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Text Comments (288)
I am Steven (4 months ago)
Everytime they say “pok-ee/ pok-ayyy” if you giggles your filipino for sure😎🇵🇭👍🏻
Seraph (9 months ago)
Seafood chipotle
Smerky (1 year ago)
I go to that poke spot all the time
jay wenang (1 year ago)
More food videos plz
katoon phithavong (1 year ago)
Go to Hawaii
piestar 12345 (1 year ago)
His channel should get tons of views great YouTube keep up the work long time fan
Grayvoh (1 year ago)
"Hawaiian favorite that's made it's way to the states"
random_shy_guy (1 year ago)
Truth Gravo he meant the US mainland
Freddyboy34 (1 year ago)
thus isnt hawaiian poke why u gotta insult hawaiian for none of theses are hawaiian u eating the white people version.
Molly (1 year ago)
You guys should do a video on GoPoke in International District! That place is legit!! They even have Dole Whips!
Jereh Paulino (1 year ago)
every locals favorite for a beach occasion with a side drink of Arizona tea, da best !
Dylan Nguyen (1 year ago)
Ahahaa turn in captions at 0:00 😂😂
KBBQ Box (2 years ago)
poke is similar to Korean bibimbap except into raw fish
eustagoesout (2 years ago)
nainoa777 (2 years ago)
i like to cha cha ae
Justin Balisong (2 years ago)
Yo I go to renton all the time
Hi-STATE of-MiNd (2 years ago)
I no see the Limu Poke ahi or Limu poke aku straight wit no shoyu or sauces wit litto bit limu kohu.
Rosemarie Ann Awa (2 years ago)
I still prefer the Poke from Hawaii. Nothing fancy or trendy.
Keanu Hills (2 years ago)
These are some feel good videos. They make me feel happy asf
JL Arellano (2 years ago)
Shoutout to the Filipinos in here. poke😂 if you know what i mean
Vincent Chen (2 years ago)
Pretty Rico rocking the PSG shirt. Would much prefer him wearing a Monaco shirt though
yuh (2 years ago)
0:00 ritchie cringing
TheMusubiNinja (2 years ago)
It's so weird haoles always over pronounce the e in poke like pokehh or they say pokie
Aaron D (2 years ago)
Tan coming correct with the PSG top on but probably can't name 3 players on the team, nonetheless name the team at all haha.
swipernoswipeing (2 years ago)
you guys shoukd vlog
dylanjsebastian (2 years ago)
I'm from Hawaii and this is NOTHING LIKE OUR POKE BOWLS, lol. But great video though
E-Rock Balutson (2 years ago)
You say poke made its way to the states? Hawaii is a state you faka!!
king_ryan_james (2 years ago)
Do Tan watch or follow soccer? I'm just wondering because I don't, but I like the look/style of soccer jerseys.
Viet Le (2 years ago)
Dammmn I went there today. Bomb asf🔥🔥
Gino Deli colli (2 years ago)
Bro Hawaii is in the states that's the 50th state 💁👍
Sherry W. (2 years ago)
wow the production of video is almost identical as Fungbros
Kaylah Simone (2 years ago)
lol richie cracks me up
Darren Sipraseuth (2 years ago)
Darren Sipraseuth (2 years ago)
Can't believe you were in Renton I live in Renton
Joseph Wrs (2 years ago)
poke my ass that's fiz with chid
Steven S (2 years ago)
lmfao i could not stop staring at the piece of food on johnnys mouth starting at 2:00
Cuc Reach (2 years ago)
Baked (2 years ago)
Careful, bigolaties might sue you for using that image!
Kainoa Piltz (2 years ago)
shout out big island
linited (2 years ago)
I need this in my life! where can i get this in Sydney?
Kristyn Tristan (2 years ago)
oh come on I was eating poke since I was 5.....
galagalajumakla (2 years ago)
I cringe when Tim makes an attempt to speak pidgin
Bobby Bryan (2 years ago)
2 thumbs up for Big Island Poke, been there 1/2 dozen times now & has always been on point. Big portions, 1 bowl will last me 2 meals & I am a big eater.
Justin Balisong (2 years ago)
Bruh I was just at Renton
DPR10 (2 years ago)
Wasabi mayo!! That was my favorite Poke at Foodland in Maui
Blex (2 years ago)
I love your videos man , I never get tired of them
Chihuahua Head (2 years ago)
I'm not about to drop some money on artificial food flavor powder
The Challenger (2 years ago)
I am eating indomi right now
zaSpeaker (2 years ago)
i thought they were in Washington. Why they keep talking about California?
notanotherlou (2 years ago)
I love poke from the Philippines 😜😂
xuxoo (2 years ago)
it's happy to see Shiba
George Qua (2 years ago)
Fung bros
JB WAS (2 years ago)
Joshua Gentili (2 years ago)
brillant idea from jay man fuck dude hes going places.
Yuya Corazon (2 years ago)
Lmao, johnny look mad happy.
Daddy Goku (2 years ago)
Where do I get some biker denim jeans?
IGotHighGrounds • (2 years ago)
Kureiziii (2 years ago)
hah i was just here last week xD
micheal ksup (2 years ago)
bro I'm in west Seattle in about to go searching for this place at renton!!
ardhi putra (2 years ago)
this video is more fungbros than fungbros right now lol
Simon Isaiah (2 years ago)
+bluntkrayon yeah Tim joined Richie, the fungs have someone else now
bluntkrayon (2 years ago)
It's the editing for sure. If you watch Fung's stuff now, it doesn't have the same feel to it, because it's not edited by the same person - I think Tim's doing it?
B Boiy (2 years ago)
wtf hawaiian style poke?? thats like saying japanese style sushi
Henry Cee (2 years ago)
dude for real! in cali all them poke spots just got plain ass cubed up fish and then add sauce to it.
Emmerson (2 years ago)
Richie gotta visit the islands specifically oahu haha 👌
Darren Chen (2 years ago)
you're in Seattle area ?
pilardragon2525 (2 years ago)
Big boy johnny is always cheesin
Vivian Hoang (2 years ago)
Ayyyyeeee I go to that poke joint all the time!! It's real chill there.
Kamille Nucup (2 years ago)
I'm a Filipino and And I find the name of the food sorta awkward. Hahahah!
Alfa George (2 years ago)
Did Johnny just said "Pokeball's" in 0:14
Jaylen (2 years ago)
i drive by that place everyday
Billy Morales (2 years ago)
tan tang wears so many jerseys pick a team already 😂😂😂😂
Damien King (2 years ago)
I just noticed, Richie has a tattoo?
Jasmin Flowerz (2 years ago)
Richie always picks the best. ;)
amie (2 years ago)
Looks so good omg! I love how you guys are also so enthusiastic it makes me happy :)
JosieJay D (2 years ago)
WTH!!! I was in Renton I didn't see you!!!
JosieJay D (2 years ago)
Lol funny there's an L&l's like 3 blocks away from big island poke. Hahah
sothickitssickk (2 years ago)
are u guys all viet?
Keke Taquila (2 years ago)
As I Hawaiian I support this video lmao
Nash Burggraaff (2 years ago)
Your vids are amazing w your boys fam, keep it up Rich !
lucidx88 (2 years ago)
whack. this isn't real poke.
Prizzy Isaiah Jibbril (2 years ago)
filipinos love pokes so much. lmaooo
Andrew Chang (2 years ago)
Poke bout to be the new Chiptole in America. Atlanta is starting to get Poke joints now =[ #hypekills
Jeff H (2 years ago)
is that psg jersey richies? lmao
Thibaut De Doncker (2 years ago)
Im hoping poke finds it way to the european countrys somehow, this seems fricking delicious
Andres Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I thought you guys were in the Bay area this whole time.....dope channel my G's.
Jachaiyah Jackson (2 years ago)
dang big boy johnny face slimming up!
Nomoname 808 (2 years ago)
It's pronounced poo-key
Nomoname 808 (2 years ago)
I'm from big island but I live in Oahu 808
Paul S (2 years ago)
Dude your video editing is on point. Triple thumbs up!
ARA (2 years ago)
I wanna try this but I'm scared of raw fish... How safe is it? I'm realllly paranoid with food but I wanna try REAL sushi, not always the cooked kind.
bluntkrayon (2 years ago)
Just do it - one of the tastiest ways to eat fish. If you're worried about the safety, dunk it in soy sauce because it's anti-microbial
Richie where did u cop that bape hat
Morgsy (2 years ago)
Do more love surveys
Jaren Matsuo (2 years ago)
shout out to richie and the squad for pronouncing poke correctly!
Erik L (2 years ago)
Home of the SeaHawks. Cool to see u all in my neighborhood and a fellow cambo
alex lo (2 years ago)
not the annyoing singing guy again
christianhoopsta (2 years ago)
Ever since Richie got that tattoo, he been going for that bad boy look. Now with that sideburn to chin beardline
flipo2009 (2 years ago)
CaptainBreezy Yeezy (2 years ago)
Sarap ng poke
Sup Faka (2 years ago)
ho bruddha im hawaii too look pidgin
Daniel Uye (2 years ago)
Richie I c u w that Hawaiian sun my gramma gets thise for me 👍
Midori Fontillas (2 years ago)
Tamara poke bowls
tgang od (2 years ago)
im from hawaii and let me just say tim tries too hard trying to speak pidgin lol
Thinh Dinh (2 years ago)
Richie with a goatee? Rare
RC NINJA (2 years ago)
Makin me hungry af 😍

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