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Body Painting Competition

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Pro Level Body painting competition in Milan at Humanitaris Institute during Milan Fashion Week. PS: Sorry guys for the shaky camera and weird cuts, I filmed this using my Iphone since my camera died an hour before. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think about this performance in the comments or go check out my IG account at @alessandro___turco
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Text Comments (17)
Nguyễn Đại (4 days ago)
Không nhận ra đẹp quá
Как то мрачновато!
Sader Agshd (6 days ago)
Юрий Шестаков ฟร าน นย
Tom Hall (6 days ago)
Lame. 😝
234140 gameing (6 days ago)
who's a perv, younger than 18, and waching this with out parents knowing? I'm 14
Tom Hall (5 days ago)
There's better t and a to watch than this. 😴
Trev Mathews (6 days ago)
Who's a 74 year old man watching this too sonny.
234140 gameing (6 days ago)
Let it show let it show let it show
Karim Hawladar (14 days ago)
Very nice
Santi Priya Roy (4 days ago)
It's a very beautifully painted coloured of a female body by sketching the acadamic fine arts is really exceptional beauty as l observed very much.
Santi Priya Roy (4 days ago)
pkir khan (6 days ago)
Dim B (18 days ago)
Amazing bro
Gulfam Khan (18 days ago)
Woow Amazing
Zvonimir Dulic (19 days ago)
Ich habe mich schon damit abgefunden das die Frauen nicht ganz nackt sein müssen , beim Body Painting . Ist Vielleicht auch Besser so , dann Glühe ich nicht so auf . Zvonimir
朴京範 (20 days ago)
wearing panties of no value
Ken Wilson (18 days ago)
It's art, not ass. Idiot

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