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NINJA CATS vs DOGS - Who Wins?

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Funny brave cats and kitties vs dogs. What do you think who will win?? AnimalzTV in Internet: Please Subscribe: http://goo.gl/O97FCe Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/animalztv4u Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnimalzTVv Add in circles on Google plus: https://plus.google.com/b/109357051925508382516/+AnimalzTV/posts Visit our Website: http://www.animalztv.net/ or Submit your videos here: http://www.animalztv.net/submit-video/ Copyright Disclaimer: We Respect other people's Copyrights. We use videoclips with the permission of the authors of original videos to make our compilations. But If you see your clip in our compilation and which you did not submit to http://www.animalztv.net/submit-video/ , it seems, we received false permissions to use this clip. We would be happy to resolve this for you! Please send us a short message about the issue at contact (at) animalztv.net
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Text Comments (5199)
Bin Bin Family (1 hour ago)
good chânnal
Přemysl Kochaň (1 hour ago)
Most are not funny. Catch dogs and save the world
Přemysl Kochaň (1 hour ago)
Yes kill all dogs
Chris DiCintio (2 hours ago)
Here in Florida we have Panters, more even playing field, nothing is a match for them, mostly.
Chris DiCintio (2 hours ago)
My cat, 18 lbs of fury (furry) would turn sideways and machine gun that paw on dogs face (hard), dog would run away wimpering. The remainder of her life dog would walk 3 feet away from kitty, it did take a couple of times, after that cat only had to look at dog, and it would run.
Chris DiCintio (2 hours ago)
Killing machines if they were bigger nothing would mess with cats.
MelioPaKing (5 hours ago)
1:33 I've the same dog
Nicolai Louis (11 hours ago)
U see that cat protect the baby toy, all badass.
Maikel Brayan (15 hours ago)
3:46=se mamo
mattorama (15 hours ago)
2:00 the dog is actually trying to rescue the cat there, thinking its trapped.
Kye Huelin (17 hours ago)
cats and dogs. I feel like this is men and women.
Markus E (19 hours ago)
People still think it's okay and well having both cats and dogs as pets in the same house. If your dog is medium to small size they will live in FEAR and that will make them stressed, which will make them sick and die sooner than normal. Cats know dogs fear them and take advantage. Some medium-large dogs also fear cats. Ankle biters have no hope but will get sick and you stupid ass people will ignore the actual reasons. IF the medium to large dogs are trained not to fear cats but to be dominant over cats, then that's fine and well, as cats are independent, plus they can go to places dogs can't touch them. You laugh at these situations in the videos thinking its cute, but when you are not home dogs are sad, stressed, and you still laugh thinking its cute. STUPID ASSES.
Rob Ramirez (1 day ago)
I loved this shit yo!!
Toucan Sam (1 day ago)
Cats need to stop being such arrogant, pompous little pricks. They need to lose the attitude
Sam Shambles (1 day ago)
billybleeds crimson (1 day ago)
Death by a thousand smacks @ 4:51 Lol!
ken wesaw (1 day ago)
Dogs are so much better than those nasty flea bag cats,🐕
Junior Franco (1 day ago)
The one at 8:41 had me dying😂💀
M.A.K Gaming (1 day ago)
Dogs rule
ROBLOX VS C.D (1 day ago)
0:03 the dog is like fuck you bitch
paolo torreggiani (1 day ago)
Franco Dentfree-eu (1 day ago)
So Funny seeing these scared, jealous dogs and bossy cats LMFAO !!!
8:40 When your average channer takes /pol to the real world. "Self inflicted victimhood black ni-.." " 'chu say?" "REE REE REE REE RE REEE"
TheCatMaster Meow (2 days ago)
Cats win
dizzychizzy (2 days ago)
4:51 I hope that dog grew up to rip that cats legs off one by one...
Junior T.V (2 days ago)
Sometimes cats are just a jackass.
Vignesh Meganathan (2 days ago)
Kittens are playful.. the problem is when they grow up, they become assholes.
Humble King (2 days ago)
Is it safe to say that 🐈 are a 🐕 worse night mare?
The92Tiger (2 days ago)
Cats will always win 🐱
jack g (2 days ago)
dogs fear cats because cats nails are much thinned and hurt like hell as result.
3:31 Felix the cat XD
2:10 rock lee ninja from Naruto vs gara
Black Star (2 days ago)
David Kavalcenti (3 days ago)
Dogs don't like being punched in the face by a much smaller, faster animal.. Out boxed everytime.
У меня кот жил старенькый военный,уши и хвост отморожены и отпали) взяли лайку щенка жил в доме покамест не подрос,, этак они дружили не разлей вода..ели товарищ у друга из чашечки,а позже кот крал со стола и кидал псу в низ... Потом пес жила на улице и кот спал у него в будке)
Baha T (3 days ago)
I have noticed in such videos that Cats are usually more aggressive and dominant than Dogs despite the size difference, imagine if house Cars were as big as a medium sized Dog! Very cool and funny video though
Madelene Talen (3 days ago)
I don know who wins
free Warrior (3 days ago)
Both are good! No real harm between them
19Marc79 (3 days ago)
0:42 => TRUE Ninja...
Junior T.V (2 days ago)
= jackass cat
Over the edge (3 days ago)
Cats are evil. Dogs know that’s right.
tiago Matos (3 days ago)
Ghosteriz (3 days ago)
Previously in the walking dead
goinghomesomeday1 (3 days ago)
The best thing for a cat is a brick in the bag with the cat and a deep river or pond. Horrible creatures.
Viktor Pogrebnoy (4 days ago)
Кошки вопще афигели
Mary Morstan (4 days ago)
мейвезер отдыхает по сопоставлению с тем будто коты боксируют))
thurston bewealthy (4 days ago)
your not allowed my box😏
Dave Ridlespriger (4 days ago)
Favor bitch.
Atilla Debbag (4 days ago)
If a cat attacked the pup of a shepherd dog it would end up eaten alive.
Pipe Tunes (4 days ago)
Since you don’t know.... CAT ALWAYS
HuginAndMunin (4 days ago)
cats are assholes
Canna The Cat (4 days ago)
poor puppy
かしる (4 days ago)
micha Klocek (4 days ago)
Ninja cats
Kouga (5 days ago)
There's nothing funny about cats and dogs attacking each other. Definitely down rated this video.
Hound Dog29 (5 days ago)
0:43 stupid cats
Kubilay Akaslan (5 days ago)
instant laugh @ 01:52 u r welcome
D Zodiac (5 days ago)
The cat usually wins. I like how they launch 🚀 themselves at the dogs kamakazi style and jump! The dog 🐕 runs away. Funny 😄 stuff!
Jammin G (5 days ago)
did you notice that it was the smaller dogs that were the most nasty towards the cats?
ザクイリオウム (5 days ago)
Both are adorable!
ザクイリオウム (5 days ago)
I love this scene 5:18
HeloGamer2610/ HG2610 (5 days ago)
4:03 spider cat
J E (6 days ago)
7:42 that blonde dog looks like my dog, Tulum, who's no longer with us. She found me on the beach in Tulum in 2001.Had her for 10 years, best dog ever! Would love to know where your dog came from.
21 QW (7 days ago)
Lady tiger
Adam Michalak (7 days ago)
Dogs are losers
Adam Michalak (7 days ago)
Ps cats wins
Adam Michalak (7 days ago)
Cats 100% better
Utsusmi (7 days ago)
3:45 .. When you act tough....
Chrisanthea LeVert (7 days ago)
Dog and cat relations
Nativeson (7 days ago)
American dogs are raised way too goofy, come to my country with your cat and see what happens..lol
Jefferson Davis (7 days ago)
That tail- whip can be painful. I was at a home where there were two Great Danes. One passed me by and whipped me with his tail. It felt like a steel baton.
Миф "Как кошка с собакой" развеялся у меня тоже сфинкс и далматинка живут, время от времени любопытно и забавно за ними следить, в природе они "Друзья" Люди любите собственных питомцев.
Markus Patients (7 days ago)
As long as human use baby talk with dogs and cats ; You can save 15 percent by switching to GEICO...
Richard Price (7 days ago)
Cats are just rarely scared of anything.....love them both though especially the dogs not wanting to walk past the cat.
Undecided Awesomeness (7 days ago)
7:04 what the hell is that a Kangaroo cat???
Zelvonte Love (4 days ago)
Undecided Awesomeness cats look like that after a shave
Kitten Nation (7 days ago)
Cats are better than dogs! Just face the truth Kittens are the cutest and yes pups are also cute but EVERY kitten is adorable and cute Im a cat purrson
Коля Пупкин (7 days ago)
8:56 - Ахахаххаах!
Slender Faith (7 days ago)
Если штурм не удалась, главное впору ретироваться!
Christian Andolini (8 days ago)
I Hate Cats Disqusting creatures :/
It’s like watching stupid “oblivion” nps vs player
Giacomina Spinelli (8 days ago)
Bellissimi divertenti
ImmortalEmperorMaster (8 days ago)
1:48 when an extrovert tries to get their introvert friend to come to a social event
MCFCRuss Brown (8 days ago)
cats are boss plain and simple!
Sébastien Canipeche (8 days ago)
GoOd Very GoOd VideO ♥
LoLAwesomechad (8 days ago)
i enjoy declawing cats like these that misbehave. get along with the dog or you lose your ability to scratch.
Goku Legends (8 days ago)
dogs and catd
Gato gamer (8 days ago)
Toasty Craft (7 days ago)
4:18 2:27
Carla Leon (8 days ago)
bog bog
Gracie Aiudi (9 days ago)
cat at 0:46 be like, yo doggo, get off my counta!
Markus Patients (7 days ago)
Cats rule in the house but not in the street.
Wendy Rowland (9 days ago)
OMG 😮 that’s hilarious, that dog 🐕 really! 😂 walked all the way around that 🐈 cat. Bahahahahahaha.....
Ellinon Enosis (9 days ago)
People who put puppies to a house with grown cats should be locked..... poor dogs getting bullied and become wimps......
Lisa Hollett (9 days ago)
I describe because that cat in that dogs are going to kill each other so boo
oxy 75 (9 days ago)
Those cats playing . I domesticated wild cats on my uncle's farm... That's how you know true speed.
oxy 75 (9 days ago)
Fastest mammal ..cats
Christopher Miranda (9 days ago)
Nice boxing combinations by the cats
Сюзи Dog (9 days ago)
Тупо!!!! Дебилизм!!! Самая наилучшая видео в мире!!!
Yasmin Min (9 days ago)
Viri good
fun-with-nickline (10 days ago)
AustinDplayer Davison (10 days ago)
I dont know who to pick i have a cat but i had a dog as well

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