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Cute Jack Russell Terrier tries to make Baby laugh - Dog always loves Baby

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Text Comments (139)
John Doe (29 days ago)
My first two years with my Parsons I wanted to give him away...ended up being my favorite dog in my life time
Eric George (1 month ago)
Sorry but the Jack Russell is far cuter than the baby.
Eric George (1 month ago)
+Dog Loves Baby You are welcome, lol
Dog Loves Baby (1 month ago)
oh thanks
Wewlius Evola (2 months ago)
Dog always loves Baby
tin man (3 months ago)
great you made my day. thank you
Patriot From Texas (3 months ago)
Just the perfect little tough dog for a family! I love them!
Ceil Constante (4 months ago)
Loving, obident, intelligent, funny Jacks! I miss my little Jack! She suffered horribly from Bravecto flea treatment! Neurological & organ failure. I'm here to warn others not to make the same mistake!
Fern Alderton (5 months ago)
My two favourite things jack Russell’s and baby’s
Neal Sausen (6 months ago)
Is this the ”MULHOLLAND” Off leash dog park in HOLLYWOOD Cal?!
AngeloR674 (8 months ago)
Even though the dog looks harmless!.. Its really irresponsible of you to put a baby that close! To a dog! Very Stupid of you!!
bluenetmarketing (8 months ago)
It is incredibly unhealthy for a dog to lick a person in the face. The Pasteurella bacteria in a dog's mouth can be deadly.
Andy G (4 months ago)
So Lucy was right about Snoopy all along and we're just ignorant.
Alida Boettcher (9 months ago)
We had Jack Russels for many years. We only had once problems when an immigrant family came to visit. The parents did not inform us the children do not know dogs. After that the dog was a bit aggressive. We assume she got hurt.
David Boson (9 months ago)
JRT baby and bubbles - WINNA
Michael Labrise (9 months ago)
Got to warch those Russell's around kids.
Guinevere Jones (10 months ago)
Who would thumbs down this?? It’s a Jack Russell. Come on now.
Dog Loves Baby (10 months ago)
it melt my heart <3
thejudge 1897 (10 months ago)
My Jack Russell definitely likes people more than other dogs!
Pui Kwan Lam (11 months ago)
Babies and dogs are both restless!!
James Anderson (11 months ago)
I've come to love Jack Russells because thanks to Youtube!
zopilote Galaz (11 months ago)
JRT are not lopdogs and should not be around babies or kids.
Andrew White (1 year ago)
2:50 the msost adorable thing I've ever seen, i have 3 jack russells, ya they dont like having their paws touched
darkspd31 (1 year ago)
horse rider (1 year ago)
you have obviously have never seen how quick a dog can snap a split second and well i leave it to you you cant trust some humans so why trust a dog.
Beagle Wektor (1 year ago)
Yolanda Scotty (1 year ago)
im sorry to be rude or negative but there is NO WAY a dog could be so close to my little babies face...they sniff everything and i would be concerned about them passing germs on to my little one...cute babies...but uhhh this made me a lil nervous the kids are just so little
Martine Verscheure (1 year ago)
Que de l amour,de l amour,de l amour
nik gaming100 (1 year ago)
Casey Smith (1 year ago)
Jack Russells are great dogs! Mine just turned one.
Janie Langley (1 year ago)
My Jack Russell Loves the Grandchildren and They Love Her !!! Best Pet Ever !!!!!
franky dego (1 year ago)
I have sweet juck Russell but one gelous Jack Russell have kill a baby 3 months old attention bit in gegular Venus in the neck
Katherine Cross (1 year ago)
Babies who grow up with dogs are more rounded human beings.
SwanInnSongkran (1 year ago)
Adorable video but do you know when the dog last sniffed or lucked dog faeces only to be passed onto the baby.
Thebeengolfin (8 months ago)
That's right. You should NEVER let a dog lick an infant. PERIOD. Either way, this behavior should not be allowed for health and safety reasons. A dog's mouth carries a lot of germs, which can easily be passed to people. This is especially problematic for babies. ... So, even though it may look cute, a dog licking a baby's face should never be allowed. It is far more dangerous than you think. A newborn's immune system is not yet as effective as an adult's. We have all heard the myth that "a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's" but the hard truth is that neither of us are sanitary specimens to behold. Studies show that disease-causing oral bacteria is present in both human and dog mouths, however dogs are a lot less discerning as to where they put their tongues. Also, pet owners should train their dog to be submissive to their child. Without this precaution things can get a little out of hand. "The pet may become protective over the owners and attempt to defend them by attacking the child for yelling or merely playing with his parents. So next time your canine gives your little one those puppydog eyes, make sure he expresses his love from afar — at least for now.
Bangerz DCUO (1 year ago)
SwanInnSongkran ok
samurai ii (1 year ago)
SwanInnSongkran stfu
Vincenzo Guarino (1 year ago)
SwanInnSongkran ok
Rach Houghton (1 year ago)
They are great with kids aren't they? So cute!
Lucy Stephens (1 year ago)
I love jack Russell I had one and it passed away please like because I'm still upset
Ayeiskip (3 months ago)
Klonus James (10 months ago)
Shame it wasnt you who died
Mary Williams (1 year ago)
Lucy Stephens Poor you. They are the smartest dogs, the Einsteins of the dog world.
Mahatma Gandhi (1 year ago)
😊😊 wonderful movie 🎥worth the Like 👍🌹 God bless all 🌹
Dog Loves Baby (1 year ago)
thank you so much <3 <3 <3
DCmey (1 year ago)
I do think you need to be cautious with JRT and a baby, but in this case the dog is being supervised and has had a good relationship with the baby. I have JRT mix and around most kids he is good but always with supervision.
SS SS (1 year ago)
good job on cutting his tail
Frank Hofer (1 year ago)
Dangerous in my eyes
dave golding (1 year ago)
omg that's so cute I love it
Mii Kay (1 year ago)
Saltyness of the commentsection ruined it
Jimmy M (1 year ago)
Yes, there are always some Killjoys around.
lipsmackin1 (1 year ago)
Mii Kay i
Maria Carey (1 year ago)
This is true happiness. They are always happy to be together
bum jenly (1 year ago)
Wow good boy, You are useful. jaja
Kristina Pine (1 year ago)
Thanks for! The baby will be the best friend for you!
Dar Polloe (1 year ago)
Dogs act like babies. wow. so cute!
Shuet Thai (1 year ago)
I miss my JRT dog a lot but no way will he be so obedient and not bite a baby at all.
You Tube (1 year ago)
My Jack Ruessell Terrier he doesn't make my baby sister laugh hes like a guard dog he will bark outside and once I saw this guy he was at the side of are house then I also have a german sheapard then once he saw my 2 dogs he ran cause he got scared then he NEVER game back!! :)
takeachillpillsis ! (1 year ago)
fat farts exactly like my fat ahaha so he sits at the end of the couch by the window to “stay on watch” but sometimes he sees an occasional person or dog walking by the stop sign at THE END of the street, dogs aren’t supposed to have very good eyesight but he does! and he goes bonkers! he’ll bark for 10 mins straight even when they’re gone! and once my sisters friend came by to pick up stuff for her and my dog is really quiet and sneaky so my dog looked under the fence and barked like crazy ahaha
Big E (1 year ago)
3:40 Muscular JRT
Oliver Manna (1 year ago)
Couldn't enjoy because of how utterly stupid and irresponsible many of these parents are.
Big E (8 months ago)
Angelo Wow, Nice car man ( sigh ) Fucking queer
AngeloR674 (8 months ago)
Big E geee ..you must be stupid and irresponsible as well!
AngeloR674 (8 months ago)
Kookie Monster agreed! i stopped watching it at the .23 second mark!
Big E (10 months ago)
Kookie Monster Elaborate why theyre " Stupid and Irresponsible "
Guinevere Jones (10 months ago)
Kookie Monster: ass you dumb as hell. Shut the fuck up and look up something else !!
miss malfunction (1 year ago)
I have a Jack russell who is a loving dog never bitten anyone, but still no way was she aloud to be that close to my granddaughter, any breed no matter how loving can turn and even nip a child without meaning it. Not the dogs fault but the owner. If it had bitten any of those children how could you live with yourself filmimg that?. I felt this more scary too watch than cute or funny.
Alessandro Frosi (1 year ago)
Gerardine Cizmar (2 years ago)
I LOVE dogs and I'm an animal advocate but seriously? These parents need help. Having the dogs playing in infants faces like this...makes me cringe. And the ones who let the dogs lick their newborns faces as well...You have seen your dog lick his butt haven't you? sighhhhhh
Matt Wilson (1 year ago)
It helps build up the child's immunity. Not exposing children to these sorts of situations is one of the main reasons we have so many sickly kids that are allergic to so much stuff.
John HAHN SR (2 years ago)
So cute
Pat Shiels (2 years ago)
brilliant dogs I miss Tod the dog one of the best
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
they're just gorgeous. Lovely breed.
DB (2 years ago)
This is so adorable. This video should not have "Dislike" button.
Ramon Gonzalez Diaz (6 months ago)
i have a 15 year old girl and she is still great,
Jim Behr (1 year ago)
DB Cats probably disliked it.
Haider Bilgrami (2 years ago)
dogs are not dogs they are simply four legged babies
Trevor Layton (2 years ago)
JackRussells are 1/3 dog, 1/3 cat and 1/3 human.
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
haha i was about to say same thing... sooo cute
Amy Destiny (2 years ago)
That is why you should have a dog 🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳
lipsmackin1 (1 year ago)
Amy Destiny ij
Linda Smith (2 years ago)
As a Jack Russell owner for many years I can assure you those dogs are NOT concerned with making those babies laugh. Jacks view everything as a challenge or a toy, something with which to entertain themselves. No, those dogs were not on the attack, but Jacks are strong & tenacious; they play rough. My dogs are only allowed around small kids with intense supervision.
Matt Wilson (1 year ago)
Mine wouldn't hurt a fly. He's too much of a pussy, scared of his own shadow.
Keyser Soze (1 year ago)
My JRT bit my 4 month old nephew on his ass cheek out of jealousy over attention. She also growls whenever she sees little kids outside no way I keep them around kids
takeachillpillsis ! (1 year ago)
we only let our dog around kids 10+ he’s really good with kids but he likes to play fight a lot. but for some reason he hates males? but only in the house maybe because it’s his territory? and he likes to challenge you a lot too ahaha
Joshua Rosen (1 year ago)
Absolutely right. Now matter how lovely or playful a dog might seem, it only takes a moment for a game to turn nasty and a baby cannot defend itself against a JRT. The potential consequences don't bear thinking about.
Matt Wilson (1 year ago)
Mine is an absolute pussy, scared of his own shadow. I would have no problems letting him play with kids. It is all in the way you train them.
Ignorance - this is a terrier, if you knew the breed well you would never have done this. Ive had 2 Jack Russels and would never have them in the same room, no amount of laughter will stop an unexpected accident.
takeachillpillsis ! (1 year ago)
especially the bubble one! so close to the babies face!
Joshua Rosen (1 year ago)
You are absolutely right. Jack Russells are great dogs but they are terriers and they love killing things. So many of these short clips could have gone horribly wrong. It made me cringe.
Mii Kay (1 year ago)
depends on the dog. I know that my JRT is super friendly with children and he never play bites. My new JRT puppy though....wouldn't trust him with anything his size that can't defend itself
Bela Lara (2 years ago)
Aww let me feed you. So cute. only baby!
Robin Labert (2 years ago)
Whenever bored, your video will make me smile. Thanks
Rachel Iheme (2 years ago)
The baby at 3:11 looks like the miniature Mr. Clean guy lol
itz rahul (2 years ago)
is bull dog is familiar??...I want to buy a bull dog
takeachillpillsis ! (1 year ago)
itz rahul bull dogs don’t tend to be mean but like any dog it needs supervision around children:)
Butters The Bean (2 years ago)
Nothing cuter than babies and their furry friends.
corinne glaser (2 years ago)
Thanks again for your beautiful video, after a bad day you had me smiling.
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
Welcome,my dear<3
Rick Deckard (2 years ago)
Yep. Blow bubbles near your kid's exposed appendages (and face) and post it up online. Real smart. I can hear the chomping from the dogs going after the bubble.
Keyda Van (11 months ago)
Yes it's true. Baby laughs are so cute; but it's a bad idea to have snapping teeth too close to young children, especially babies! My JR doesn't mean to hurt me; but when he gets very playful, his teeth will sometimes get my hand. Not so terrible if it's me, but I'm very careful to protect my grand-kids!
Noelene (1 year ago)
Dog Loves Baby... I totally agree 👍. Had our rescue JRT for 15 wonderful years, and not once did he bite or harm a child or BABY ❤️
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
i love that so much..what a lovely breed :D
A D (2 years ago)
beautiful babies!!!! beautiful dogs!!!!
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
this is the most beautiful things
Sarah Franks (2 years ago)
These are cute but some of these are dangerous. Like dog bitting at bubbles right by babies face. Smh. ?
AngeloR674 (8 months ago)
Sarah Franks I Agree 1000 percent! Even though the dog looks harmless! Its dangerous to let a baby that close! Shame on the idiot parents!
Gerardine Cizmar (2 years ago)
Same with my Parson Russell. He's 26 lbs but his teeth and jaw pressure are significant for a dog that size and we don't even let him around adults. The over protective behavior that's built into a lot of these terriers can be dangerous. He's very smart but his drive to protect is too high and he goes nuts if he even sees us play fighting. I've been training him since I got him at 8 months but when you have one as high strung at mine, it's impossible to change them completely. Being stubborn is part of their personality.
Mitch Hughes (2 years ago)
Reload Jacks are known for not being good around kids. My dog has a great character and is spoiled rotten but around kids I have to keep my eye on him.
Valentin Lance (2 years ago)
When my mother worked as a pediatric nurse as a young lady in West Germany, most of the children that she saw in the hospital were there because a dog bit them in the face. Even if a dog doesn't mean to hurt a child, but just wants to play, you have to be careful. a baby's face is a lot softer than a dog's bite.
Reload (2 years ago)
Jack's are not known for biting, don't talk shit. It's all about getting to know your dog's character and temper and training and TREATING them well. I trust dog's WAY more than I trust people.
B Robinson (2 years ago)
Adorable, absolutely
Florijan Arifi (2 years ago)
Man of
MagdaLuiza Moraes (2 years ago)
lindo amor e demostrando cuidadosamente isso E o Amor que leva confiança
Rose White (2 years ago)
I need that toy, can you help me, cute dog! What a lovely
Rose White (2 years ago)
What's up?
Rose White (2 years ago)
Emily Romero (2 years ago)
Rose White jjjjjjjjjjjj joooolp0ppppppgigllllljwjqjq
Dejan Tasevski (2 years ago)
i love animals and babies like and good video
Dog Loves Baby (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for watching! Nice day !
Larr Maya (2 years ago)
So sweet, Dog and baby are all my life
Berta Brady (2 years ago)
That's so scary. Everyone knows babies are dangerous.
Kristina Pine (2 years ago)
🐸 🏂🏂🐵🐒🐵 I have grown up with a dog after 7 years
Morrow Andrea (2 years ago)
Dog and baby scramble for toys, but I do not see any of them being angry. They show interest in this scramble.

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