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Glorious Dawn Quilt-Along: LIVE Check-in with Angela Walters - WEEK 2

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Welcome to Week 2 of Angela Walters' LIVE check-in for the Glorious Dawn Quilt-Along. This week, she'll be live at 3 pm ET, answering questions (be sure to chat yours in!), reviewing progress from Week 1 of the QAL, and setting milestones to hit for next week. Find all the information you need on the QAL, including how you can score 50% OFF your Glorious Dawn kit! → https://bluprnt.co/2ItSoBU And be sure to tune in right here every Monday in October at 3 pm ET for more LIVE check-ins. Subscribe to the Bluprint YouTube channel now so you don't miss out! Missed the Week 1 check-in? Catch it here → https://youtu.be/67tXzjy6acw
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Michelle McLoughlin (8 days ago)
Hi Angela, love watching you share your skills. I’m in Sydney Australia and have taught myself to quilt! Inspiration plus!
sylvia kenealy (9 days ago)
There is a terrible echo from your room that you are working in. Always enjoy watching you .
Rochelle Staffieri (10 days ago)
I love the larger quilt! I also love all the comments!
Charity Reed (10 days ago)
Are u gonna make new quilts
Мастер-класс по кривлянью перед камерой.
Toni Battler (10 days ago)
I love the red and white strip on your wall, but I cannot make out what it is exactly. Can you show us and talk about it? Thanks!
Cheryl Taylor (9 days ago)
Do you think it might be the American Flag??
Septemberbaby (10 days ago)
I make my own starch! Cheap Vodka, water and a drop or two of essential oil … Works perfectly!
Kay Laing (10 days ago)
I love wool batting for my bed quilts. They are light weight. Warm in the winter, cook in the summer, and the quilting shows up beautufully!
Julia E. Brie (10 days ago)
I am Julia from Argentina, I always follow your tips. Thxs
Margarat Faulkner (9 days ago)
Nbcu nbcu

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