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Swiss Military Bread Bag

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My Swiss Military Bread Bag used as a multi-use bag to carry my hiking kit for a day hike in the San Jacinto Wilderness and my trip up the Deer Springs Trail to see Suicide Rock
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Nicholas Franta (3 years ago)
picked one up at Fleet Farm for 2.99 !!!
Anthony Jones (3 years ago)
Well seems there's two of us that share the same name that venture forth into the outback and live here in SoCal... Good on Ya!!! Been doing this adventure stuff for quite awhile it is a might peaceful to get out and clear the cobwebs from the brain :)! The Swiss kit looks promising... All the VERY BEST! 'The Other Anthony Jones'
harnamthandi (3 years ago)
I have several of the bags, both with the rubberised and salt'n'pepper backing. They are a great piece of kit.
Jerkabobber (5 years ago)
That's quite interesting. I love checking out military surplus equipment for hiking gear. I've never seen this and quite like it. Thanks for sharing Anthony
Smokey Canopy outdoors (5 years ago)
great video just got one for Mo thought it was German, think the casing is leather not rubberized canvas though.
Opal Preston Shirley (5 years ago)
Good video. Love the scenrie. That a nice kit. Those Swiss do make good gear. Thanks. 
davidsquall351 (5 years ago)
That bag looks handy, I might pick one up for a rockhounding bag. I gotta to check out suicide rock. 
Richard Hubbuck (5 years ago)
Nice to see you back!

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