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Animal Masks That Move When You Talk

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These eerily awesome masks actually move with your jaw, giving the illusion that the animal is talking… or howling… or barking… or what the fox says. Buy here: https://www.vat19.com/item/mouth-mover-mask?adid=youtube Please subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com Hundreds more curiously awesome products: http://www.vat19.com/?adid=youtube Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vat19 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/vat19 ******************* The flexible strap inside the mask keeps it secure while the soft cushion rests against your chin, so the animal’s mouth moves when you talk. This lets you naturally create a very unnatural effect. The life-like faux fur provides the detail needed to complete the freaky facade. Choose from three styles—pug dog, wolf, and fox—to find the creepy creature that speaks to you. ******************* To check out the latest curiously awesome products from Vat19.com, click here: http://www.vat19.com/new?adid=youtube For the most popular items on Vat19, click here: http://www.vat19.com/most-popular?adid=youtube
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Text Comments (5251)
Love-Yoi (1 day ago)
Ok this arent furries I HATE EM EEW no offense
Foxygamer Productions (2 days ago)
I think I might be getting one of these for chrismas
Máximo Iwanoff (4 days ago)
What does the fox say
MrAbc345678 (6 days ago)
Adam Boyd (7 days ago)
Wolf lover 2009 (9 days ago)
I have a mask just like the wolf but it’s gray
Alan Sanchez (9 days ago)
Watch, this is the start of the furry war.
Boba Foba (9 days ago)
Eww the birth of furrys
mIn sUgA’s aRmY (9 days ago)
*_thinks about dog vine_* hI iM a DoG 🐶
Coco (14 days ago)
i want the wolf mask
4 Peas in a Parody (14 days ago)
akward everything :3 (14 days ago)
Furry 2.0
J Moore (15 days ago)
So funny
Feliciaz AJ (16 days ago)
*When furries go too far.*
Naudia the king (18 days ago)
I checked out one of these at Spirit Halloween my mom was going to buy it for me but I said no because the fur kept getting into my eye and mouth
Mr. Krabs Is here (19 days ago)
I want the fox (im not a furry, so please don't start screaming at me, i just think the masks look cool.)
bicth (24 days ago)
"hi, i'm a dog"
Stephanie makes videos (25 days ago)
I’ve got a chewbaca one XD
Snow Flake (26 days ago)
Ummm........ Whoever invented this i would blame furries Obviously
Fear Fox27 (28 days ago)
I need this to go under enemy base
I dare you to make a unicorn 🦄 one of these.
CALL ME_ KIWI (1 month ago)
necked (1 month ago)
Perfect for furrys
Curious Fox (1 month ago)
*furry fandom* 👀
Mapstart (1 month ago)
Make a cat one
Jackson Hicks (1 month ago)
Lol Bit (1 month ago)
Where can I buy the pug?
Tonya Heft (1 month ago)
Just ordered mine
Adam Taurus (1 month ago)
I have three of those masks. The first one I ever got was the red fox. I have a unicorn and bull too. U get lots of hair in ur mouth btw but it's still cool.
i have the same fox one
Cherry Furry (1 month ago)
Make your life stranger. F U R R I E S A R E N T. S T R A N G
Jade Draws /Animates (1 month ago)
Anyone know a website I can buy one of these for $20 or less before Halloween?? Link it to me please.
Joseth Felix Torres (1 month ago)
0:51 LOL you don't recommends for bank robberies 😂😂😂
jacarl2015 (1 month ago)
Huh furrys
Soundwave (1 month ago)
I wanna see someone try the raven one actually, it looks the best out of the others. Plus, you could buy it, scrap the fur, and refurbish it 0w0
P E S K Y B E E (1 month ago)
This comment section why 1, this is not a furry related video 2, furries don’t intend to make beastiality okay, the sane side anyway.
lps cookie Aj (2 months ago)
I got one but I could not see
Gamin Large (2 months ago)
Omg I want a fox so bad
DancingCheese (2 months ago)
Happy halloween.
Andromeda Foxx (2 months ago)
Foxygamer1218 (2 months ago)
Saw this at the Halloween store for 39.99 H a-
Becker Tamara (2 months ago)
madhukar kurimilla (2 months ago)
If ur gonna go to a Halloween party and don't have any costume to wear then wear this
EJCar Channel (2 months ago)
Makes a great furry product but does'nt make a good Jacksfilms Present... ehehehe
Jeffbuildsgamez (2 months ago)
Furries; Perfection
Ean Sudholtz (2 months ago)
“I finally had to take puggles to get neutered.” “YOU DID WHAT!?”
Ean Sudholtz (2 months ago)
0:18 That Fantastic Mr. Fox reboot looks pretty good.
Kareem Williams (2 months ago)
Aww dang I, want one
Nicholas Tindall (2 months ago)
Can this be used for furry's??
Dark Corners (2 months ago)
Calm down with all the “THIS IS A FURRY!” Stuff, and if you hate furries, that’s your opinion. It’s a thing we do. We just like being in a animal suit. But sometimes, it can get offending. People from ages to.. any age can be creative! It’s just us wanting and liking furries. So please don’t be aggressive and threatening us that y’all will try to kill us or the Furry Fandom.
Pastel Spiritz (2 months ago)
Alternate title: be a furry
Rockstar Aqua the Fox (2 months ago)
I saw their was a unicorn one
cococola cococola (2 months ago)
Man they look like a frkein how bout family
cococola cococola (2 months ago)
Hi maggira
cococola cococola (2 months ago)
Ow god
Ash Fur (3 months ago)
Furry on a budget..
The Cantaloupe c: (3 months ago)
I have this but I can't see a thing in it XD
Spring Tiger (3 months ago)
realistic fursuit heads with moving jaws
Judice Pickle (3 months ago)
I just got a white Fox with blue eyes! It's cool!
Bennett Tank (3 months ago)
Omg Fucking fury’s
Valc0n (3 months ago)
I have a panther one XD
Is there also a kid sized one?
WackyJacky2001 (3 months ago)
*howls* Now that’s a beautiful moon! Me: Now that’s a clichè!
red (3 months ago)
No not furry please nooooo *kill me*
IITiredII (3 months ago)
Yay i can be a furry now
Obee TheWhiteTiger (3 months ago)
It is just a fursuit head
XD it's funny
Like Fluffy (3 months ago)
I want to be a pug! Vat19: ok that will be *100£* Me: na i’ll buy it from amazon *costs 50£* ebay it is *It costs 20£ on ebay* Me:come on i thought i could trust you Me: fine i’ll go to argos *Fiannly on argos costs 10£* Me: What no! Well aright Me: byebye 10£ 🙁😭😭😭😭😭😭 *buys* Dosnt come in 1 -year- Me: Ima go get it from vat19 *1 hour later* *1 year angain* Me: argos amazon ebay vat19 it is Bank account: in total will cost you 100£ Me: screw it *buys* Guess what NO MASK Me: whats the meaning of life Me: stabs
Laila F (3 months ago)
I can be a furry! How many money for them!
Damon Anton (3 months ago)
Can you tell me how it works please? I need to know so i can make a moving jaw for my VENOM mask
Cuby Cuoba (3 months ago)
Furries, pffft
PastelLavender (3 months ago)
I Want This! It’s So Cool!
chicken squid! 24 (3 months ago)
Vat19 now boose my fursona *BEARLY*
Gerrie Coetzee (3 months ago)
unicorn jess (3 months ago)
Purfect for the fury in ur life
Tony Stank (3 months ago)
0:05 im super sure that’s Adam
SPOOKY MASTER666 (3 months ago)
Ashley Weber (3 months ago)
I think I'll just make my fursuits
Hyenahide (3 months ago)
I might buy one for pranks.
Ariella0w0 (3 months ago)
Furries confirmed
gaming girl (3 months ago)
za weeaboo (3 months ago)
I've always wanted to look like a furry! :)
Joar skjørstad (3 months ago)
I got the fox mask but with more fur/hair for 35$ at home depot
Valentine Childd Sammi (3 months ago)
Welp ._.
Lux Crystal (3 months ago)
Next level of furrys
ThePilotTY_YT (3 months ago)
The furry’s are coming
Melissa Thews (3 months ago)
So this is where fur suits started
Luna The leopard gecko (3 months ago)
Make a reptile one, I want a reptile one!
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
Vat 19 has finally reached to the furry fandom!
Gabbiz PTK (3 months ago)
0:11 trippin ballz
TheDemonCups 1804 (3 months ago)
Oh boy now de can ve furries
Whiteplussides (3 months ago)
I like the wolf and fox
gamergirl 1000 (4 months ago)
屋ラヒSxtxn (4 months ago)
What every furry needs
_Alterra_ (4 months ago)
Basically a resin fursuit head with a moving jaw.
i was never given a name (4 months ago)
I swear I’m not a furry
DE BOIS (4 months ago)
My furry dream
Cap (4 months ago)
Now I can complete my furry suit😹
Renzoh’s Club (4 months ago)
**inhales** 😤.... i’m gonna be a furry!
freaky fursuit (3 months ago)
I am one. I made my fursuit paws, check it out on my channel.

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