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Villainous (23 days ago)
Everyone gonna hate me for this but like my last year of highschool i bought adidas superstars for 109 dollars. I only bought em cuz frankie palmeri of emmure had em and i as into his style and they were so unfomfotable, expensive (to me, im not a sneaker head i buy 100% vans) i wore em 3 days to school and my feet never hurt so bad and felt so uncomfotrable. I still have em too.
Colin Strayer (6 months ago)
2:31 saved it
Tatsy Yeager (6 months ago)
Bro can u do a fake vs real video pls
Ricky Jimenez (7 months ago)
Wow yall almost to 1,000,000 subs congrats
Giovanna Afuha'amango (8 months ago)
1:57 get that coin sis
ANT!DOT3_FTW (8 months ago)
Lmaooo tan in the beginning
Franky Titanium (9 months ago)
$500 for 2016 black Metallics 😢
B0uncy Grid (9 months ago)
lmao I got HELLA LUCKY and copped some watermelon 7s of grailed for $40 and they where legit
MR. BEE (11 months ago)
Is ghgate online store legit
scott goldberg (11 months ago)
My advice for buying in general is stick with PayPal. At least if something goes wrong they can sort your money out
Kestyr (1 year ago)
I know dingZ
Elijah Martin (1 year ago)
I copped a pair of space jam 11s for 30$ they never came 😂😂
blink Coughsyrup (1 year ago)
If you buy shoes from a dodgy website if you see https it's legit
Nicolas Aguilar (1 year ago)
This is not a VERY VERY VERY special episode of HypeTalk?
Monk (1 year ago)
Got 3lab5's for $85 and Playoff 8's for $80. No Box, little dirty but ya boi got some pro shoe cleaner. 9/10 quality now
Stanly Luu (1 year ago)
Big Rob Videos (1 year ago)
For me, I'll only buy shoes online if it's from a multi-million dollar site like Amazon.com or Footlocker.com
Hey Its Cash (1 year ago)
Ok this isn't very very VERY special eppisode of hype talk
Julius U.k. (1 year ago)
Love that their not clickbait
KenJack 1789 (1 year ago)
Anybody... is flight club legit?
Royalty (1 year ago)
Much Greens (1 year ago)
Why are black pumas sponsored
MJ7615 (1 year ago)
Are crocs hype?
Jon Mccallister (1 year ago)
Httggttgv. aids
Susana Prasodjo (1 year ago)
Bloatedspore (1 year ago)
Supreme Blazers are my dream shoe.
SpaceCity Kickz (1 year ago)
Worst transaction: my dad and I went to Nike store and we got some Flyknit Air Force 1's they were the last pair my dad and this dude got in a fight I got the shoe but we almost got banned
based tost (1 year ago)
I got some 72-10 for $50 is that bad ?
Dark B0R4C1N (1 year ago)
Buy from legit websites like flight club or foot locker
Cameron Mason (1 year ago)
He actually thought he was gonna be the plug 😂
Daniel Cassidy (1 year ago)
Guy did the fake PayPal email long story short R.I.P. My Yeezys
Jacob Johnson (1 year ago)
The most surprising part was that Johnny was in math class with Richie.
Jackson wilkerson (1 year ago)
What is hanging from tans shirt
suzan nofal (1 year ago)
why johnny face look like his hat? someone please explain..
Brandon (1 year ago)
The Insured Oyster (1 year ago)
If it's too good to be true, don't get the shoe.
Baller Bro (1 year ago)
Hey I got legit sport blues for 60
Steven Neal (1 year ago)
same thing happened to me so  this dude goes hey I'm selling  3 pairs of shoes of your choice and they all gonna go for a really good deal and l come to find out he never even shipped them and he had  all  these bull shit stories and I was just like WTF really hell naw this I knew was  To good to be true like man I Knew at that moment to never again trust anther person again like that come really 3 pairs of Jordans of your choice was to good to be true so I was just like fuck dam it man why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rsk (2 years ago)
I've never had a bad one TBH, I've only bought 4
TheUltraPig (2 years ago)
Worst sneaker transaction: I bought 4 pairs of shoes from a flea market
Marijuano619WSO (2 years ago)
what jacket is the homie om the left wearing. what hoodie are u wearing richie
BREEZY (2 years ago)
thought I was getting air max 95 but when I open the box I get fake cement 4s
J F (2 years ago)
Spent $225 for some royal blue patent leather Jordan xi... bought them on eBay... they came in a all white gift box made for clothes
Steven Ha (2 years ago)
My worst transaction: My homie traded me Jordan 5 Oregon for a pair of hardens couple days later I was looking into them and I saw that most were fake. I hit him up at school and he says they're real
Julie Bello (2 years ago)
anybody want to buy a pair of LeBron 13 all starts from me
Dawson Brewer (2 years ago)
best deal i ever got. some dude i sold me a pair of retro 5 grapes for $100. barely worn and barely creased
Your Mom (2 years ago)
I traded some guy some guy some true blues 3 for some red octobers. He ended up sending me some beat up red converse. 😂😂
Riqq (1 year ago)
Your Mom I'm sorry but why tf would you follow through with that please explain
Christian Cabrera (2 years ago)
Air Goat is the best app to use to buy and sell sneakers, they certify every sneaker you buy as well so it takes a extra 2 days but it is worth it to know your sneakers are legit
Juanton Soup (2 years ago)
I got a pair of 2001 Columbia 11s for 50$ and they real
Blazetopia (2 years ago)
Have you guys ever tripped over your long ass draw strings... Plus they don't even look good
Hamid Wood (2 years ago)
This was hella long ago and pretty Rico still rocking that denim
Devon Pohl (2 years ago)
is the dog real
ryko lalunio (2 years ago)
Traded my vnds bred 11lows for some Carmine 6s both og all but when I got home they were yellowed and had a few scuffs luckily I have angelus paint so I restored them and made a quick buck bc the next day I sold them for $140 tbfh tho I think they were fakes but I couldn't tell cause I never put them on my feet bc I was already disappointed about the trade lol
11 lows are wack
Carlos Sanchez (2 years ago)
Worst transaction was getting robbed at gunpoint, but I ALWAYS kept an extra box with beaters in them for that reason and he took the beaters instead of the real shoes 😂 thank God they didn't open the box lol
Michael Voorhis (2 years ago)
"Dayuuuuuaaaang" nice save Richie 😂
Oscar De Lira (2 years ago)
Tan was cut off at 0:24
Viva La Sock (2 years ago)
i got real green glow 4s for 110 when resale is 300
DJ SICK__BOY (2 years ago)
my worst moment is with yeezys i re-sale them with profit only 500$ witch is the smallest price profit i win in this shoes
Sentryy (2 years ago)
What shoes are behind Richie Le, the black and white shoes? what are they?
Jagair 69 (2 years ago)
i live in san antonio what website should i usr for some flu games
Adonis P (2 years ago)
I'm looking to cop a pair of Melo 1s, dude cut off the Melo tags on the tongue did those tags have a Nike swoosh in the back of them?
Adonis P (2 years ago)
I'm looking to cop a pair of Melo 1s, dude cut off the Melo tags on the tongue did those tags have a Nike swoosh in the back of them?
DJ Cole (2 years ago)
Richie. Fam you should find the Adress that never sent the shoes and ship your self I'm a big box like rice gum and go there and be like. " where dem shoes at nigga
Will Hamblet (2 years ago)
Why does he have his MacBook out on all these videos and he never uses it smh
George Jimi (2 years ago)
Just be glad tang didn't get pink 9's😂
LUTFI Rahman (2 years ago)
Someone tell me what sneaker is the one bottom to the y-3 (Black/white)
Justin I (2 years ago)
dirrttttyyy selling those fakes haha shoulda bit the bullet
Jimmy Gan (2 years ago)
cop a pair of PB 2.0 for 800 couple days ago, they legit and sold for 1.1K
sanpoktoi (2 years ago)
i have a pair of yeezy boost that i got from china town for 95$ i use them to workout lol
yesEM (2 years ago)
Lmao rich wanted to say damn at 2:31
failo munoz (2 years ago)
got jumped for my bred ones
tristan whitney (2 years ago)
worst one for me was probably trading my closing ceremony 11's for a pair of fucking ultra boosts -.-
craVe bagels (2 years ago)
Trading my LeBrons 12 for junk KD 7 that didn't fit
fuck 12
Kannon Beck (2 years ago)
Where can I get the rsvp shirt
Charlie Pearse (2 years ago)
Where did Rico get those joggers
RENTIC (2 years ago)
about 8 years ago ( i was 9) I bought a pair of glow in the dark metallic jordan 5's.. paid $250 for them and never knew they were fake until like 4 years later when i really started getting into sneakers
JG Garcia (2 years ago)
Richie whats your height?
fłäćô řöćķý (2 years ago)
my worst was windbreaker for my chrome 6s 10/10 deadstock condition and white grapes 8/10 i was smoking dick for that trade
2jz swapped bentley (2 years ago)
I got scammed out of $300 for some infrared 6s when I was 13
C Fikes (2 years ago)
fake yeezys for 1200
Kerosene Yourself (2 years ago)
Ediths Yeezys are the 1:1 reps out there 175 :)
So Ambitious (2 years ago)
Worst sneaker transaction is letting my bordeaux 7s go smh.
Dre Taylor (2 years ago)
Traded Flu Games for penny 3's
Erick Padilla (2 years ago)
Asian people trying to be black 😂
Erick Padilla (2 years ago)
Spoiled ass spending daddy's money
Kelvin Sornoza (2 years ago)
best sneaker transaction: Traded my thunder 4s for some light up sketchers... Now some may say i took an L on this trade. But when you get hit by a car while jogging at night because they didn't see you. Then we will see who's laughing...
durian pultodz (11 months ago)
bruh good trade, but i pretty sure someone would see thunder so much more vividly.
Henry Foster (1 year ago)
AntiSocial SocialClub shut up bitch you don’t know anything about sneakers
Demonic Lolicon (1 year ago)
L just buy a pair for 40 $
Variati0n (1 year ago)
Nao Tomori (2 years ago)
The Common People (2 years ago)
$305 on some Raf Adidas TWO sizes too small
The Common People (2 years ago)
I flipped them on Ebay though
Nick P (2 years ago)
3 fuckboy chinos
Ben (1 year ago)
Nick Parisi you the type to listen to SPM and sell shitty weed
Darious King (2 years ago)
When is the merch coming Richie
Mikolaj Unger (2 years ago)
i have jordan 5 and i think they are great
travislee1459 (2 years ago)
Richie had it bad! LMFAO!!!
CHAU (2 years ago)
lol sneaker scamming is just like csgo scamming
Sean Hutchinson (2 years ago)
Me and my "friend" went in together on 3 pairs of moon rock yeezys, paid $600, my friend said he'd give me 200 and i could keep 2. My friend then backed out after i paid, and the shoes never came and the guy never responded again…. lost a lot of money. it sucked!
JosieJay D (2 years ago)
Tans drawstring 😂😂😂
Young Money (2 years ago)
fatt dude hilarious 😂.
Aaron Hendrix (2 years ago)
I used a middleman service and got scammed :/
Daniel Kweon (2 years ago)
I didn't have no goons hahahahaha
Leo240sx (2 years ago)
hey Richie what's a good sneaker place online?
DroneGuy (2 years ago)
I paid a website for Red Octobers and DB 9's for retail and i never got them! 😂😂😂 if its too good to be true then it is too good to be true!!
Zach S (2 years ago)
I preordered the Sweater 7s for like 230 not knowing that they would sit for literally months. To this day I can't bring myself to look at that shoe.
Tommy D (2 years ago)
Zach S LOL
brandon melchor (2 years ago)
I did the same with the marvin the martian

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