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Rocket - 12 day old Siberian Husky bottle feeding

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Rocket loves his milk now and can smell it when I take the cap off the bottle. He's growing so well... Whiskers coming in and ears growing bigger and flopping downwards. His eyes should be opening soon!!
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Text Comments (54)
Logan (11 days ago)
Just burn this shit
Jesús Silva (12 days ago)
What a hungry puppy jejejeje
Minnie (21 days ago)
What milk did you use please
Eric Kumar (29 days ago)
Bless your heart
Jordan Lawrence (1 month ago)
This is to adorable
Monica VS (2 months ago)
I think the mom dog should feed the hungry puppy... not bottle fed unless the mom dog have a health issue.
~LuigiFan~ (12 days ago)
they could be bottle feeding the puppy because either the mother doesn’t produce enough milk or it’s an orphaned/abandoned pup
Steve Crow (2 months ago)
how sweet is that.😂
김현정 (2 months ago)
앞 발로 누르는건 젖짜는거니깐 잘받혀주이서
HoneyBunnyLoony (2 months ago)
山下隆弘 (2 months ago)
kitty lover (2 months ago)
I love the sounds this puppy makes!!
Nyria Tan (2 months ago)
Ms Kay (3 months ago)
Little greedy munch !!
Lobo Wynn (3 months ago)
I’d kill it
SMG TUBEII (3 months ago)
Good video please check mine have good thing like this too
Viktoria kovacs (3 months ago)
So adorable ♥️
Chelsea Bella Gallo (4 months ago)
Debbie Doo (4 months ago)
Why hasn’t he got his mum?
Monica VS (19 days ago)
I just don’t like when people use human baby infant bottles to feed them puppies they sell puppy bottle the nipples are smaller and thinner like the dog breasts that’s why they made them for smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. And no I didn’t see the first parts of the videos since this came out on my feeds. I don’t watch these types of videos since I don’t own dogs...
if you watch Rocket's very first video, she stated in the description that his mom rejected him
Monica VS (1 month ago)
Victoria Love sometimes the people do it for views and attentions and not having the poor puppy drink mom dog milk...
Victoria Love (1 month ago)
Well maybe it health issues my puppies can not get feed because the mother dog have a infection in her milk that infection killed four puppies
Monica VS (2 months ago)
Exactly what I just said is not cute at all they not humans they animals the mom dog should be feeding it unless the mom dog have a health issue or not providing milk for the puppies is another story.
Wawa Willegers (4 months ago)
I would spend my money on feeding animals rather than.... Thank you for taking care of him.
Wawa Willegers (2 months ago)
@Monica VS you make your own choice and I make mine. Animals for me are life-being that need to be protected. I love animals very dearly and I love myself. fm: Animal lover and vegan who loves natures 🐰
Monica VS (2 months ago)
You so ridiculous but to each is own and I rather spend it feeding children babies not animals...
Heather Hepner (5 months ago)
Where is his natural mother? Beautiful baby
Rosy Di Laura (5 months ago)
Che bello💗💗💗😂😂❤❤❤❤💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💚💚
Selette James (6 months ago)
Cute baby
Mayur Sarade (6 months ago)
I have no name (8 months ago)
He’s beautiful
I have no name (8 months ago)
Awwoh 😢😞😔
Tejas Mete (8 months ago)
Cutest thing I saw today
Lanz Monroe (8 months ago)
If they would just put the bottle down toward the floor at an angle, the baby could just lay on the floor and eat like normal.
Sharad Jha (8 months ago)
I am urgently looking for a lab puppy pls help me with lot off regards to u
Robert Yglesias (8 months ago)
Hungry little puppy
Nicole19 Pakemo (9 months ago)
what milk did he drink? pls i need an answer to my 1 month old husky
Lost Creator Wolf (10 months ago)
Hungry baby ^o^
biocybernaut (10 months ago)
OMG this little fucker's too cute!
hahahahha what cute baby. he want milk sooo much , he love it so much.
Logan (11 months ago)
greedy mutt
Azhar Abbas (1 year ago)
This is a puppy and she cannot be his/her mother. According to the nature, the actual mother of a puppy is a bitch. Where are her own kids and why she is trying to be a real mother of a puppy? If she doesn't want to bear kids, she should go to an orphanage to adopt an orphan, parentless, sick, disabled child. Millions are waiting for her help and support. May God bless her.
Mindy Tran (1 year ago)
So cute
Paul Michel (1 year ago)
You're going to love this dog more than any other dog you have had. Do you burp him like you burp a baby?
Paul Michel (1 year ago)
It's adorable when a little newborn pup kneads his feet while drinking. I may need to watch this two more times.
Terry Campbell (8 months ago)
Terry Campbell (8 months ago)
Subwaygirl NYC (10 months ago)
Paul Michel instinct. Human newborns do the same....
Veruky Ykurev (1 year ago)
WeAreBAndK (1 year ago)
Giovanni Giacomelli (1 year ago)
Super Puppy drink millk
Reeva Lopez (2 years ago)
Bany cutie
Darken NoShinka (2 years ago)
big baby puppy

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