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Little family bull Terrier and cats

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TexasDeb (24 days ago)
They are the best dog you could ever own. So sweet
Joe Ng (1 month ago)
Leah Whiteley (1 month ago)
Who doesn't fall in love with that big nose?
Following Phan (1 month ago)
Captain Dangler (1 month ago)
These two were obviously raised properly and around cats. Unfortunately, the Bull Terrier’s natural instinct towards smaller animals and other dogs isn’t so great which is why socialization is super important. My baby girl considered herself the official welcoming committee for new friends of the human and dog type, but when it came to cats, all bets were off. This goes to prove that you can train them the right way. There is truly nothing like a Bull Terrier. Fantastic breed and a wonderful family member.
Eddie Fettin (29 days ago)
Billie Hanna (1 month ago)
My perfect sofa, room for a little one.
Jessie Perks (1 month ago)
I might be getting one soon!💖🐶
BullTerrier Force (1 month ago)
Cute :-)
Victoria Berrutti (1 month ago)
Alguno más entra en el sofá?? Jaja ja hermosos los Bull y gatos 😍😍😍😍

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