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The Throwback Kit

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Vintage, Yardsale, Junk Store, Surplus Finds make a great kit for the modern bushman
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J ROWE (4 days ago)
I was looking at this and the You-tuber “Grey Bearded Green Beret” bug out kit. Both very interesting. I would go heavy on bedding depending where you are. At the beginning of WWII soldiers were issued as many as five wool blankets if weather was adverse. According to Bob Dole they were always cold. Then they made the 10th Mountain Division Arctic mummy bags and eventually outfitted everyone. I have the surplus extreme cold weather arctic 4 piece sleeping system from the 2000’s. Once I was in North Dakota just starting out trucking and our dog ran away in -15 degree F weather. We had coats but I had both of us additionally wrap ourselves in thick quilts to look for the dog. We walked around the snowy truck stop for fifteen minutes and then we could feel death set in. They took us inside and gave us free showers and hot chocolate. The dog had gone in a motel with the owner of the motel but we didn’t know it. A soft drink will freeze over on your fender in four minutes in that weather. I have an insulated mechanics suit, waterproof parka, wool hunters cap, and Army “Mickey Mouse” black snow boots I keep for such weather on my truck.
alizarin (6 days ago)
great pack and kit, i like how you got the pack on a budget, thats a great find, its not necessary to buy 500 dollar packs, i really like to see people going with surplus and budget type of equipment, i like your cookset too thats very versatile.
Robert Miller (16 days ago)
Nice kit and I would water proof the the pack plus I would also make a frame for it there are a few ideas on the type you would need on you tube and then I would see about some after market shoulder straps and kidney belt at a military surplus store
Chris Headley (21 days ago)
Alright I caught this video after my comment about beginner packs. Would you mind doing a newer version. I know the more experienced are probably like “come on man” but I would like to see it
leighrate (1 month ago)
Think I would take steps to waterproof the bag. Wet canvas is a serious PITA to dry out. Most of these Milsurp bags have a compartment at the back that is intended to take either a great coat or a wool blanket. That's supposed to provide padding. I personally have found that cutting a couple of foam pads to fit makes a serious difference. Also provides something to sit on.
Micheal Westonn (1 month ago)
No haversack?
AnonymAlkoholiker (1 month ago)
Kuksa, not kuska ;)
Cool Wolf (2 months ago)
do you really need that big rope tho?
Bill Randall (3 months ago)
if you've got ANY spare time, the first 2 months of the Alone show, it's cause you're inept. Every waking minute should be spent on increasing your survivability. You can make netting, trap triggers, sapling frames for netting boxtraps, and snares by firelight, guys. You can do so during heavy rain, too. The fire can have a primitive shelter over it, (kept dampened) cause the minor leaks of such a "shelter' are acceptable over a fire. They are NOT acceptable over you, your gear and your stored food. A 10x10 chunk of your 20x20 tarp, (which is given to you by the show's producers) is your shelter, with the 'camera" 10x10" as your work awning (if needed) and as a rain-fly, double layer of shelter at night. Use a ball bat sized baton to drive some 3 ft long stakes into the ground as far as you can. Lash the 7 ft tall poles to the stakes, and tie the camera 10x10 over the 7 ft poles. Voila, work awning. Eventually, the awning can have brush/debris/dirt sides, to keep out the cold wind. Given debris in between the layers of tarp, they can be rendered into being decently insulatative. Rig the 10x10 with loops and stick toggles, of course, to make it easy to shift it between locations. Keep your shelter low, small and portable, so you can move it to where the easy wood is. Make a wooden bed for it, to get you up off of the ground. Use dovetail notches in the wood, so you dont need so much cordage to keep it solid. Ditto for making the pontoon outrigger raft, of course. For the bed and the awning, do the lashing with roots and vines. Save your good cordage for the raft, cause it's not acceptable for the raft to fall apart! :-)
Bill Randall (3 months ago)
On the alone show, the netting is going to provide you with all the fish you can choke down, so you want to use the 21 treblehooks, 13 of them made out of the snarewire and the 4-tineed fishing arrowheads, to catch birds, and mammals. Some of the netting can be so employed, too, after the fish have gone to deep water. Forget the axe in favor of a Cold Steel shovel, modified to have 8" of saw edge. Forget the belt knife, too, in favor of a modified Crunch multi-tool. In real life, you take saw blades, to be held in the vicegrip of the Crunch and sharpen one edge of the Shovel to a convex chopping shape and the other one, to a narrow, slicing shape. You'll play hell making wire snares and fishhooks with just a belt knife. Ditto pulling broadhead arrows out of trees or bones, or fishhooks out of your body.
Bill Randall (3 months ago)
Instead of having to lug around 30 lbs of winter shelter, sleep gear and clothing, we can now do a better job with less than 10 lbs. That's quite an improvement and we have vaccinations, netting and bug spray for the summer, whereas they just died of mosquito-borne illnesses. There's really no comparison and you REALLY do NOT want to go back to the way things were back then.
Bill Randall (3 months ago)
you can make over 2000 sq ft of 1.5" mesh netting out of the "optional" 12x12 tarp that they let you take on the alone tv show. That is, in conjunction with cutting up half of the 20x20 tarp that they give you .the 10x10 that they give you is enough shelter, if you know what you're doing.with it. This includes taking a 2 person cotton rope hammock, unraveling it down to its smallest strands, weaving those strands into netting. This also includes making the mesh 3" , and then interweaving splits of local roots, tree shoots, vines, and reeds. Yes, including all the other stuff that you need to do, it will take 3 weeks to finish making all the netting, but in the first week, you can have the 5x60 ft seine finished, which is almost certain to be able to feed you. The next week, a baited-net weir is going to be feeding you adequately without your having to do much, and the third week, another weir is going to be providing a surplus of fish, which you'll have to dip in salt brine and smoke/cure. If somebody on the show outweighs you by 70 lbs, and knows to just conserve their calories, you're going to need to catch 600+ lbs of meat and fish in order to win, cause they've got 210,000 calories that you aint got, which is at least a 70 day advantage (again, if they just lay around) If they are even halfway competent, you could easily need to catch 800+ lbs of meat and fish, and your ordeal could last 4-5 months.
Bill Randall (3 months ago)
People dont understand that REAL wood blankets weigh 8 lbs and are very bulky. THAT is the sort of blanket that the frontiersmen used (two of them in winter) with blanket pins, with an oilskin under them on the ground and another one tented over them as protection vs rain and wind. They used horses to carry stuff for a reason, folks. If things got tough, they ate the horse, too. Native americans and other stone-aged people would throw offal to the dogs in order to keep them hanging around, and then ate the dogs in hard times.
Bill Randall (3 months ago)
put 30 lbs in it and walk 10 lousy miles with it, and you'll SEE why we all want PADDEDframes, shoulder straps and hipbelts.
Safe Keeping (4 months ago)
Dude, where is that sweater from?
Sparrow Flying (29 days ago)
If only he would answer.. I want to know what the brand of his anorak is too !!
Svein Trosterud (4 months ago)
The cup is not called Cusca. its Kuksa
Jose Hernandez (4 months ago)
Hey is that an empire canvas wool shirt?
Jared Collins (5 months ago)
How long is the handle after shortening?
Nice to see yet another (former) fellow Keystoner on You Tube! Thanks for sharing!
Joel Braswell (6 months ago)
You made your Felling Axe into a House Axe. I'm not criticizing, just sayin'! :-) . The concept is very legit. In case anyone wants to make one, the typical House Axe is a 2 1/4 lb head on about a 19 inch handle. House Handles, among other handle companies, offers a ready made House Axe Handle. The axe was used primarily around the house (duh!), possibly indoors, and often by women, to spit kindling for the wood stove. In warm climates, cooking was often done on the back porch, or in a detached building to prevent heating the main dwelling. Since the "kitchen" floor was often dirt, wacking away on a log to make kindling in the kitchen next to the stove was not an unreasonable action.
Chad Read (6 months ago)
So weirdly enough I was looking at this pack online earlier and then refreshed YouTube and this video came on my newsfeed. Thanks for all the information on what you carry and the pack. Think I'll get it.
Joseph Lawrence (7 months ago)
Just joined your channel... I really like your simplistic view on bushcraft. I feel a lot of people get hung up on the type and name of gear instead of actually going out and practising there bushcraft skills.
John Roddy (7 months ago)
Thanks for your time making the video
Thomas Nugent (7 months ago)
Very good. Thank you very much
jon louis (7 months ago)
Pretty super video, I liked it a lot.
Paul Wolf (7 months ago)
Good choice of rucksack. Thanks for sharing this with us.
David McDonough (8 months ago)
I love finding youtubers that also love in Pennsylvania. I had a feeling you lived in the northeast because the environment looked a little familiar. Haha definitely a subscriber now
Tony Hollifield (8 months ago)
A good axe is a must for camping/ backpacking. I carry a snow &nealie camp axe. They date back before the Civil War and are great but hard to find. Look for old axe and if you find one with a logo stamp it's old and probably a good one. I love BlueGrass tools and Winchester. But they might be worth to much to use. I've sold them for up to $500. That's a lot to me. Love your videos.
ketcamaro (8 months ago)
I live in PA also.....Tioga Co. You know of any GOOD military surplus stores in Pa.....I havent found to many...there is Lyons Camping Supply in Montoursville,Pa and a place i found in Nichols,NY.....Taylors Military surplus other than that they are few and far between as far as i can find...any recommendations?
Outdoor Dauber (7 months ago)
Check out Coleman's Surplus or Bob's Army Navy in Clearfield. And according to Google, Lyon's is permanently closed.
Russ Chamberlain (9 months ago)
It is called a boys axe handle ; for limbing  and other chors   most are 3 feet
Outdoor Dauber (7 months ago)
A boy's axe handle is closer to 24".
Ross Tapp (9 months ago)
You should exaggerate the cost of these items, it will look better for the IPO.
Ross Tapp (9 months ago)
When are you having a garage sale Dan?
Toby & Jenny (10 months ago)
Where's your gun and traps?
Chaos Reigns (10 months ago)
Are you wearing the Lester River boreal shirt?
Jazz Essential (10 months ago)
Tremendous channel, I absolutely love the aesthetic and overall practicality of your set up. That's an amazing smock you're wearing as well - been looking for one like that for a while! If you don't mind me asking, where about's did you get that and would you recommend it as a outer layer for winter? Sending you thanks you for the wonderful videos from across the pond in the heather moorlands of North England!
Malcolm Smith (10 months ago)
What (or how do you make)"tarred hemp string"?
t bizzle (11 months ago)
t bizzle (11 months ago)
San marcos italan rough sack
Sis1943 (11 months ago)
Pay no attention to the negative thumbs. Consider the source. We humans are not the only critters with thumbs. I find your videos so interesting that I lose all track of time, & very often forget to go to bed at night. I have heard that you can't go home again. They are wrong, you take me home with every video. Thank you. Kate
Shadow X (11 months ago)
I’ve found MANY axes that I would loved to have carried, but the handles were always either too long/short. I CANNOT BELIEVE I was so stupid that I never considered getting one with a longer handle and just cutting it to my preferred length! LOL Great, practical advice as always. Cheers...
Isaac Allerton (1 year ago)
Hi, I liked the video you made. About the ruck sack, you could put in a plastic office trash can to add more support for your back and to make it easier to store your gear. When you get to your camp site you will also have another container and a seat also. I got the information Dave Canterbury on his Bucket Pack. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your video and the information you give out.
SHAGNASTY8 (1 year ago)
check out girl in the woods Alaska Solo Peak & Overnight- Cowboy Style, with Brooke Whipple
Don Natureboy (1 year ago)
Good vid man, loved that you used all natural materals for everthing
ed swede (1 year ago)
that axe is really awesome!
ed swede (1 year ago)
I still have two of these Italian Nato packs, not much modification, just attached a sternum strap.   Been using it for hunting since the early 90's!.  I have always thought about trying to rubberize the top lid and bottom of the pack,
Adventures with Frodo (1 year ago)
People thought the trappers, i.e long hunters in the east and mountain men in the West, wondered around hauling their possession around in a bed room and haversack. Wrong the all used horses and worked in groups of 30+. But that said if you want look up Dave Westcott, golden age of camping.
Elo Hansen (1 year ago)
Beware, to many things. To hevy.
Coalcracker Bushcraft (1 year ago)
I carried this bag for 3 months the weight was fine for me
Steve Hixson (1 year ago)
Picked one of those rucks. Thanks Man
roger komula (1 year ago)
Throw it all back and get real gear.
Vihor Vetrov (1 year ago)
Agree with everything you said about axe 101%. I carry mine in my hand usually or over the shoulder. It is also a touch smaller.
GMT Bushcraft (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info. I like your equipment. I recently bought such a backpack, it has a chain closure inside and I want to ask if you've removed it. I ask because it is a military backpack and I do not like to change the equipment that also has historical value.
GMT Bushcraft (1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply.
Coalcracker Bushcraft (1 year ago)
I kept the chain in mine
jelkel25 (1 year ago)
It's good not to throw the baby out with the bath water and have a mix of old and modern kit and nothing is ''cheap'' if it does the job well.
Kurt Baier (1 year ago)
Nice. If you hand sew a ice axe loop at the bottom, front, you can slip your axe through and flip the handle up and secure it by tying the handle to the pack or draw cord with leather strap or nylon and buckle. Fold the blanket as a back pad, or better yet trim a foam pad to about 4-4.5 feet and line the inside of the pack.
Howard Pearcey (1 year ago)
I always have a whetstone or sharpening system. Keep axe and knife sharp in the field for tiny weight gain. My stove is a 1 gallon paint can hobo stove.
Stu Morrison (1 year ago)
Where'd ya get that sweater?
Coalcracker Bushcraft (1 year ago)
Called a boreal shirt google it
maritimespook (1 year ago)
Dan found you from Alone and Fowlers channel lol ! I have a pretty cool add on to my Italian Alpini pack like yours and ill do a vid and mention u in the vid as well...its a great pack and i made it a little better with an option i use in the front double pockets
Randall Flagg (1 year ago)
Kuska? Isn't it a kuksa nice set up
dylan tomlin (1 year ago)
im looking forward to binge watch this channel because i can't hardly find anyone who lives in pennsylvania that does this stuff, because most i find are nowhere near here and i would live to learn more for boy scouts when camping
Hisnameis IAM (1 year ago)
What was cracking branches?! Spooky! Lol
ibcatchin1 (1 year ago)
Enjoyed this video ...post links to other social media..cheers mate
travulpes (1 year ago)
Hi, Im curious about lenght and weight of the axe. I would like to know it. :) Nice day for you.
Coalcracker Bushcraft (1 year ago)
23 inch handle and 3lb head
White Page (1 year ago)
its Kuksa not Kuska
Rob Nance (1 year ago)
You have a great kit with used quality gear. My parents were frugal or cheap and taught me to find deals when I was young lol I either make my gear or get it cheap. I made my haversack and all my blade sheathes. I got a lot of my gear at military surplus, yard sales and flea marks for cheap. My Old American made old hickory 13in butcher carry knife was 50¢, my Est-wing hammer hatchet was $5.00, my small 3 blade folder case whittling pocket knife was $2.00 and my swiss army fisherman multi tool kinife was $5.00, my clean 32 oz steel canteen was $1.00, a od green 3 day assault Alice backpack cost only $3.00 and my heavy us Army wool blanket and Gi poncho was $5.00 together. If I got all that new quality gear it would of cost me a lot of Cash. I bought all that gear for $21.50 and that ain't bad. One of my old military friends I hunt and track with spent $250.00 on just his hunting knife and $50.00 on the kydex sheath. Keep doing the good work and Semper Fi.
Tomek_PL (1 year ago)
I wanna meet those 10 unlikers some day. Im so curious, what kind of nerds are those. Its not a hate. Im really curious. GOD BLESS
Whiskey Leaks (6 months ago)
All i can think is it was probably some type of people that do not do work for themselves and want it now now right now and were expecting a kit that they can buy that has an iphone app atached and bluetooth speakers
Dario Benavides (1 year ago)
not sure if it just me but the audio of your video seems to be gone. I only hear the intro music
danhold1 Holdcroftski (1 year ago)
Nice kit
Kyler Mcdaniel (1 year ago)
Where did you get that hoodie?
Coalcracker Bushcraft (1 year ago)
Kyler Mcdaniel Lester river bushcraft boreal shirt. I made some Minor alterations but that's what it is. He is a great guy. Tell him I sent you his way!
Great video Dan, and nice tradition kit!
Brain Wash (1 year ago)
That pot ain't a old coffe pot, that looks like the Mors Kochanski pot.. Nice kit.
Yankee (1 year ago)
Short handled 3lb axes are also known as "Miner's Axes". I'm going to re-haft a vintage Connecticut head I have with a 26" handle myself.
Patrick Germond (1 year ago)
Thanks for going on Alone! I love rewatching it.
Keith Chamberlain (7 months ago)
He's not alone. Can't you hear the other guy crashing round behind the camera?
Tom Ritter (2 years ago)
nice compact kit just what you need and no more my granddad had 3 short handled axes he used them for mostly 3 jobs big one was for barking and like you said splitting house wood he had a 2lb short for kindling and this tiny like a mouse head for hunting for chopping leg bones sternums old ones knew what they were doing and what kind of camera is that dang resolution is great stay safe brother
Osmotar ᛉ (2 years ago)
this video quality is better than when i turned away to see birds fly outside the window
Say Heah Coak, Yeah, They call those Axes "House Axes". Infact I had a Iltis Oxhead German 2 1/2lbs Head Hafted on a 19" White Hickory Handle. Yeah, Miner's/Fireman used them in close quarter's. But mine is heavy enough to still fell reasonable size wood because it's a European Thin cheeck face and edge,, But the weight also makes short work out of processing firewood. Oh yeah it split's too. I made a Leather Sling and got a nice Leather Sheath fir it, I like it. I recently got a Ochencopf Axe 620 H-157 with the Rotband Pro, But it's even heavier than my custom house Axe, So this year I use my house Axe mire.,,.
Brennan Jones (2 years ago)
Nice video brother! Very nice kit
Kyle Chamberlain (2 years ago)
hey man, love your videos. I like how your into gear but don't have anything very expensive with you. keep up the great work. subbed and liked
Bela Krenner (2 years ago)
Nice, only about a 2-3 hour drive from here
outlaw Bushcraft (2 years ago)
I loved the video man I'm glad I'm not the only bushcrafter in PA I just started my channel too I'm in pottercounty PA I loved the axe idea too I use machetes might have to switch back
John Davis (2 years ago)
in many areas, you have to either carry a gallon of water, 8 lbs, or waste a lot of time seeking and making side trips to get water.
John Davis (2 years ago)
before cooking is an issue, you gotta have food. I prefer food that doesn't require cooking. I use teriyaki jerky, almond butter, Tang, powdered gatorade and instant oatmeal. If you're going far, especially in rough terrain/climatic conditions, 15 lbs is about the limit, before a pack frame becomes noticably helpful in the gear-carrying. 15 lbs aint much.
Svein Gustav Hoff (5 months ago)
dried fish is loaded with protein. It also features a strong smell to attract bears lol
Paul Buikema (2 years ago)
Nice basic kit, to each their own for supplies though, based on sound practice and experience.
Stacy Cornett (2 years ago)
thanks for taking the time to do the vid. I'm hoping to get out soon and do some cooking and camping. haha.
Stacy Cornett (2 years ago)
nice kit, just what you need. I lean heavy on the cooking gear also. take care.
Coalcracker Bushcraft (2 years ago)
Stacy Cornett yep gotta eat and eat good! Thanks for watching
Woodsmans Finest (2 years ago)
Sweet! great mindset!
Bela Krenner (2 years ago)
Starting to really like your channel!! What part of PA are you in? I'm just across the border in Tioga County,NY
outlaw Bushcraft (2 years ago)
Brokeman Outdoors/Bushcraft I'm in Potter county haha
Georgie Ocasio (2 years ago)
I just subscribe, like the video and the ax!
infoguerrero (2 years ago)
that's pretty heavy bushcraft kit
Coalcracker Bushcraft (2 years ago)
infoguerrero do you mean weight? It's. not intended for super long treks
мне будто ранец не весьма удачный!топор роскошный!
если можно, сбросьте ссылку где приобрести топор
MTwoodsrunner (2 years ago)
an Italian wool blanket...luv em!...goes well with your Italian rucksack...atb...woods
Kanzee (2 years ago)
Loving the homemade stuff. awesome
CZECHMATE9591 (2 years ago)
Great video , great kit man, I love these videos cheers happy new year man
Tom Gold (2 years ago)
If there's one thing better than having the best kit money can buy its NOT having it and still being better than the guy who does! Some nice looking kit there and a lovely piece of woodland to use it in. Thanks for sharing mate, T
Bushcraft North of 60 (2 years ago)
Hard to beat the basics sometimes. Nice setup. Looks like I found another great channel. Take care!
Ant Chung (2 years ago)
That's a massive fire kit,, looks like a my lunch box..lol One ferro rod is enough for me,,dont want to carry all that gear,, giant bag..
swedish_woodsman (2 years ago)
Very nice pack and kit 👍🌲
the mi woodsman (2 years ago)
Great kit that works for you ! Like you said alway go back to the basics I feel the same way , ATB john
The Wooded Beardsman (2 years ago)
Would you give up a knife on ALONE and instead take just an axe? Would you ever leave an axe behind if you did something like ALONE again?
Bill Randall (3 months ago)
+The Wooded Beardsman the gillnet size is so restricted that, unless it can be made out of braided nylon (ie, unbraid it and make 4x as much netting out of it) that it's just not worth using up a pick on it. It's now down to 48 sq ft. Even the original 150 sq ft was 10x too small an amount of netting.
Danny Curtis (6 months ago)
Just found your channel, great info. I like a minimal kit. I used to participate in ACW re-enactments, with a group known as "Mudsills" that were hardcore, super authentic, with many scholars in Civil War accoutrements, and they REALLY scrutinized your gear, some even were called "stitch counters", as in stitch per inch, lol. My haversack contained(in winter)a wool blanket in each side of the main pocket which resembles a large bi-fold wallet tarred(palnted)on the outside for WP purposes, a tarred rubber ground pad o poncho as needed extra shirt and socks Another blanket rolled on top, and an authentic wool uniform and my pride and joy a hand sewn overcoat. A haversack with period correct possibles. And food(usually just hard tack, a block of salt pork, homemade dried beef(jerky),and the occasional apple, small potatoes and maybe an onion. Everything else, standard US leather and armaments. It was hard to imagine these men living day in day out, in this fashion for months, some even years, when just 3 days and 2 night . Was torture. No tents, no sleeping pads, just you, the ground, and your blanket. When it was all over, the local convenience store, were packed with a bunch of woolen, beast with 3 days stench on them. A Big Mac never tasted so good!! I'm going through you articles, and enjoying every one!A year late, and a few dollars short , but I hope you see it. Cheers🍻
The Wooded Beardsman (2 years ago)
Thanks, makes sense to me. They seem redundant, at least when you have a 10 item limit. I'm surprised that only 1 person brought a gill net though. Seems like an obvious choice to me. Looking forward to this week, we'll finally see what you got going!
Coalcracker Bushcraft (2 years ago)
Hard to say! If I would have taken a smaller axe rather than a felling axe I am confident enough in my skills to use that as my primary cutting cut and forgo the knife. If I was doing it again...a smaller axe and no knife would be a good possibility
AG Survival (2 years ago)
awesome video and gear man!
Humble Trekker (2 years ago)
bushcraftOHIO (2 years ago)
good vid. thx for sharing the kit. where bouts are you In PA?  im your neighbor in n.e. ohio , about 45 miles from Erie. you ever interested in a meet & greet for some bushcraft give me a shout.  have a good 1

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