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5 Signs That She Likes You!

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Text Comments (5964)
Emoney 700 (4 hours ago)
I like a girl but I don’t know how to tell her any advice
she stole my vbucks but give me robux
Big Daddy (1 day ago)
I tried this and now im locked up awaiting my trial
Chewy (1 day ago)
Do girls like chess?😂😂😂
Righteous1 (2 days ago)
She also plays mind games so you get confused
Alex Lopez (3 days ago)
King Kyalo (3 days ago)
The cold shoulder thing happened to me first i thought she liked me next...dont wanna tok abt it .HELP
james w (3 days ago)
Is it just me or at the beginning of the video can you see a hickey on his chest
Message (3 days ago)
a girl keeps looking at me, and when i look back.. she look the other way.... BTW i'm ugly Asf
JONNY Martinez (4 days ago)
Does he have a hickey😂?
Jenna Stama (6 days ago)
Oh no I’m EXPOSED 😂😂😂
Maxi James (6 days ago)
no cap
King Panda (8 days ago)
Does this man have a hickey????😂😂😂😂
Dennis Marvin Fanega (8 days ago)
Not all girls know how to initiate conversation, so it doesn't mean that if a girl doesn't know how to initiate conversation she's not into you. Sometimes, it's a guy thing to keep the conversation going with a girl if you really want to pursue her big time.
Yusaku Fudo (9 days ago)
This is really complicated it really depends on woman
X3DN (9 days ago)
She said she’s waiting for me am I retarded
chewy b (9 days ago)
My crush told my friend that she likes me but avoids me in class. What are you thoughts?
louis capan (9 days ago)
My man 😂 you destroyed me 😂
xOJx_ lol (10 days ago)
If i get more then 20 likes then ill tell my crush if she likes me
LouisEnglish (11 days ago)
0:50, well damn😄
Sketching Artist (11 days ago)
What do you do if the girl you think likes you comes up to you while sitting somewhere, lays next to you on the floor, and basically asks you to ask her to prom?
Brace Exo (11 days ago)
0:54 rip lmao
KiLL DoZeR (11 days ago)
broads are nuts
Billy McCarthy (11 days ago)
I'm about to find out in an hour. Wish me luck motherfuckers!!
Rocky I love all video (12 days ago)
all super video.s dear.
Rocky I love all video (12 days ago)
all super video.s dear.
KawaiiKitty _xoxo (12 days ago)
Is It Weird That Imma Girl And I’m Watching This?? XD
Captain ME (13 days ago)
I dont even need these tips because my crush told me that she likes me
Trevors Awesomeness (14 days ago)
If she ask for a hug a lot does she like me?
JaysonPlayz- MineCraft (14 days ago)
What kind of thumbnail is this bitch
Lunaztra Z (15 days ago)
What if you Straight and a gay likes you?..happens allot to me kind of akward sometimes to be honest
EputriLlA3000 - (15 days ago)
Fr im 11 and my crush fell on me on purpose fr i fell and she fell on me
NxT소원 (16 days ago)
1. Yeah she's done that 2. Nah 3. Never 4. Makes eye contact, good body language 5. She accidentally touches my hand Overall: No I guess
Sahid Garip (17 days ago)
Lol #2 every one in middle school is like dat not even when there is a connection. Watching this 2019???
why tho (17 days ago)
I'm just watching this to find out if my crush will know I like him
Tom Tanjili (17 days ago)
Bro Jose you are fuckin handsome bro..the whole duration of this video i always look at you.. im a bisexual and i find you very very handsome... thank u for being my everyday inspiration..
Paul Nigel Rivero (18 days ago)
All of this happend with 5 girl dang im sexy
. (19 days ago)
What if she gave me a hey but with only one y
Anjum Sahid (19 days ago)
Bro is that a love bite in ur neck ?? Or a mosquito bite u...
Daisy The Pomsky (19 days ago)
1% people here are in elementary 99% middle school and over
Jeremy Sargeant (20 days ago)
Nice hickey
Hoyt Sigman (20 days ago)
Girls at school we're all over me at school because of my outfit and my crush walked by me in class and was making a joke with me and touched my shoulder and rub my hair and she's more opened up do you think she might like me?🤔
maxwell ru182erzz (20 days ago)
Many girls ignore us because they want to get our attention that sounds stupid but it is real
Jeremy Sargeant (20 days ago)
I wish
Inspire time (20 days ago)
When puberty hits 0:50 1) She’s never texted me first 2) In class when the person behind me isn’t there she will move to that seat 3) she will start lightly hitting me 4) She will make eye contact when we are not even talking 5) She laughs at a lot I say 6) She plays with her hair. The worst one 7) SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND ALREADY
Flirth (20 days ago)
Yes on all 5 signs but we are really good friends so it might just be casual friend shit who knows
vashtify (22 days ago)
But for example eye contact is hard for more shy people
Omar Bezzi (22 days ago)
Girls sometimes ignore you to make you love them am sure about it Not all the time will text quickly I see you girls ?😂😂😂😂😂
KirkAlishes 10 (22 days ago)
Hes got a Hickey at 0:21
Iemand Die bestaat (22 days ago)
Well i'm an idiot, me and the girl where talking a few weeks back. At a certain point she wanted to hug me, so we hugged and it was the first time i hugged. While hugging my hands were low and i joked about it. She said i don't mind if you touch my but or elsewhere. I only realized what that meant 8 days later. Conclusion : i'm an idiot
T E K (21 days ago)
Anime Girl (22 days ago)
Lol, am I the only girl that's watching this to know how to show him I like him?😅
Steez (23 days ago)
I just realized u have a hickey on ur collarbone
Matthew Smithey (23 days ago)
B:women are some sick weird creatures
GUNFUN 777 (23 days ago)
A girl from class tickled my belly, she pretty cute tho so, should I make a step or should I wait for her to take steps. I know she's interested but I rather want her asking me out, that way I'm sure she does like me. What should I do? Wait or be active?
Mahed Azhar (23 days ago)
What if she is egoistic
Super Flip Pranks (24 days ago)
Number One - personal space Two - personal space Three - personal space Rick and Morty bitches!
david jones (24 days ago)
I mean i respect womens, but if there just being assholes and just playing withus like we need to prove we deserve her than its better to stay single, tbh. There wont be any expenses to. 😑😑😑😑
david jones (24 days ago)
Not every one can be jhonny sins for her dont have that time sorry.
NOOBY pro (25 days ago)
She dont even know i exist!!
9_Frosty (26 days ago)
Girls in chat hit me up
That crazy Guy (26 days ago)
Just a quastion 2 my felow mens. Is it really normal to be 16 years old and never had a girl friend? Its not that im unattractive( atleast i dont think so) Since im 6 feet tall. It feels like i have seen other girls do the same things to me a few times, but it is really rare. So my quastion is, is it normal to still be singel when ur 16 years old? I just wanna know since now in my class it is ppl with girlfriends, now that someone likes them or have had one or two.
Martynas K (27 days ago)
Alright, guys I have a problem... In person the girl breaks the touch barrier with me 24/7, she once rested her hand on my knee on the bus, she also taps me every time she starts speaking and keeps eye contact extremely long... However, she doesn’t seem to text me online, I’m the one who texts her first, also she doesn’t seem to engage in the conversation when texting... I was gonna tell her I like her, but idk if I should, a few people told me she might like another guy... We only got to know each other recently as she’s two years younger than me, but now we started to move apart as we were doing a French exchange when I got to know her... Here and there we talk in school...
Katherine Bloxburg (29 days ago)
Im watching this if he is right
Ian Torres (29 days ago)
Am I the only one who saw that Hickey on his collarbone 🤔
mahi chowdhury (29 days ago)
Gabriel Bian (29 days ago)
What if you dont like the girl😭
dang lmao 0:00
Glorified Sycophants (29 days ago)
Well holy shit a lot of hoes want my d thanks jose n btw she accidently touch my down south
ROBLOXGAMING (1 month ago)
All that happened to me and she is 3 yrs elder than me but she tells that she is in love with an other guy and 😉........ She asks me out ! 😉😉😉😎
Dandre Robinson (1 month ago)
What emojis they used when they are into you 🤔?
a n t i m a t e r i a (1 month ago)
Be careful these days, girls would show they like you only to mess with you psychologically, emotionally, legally and economically.
Carlos (1 month ago)
Nice hickies dude
Jovan Pertuz (1 month ago)
The first 24 seconds what you said I have experienced.girls are hard to figure out 🤷‍♂️
Marlon Nodal (1 month ago)
When I like a woman I make my move so hard that wether she doesn’t like me or I’m in a room that’s not mine it’s going to take the swat team to get me out and I ain’t going down without a fight
THE SPECS GUY (1 month ago)
Woman plays mind game yes this is absolutely right actually . I,m commenting after proposing my crush she says she will reply me in few days . It is truth she gives me flying kisses from her rooftop 3-4 times and after sometime she was like who the fuck are you . ( Maybe because her relatives was there) . I don,t know what is going to happen but just watching this video for some confidence . Good Tips Bro :) . Plus she says she will reply me of my proposal in some days . Wish me Luck 😊
SHADILAY (1 month ago)
5/5 time to not do anything and wonder why I’m like this
habib oluyemo (1 month ago)
Ok she likes me, now what? That’s the problem
matic panjtar (1 month ago)
Help me boys cuz i think i have chanses wit her! She slaped an touched my arm for few sec cuz i said joke of her and then laughed together lodly and the it all repeated once more help?!?
Gaming With Fury (1 month ago)
Top 5 signs my crush isn't showing 😂😂
Logan On Games (1 month ago)
Who likes me???
Jordan Kosick (1 month ago)
Any girls watch these to see if the guys are right?
AnotherStyleMore 419 (1 month ago)
If she touch my ass every time ??
unoriginal_ (1 month ago)
am I the only girl here...? (im here cuz I’m wondering if I’m being too obv) (Signs)
NoMansArmy YT (1 month ago)
Merakii (1 month ago)
Uhh Jose what’s that on your neck😅😂
Ian-Con Bason (1 month ago)
thank you bro, its effective!
SnowWolf Killer (1 month ago)
...is that a hickey on his neck...?
iWoolfie (1 month ago)
Ok. I've noticed a few girls before they walk past me on the street they touch their hair and look the other way. This has happened multiple times. Does this mean they have no interest?
Marios Balla (1 month ago)
Man all that things she does that but she sayed she is with another maybe is that weird game too
TH3 B34ZT (1 month ago)
The only time a girl txts me first is when they tryna guess if i smoke weed or not
Juan SAMUDIO (1 month ago)
I’m using Jose’s video to tell a girl how to give hints to guys
M M (1 month ago)
Bro you got me slapped
PyroCatFX (1 month ago)
None of these are true with my crush so I guess she doesn't like me.
Fuzzy 442 (1 month ago)
Im watching this with my crush
Dave Luna (1 month ago)
He got hickeys
Crab Nachos (1 month ago)
Idk why I'm here cause I'm a girl but here's a few tips. She likes u if she... Bites her lip around u Blushes, laughs a lot, smiles a lot, sneaks in glances, or holds eye contact with u for 10 seconds or more (unless she's shy) when ur talking to her. Ur welcome
Tanbir Hazarika (1 month ago)
Want to get a girlfriend? Read more
I have a problom to solve becase i think a girl named jaci likes me so i hope this helps!
Lorik (1 month ago)
So this girl I don't like at all she is in everything with me: Quizes, Spelling Bees, exams etc... When we are practicing for one of those three she always nudges me, sits next to me, tries to start a conversation, asks about my personal life and more! A lot of guys have a crush on her but I have high standards 😀 Edit: Also another girl.... I can make a crappy joke *she laughs* others whom are my friends I tease them or annoy them (playfully sometimes),I try to annoy her she just smiles and makes eye contact, she is known for being like a teachers pet and can debate with anyone to come out on top, she can't stand annoying! BUT SHE CAN STAND ME.... But the girl I *had* a crush on she thinks that I still like her so....women are damn confusing⭐
Xyz Zba (1 month ago)
I am taller than my crush and she said i need to have almost equal height with her 😢😢 what should i do to decrease my height ?
THE GHOST (18 days ago)
Xyz Zba amputate ur legs bud... nah just kidding I don't think there is a way to shrink or get shorter
Me myself (1 month ago)
What if this girl in my tuition smiles at me for 3-4 seconds and was always putting her hair up. I don't even know her but does she like me?
SHADILAY (1 month ago)
If your profile pic is you than she probably likes you
FlumBlum Summers (1 month ago)
1. NO 2. NO 3. NO 4. NO So does that mean in the 13 years of my life no chick has liked me?
Rocketon Gaming (1 month ago)
nobody: me: *gets left on seen*

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