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Text Comments (233)
Zack Ostrander (6 days ago)
5’5 with shoes on 😂
Gavin Bergollo (2 months ago)
bro he came back
Gavin Bergollo (2 months ago)
riches so short
Van Carter (2 months ago)
Dylan Hulse (2 months ago)
5'5" with shoes on 😂😂
Andy Chen (3 months ago)
wait but isnt andrew like size 10 and richie like size 8
matthew botosan (3 months ago)
What’s the beginning song??
They are straight 🔥
A Dude (4 months ago)
Arent the OW jordan 1 box supposed to say "JUMPMAN" not " NIKE SWOOSH"? 🤔
Jelly Killes (4 months ago)
Y’all tryna hoop?
Isabela Liana Holda (4 months ago)
Richie the kind of guy who buffs his kicks with his hair like if u agree
Lucioo vks (4 months ago)
Dislaik por chinos
AddQuotesHere (5 months ago)
The off whites didn’t come in that box...
Neel Naja (5 months ago)
Wrong box
Sikai Wu (5 months ago)
U need a hair cut richie
Sikai Wu (5 months ago)
Hahahaha say no more fam
Michael Nguyen (5 months ago)
All that gear and average ass ballers lol...
NKA PLays (5 months ago)
Wat up with his hair
2k God (5 months ago)
Don’t boy need a haircut asap
Fachriz Zilka (5 months ago)
Richie Le The Shoe Is Fake Because The Box Say Nike Swoosh On The Real Pair The Box Say "JUMPMAN"
Dragon194 (6 months ago)
don't make fun of the dad shoes bruh they're the only shoes that fit me u ain't know what its like bruhhhhhhh
Electro Dragon (6 months ago)
6:04 error He shot a 3 and he only gained 2 points
kent lee (6 months ago)
Did someone noticed it says nike swoosh instead of jumpman on the box?
Lil_Buddha 916 (6 months ago)
"5'5 with shoes on" lol Richie you kill me
Patrick Freberg (7 months ago)
ALLENTHENOO8 ALLEN (7 months ago)
I ball in the same 11s, the win like 82
SCOTT SANTIM (7 months ago)
richie needs a haircut
Sneaker Lit (7 months ago)
The true box said jumpman
Sneaker Lit (7 months ago)
Why the box said nike swoosh
Sam Simoni (7 months ago)
Why did the box say "Nike swoosh" instead of "JUMPMAN"??
Sam Simoni (7 months ago)
BTW dude in the back was building brick houses tho
The Big R (8 months ago)
Richie shoot wet af tho😫😫😤
Gia Huy Đỗ (8 months ago)
Are you vietnamese-american?
Dillon Shanks (8 months ago)
I think it's the hair
Snoop Zebra (8 months ago)
I’m pretty sure if those shoes were on the line I would turn into Kobe Bryant and dominate anyone
Noah R. 0912 (8 months ago)
Richie needs to get a hair cut no offense tho
Creeper TheGames (8 months ago)
Are you Vietnamese Lê
raquel toribio (9 months ago)
I think the 1 on 1 is scripted
Petre Lee (9 months ago)
How did you win o.f.f
Julz G (9 months ago)
Why is the box inside orange was it supposed to be black box inside,
GRACE KIM (9 months ago)
He reminds me of a bigger Asian version of Dwarf mamba
Josh (9 months ago)
Why he say no jump on his free throw when thats how u supposed to shoot free throws lol
TheRealestOne 48 (9 months ago)
Lost all respect and subscriber. For having a fake pair of off white and flexing them as real
HomieHobo Moments (9 months ago)
Vs famous youtuber 😂 rickie getting into clickbait
bear thug (9 months ago)
Do a $1,000 challenge Ballers Edition if you're reading this comment shout me out I bear Thug 1 2 3 they bear Thug on Instagram
Jeffin Kuriakose (9 months ago)
i cant be the only one who saw that guy brick it off the corner of the backboard at 2:02
Ernesto Torres (9 months ago)
This was very entertaining. More of these vids please
Charlie Don (9 months ago)
Just wondering was the first part a voice over
kay illa (9 months ago)
richie looking like a japanese women on a porn scene
Dedi chandra (9 months ago)
Always fun to see Richie and fung bros together! Nice video guys!
Linh ngân (9 months ago)
Hey richie you can vietsub your videos because your fans in Vietnam is so much but thanks you
Tyler Harrington (9 months ago)
Richies hair looks like Edward scissor hands
Tyler Harrington (9 months ago)
Where are the comment videos?!?!
Mr. swagy (9 months ago)
Nicholas Frederick (9 months ago)
What shoes is rich wearing
Christopher Huff (9 months ago)
The newest hyperdunks
Yung Don (9 months ago)
Bruh... cut your hair... good lord
Xanden Stewart (9 months ago)
Shoe collection video?
Owen Picard (9 months ago)
Richie back in the day you was a rapper
Hes Kicks (9 months ago)
Andrew should have balled in the Monarchs tho lol!
Vic Fung (9 months ago)
Richie the typa dude to make you play for your birthday present...cause a friendship aint worth nothing if it aint distressed a bit
B3ntley 23 (9 months ago)
richie is short
Armando Sanchez (9 months ago)
Looked like Richie vs Brock from Pokemon.
Ellis Joseph (9 months ago)
Long hair don’t care wwww I like it Richie
Slim Rocky (9 months ago)
Riches’s hair looking like those bushes in Fortnite
Maxio6 (9 months ago)
Timeout why the 1’s come in a Nike box and not the reverse “jumpman” box?😂🌚
0hp (9 months ago)
This nigga richie went from every asian trying to be him to looking like a bum and every asian trying to avoid him
Mang ng (9 months ago)
You guys wear the same size ??
tali yl (9 months ago)
richie's hair looks sick like that young jungle boy
Karama Yoko (9 months ago)
Richie swore he didn’t say “run it back” after the video 😂
Anson. (9 months ago)
smooth ass transitions Hey guys just downloaded premiere and made my first video, tell me what you think :)
bvtms11 (9 months ago)
No Jump Free-throw
Caswell Reed (9 months ago)
you in la bro?
Abraham Lincon (9 months ago)
Aye this doesn’t relate to anything in the video but are the sizing of Jordan 12 and 8 similar? I’m a 4.5 in 8s and they fit perfect but I ordered some 12s in size 5. I am wondering if my shit gonna crease or if they’ll still be fine.
Christopher Huff (9 months ago)
Bro you tiny asf...
its CJ (9 months ago)
Bruh richie more famous now
perry (9 months ago)
5'5 with shoes on, im sleepppp
Cody Parkey (9 months ago)
Richie plays like Trae Young
Phills Holman (9 months ago)
Wtf is going on with richie’ s hair please go back to curly or get a haircut
T and Yi (9 months ago)
oh Richie at 3:20 That was skypoooolet that helped it in,in seen him fly by fast n give it a slight nudge!
FlackoKevin (9 months ago)
bruh that hair
Ken Sosa (9 months ago)
famous?not really. more like popular lmao
DeLaCrew10 (9 months ago)
WetLikeWater (9 months ago)
fake and gay. who tf flops in a 1v1 with shoes on the line. btw those shoes are fake too
HernandezNC (9 months ago)
I'd Sauce Both Of Y'all For Those Off Whites
monicaChrisAhn (9 months ago)
you aint saucin 💩
clorox bleach (9 months ago)
Hey my name Richie le, I’m 5’5” with shoes on
J Companion (9 months ago)
Isn’t that box off
jonathan Tom (9 months ago)
rigged lol
Tariq Dailey (9 months ago)
beimir cc (9 months ago)
Wrong shoe box
RageElixir (9 months ago)
Is this Fairwood lol
Julian Kim (9 months ago)
what shoes andrew wearing when doug the three point contest
Peenerr (9 months ago)
Ayyee uconn
James Fitzpatrick (9 months ago)
The real box says "jumpman" on it. Those are either fake or you switched up the box with another pair of Off-White's.
Nelson Wong (9 months ago)
they're definitely fakes...if they were real, they'd make a much bigger deal out of it
Jacob Barash (9 months ago)
yeah thats what i was thinking too
Charlie Brown (9 months ago)
Free Throw No Jump Obviously
landiswalter42 (9 months ago)
Make more videos like this
FUNG BROS. (9 months ago)
rematch bro
david bueza (1 month ago)
its a 1 on 1 drill, where you start inside the paint, you score in the paint, and you cant step outside the paint!!
david bueza (1 month ago)
REMATCH!!!! do the cage match drill, no one leaves the paint!!
Mega Trunks (9 months ago)
Rematch for another off white
Zaza P (9 months ago)
K Smoove (9 months ago)
0:25 I see that nike logo under that underarmour logo BOIIII
DANNY Y (9 months ago)
he has a pair of monarchs?
William Xue Jr. (9 months ago)
Did y'all add hoop swish noises lololol
Jason rodriguez (9 months ago)
even for a guy thats not a known shooter, open jumpers are open season for anyone..
JUSTIN DO (9 months ago)
richie's hair looks like goku

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