
Tim Croteau (1 month ago)
Thank you for your service gentlemen
Screw The Net (1 month ago)
Cameron x (1 month ago)
And not a single light or any med supplies on any of them lol
suttonmatthew (26 days ago)
U.S. Marine ANGLICO here. Where is the pocket flashlight and ear plugs? The Leatherman tool was a nice indication of a professional. The bottle of Whisky (albeit, not a bad brandname) might be a hint as to the "former" status of at least a few people at the table.
TheChronicRhythm (1 month ago)
says a lot for civilians huh?
Mick Jones (1 month ago)
Yeah and no condoms

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