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Text Comments (432)
Genophese (28 days ago)
Richi please make another one 😄😄
Marc Romeo Olympia (28 days ago)
Best video men! Do more! Lots of laugh!
norm paul (1 month ago)
joggers will never die just like sweat pants
andrian paul manansala (2 months ago)
I know no one cares but i used to wear all black and it was bad
Timothy Mack (2 months ago)
Joggers are comfy as hell tho
Jordache Jordan (3 months ago)
#1 way to know somebody stuff is fake is when they say "what you think?" or "if you cant tell the difference do it matter?"
Mario Milano (3 months ago)
7:40 isn’t that like supreme? But you still buy it right? 😂
M A - W I (4 months ago)
Joggers aint trending?? tell that to my school, good luck
Edward Jiang (4 months ago)
why the head looks so big on tan's first outfit?
William Santos (4 months ago)
No one wears Joggers anymore?? 🤦🏽‍♂️ Joggers are super comfortable, I guess Hypebeasts dnt wear joggers anymore you meant 😂
NolanEnt (5 months ago)
Oreo 5s are heat tf is big boy Johnny sayin
icydkofie Yuri Hamid (5 months ago)
We need Rate on yourself pt. 2
Is that a real dog or doll?
Joseph Hoffer (6 months ago)
Lance Aguilar (6 months ago)
¿What it do?
Killian Ryan (7 months ago)
Why y’all hate on joggers so much. Lol NO ONE wears joggers?? They still in every store I go to
d cres (7 months ago)
Yaw to hard on yaw selfs. The last pic was cool.
juan rosales (7 months ago)
Bro that mar loop rep code joke killed me 😂😂
Kiddy Arias (7 months ago)
El Tigre
Gary Ko (7 months ago)
I can't believe how baggy my pants were in the late 90's early 2000's. lolol. and they didn't tapper so they would swamp ur airforces and always end up under ur shoe and u would tear up the cuffs. lolol the good ol'days....
Gary Ko (7 months ago)
I'll rock joggers till I die. fuck u. lol. obviously not everyday.
Armandø Solis (7 months ago)
1:15 I still rock joggers with my Vans sk8 hi
Juan Antonio (8 months ago)
is sky reppin the c's🔵🔷️🔹️
Emmanuel Alonso (8 months ago)
cuffed chinos are out the window
Goosey [] (8 months ago)
Yo tan where that flannel from
KūruGamer (8 months ago)
I still wear joggers, fym.
Aiden Parin (8 months ago)
Johnny always by them women
Aiden Parin (8 months ago)
Y’all should do a podcast
Jaidyn Chio (8 months ago)
anyone know the name of the overshirt Tan's wearing?
Sanjay (8 months ago)
Hands out my favorite YT channel
Jaelyn Jenrette (8 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 said i can tell you only shopped on karmaloop
Finn 050705 (8 months ago)
Johnny you look sick now. You’ve improved
James Mateos (9 months ago)
Wait What i still rock joggers 😔😟😟
Jair Class (9 months ago)
My nigga look like a cholo😂😂
Turnt Frog (9 months ago)
The pictures of them together they are hammered lmfao
Basim Shahzad (9 months ago)
Aye tan where you get that flannel from??
Felix Schlede (9 months ago)
Do fans
Omg im like super sad....... Like dude how can video.... Forget video this is like a TV show...... Hypetalk should have around few million views not only 100 000 to 500 000 views. Dude this is one of the best series on the youtube. LOVE YOU GUYS.... 😃
Zohaib Drexler (9 months ago)
Johnni lost so much weight
Ill Daniel (9 months ago)
you can tell Tan always stayed with hoes
Jeffery Guillen (9 months ago)
I always liked tan’s fits the most.
Official T.N (9 months ago)
Jogger is not hot but 10 stack pants is hot? WTF lol
Indigo C (9 months ago)
rate ya fans fits very few of us can actually put pieces together
Grim (9 months ago)
Bruh how old are they?
luis blancos (9 months ago)
Who else at 1:55 wanted Richie lee to pet sky pilot. I was fucking screaming for him to do it
M (10 months ago)
Where’d Johny get that flannel from?
M (5 months ago)
Update: he got it from Target. The brand is called _Goodfellow._
David Kingbom (10 months ago)
Johnny still rocking a seattle cap
James (10 months ago)
How come tan tan was so defensive on his first outfit rate? Had to break it down all the way so no one can say anything lol.
Marvin Jean Francois (10 months ago)
Lean on em Johnny
Marvin Jean Francois (10 months ago)
Johnny’s still hittin it with the moves tho, always clean with the plain shirt and flannel or ripped jeans
Nicola Curle (10 months ago)
Lol look at jonnys hair
HS4L (10 months ago)
yo imma keep it one hunndo bruh i still rock joggers bruh it show off yo shoes reall good
NolanEnt (10 months ago)
Man Johnny trippin, Oreo 5s are heat🔥
Nicholas Monroe (10 months ago)
Straight facts about the Camo shorts😂😂 .. got mine at Kohl’s tho lmao
Jamal Drew (11 months ago)
Clxut Gang (11 months ago)
I still wear joggers idc lmao
David Lima (11 months ago)
why tan looking like he stay fly like a G6 in that last picture lmaooooo
Cristian Flores (11 months ago)
Best video yet!
Edmond Edralin (11 months ago)
Joggers are still hot, BUT for going to bed lmaoo
SCD willimay (11 months ago)
The 5 oreo where trash
Luiscarlos Miranda (1 year ago)
Recreate these outfits
Olejhh (1 year ago)
These dudes rocking flannels talking fashion
Solaris100 (1 year ago)
Great episode LOL
JC (1 year ago)
None wears joggers?
Saucy Genesis (1 year ago)
Big boy johnny really called tan tang "el tigre" lmfao johnny got jokes
Andrew Mercado (1 year ago)
What’s ya social media’s ??!!
Alex Maidman (1 year ago)
I so forgot about flyknit chukkas
Leandro Gula (1 year ago)
Joggers ill cool.  So comfy.
Johan Corey (1 year ago)
I Think Rich was a bit nice to himself 😂😂😂
Renmill kicks (1 year ago)
Renmill kicks (1 year ago)
Joshua Catenazzo (1 year ago)
Spare Sum (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/02fRdleMSaA the guy on the far right on the thumbnail looks like the black version of tan
calodin (1 year ago)
I have the same LRG came shorts....
Jimm9634 (1 year ago)
Where can you get the jordan 4 encore painting in the back?
Hayden Tift (1 year ago)
small feet small meat
Xeroav (1 year ago)
Bro it looks like tans flannel didn’t load in yet
Izzy Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Johnny baked af forsure
Luis Bonilla (1 year ago)
Johnny is the type of uncle to laugh at the wrong time
Itz Echo (1 year ago)
Sorry Ritchie, saw this late because apparently YouTube picks what I want to watch for me. :/
Atdmex (1 year ago)
Idgaf but I thought there would’ve been more comments bout Johnny saying nigga 2:35
Stone Speeth (1 year ago)
Richie you should do a vid about your tattoos
Nate Willms (1 year ago)
This shit took me baaack
Chelsie Vance (1 year ago)
this like the first time I seen sky the dog actually up lmao
JoeyXFP (1 year ago)
i low key feel bad bc they all like 5'5''
Erratic Genius (1 year ago)
Where did they get the flannels from??
Zotryhard (1 year ago)
How about, rate that fit. Fan edition??
Russell Shakespeare (1 year ago)
Review some of the new Jordan 1 releases pelase
Olav Olsen (1 year ago)
Do a 300$ summer outfit
kanyedian (1 year ago)
3:30 That moment when the jersey number doesn't match the player in the clip 🤔
Twan Nadim (1 year ago)
Where is the famous hoodie under the flannel richie rocked
Jordan Palacios (1 year ago)
When 900k a sneaker collection PLEASE
IV (1 year ago)
Let people submit outfits to an email or something
Amir Zaim Azryne (1 year ago)
Can you do a vid on streetwear jewellery . rings,chains etc
Mariusz Szymaniak (1 year ago)
Those two flannels so hot. Where did you buy them boys :D
James Yiu Lun Tse (1 year ago)
Where i can find Tan's flannel? :0
Aurangzeb Khan (1 year ago)
January 2019 Welcome to a Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very special hype talk
Ashton Hernandez (1 year ago)
What does big boy even say at the beginning
Krim (1 year ago)
Richie and tan look high as shit 4:09
ViagraOverdose (1 year ago)
yall flannels goo hardddd🙌🏽
Dean Fazah (1 year ago)
ur guys’ outfits are still nots

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