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Military Surplus Packs / Rucksacks (Alice Pack, German, Swiss, USMC ILBE)

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Military Surplus Packs/Rucksacks (Alice Pack, USMC ILBE, etc) are a great investment for many reasons. Military Surplus Packs/Rucksacks are made to last and cheap, comfort might be low depending on the one you buy. Some people will want to use these as prepper or bug out bags, other just as a wilderness bag like myself. The USMC ILBE is highly comfortable, while some older vintage type bags are not. The price on Military Suplus Packs/Rucksacks is usually reasonable and much less than consumer packs, but you will give up some comfort. The Alice Pack for example is an example of a decent comfort level, yet high carry rate and very versatile with having an external frame. But something like a Swiss Mountain Ruck Sack (Rubberized) is highly weather resistant, but comfort is an afterthought, but still is cheap around $20 currently. When it comes to Military Surplus Packs/Ruck Sacks you just have to try them out and see which one works for you, trial and error really. https://www.facebook.com/capberz www.captainberz.com
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ScottyM1959 (24 days ago)
I carried the ALICE medium pack w/o a frame and still have it! I've seen and have always wanted a large with frame (just in case Santa is a viewer lol.) Just make sure you are getting U.S. government issue because I've heard negative reviews on the Rothco version of the ALICE packs.
Tristan Davies (1 month ago)
Problem with the ILBE is it is a hiking pack, great for civilian use, terrible while wearing any gear or armor.
vocalpatriot (3 months ago)
if the gregory pack is rated at 9 1/2.....what would a 10 look like?
CaptainBerz (3 months ago)
Phillip Nunya (3 months ago)
I've got a large Army internal frame field pack with an internal frame. The cool thing about it is that the straps have an adjustable height on a rail.
Phillip Nunya (3 months ago)
+Ed Wo Yep, it is indeed.
Ed Wo (3 months ago)
Phillip Nunya if it’s US military it’s probably a CFP 90.
Micah Frye (3 months ago)
Where are you buying your stuff? Alice packs with the straps and frame and a ridiculous 90$ ilbe packs are 2-300$ can't say anything about the others
Mark Becker (4 months ago)
Where are you finding the alive pack for $20 and the ILBE for $100???
everyday learning (4 months ago)
This reviewer has clearly had misinformation from inadequate internet sites selling some of these crappy products. Some are good but if people must still modify their packs in over the top ways, with all the choices now present, you've possibly made a wrong pack choice initially. Don't get me wrong, Mods are great but it's better to make an informed decision than reinvention (albeit cheaper packs are economical to modify, logically).
Jay M (2 months ago)
You're talking nonsense. I can only speak in UK cost terms, but I spent £134.99 on a Karimor SF Sabre pack and side pouches three years ago, the 'go to' rucksack for people with a bit of spare cash, then last year spent £20 on a Swedish LK45 and a further £15 modding it (padded straps and waist belt + wax finish). It is by far a more comfortable pack for long journeys with no back sweat, haven't reached for Sabre since. So you still can't see the value in buying cheap surplus and modding? What about people who can't go dropping that kind of money on a pack? Should they just buy an inferior product or just not go outdoors? Use your common sense man.
Cthulhu 669 (4 months ago)
My location causes me to be more likely to "bug in" , and I keep 2 packs in case "bug out" becomes necessary. I have 2 packs, the MARPAT ILBE with assault pack, and the 5.11 tactical rush 72. I have plenty of MOLLE packs, and make extensive use of compression sacks. '
Aaron T (5 months ago)
Check out the current Army rucksacks in the old ACU/UCP camouflage. Best out of these and it’s a phased out pattern now, so they’re good to own, and not too expensive
Ed Wo (3 months ago)
Aaron T ACU is a bullet sponge camouflage pattern.
Ryan Victoria (5 months ago)
Yep! Soldiers are paid to be uncomfortable anyway😀
SOGsniper (5 months ago)
The US marine core back pack i have been locking for that for many years i find some of them on Ebay but then many dont want to ship them and if they ship it its expensive to ship some charge a lot of money so you can buy 2 of them instead. and i want one whit all original complete component like the 3 day assault pack ect every part nothing missing...
tvbox 69 (6 months ago)
*** Count how many times you say ahhh and umm. It’s rather tiresome! ***
CaptainBerz (6 months ago)
Love you! ❤️
Tom Ballard (6 months ago)
I have had a couple of these packs.The Swiss was my least favorite.Dug in my side and hurt my shoulders.Gave it away to a friends kid,didn’t really like him anyway.The only plus was you could carry a k31 rifle in between the frame and pack with the butt down.Had an Alice pack but sold it to a friend when my kid gave me a ilbe gen 1 pack.What a mistake.The gen 1 will hold everything you need and some with add ons.The Alice was just the right size for a week outing or longer if you add other stuff.Like butt pack,m16 ammo packs,or any other small pack.I always told my friend I was sorry I sold it to him and when I found a deal for a new one I jump on it.I ‘m 62 and I’ll use the Alice most of the time.Also had the old Alice for 30 years and it still going strong with my friend.
SRK Survival (7 months ago)
ALICE Pack vs ILBE = ALICE Pack all day long. Personally I would go with the Medium ALICE Pack over the large because of how it carries. The ILBE has too many straps, it doesn't pack very well, and the waist strap doesn't stay tight. Personally, USGI is typically not the way to go when it comes to a rucksack (never thought I would say that until I joined the military). Save up some cash, go with a Hill People Gear pack. You won't regret it. https://hillpeoplegear.com/Products
Zeles (9 months ago)
The Alice is horrible for your back. I have a large and a middle one and both are like you mount a barrel on your back. You always have to hunch over. Just get a more modern rucksack if you value your health.
Zeles So youre saying that militaries don't care about the health of their personel? Tha's very concernig
Florian Blank (9 months ago)
at 3:17, the pouch you metion is for an isolated matress like this one. https://www.ebay.de/itm/BW-BUNDESWEHR-ISOMATTE-FALTBAR-1-WAHL-UNTERLEGMATTE-BODENMATTE-SCHLAFSACK-MATTE/253134470727?hash=item3aeffd7e47:g:GdUAAOSwWjpZrY4A bw iso matte , maybe this helps :)
Broadsidejohn (11 months ago)
The Euros resent Americans even though we do the heavy lifting, military-defense wise. They strip their military to have money to give to muslim imams that immigrate to their countries that hate them and want to conquer. Anyway, their nations and cultures are being erased. Cheers.
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porkbap55 (1 year ago)
Swiss m90 pack got one cut the shoulder straps off and put some shoulder straps off a berghus day yoke great pack plenty of room good day pack great video mate
James Cooper (1 year ago)
I came across a pack in my job and I can't figure out what era it is from.
StopFear (1 year ago)
Another technical question. Are there backpacks made from synthetic material that is significantly lighter than the canvas material, but which is made to be durable as well? Maybe even some expensive synthetic material. As long as it is not one of those Chinese plastic materials.
StopFear (1 year ago)
What is the function of the multiple horizontal straps on the outside of the modern US backpack? I always see them on authentic and on imitation “military” backpacks.
ronaldonmg (6 months ago)
I think it's to attach pouches, either molle-pouches or things with alice-clips
StopFear (1 year ago)
Lol Swedish/Swiss. But it’s ok, it is an honest mistake and many people confuse the two counties or forget which one is Swiss and which one is Swedish
Edgardo Valle (1 year ago)
I want 2 one for school and one for a survival prep. I fear though the if I take o e to school they will ask if im.in. the military and I say no then they would be like why do you have this bag then, well. Because I wanted the bag
Mario Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Edgardo Valle Just wear and use what you want man. Don't listen to other people.
joseph brown (1 year ago)
I added Tactical Tayler Super straps to my Alice packs ,both med and large, and it felt like a new pack in terms of comfort to me. I also added 4 viet nam era butt packs to the med Alice to add a substantial amount of volume.
David Lorell (1 year ago)
Thanks Cap👍
Codename Hannibal (1 year ago)
If you go with the ALICE pack use ITW replacement buckles on all webbing straps and get the MOLLE II shoulder straps with frame or the FILBE straps with frame.
Mike Boone (1 year ago)
Aaron Freeman (1 year ago)
The pouch in the Gebirgejager pack, is for a German sleeping pad...
bentontool (1 year ago)
Get a MOLLE II frame- belt- shoulder straps for your Swiss.
eugen jigane (2 years ago)
hy does the side pockets on the german alpine rucksack fits 1l nalgene water bottle thank you
Yep, my old school Army Alice/Ruck sack is the best! Most damned useful thing ever.
ExPDsniper (2 years ago)
Have you had any experience with the CFP-90 pack?  Thanks..
L O R I S B (2 years ago)
What about the Berghaus Munro?
lone Survivor (2 years ago)
We're did you get the Alice backpack
CaptainBerz (2 years ago)
eBay has them
littleblackdoglilg (2 years ago)
I agree with everything in this video. I attached my Swiss m90 to an old 70's external frame and it rides great. The Alice frame was too narrow. I was hoping for more comfort from my Alice packs but the way the frame curves in at the top was killing me. I clamped it to a concrete wall and bent it straight. Much better now.
Kenn Harris (2 years ago)
Great video! You covered a LOT of packs with pros/cons for each! Thanks...you confirmed my recent purchase...now to 'furnish' it and try it out, then improve on it! Thanks for an excellent and well thought out video!
CaptainBerz (2 years ago)
Thanks for the kind words.
How dumb would I look with that ilbe pack for school? Lol
dzrt goat (2 years ago)
you played $28 for the Allice pack where?????
dzrt goat (2 years ago)
Cookiemaster thanks
hazel (2 years ago)
im not sure if this is the one, but here anyways: http://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Army-OD-Large-ALICE-LC-1-Combat-Field-Pack-with-Liner-/112056601069?hash=item1a171809ed%3Ag%3Aaq0AAOSwqfNXj3jN
Dakota Fanning (2 years ago)
Great video and conducive reviews. This is definitely going to help me pick out the right backpack, Thanks!
Mike Box (2 years ago)
the first pack is a Swiss Assault pack, old model. no longer issued.
JoseloPezoa (2 years ago)
Bushcraft Angrygerman (3 years ago)
nice video bro I have a large and medium packs and they are great and if you want a marden pack the tenton sport it's pretty tough
ToyotaTrucksR4Girls (3 years ago)
The Swiss pack???
USMC H&S 2/9 (3 years ago)
After all the bags I went back to the versatile ALICE packs. I put Molle II shoulder and kidney pad an attached it to a USGI MOLLE II gen IV plastic frame. great comfort and load carrying. No new issue compares. IMHO. also, you can add Molle or alice pouches for extra uses.
papaschuette (2 years ago)
I'm in the process of converting my large and medium ALICE packs to the Hellcat configuration. Molle II shoulder straps and waist belt on the aluminum frame. Also adding the Sleep System Bag Carrier to the both of them.
calmanny (3 years ago)
Thank you for your Review.
BAZYRKYRS BUNKER (3 years ago)
I wish I paid $100 for my ILBE. I paid $300 for it (new) and $100 for each of the uber rare (new) Recon Sustainment Pouches.
everyday learning (4 months ago)
$400 for a pack..pfft, too much money. I'd recommend these brands... Wisport, Karrtimor Sf, Berghaus Military.
Joseph Saetveit (3 years ago)
Don't forget that the ILBE is part of a system that includes an Assault Pack, a Hydration pack and side pouches that all can attach to the main pack. There are a ton of videos about this entire system, which can give you a lot of flexibility.
l0lxlllxl0l (3 years ago)
what are good sites to find surplus packs like these?
895austin (3 years ago)
+l0lxlllxl0l Try eBay. That's where I got my MOLLE II pack, CFP-90 pack, all my ALICE packs, ILBE pack, I even got the assault packs for all the larger packs. I also don't have all the money in the world so I buy my packs by the piece and assemble them. Like the ILBE pack, I paid $70 for the main pack new. The rest of the components I bought used for lesser money. Then as I go along I'll try and buy the components for the ILBE pack new.
Rasiab's Gaming Corner (3 years ago)
What do yiu think a out the molle II pack from the us army?
Thomas Styron (3 years ago)
also ILBE pack straps are sewn on to the pack and have a tendency to rip off at the shoulder when they are really loaded down. Its not much fun carrying you pack with one shoulder strap through the mountains at night.. I have never seen the ALICE pack strap rip but I'm sure it happens. Good thing is you can just put a new strap on the ALICE.
Craig Pruett (2 years ago)
I love my medium Alice pack for me. For now though. i have a large Alice pack I keep in the closet for me, my gf, and the three kids under 10. they each have their own little bags, but for big stuff i guess itll be up to dad lol.
Ted Bundy (2 years ago)
What was the general consensus of the CFP-90 Pack ?? Was there problems with the shoulder straps ripping out of the yoke ?
895austin (3 years ago)
+Thomas Styron You can replace the ILBE pack straps. They are removable without any tools. But, I do like the tried and true ALICE pack. I too have never seen anything break on an ALICE pack. When I was in the Marines (97-01) they were still issuing us the ALICE. My ALICE pack had to have been from the 80's and still worked no matter what. Even when they issued us the CFP-90 Pack, I still used the ALICE.
Thomas Styron (3 years ago)
We got issued the ILBE when I went on my first pump to afghan. Its a great pack until you are wearing a plate carrier. All the weight of the bag really digs the bottom edge of your sapi plate into your back and rubs raw spots on your back. That happened to me nearly every ruck run or hike I went on. A lot of the senior guy brought their own ALICE pack over to use when we went on ops. I got an ALICE pack with an aluminum frame when I got home and it worked perfect when you have your kit on.
Chris Stroh (1 year ago)
Sorry the Alice Pack has expression date to. I had one in Army in 92 same problems after padding wears out and aluminium frame rubs lower hip. No matter the system you have to replace parts. But as we all know military's recycle equipment. I have no idea of telling you number of years or hands my Alice Pack went through.
Larry Koziol (2 years ago)
Thomas Styron That is great to know about the fit. I use both the med & large Alice depending on season but was looking into a ILBE but will be wearing my plate carrier half the time so the ruck digging in is a no go.
Dom Yare (3 years ago)
You should do review on the SAS GS Bergen or the army Bergen these are both British
michael dahl (3 years ago)
allice pack's are really good but i found them hard to organize, everything Little to big for most castigators of items
TechysTechTalk (3 years ago)
Where could I find the us Alice pack for 28 bucks with frame?
USMC H&S 2/9 (3 years ago)
check out old grouch
895austin (3 years ago)
+TechysTechTalk The ALICE pack market has went up. There are some rare deals out there but not many. Your probably going to have to pay a little bit for one. You can try buying piece by piece then assembling the pack. Try going on eBay and see what you can find. That's where I get my packs.
USMC H&S 2/9 (3 years ago)
+TechysTechTalk $39 at a local pawn shop. But I already have new for free.
Arteom Pisarchuk (3 years ago)
You'd never find one with a frame for 30 bucks.I've seen them for 60 though.
otsys77 (3 years ago)
For the Swedish/Swiss (sic) ruck I would go with the "Sandpiper Pack Mule frame." I use one with my Large Alice pack and love it. Plus they have a strap kit that will retrofit any pack. They are pricey, but it's that or let a beloved ruck gather dust.
IQ encodoc (1 year ago)
The nomenclature of the bag is M90 and is Swiss, just as the name of the camo pattern used by the Swedish is M90, hence why he probably thought that both countries use the bag.
TIm Janßen (4 years ago)
The German Military doesn´t use this pack anymore, they have a new one for a long time. So in germany you can buy these packs for little money.
Scout Sniper (4 years ago)
Where did u get that really cool hoodie from?
Ken Clark (4 years ago)
It's an underarmor brand olive green cotton fleece with water resistant coating. I think this is his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOLFMq7vuYI It's sold out supposedly, but I suspect there will be better alternatives available today. 
False Shepherd (4 years ago)
ILBE PACK FOR 80 BUCKS ?! NO fucking way !  At least not in Germany :/ they are way over a 100 bucks !
Ken Clark (4 years ago)
It's $80 for surplus ILBE from MidwayUSA, but it is at least $180 for packs that supposedly have never been issued. I'd assume it would be very expensive to get one shipped out there, especially with the Euro having greater weight on the continent. I'm having trouble finding good modern Flecktarn, I'd especially like to try the light colored desert version because I think the beige will blend in better during the winter in the woods where I live. 
Zach Hawkins (4 years ago)
Does anybody know where I can find the rubberized swiss mountain pack that berz mentions in the description, preferably one that has a price point somewhere below the stratosphere -_-
Zach Hawkins (4 years ago)
shylildude (4 years ago)
where did you buy that sweater from?
001tonbushcrafting (4 years ago)
its underarmour  
harnamthandi (4 years ago)
Seriously? Swedish/Swiss backpack? They are two different countries. You really need to work on your geography mate! It's insulting to the citizens of that country.
Deep South New Zealand (5 months ago)
probably thinks dutch people live in denmark
Kurt Russell (8 months ago)
He is not your "mate".......HE IS NOT YOUR FUCKIN MATE!!!!
1Noisycricket (9 months ago)
If he doesn't know he doesn't know. He made a mistake. Why get offended by someone making a mistake? Its a simple bit of ignorance and we are all ignorant. Need a tissue?
bashfulbrother (1 year ago)
Did you or any of the other critics here actually watch the video? You see, I thought the video was about military surplus rucksacks. Am I mistaken? Is this really a major concern in your life? If so, you might think about seeing someone before you end up walking into a schoolhouse and killing a bunch of people.
IQ encodoc (1 year ago)
Anyway, he wasn't saying that Sweden and Switzerland are the same... that's why he used two demonyms for two different countries. Had he said Sweden/Swiss then you would be correct, but he said Swedish/Swiss. Now, where the confusion lies, as to why he thinks that the bag is used by both Sweden and Switzerland, is the nomenclature of the bag. It is an M90 bag, which is Swiss, but M90 is also the name of a camo pattern used by the Swedes. So to most of this thread, don't be twats that are so quick to judge.
sazmoto37 (4 years ago)
Good video, thought I was having wierd flashbacks when I started reading subtitles, lol.
Will Hornbuckle (4 years ago)
Great review Thanks! I think i like the Marine ILBE best... I don't have a pack yet so.... I was in the Army and Infantry 11B so i have done a lot of humping with that US Army  alice pack and i have to think back a long time but i seem to remember my back hurting around 12 miles... Something on it felt like it was pinching a nerve. And i don't have any back problems.. 
Mardiff V. (4 years ago)
Test the German Army Battle rucksack (Kampfrucksack). It is cheap, lots of space (65 liters). The only drawback is that your sleepingpad has to go in the pack, because the backpack lacks an internal/ external frame. That takes up some space.
logtothebase2 (4 years ago)
Do the Swedish and the Swiss use same packs? or is that just a slip of the tongue they have some similar cold climate challenges but I think separated by military traditions not to mention Germany and the Baltic sea, good steer on mil surplus packs seem there does seem to be some good stuff available, and some interesting rugged vintage designs
IQ encodoc (1 year ago)
It was a slip of the tongue in the sense the nomenclature of the bag is M90 and is Swiss, just as the name of the camo pattern used by the Swedish is M90, hence why he probably thought that both countries use the bag..
reddevilparatrooper (4 years ago)
The large ALICE ruck sack can withstand torture like you said,l just love it.I have modified it to take fastex snaps on the straps so opening and closing is easier.I have used the ALICE in the snow,jungle,and in the desert for years with the same pack issued to me in 1989 and still going strong.I have 2 extras i bought because the original issue is kind of fading after years of use and abuse.
robert winchester jr (4 years ago)
Great review,   I was wondering what your thoughts on a cfp-90 pack.   Don't see many reviews on it just wondering if you had any experience with them.   Thanks again Bob
zsdjr1 (4 years ago)
Thanks. I bought one of the ILBE packs for $51 from a amazon seller. You vid was a great help in making a decision on which one to buy.
joseph brown (4 years ago)
 A great way to make the ol Alice pack more comfortable is to ditch the standerd straps and hip belt and put on Tactical Tayler straps and hip belt, IMO , it improves the ol Alice comfort 100%.
iReturnV1deotapes (4 years ago)
That's exactly what I was thinking, but they're EXPENSIVE! The frame from what I understand is also significantly better than the Vietnam era frames that have a stigma of popping out. What I'm thinking for an ultimate Alice pack is getting the TacTailor frame, belt, straps, and then attaching them to a Spec Ops Recon Ruck ALICE pack which is made entirely of 1000d Cordura and has MOLLE webbing around the entire bag.
Bushcraftapprentice (4 years ago)
that little pocket in the german alpine pack is actually meant for the german foldable sleeping mat. that way it also works as a frame to make the pack more stable on your back
dadougro (4 years ago)
What kind of camp axe was that?
Peed 58 (4 years ago)
What do you think about the Army MOLLE II pack? That's the one I have and I'm wondering if I should have went with the ILBE instead..
William Jones (4 years ago)
  Liked the vid.  I'm old Regular Army INFANTRY and humped this bad boy for over 15 years. It's what I'm used to and comfortable with... at age 59!  A couple of points ladies and gentlemen... Always get and use the frame!  1. Plan your pack well!  You don't want to be digging for ammo, trauma kit/IFAK or toilet paper in an "EMERGENCY"!   First have liners, even heavy duty trash bags to line the outer pockets and the main compartment.  Next fill the big barrel first... first with a change of clothes... later your wet/dirty clothes and trash (have extra trash bags... serve various purposes...water carrier, bivy cover, etc.). Next, other stuff, you don't want to dig for until you stop for the night or an extended emergency (fell into an icy river/change clothes, etc.). Light first, then heavier towards the top and stuff you want to protect.  Water filter, breakable survival gear, extra chow, batteries, mini survival books, porn (kidding), fill in the blanks, etc.,  I think the radio pouch is great for two bladders, but TFS makes a good point and he has a bladder carrier already. POCKETS!!! One more time... use each pocket for a specific category i.e. The lower middle pocket = an MRE/one meal and extra spices, plus ebits/alcohol stove, plus fire starters (Bic lighter, dryer lint, etc.)... maybe a pistol!. One lower pocket for your first aid kit, one for your hygiene kit (don't forget tooth pics).  One upper pocket for magazines for your assault rifle or extra ammo (don't forget chest and thigh ammo rigs).  One for a CB Radio Keep the top cover pouch for maps, documents, spar cash, a pistol!  etc. ( All on freezer bags... not the pistol  :-)  ). Attachments points!!! Shovel...Speznats style Non-folding, a kukri!!!, two 1 qt canteens, with cover and canteen cup and Canteen Shop cooker and lid. Bow saw, etc.   Attach a Knife and Flash light to the Shoulder straps.  Also a Compass and carry binos around your neck. ALSO REMEMBER!  The pack should NOT exceed 25% of your body weight.  60-70% of the pack weight should be carried on your hips (Get a 6' tall walking stick from a fallen tree) and lean forward at the waist a little :-)  . Have a good sleep system and small tent... it's worth the weight and give you something to look forward to... a good, dry, comfy night's sleep  :-)  Yeah, carry the sleeping pad attached to the bottom of your ruck!  It light.  Use the outer straps to attach your rain gear and Jacket/ Parka, wet/cold weather gear! BUT REMEMBER... ounces = pounds and pounds = pain, they don't call your pack a tick for nothing (a tick will suck the life right out of you)!  What's the purpose of this pack?  Bug-Out/ 72 hrs?  INCH BAG? = I'm Never Coming Home... what?  Oh, and just because you have lots of room in this bad boy... doesn't mean you have to fill it up cause you may not be able to carry it very far, without a shopping cart... a good car and/or a couple of strong backs! Yes, I live in a city and plan to Bug-In, but I still have this bad boy packed and ready to go into my 4 wheel drive SUV  :-) Good Luck and keep Prepping!  :-)
HighCarbonSteel Love (4 years ago)
Hey CaptainBerz, I recently purchased the Swiss M90 rubber rucksack and am having a tough time finding a smooth way of "packing it out".  It doesnt really have the needed molle straps and the 2 side pouches arent huge.  Your tiny review on it is the only one I have found.  You wouldnt have any old vids with that thing packed, would you?  I am trying to get some ideas but there isnt a lot of reviews on this pack at all.  I love it and would love to "find its groove".  It has kind of a weird shape to it.  Thanks for the informative vids and all that you do, brother! -Dave
Cifyra (4 years ago)
Try and find the Swiss triangle frame http://pnutzzsurplus.com/catalog/images/bag-SwissArmyBP.jpg
Chris John (4 years ago)
The pocket in the german pack, which you described as a place to put a hydration pack or so, actually is the place, where the german military officals want the folding sleeping mat of the Bundeswehr to be put. This gives you additional backpadding, thats why so many people moan about german packs :D
Billybob James (4 years ago)
Wow your ALICE pack is nice and minty!
dreamspettling (4 years ago)
I have had my alice pack since i was 16, I have had a frame, a med, and a large pack to put on it for decades.  and nowadays I just take the frame, with a MSS bungied to it, and a small ruck. and also have a molle butpack,  it is really handy to be able to hike to camp, drop the packs ruck, and bed, and be able to go scout, track, gather, with just the buttpack, and empty alice frame.  never know what you may find to strap to it
Renaissance MarineTV (5 years ago)
good video! only thing I would add is the flap pocket on the alice is a map pocket only. that's all that is supposed to go in it. the opening is made so that you can rip the Velcro apart and pull your map out without disturbing the straps.  cramming this pocket full of stuff would be a bad idea. it wouldn't do its job correctly as a top cover and its not made to hold a lot of stuff. just maps. maps only. so....maps.
Mary Jane Howell (10 months ago)
Renaissance MarineTV m
Shayna Mitchell (5 years ago)
"I like hats!"
Tolik L. (5 years ago)
Alice pack frames seem to be a good way to get a frame on a pack that does not have one , I did that with my flecktarn 3 day german pack , pluss with shelf and mods , you can make it a pretty decent rig .
darthkevin30 (5 years ago)
I love gettin the job done lmao. Good vid man. Keep em coming!
Bama Edwards (5 years ago)
Me and little brother both have a Alice Pack. I love mine, I have a large, he has a small.
MrFrosty (5 years ago)
I picked myself up an ILBE pack which came with the ILBE assault pack as well for $99 shipped on eBay. If you're really looking for that delicate balance between comfort and durability without spending a whole lot, the ILBE pack is the way to go imo.
Robbob9933 (5 years ago)
People mis-understand the ALICE pack on how it is meant to ride on the body.  It was meant to ride high as it was meant to be used work with the web belt and harness.  The pad on the frame was meant to ride high on the hips padding the kidneys not hips.  This makes accessing gear on the web belt possible.
atoddtoa (5 years ago)
Hey thanks, I was really looking for a video comparing ILBE vs consumer packs.  Your review was very concise and quick to deliver necessary information!
CaptainBerz (5 years ago)
Thanks for the kind words!
Scott Dorey (5 years ago)
I like that hoodie! Where'd you get it?
CaptainBerz (5 years ago)
I got a video on it, check it out! Thanks for watching!
kwaky2005 (5 years ago)
I disagree we got those Alice's pretty customized
James Maddocks (5 years ago)
great video, very informative 
NightmareHippy (5 years ago)
If anyone's looking for a pack with civilian comfort AND military durability I've heard Kifaru International's tactical series of packs are top of the line, hope to get one someday myself.
Peed 58 (4 years ago)
Dude ain't nobody gonna spend $600 on those packs when they can get an ILBE for $80..There is not a $520 difference to warrant the money.
jeremyfl (5 years ago)
Also remember the ILBE was designed by Arcteryx, so the comfort level and functionality should be really high.
AbuGrabIt (5 years ago)
I don't want to pay for a pack and motorcycle luggage.  Which pack do you recommend for placing in back of a motorcycle?
AbuGrabIt (5 years ago)
Thanks for a really good video explaining diff packs.
Deputy Prepper (5 years ago)
good job
muy buena informacion
fhjhdsgfkhdsagfhdsgf (5 years ago)
so, the german moinzain backpack does not have a frame, but the all purpose mat inside the inner pocket keeps the backpack more stability.
fhjhdsgfkhdsagfhdsgf (5 years ago)
the trick with the german mountain backpack is the pocket in "notebook" size. actually, you don't put a notebook in there. it is used to put the "all purpose mat" in it. that's an isolating mat, used to sleep on it. you don't roll this mat, you fold (!) it. it fits exactly in the pocket, and it is very robust. it is also quite thin, but it keeps you warm, even in winter.
Aaron Freeman (1 year ago)
In German, it's an isomatte...
Pablo Veyrat (2 years ago)
Yes, that's right. But, while making for a great sitting pad or even a windstopper, is a horrible mat. You cannot sleep on that. Tried a few times outdoors and indoors. It doesn't insulate a thing. I still don't understand how can they issue that for "sleeping"...
mrLertoc (2 years ago)
just about to write the same thing (:
Ariel Valsagna (5 years ago)
It also adds rigidity to the back of the pack, so it sits more comfortably. This is no accident but a very German efficiency oriented way of integrate all of the pieces of equipment you are providing to soldiers anyway.
fhjhdsgfkhdsagfhdsgf (5 years ago)
+CaptainBerz this is the mat http://www.troph-e-shop.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_10_55318.jpg
SINISTER survival (5 years ago)
82 pattern ruck is so far the best pack i have got.  much better then the alice pack for me.  if your tall then check them out there longer then the alice pack so it sits lower.
CaptainBerz (5 years ago)
Parker Holm (5 years ago)
Nice vid, very professional :)
CaptainBerz (5 years ago)
Very good point, unfortunately this is something you cannot plan for sometimes.

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