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Scary Werewolf Prank On My Huskies!

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Today we pranked Kakoa & Sky with this Scary Werewolf mask we got from the Halloween store. We decided to see if they would react to it at and well… Watch and see what happens… Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAI5QLNSOSzOQTYCyNA06EQ?sub_confirmation=1 Kakoa’s Bandana: https://mymountainhusky.com/products/inferno-bandana Sky’s Bandana: https://mymountainhusky.com/products/glacier-peak-bandana 🐾 Support our Channel ▪️Shop our Bandanas: https://mymountainhusky.com/ ▪️Shop our Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/my-mountain-husky 🎾 Sky & Kakoa’s Favorite Items: ▪️Best Dog Food: https://amzn.to/2CzNHXG ▪️Best Dog Chews: https://amzn.to/2CMz17Z ▪️Best Grooming Brush: https://amzn.to/2CzktIn ▪️Best Treats: https://amzn.to/2O7qTQg ▪️Best Toy: https://amzn.to/2oRKtFj 🌐 Also Follow Us On ▪️Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mymountainhusky/ ▪️Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/mymountainhusky ▪️Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAI5QLNSOSzOQTYCyNA06EQ?sub_confirmation=1 Watch Our Last Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo7zuzpei6A&t=8s Any Questions? Email us: [email protected]
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My Mountain Husky (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching! (: Who's reaction was better Kakoa or Sky? 🌲Kakoa & Sky Bandanas: MyMountainHusky.com 🐺 Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mymountainhusky/ 👍🏼 Like our Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/mymountainhusky 👾 Custom Stickers: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftyAnimalArt?ele=shop_open&section_id=24017761 🔴 Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAI5QLNSOSzOQTYCyNA06EQ?sub_confirmation=1
Pink Rose (2 days ago)
That was funny.... 😂😂😂
Thuy Nguyen (3 days ago)
My Mountain Husky Wow u have inprove alot by buying the scence thing so would smell u
Jeric Ahrqie Prudente (17 days ago)
So cute your dog what is name your dog
Sangkhum Zuali (23 days ago)
miss nayna (24 days ago)
My Mountain Husky why don't you teach them to attack instead they were scared what if it was real that's really bad
Arizona Beaver (1 hour ago)
The lady needs to act scared and the dogs might be more protective.This was stupid!
Dr. Ling Lang (1 hour ago)
Omari Paz (1 hour ago)
I would say both but I feel so sorry for kokoa for hurting herself
Praveen 007 (2 hours ago)
Man next if you do like this prank remember to put safety Guards
TRI LOK (2 hours ago)
NYSERGI (2 hours ago)
2:49 notaron los ojos rojos del perro
AhaBest (3 hours ago)
in this case u have coward husky
y33t dude (3 hours ago)
you cant do that to a pitbulls...😒😒😒
Lyric Lord (3 hours ago)
Poor dogs🐶😂
The Weirdos (4 hours ago)
Jeez, why be so mean to your dogs???
Gayatri Athavale (4 hours ago)
Please try this on street dogs... I wanna see them tearing you apart..
pratik kanekar (5 hours ago)
Barrymarti # (5 hours ago)
Yo did your dog just pussy off? THEY ARE FREAKING HALF WOLVES XD( I think they are I dunno crap about dog)
Bradley Hills (7 hours ago)
good job, u just traumatized them
Lê Tiến Thành (8 hours ago)
2:50 the dog's eyes is red
Madhukar Rai (10 hours ago)
Dog smell his owner..he know who is behind mask....when door open dog approach softy and dog swing his tail ....
darker _er (11 hours ago)
I love how the dogs like NOPE at 1:54
LEE TV (11 hours ago)
Man:im wolf Dog: shit....... remove the mask i know ypur smell😂
van ho (12 hours ago)
funny haha
JD MI (12 hours ago)
Los dos son husky?
_vk_the_charming _ (14 hours ago)
The samuri Alianderp293 (15 hours ago)
I also have a pet husky
The samuri Alianderp293 (15 hours ago)
That’s so cute
Tech with Risitha (15 hours ago)
If i do that to my german shepherd i probably die😂😂
Physer Z (18 hours ago)
Pause at 2:50
Masiita de Pan (20 hours ago)
Eiad Jubran (21 hours ago)
Useless for protection. They gonna get your blonde girl ;)
Rookie Rider (22 hours ago)
How to steal from a house with dogs Get scent away and a werewolf mask. Dogs are pussys😂😂
momo (23 hours ago)
Super vidéo
Pavan Kumar (23 hours ago)
Try with pit bull 😂 #RIP 😂😂 🍖🍗🍖🍗🍗
Boogie Graham (1 day ago)
This was so funny 😂
Lucifer Morningstar (1 day ago)
Do this to a German Shepherd. He will eat your ass
Mochi Puff (1 day ago)
The poor dogs 🥺
AdityaSingh Rajput (1 day ago)
What kind of coward would do something that cold blooded..some one who hides behind a mask
Bo Sager بوصقر (1 day ago)
Get a cat
Arun Rathod (1 day ago)
Fkng video not funny next time better luck
Kayla Acabal Perez (1 day ago)
Kayla Acabal Perez (1 day ago)
Aw funnt
Camille McALoon (1 day ago)
They ain't guard dogs
Victoria Palavecino (1 day ago)
Jajjajajajajaj no me muero jajajajaj😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂。◕‿◕。👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Joe Man (1 day ago)
you got too much free time there fella
Once he talk to them 😍
dark flexer (1 day ago)
Ahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahah i cant breathe😂
moe p (1 day ago)
Purple Wolf (1 day ago)
1:58 Me when I see my crush
I wonder what my chihuahua would do ooo I know Go under the bed bark bite a little and backup
Colance TV (1 day ago)
no balance gang stand up
Rishika Kasera (1 day ago)
Gary Smith (1 day ago)
Enak kali lah di luar negeri pemandangan indah orang rukun semua bersih bukan kek indo tempat nya kotor banyak belatung terus banyak anak nangis di jalan
Nickie Ovien (1 day ago)
You should of attacked her of course fake and see what your dogs would do.
Bo Sager بوصقر (1 day ago)
Nickie Ovien they wont do anything, these dogs are trained to be pussy’s lmao
darkwolf2066 (2 days ago)
The wolf costume was a paid actress
sum worthless crybaby (2 days ago)
Oh, shit, Cocoa, you okay?
Hafiz Sirat (2 days ago)
If i do this to my dog he will eat me with no mercy😟😟
Bueith Buys (2 days ago)
should have gone on you're knees
Earth chan Kawaii (2 days ago)
Nice prank
Saniah Simpson (2 days ago)
Saniah Simpson (2 days ago)
Kakoa’s reaction was so funny I started DYYYYIIIINNNNGGGGG😂😂😂
luNartic __ (2 days ago)
What if the Camera *falled ?*
Gaurav Sharma (2 days ago)
Kya warewolf banega re tu
Aadesh Kamble (2 days ago)
Enrique Trejo (2 days ago)
Con esos perros los dueños corren peligro
chelecovers (2 days ago)
It's because your wife wasn't freaking out that the dogs didn't just maul and kill you.
Julio Batista (2 days ago)
Os Cachorros nao sabem o q esta acontencendo ..mas sabe q é o dono
Ryan Thomson (2 days ago)
Anyone else find the girl at the start Thicc
anonymous (2 days ago)
SUNITA verma (2 days ago)
Try on my Jimmey it will tear you
CoSmoS (2 days ago)
Raynaldo (3 days ago)
Fuck my German Shepherd would have ripped your throat out. I wore a hoodie in the rain in the back yard and got bailed up !
Amandeep Singh (3 days ago)
Huskies: why you bulling me?
Ermy Team (3 days ago)
My face was.. ;-;
Ermy Team My face was 😕😒😐😑😐😑😐😑😦😐😑😐😑😕😕😕😒😒😒
Thats So Sad 😢😣
Rey Villa (3 days ago)
DuskCynderMaya (4 days ago)
Kokoa is such a pretty husky! Skye is to. Such good dogs.
Star bux (4 days ago)
Run... 0:05
Panda World (4 days ago)
1:05 Prank started ✔ 👇
Gab Reyes (4 days ago)
Catherine Dela Paz (4 days ago)
I like huskies
Sumit Sutradhar (4 days ago)
Nice Video
Brookie Paige (4 days ago)
Lmao I’m so sorry for laughing 😂
monkey576r r (4 days ago)
Your girlfriend's ass looks fake asf
Camily Chan (4 days ago)
Coco真的吓死了 哈哈哈哈
ANBU NEJI (4 days ago)
Dude i think when you went in the room they knew it was you
Mr. Potato :V (4 days ago)
Awww omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love this
How that dog can be scared of there own kind🤨
sum worthless crybaby (2 days ago)
Excuse me, wouldn't you be afraid of a bald dog with a grinning angrily human head?
Akbar hassanzada (5 days ago)
Das war echt geil
MILKEY (5 days ago)
Poor dogs, they got scared
dogas do_do (5 days ago)
Cool and cute!
Dogs don't just smell you...They also feel you.If you have a dog more than 2 or 3 years there is NO WAY you can show them that you are not their owner.
Oh……:) cute💛
kent homer acuesta (5 days ago)
the steps of dog sounds like top dancing XDXD
Chocolate Rats (5 days ago)
Thnx for the lovely video. Two things though- 1. Great to see the dogs seeing through a human's prank. Their tails wagged at d end, so they did recognise you i think by ur voice. 2. I just lost my heart at your wooden flooring.
Stroze (5 days ago)
This is fake, they dogs are paid actors.
NIKOL ñikol (5 days ago)
Thatoneguy 44 (5 days ago)
marlon pricem (5 days ago)
Wow I love ur videos
Защитники о брались
Ali Zarar (5 days ago)
You better keep a mouse as a pet, coz seriously these are coward dogs.
Klashnikov Boigbffdrs (5 days ago)
Man the huskies were like " yow WTF?!?"
Natasha Vallerani (5 days ago)
The woman should have screamed. Would have been more funny lol. But great video

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