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DIY Dog Mask 🐶 | A Furry & Funny Homemade Costume Idea

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On last night's episode of Making It, contestants had to create a last-minute costume using random objects you'd find in a junk drawer. For our own spin on this challenge, we whipped up a this furry & funny DIY dog mask -- perfect if you're looking for a homemade costume idea! Check out the full materials list and step-by-step tutorial here → https://bluprnt.co/2Lcm8CM What craft would you create with items from your junk drawer??
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Text Comments (9)
shadow x (22 hours ago)
Isn't this the dog from doctor Phil
Mike Jordan (1 month ago)
DUDE THIS LOOKS SOO UGLY it says A FURRY not I’m so cheep I’m gonna make a crappy piece of trash (IM NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN IM STATING FACTS)
DOG RACCOON (8 months ago)
出来上がりは微妙な可愛さだけど 最後ぴょん、とやってみせると可愛い😍
Noah Eubanks (8 months ago)
oojit007 (8 months ago)
'What is a video that made you unsubscribe from a channel?'
Twelve Spark (8 months ago)
This reminds me of that paper dog furry that was on doctor phil
Kelsey Sturch (8 months ago)
Why are my post notifications on for this. I've never seen this channel before...
Emily McLennan (6 months ago)
Terri Vassmer (8 months ago)
This was formerly the Craftsy channel. They changed the name.

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