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CLOSET TOUR | Jaclyn Hill

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I hope you enjoy my closet tour & the humor involved as well! I had so much fun filming this for you & hope you like seeing a peek into my closet. If you want more detailed information about my closet, organization tips, etc, leave requests below! SUBSCRIBE! http://goo.gl/3Awmn8 ♡ ♡ ♡ DISCOUNT CODES♡ ♡ ♡ MORPHE BRUSHES: http://morphebrushes.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=358 USE CODE: “JACATTACK” FOR A DISCOUNT SIGMA BRUSHES: click this link: http://sigma-beauty.7eer.net/c/104560/146780/2835. Enter discount code “JACLYN" at checkout for 10% off Free shipping on orders of $50 VELOUR LASHES: https://www.velourlashes.com/ Enter code: "JACLYNVELOUR" for 15% off your total purchase! HAIR EXTENSIONS: http://www.bellamihair.com/pages/lilly-hair-260g-20 Enter code "jaclyn" for $5 off a pair of extensions for yourself. BELLAMI Hot tools: ENTER 'jaclyn160' for $160 off the 6 in 1 Curler http://www.bellamihair.com/products/bellami-6-in-1-complete-curler-set#.UrEIUGRDs54 ENTER 'jaclyn70' for $70 off the straightening iron. http://www.bellamihair.com/products/bellami-runway-flat-styler-iron MAKEUP GEEK: http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/eye-products/eyeshadows/makeup-geek-eyeshadows.html?acc=aab3238922bcc25a6f606eb525ffdc56 ♡ ♡ ♡ CONNECT WITH ME!!! MY PO BOX 301 W. Platt St #632 Tampa FL 33606 INSTAGRAM: Jaclynhill TWITTER: Jaclynhill SNAPCHAT: Jaclynrhill Business inquiries only: [email protected] (I am no longer booking clients) ♡ ♡ ♡ * SOME links provided above are affiliate links! I am compensated based on some affiliate purchases. My channel is a fun place for people to enjoy the world of beauty! If you leave mean negative comments or resort to name calling, I will delete your comment & block you. My channel is not the place. This world is so ugly & negative & we desperately need to make a change. I cant control the world, but I can control my channel. Constructive criticism is always welcome! "you're a lying bitch" is NOT constructive ! Don't feel like you need to kiss my ass. Feel free to speak your mind but please respect each other! XOXO
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Text Comments (21446)
Nisandeniz Kaya (9 hours ago)
Çok şımarıksın!
Fiona Goldsworthy (19 hours ago)
She’s my actual Queeeen!
Gabriel Murphy (21 hours ago)
Hey love the vid, just made a closet tour of my own go check it out! Just a kid trying to grow his channel:)
Guus Schijns (2 days ago)
This is like......................SELFLOVE WHO!!!!! <3 ahhahaha NO HATE <3
Chaimaa Dz (2 days ago)
Elle parle trop 🤫😒
childish. (2 days ago)
“And there’s no hard work ever involved in what I do!” I was like *wait a minute*
bara kaori (2 days ago)
are you horny or something? go find a penis dont disgust people here
Darya Charnova (3 days ago)
Leia Jiang (3 days ago)
The way u talk about shoes rwminds me of forest gump
V __ (3 days ago)
I promise you, I am such a lame person, I only came to see the pups, Animals are everything to me
Elena V (3 days ago)
This makes me sick honestly, so much consumism, global warming, people dying of hunger and you have more shoes than days of a year
Elena V (3 days ago)
And this are your goals for some of you.. this society is sick
michelle elmore (4 days ago)
Where’s the furnished house tour ?
SarinaLinn (4 days ago)
She felt insecure about the tag.
fariha karim (5 days ago)
But the main question is. Are you happy?
Covan Jr (5 days ago)
Why ?
Quita Diva (6 days ago)
Cheap or expensive you are just fab.
Mariana Kadirvel (7 days ago)
I'm getting major vibes of the closest in princess diaries. 😂
IPinkPotter (8 days ago)
I feel so poor 😂
jayda giese (8 days ago)
when i graduate, i am going to work hard to achieve my goals and hopefully one day be able to have nice things just like you. im not jealous, because i know you worked for it, but that doesnt mean i dont want that for myself lol. xoxo love you jaclyn
V __ (3 days ago)
We all go get there, God's timing is everything
MegaCelia84 (9 days ago)
Lexie Lewis (9 days ago)
The intro made me uncomfortable
Naomi González (9 days ago)
Wow 😱😱😱
Spill the tea Sister (10 days ago)
She would look good with a nose ring😋
BlueSkies AlwaysShine (10 days ago)
I don't understand ? Does she wanna show that she's rich ?
Vivace Bourne (12 days ago)
That intro was freakin crnge. Not a hate comment love u
Lucy Champion (12 days ago)
You have sooooooooooooo much clothes and shoes and bags . Your so lucky
Anyone know what bag that is in the lower right corner the yellow one at 12:43
Marjorie Abordo (15 days ago)
I didn't know she had her own sun in her house, cuz if she didn't had her own sun, she wouldn't be wearing those sunglasses
Rina Patel (16 days ago)
the look on that guys face @ second 20 to 24 OMG - I was cracking up!! other than that... great video
no way (16 days ago)
Is someone here know where her red bomber came frome ?
Ellas’ World (16 days ago)
Amazing intro
Julia Strong (16 days ago)
You NEED to do a full house tour now that it is fully furnished!!!!!!
Liv Boyd (16 days ago)
But how does she get the shoes on the top shelf??
Daniela Taborda (17 days ago)
This is so amazing !! Do you ever donate any of your shoes or clothing to fans . It’s super random but I can’t afford even one pair of shoes . Paying. Off college loans !
Oke Doei (17 days ago)
Spoiled brad
Vee Vee (17 days ago)
This was a religious experience for me. Thank you.
Riya Rajbongshi (18 days ago)
I just really luv you as a sister my dream is to meet you 1 day in my life 😊 hope so it become true
Nidhi Mhatre (18 days ago)
florence (18 days ago)
Jessica Carpenter (19 days ago)
So extra but she owns it lol
stephanie dubbs (19 days ago)
Can you tag where the command hooks are at I checked Amazon i cant find them lol
Nicole Perrelli (19 days ago)
I want to see a better video of just your bags I am a bag freak I don’t have as many as you have about 30 mostly Louis Vuitton in a few Chanel
Evelyn salas (19 days ago)
Hey Jacqueline I think I know you from Lawrence Mass if I'm wrong let me know LOL but I know I seen you before good luck love in the closet
Omer Cohen (19 days ago)
I cant find the stick-on necklace mount from amazon that jaclyn had on her closet door! does someone know where i can find it? NEED
Jasmin Soto (20 days ago)
She looks and sounds like she could be Brennen Taylor’s sibling
lidiyeah lidioh (20 days ago)
I freakin' love it
vanessa baco (20 days ago)
Elle fait quoi la au début de la vidéo?
Jyoti Nina Jadav (21 days ago)
So raw, so real.. love it! Sharing your wealth with friends and family is the best thing you could do!! 💕
Ashton (21 days ago)
omg,, what I would do to see a tour of her handbag wall alone!! That white and yellow gold birkin!! holy mother, girl! Show it off!
Daena Smith (21 days ago)
Holy crap...what's that say about me when in the 80's I had hoops big enough to put my feet thru...
Kezia Pearson (22 days ago)
Wait how many pair of glasses dose one girl need
Lelo Lee Bangz (23 days ago)
I don't think you ever have to shop again
ياااا ربي 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭هاي من تطلع همات تكول ما عندي شي اطلع بيه اكو عرب ب طياره ع عراقي 👈🙋‍♀️
Wes Moore (24 days ago)
LOL 😂 I love your intro
Fluffy ASMR (25 days ago)
Jaclyn: **spends 21 minutes touring her closet** Me: **spends 2 minutes touring my closet**
Lucy Evans (25 days ago)
Please do a closet declutter and get rid of the things you don’t wear or fit into.
Lucy Evans (25 days ago)
Only after she colour coordinated her clothes she realised she has soo many clothes, girllllll.
G T (26 days ago)
U need those closet ladders in your closet
carolynne milmine (26 days ago)
Jaclyn are you going to do a whole house tour of your recently new house. Would love to see was youve done with the place!!
Ivy Carola (26 days ago)
Adopt me pls
Eisai poli ψwnara
Madame Scofield (27 days ago)
Dear god this is real ?😩😩😩
Annabelle McElwey (27 days ago)
I have about 1/100 of her closet :P
Amel Ham (27 days ago)
تبان تافهة تعيي
Young Wolf (27 days ago)
Her closet is as big as my apartment... *im dead serious*
The intro is me after getting 5$ from my Pa......
Kitten2007 Cruse (29 days ago)
I like black,grey,white and sometimes rose Coral pink. My least Favorites are pinks ( not rose or coral pink) purple , and bright teal. I was boared
Alice Kim (29 days ago)
1:53 She LITERALLY has a CCTV in her closet?!!!!?
Meagan Morris (29 days ago)
😂😂😂😂intro is great 🤦‍♀️sometimes you really do gotta be extra😂😂❤️
Taking My Throne (30 days ago)
I absolutely love the handbag wall! The colors 😍
Alana Damron (30 days ago)
She would make an AMAZING actress who else agrees 💋🌹😀❤️
ISM Tad (22 hours ago)
While browsing on the internet, I found a platform offering a high quality international fashion brands 2019 with crazy prices I think you would like to see
Claudia Okyere-Fosu (30 days ago)
Beautiful 😍so proud of you 😊
Joe Seppi (1 month ago)
The intro is how I feel when I walk into flannels in my reeboks
Jennifer L. (1 month ago)
Michelle To (1 month ago)
first, LOVE YOUR CLOSET - GOALS FOR THE FUTURE! and second, why spread more hate when there is already ENOUGH of it? if you’re jealous or being petty, then just keep it to yourself. if you have something positive, then spread it because we need more of it. you want this closet? manifest it and go out there and earn it. yes, she did videos all her life, but she also does makeup from morphe and etc. as well. if you work hard enough, this is possible, but don’t down on someone because they’re successful. no hate, but i just had to say this.
Umesh Thakur (1 month ago)
Wooooooow wonderful
Adelina Moca (1 month ago)
Somewhere around 17:16 before or after she said something like I'ma hoop hoar and here is my hoop drawer, and I was like lol that rhymed. this dumb 😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌❤️️❤️️❤️️
Meetu Baheti (1 month ago)
I get mall vibes from here😂 cause I have seen soo many clothes and bags only in malls😂😭
madeline gingras (1 month ago)
So have you tried the orange dress on again? seems you're in a good place now
Kasey Vogl (1 month ago)
Forget about girl wash ur face it’s bitch watch ur feet
diana mer (1 month ago)
Rich bitch !!!!!!!
Irene Martinez (1 month ago)
You so remind me of the Kardashian’s girl 🥰💯😊
Naomi Abergel (1 month ago)
Can you please make a video with the stories behind your shoes? I actually wanna hear that and I feel like you would also make that so funny
Naomi Abergel (1 month ago)
And purses? Or just the stories behind your favorite accessories/outfits.
vini suraj (1 month ago)
late this bitch
Dharrshine Raj (1 month ago)
Who else googled jaclyn hill's net worth after watching this video? Just me 😢
SIMPLY CIEL (1 month ago)
first timer to be elite??? rugs to riches?
Frank Lugo (1 month ago)
My dream closet 😍
-- (1 month ago)
Jaclyn : *your poor* Me : I know
Natalie Andrew (1 month ago)
How does she reach that top shelf lol
Wtf..that intro Not hating
AngieM 420 (1 month ago)
Crying. And my tears are basic. And poor.
Stan Kpop (1 month ago)
Not trying to be rude but if you’re rich you need to stay humble.. ex look at kylie she’s a billionaire and she don’t show off like she did at the beginning... I know this girl worked her ass to be where she is right know, but Idk like the beginning of the video was a little bit too much
V __ (3 days ago)
So what, It's her life not yours She can do what she wants
Emily (1 month ago)
The beginning of the video was a joke...
Lauren Scott (1 month ago)
Ur not funny
sweetheartdana2000 (1 month ago)
This closer is perfect for a try on movie style
fh sp (1 month ago)
I wonder how much time it took to collect all of these
Rosmarly Ferrer (1 month ago)
After taking a dining room class. I pay a lot of attention when he serving wine. Boy don't hold that bottle like that :((((
Aubrey Milam (1 month ago)
And I thought I had a big closet
Flávia F (1 month ago)
She really likes the boy bag, never saw a closet whit so many.
Chlarie Peace (1 month ago)
Some seriously mentally wrong with her she's obsessed with stuff she needs to get help
V __ (3 days ago)
Then do not watch
x D (1 month ago)
My mouth was wide open all time

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