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This country isn't just carbon neutral — it's carbon negative | Tshering Tobgay

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Deep in the Himalayas, on the border between China and India, lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, which has pledged to remain carbon neutral for all time. In this illuminating talk, Bhutan's Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay shares his country's mission to put happiness before economic growth and set a world standard for environmental preservation. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (2975)
parang nangram (12 hours ago)
It is one of the most peaceful country
qrsx66 (1 day ago)
And Bhutan is the only little piece of Tibet that has not been absorbed and colonized and demographically submerged and exploited to the last ressource, mostly by China, while its culture is destroyed, litterature is burned, architecture bulldozed, people killed, imprisonned, sent to camps, shot down as they try to escape to India.... Imagine how much it would be better for the world (and firstly for Tibetans) if not only little Bhutan, but the whole bigger independant Tibet, the Earth "third pole" was managed with a similar philosophy. Also there would still be Chinese interest, and Indian interest, but probably more balance between the two, with limited potential for conflict with a big buffer state and no common terrestrial border for the two giants of Asia. Instead we have this horrible disater.
LBC Roger (1 day ago)
Ronak BAVISKAR (1 day ago)
Even if Bhutan is not contributing to the global warming, still they are facing the disasters Please learn something from Bhutan We can also defeat global warming like Bhutan I like your sense of humour Love from India Dream to win and save the world Let's come together We can and we will win
megha singh (1 day ago)
Respect for Bhutan for their thinking and their work Love from India❤️
tabassum ambreen (1 day ago)
Earth for life! Beautifully said and put together
Dzikrina Saira (3 days ago)
Gross National Happiness is such a good idea!!😊😊😊
Eylem Polat (3 days ago)
Every country has has their own values,lives .but what is the most important stuff is to make a claim to these .
Eliah Holiday (4 days ago)
Gross National Happiness. Amazing to find a country that actually puts such at the forefront.
Prem Bahadur Dhami (5 days ago)
What an interesting talk!
Graceson Jose (6 days ago)
One of the best environmental effort. There are no new methods to do environmental protection. Same as what we are talking or studying from our childhood. The only change is that Bhutan did it we are yet talking or studying it. Happy to hear this talk. This has given me a positive mindset, that environmental protection is not an impossible theoretical fact, but a practical one. Thanking King of Bhutan who should be also called the king for environment.
MicheleElys MER (6 days ago)
And trump refuse to sign the Paris agreement in 2018............a small country committed for life has more integrity than our entire GOP leaders in washington. Great country we have in the US these days!!! I'm ready to become an X-Pat getting my Arabian horse ??? moved with me. How??? but truly do we, the US need to fall further into the bowels of manure, bigotry, ageism and racism?
何佳霖 (7 days ago)
這樣的國家對世界是有貢獻 ~ 環保,至少。
sassy shrea (7 days ago)
Long live Bhutan..😇
saroj padhy (8 days ago)
I respect your thought and Iam with u.
Bonita Bromeliads (8 days ago)
Hopefully they get the funds they need.
Yolanda Angeles (8 days ago)
Love and respect to the people of Bhutan. I have no single word to describe how beautiful the people and the place is. May Bhudda bless and protect this another existing lung of the earth. My wish to visit this country before I die.
T. Ryan Septyawan (8 days ago)
Bhutan is reversal of Indonesia, where environment is sacrified to industry, forest is sacrified for mining and palm oil, and our own culture and religion is sacrified in the name of some abrahamic religion that wanted turn our rich culture into middle east culture
White Dervish (8 days ago)
Bhutan is the richest country!
Priyanka Sable (9 days ago)
Bhutan has such a increadible initiatives respect from india.
Normen Huntsman (10 days ago)
People who unliked this video are assholes
somerandumguy (10 days ago)
love from pakistan, we south asian countries have some of the worse air pollution. I'm pretty sure Bhutan is canceling out all of pakistan,india and bangladesh's pollution simultaneously hence maintaining balance of the world😅😅😘
Chris_Emiliano (11 days ago)
I wish I was born there
dineshkumar.v Venkat (11 days ago)
Love your country , govt, Bhutan
d_101 (11 days ago)
king makes a rule to impeach himself ? is he god ? or like buddha reborn ?
Nicholas C. (12 days ago)
he basically flexed on the whole world but i don mind
Edjo Mal (13 days ago)
air benders...
G. Kurfurst (13 days ago)
Bhutan : we gonna eat 50 million tons of Co2 China : Hold my beer....(Proceed to fart out some 5000million tons of Co2)
sonam tenzee (14 days ago)
Henrik Knudsen (14 days ago)
Bob Larsen (14 days ago)
I wonder if they calculated where the billions in forgiven aid comes from in their carbon footprint. It’s easy to be nice when other nations hold your hand and guarantee your sovereignty.
Jack Krieger (15 days ago)
2 billion GDP and has a free health care and education, free electricity for farmers, electric cars and negative carbon emission. Shame on America which has one of the highest GDP and healthcare and education cost is one of the highest. That's how corrupted our government has become, how screwed are we getting by companies and monopolies which have privatized hospitals, universities, jails and also make sure to lower the quality of public institutions. America has the power to make miracles but seems like people are getting confused too much by fake news and propaganda and they seem to just give up and accept the system and allow getting screwed even more and paying debts in taxes that big monopolies aren't paying. It's sad knowing the fact that American society is educated and social and political conscious. People can change this system.
Customer Service (15 days ago)
What a great speaker!
Enjoy ur life (15 days ago)
A beautiful country with a kind king and visionary prime minister like this man. isn't it looks like a fairy tale..
Sravan Kumar P (16 days ago)
Bhutan is protected by INDIA in many angle but his statements are negative vibs ......! Please don't be disrespectful towards your friend nation ..... Still we love you from INDIA ❤️
Aroon Cheetri (16 days ago)
Yeah you can be carbon double digit negative country if you revoked the citizenship of million of people, make them illegal immigrants and forced them to take refuge in foreign country because of their different culture ,tradition . I dont see any difference in their ideology and nazis.
The.Forever.Gooner (16 days ago)
Ever heard of corruption mfs? What a sick sick country.
Siddhartha Koirala (16 days ago)
may our country government make environment friendly policies too Nepal
Predictive programming is to be met with death penalty OMNIPOTENCE ZERO TOLLERANCE NOW ON ~
We definitely need more countries like Bhutan since our lives and environment are at stake due to CLIMATE CHANGE.
VENKAT VENKAT (18 days ago)
No words to describe the greatness of Bhutan
嘠嘎嘎 (18 days ago)
nice lobbying
Wow What a country What a PM Long live Bhutan
day doodler (20 days ago)
So inspiring.... His words leave a deep impression on you
The most successful countries in the preservation of Nature, human happiness and well-being are those that don't have their imperial ambitions or have got rid of them in time. All possible successes and achievements to the people of Bhutan and the people of all countries! With love from Russia from the North Caucasus! I don't understand who puts dislikes this positive video?!
Yash Chavda (21 days ago)
What a beautiful country is bhutan and this is real way of living our indian government is just fucked up they should learn from bhutan
DS (21 days ago)
he should be the president of the USA.
wii gan (21 days ago)
my government not concern like this in borneo
wehandle fix (21 days ago)
they are great.
Dana we- os (22 days ago)
Not all roses. The average life expectancy is 7 years less than the USA even with universal coverage. Doctors per 1000 persons is very low as is number of hospital beds per 1000 persons. Nice and fortunate that they have 60% of their land that will grow forest. It is impressive that with a significantly higher population density than USA, Bhutan has been able to be environmentally minded.
madhavi motamarry (22 days ago)
Butan 👌 . Indian leadership always strive for power dam care of environmental or climate change true they speak high of these subjects but coming to act nothing not even zero n we common people of same as our leadership
kitty isti (22 days ago)
I wish Indonesia will too..
Red Butterfly (22 days ago)
Bhutan is not under develop. You are develop enough not to participate to destroy the planet.
universe (22 days ago)
this is amazing. great orator skills.. :)
Saturn Helix (22 days ago)
Challenge accepted to dream together
Dr. SK Lakhran (22 days ago)
India is always with you 🙏🇮🇳😊
y37chung (23 days ago)
Just a philosophical question out of curiosity, can GNH be ever increasing (in a sustainable way)? I am thinking after it reaches certain level it has to plateau, otherwise it would be unsustainable,
Sundar (16 days ago)
+sonam tenzee Hi. I'm from India. I just found out that Tobgay lost the elections in 2018. How could that happen? What went wrong?
sonam tenzee (21 days ago)
Being a Bhutanese. GNH implies towards being content and happy with what you have. Human greed never stops even though you have billions of dollars$ GNH is never ending philosophy that we accept
One day Every Bhutanist will Bow to Allah and burn every Buddhist relic and article. All the Bhutannist will shout Alllah-Hu-Akbar and burn all the infadles that don't folllow Islam
belle lovely (23 days ago)
I hope one day Allah will allow the Muslims to eat pork, so we cat eat fried pork and dance together, and shout As-salamu alaykum.
Krishnapriya S (24 days ago)
I wish I could forever be content and happy like this man. His face is really glowing with happiness
Jaleel Madakkan (24 days ago)
Great vision, great leader
Jen Chen (24 days ago)
so inspiring~
The Kirk (25 days ago)
Bhutan also has a literacy rate of 57%, a GDP of $3000 per person per year and a life expectancy nearly a decade less than that of the US. So while I support going green this is what happens when you focus on a frog or insect more than people. You get poverty, disease and illiteracy.
belle lovely (23 days ago)
Not your business.
Vlad III (26 days ago)
A wonderful ethnostate.
Nishat Shahriyar (26 days ago)
The world should learn from Bhutan! What a beautiful country. Love from Bangladesh! <3
Rishikesh Gavali (26 days ago)
Love Bhutan..
Vineet (27 days ago)
He is so modest🙏🙏
jebuzDonkey (27 days ago)
To b gay
Ji Mon Chay (27 days ago)
I love Bhutan ♥️
Leki Fnu (27 days ago)
Bhutan is happiness Country in the world our king is like god i like my Bhutan and i love our beloved king jigme khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
Lorraine Bergen (28 days ago)
what an inspiration!
khaan vaiphei (28 days ago)
best speech ever I've ever come across in YouTube.. respect and fall in love with the country
Shlad with a shlid (29 days ago)
there we go, out of the hundreds of countries we've found one that's managed to not become fucked up somewhere along the line.
wai wai (29 days ago)
this is just a tourism ad :D
john smith (29 days ago)
This feels too good to be true. But if it is, we should all be Bhutan.
Jo Thomson (30 days ago)
Your country is awesome!
Anthony Mccurry (30 days ago)
TheGhostSoldier (1 month ago)
Everyone who disliked is either someone who doesn't believe in climate change, or someone who is envious of this beautiful country and are jealous that their country can't do anything like this
Lula AMH (1 month ago)
The entire world needs to look to Bhutan and follow. In the U.K. we are building on so much green and destroying so much beauty with huge housing estates, shopping centres etc and practically none is eco friendly or with sustainable living in mind. It's poorly built and expensive. We should be building on brown sites and making more ecological based towns that are affordable. Yet the government doesn't seem to want houses that are self sustaining as they want us to pay into the system of electricity, water etc. It's greed based and not forward thinking. It's time for governments to take an approach showing that they do care about the future of the natural world and all species. Even if they survive the worst of the catastrophes to come as a result of climate change they will not be living on an unpolluted planet so it serves the elite also to be environmentally friendly etc. It is time everyone got serious about the issues we ALL face and each country takes responsibility for it's own problems and focusses on solutions. Bhutan has set a brilliant example of what should be done.
et tech and games (1 month ago)
This countries GDP growth is insane i got the numbers and 2014 GDP growth was 8.1%, 2015 5.8%, 2016 7.4%, 2017 13.5% HOW DO THEY DO THAT
Mehtab Singh Dhaliwal (1 month ago)
This vision is far more serene than any communist revolutions or calls for so called democracy.
Mehtab Singh Dhaliwal (1 month ago)
Bhutan is a role model of what humans can alternatively do rather than to chase blind competition only to end up in unhappy living and bigotry.
Mehtab Singh Dhaliwal (1 month ago)
Perfect example of serene living and ungreediness. This country perplexes utopia. It's truly heaven on earth. This is how the world should have been. Peaceful and just beautiful.
Vikash Singh Rawat (1 month ago)
Respect Bhutan 🇧🇹..from India🇮🇳
Tempa Rabgay (15 days ago)
Thank you sir
gangamohan chiluka (1 month ago)
A person who inspire the people to come forward to protect the environment and a Country that aspires to make a better place to live love and respect to Bhutan and Tshering Tobgay
Raghu Kumar (1 month ago)
Much more dignified, unlikely rest of Asia
Rahul Janardhan (1 month ago)
Respect! ❤️ Bhutan is a perfect example and inspiration to all the other world countries. This needs to be understood that we destroyed Mother Earth by changing and cutting down her natural form for our purposes. Now, we're facing it's ill effects. Just give Mother Earth her glory, which she once had. She isn't Asking you to come up with new ideas for tackling Global Warming. Plant more trees. Take care of them. There is no purpose in just burying a seed and then entirely forgetting it's existence. Take care of it. We should, because we stole the glory of mother earth. Reduce Carbon emissions. Switch to sustainable Living. #EarthForLife❤️ Thanks, Bhutan.
Ujjwal Poudel (1 month ago)
please visit !!https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/94461429/posts/2216133870
Minhaj Ali (1 month ago)
Wow. Just wow. Added to my bucket list. Visit Bhutan.
Minhaj Ali (1 month ago)
+Raghu Kumar what?
Raghu Kumar (1 month ago)
Minhaj Ali please spare them
google owns you (1 month ago)
Aaaaaand, the normalization of agenda 21 begins....
What a nation...kudos
Anowara Begum (1 month ago)
Plant a few trees rather than commenting how inspiring the ted talk was
Stinky Cheese (9 days ago)
Sending thoughts and prayers :^)
T P T (1 month ago)
i can imagine bhutan must a boring country to live. so isolated. good for a holiday but to live, no!
Christian Parlindungan (1 month ago)
Thank you, Bhutan.
What happens if all governments do the same as Bhutan's?,,,, declaring that they do not have the money to protect their natural resources, isn't that the same as saying that you are not capable of managing the country resources correctly ? If the country has other important needs and you dont have money to protect the forest and you dont want to print more money just for that purpose because rich people will get upset .... the same people that dont realice they will end up living inside a machine ?, because they are not putting a value to the services a forest provides ? plant productive ecosystems and sell the surplus to china's rich people, they are starting to realize that industrial food will kill them....
belle lovely (23 days ago)
Don't waste too much time on youtube.
kiran gurung (1 month ago)
Great salute my next destination traveling to Bhutan love from Hong Kong
Pasquale Gelardi (1 month ago)
Nothing is free .
Pasquale Gelardi (1 month ago)
This monkey knows nothing of the Krebs cycle .
Sophia (1 month ago)
,, we Must keep our parks awesome“ ❤️🕊 giving back to mama. Benefits single one of us beings :)
Tempa Rabgay (15 days ago)
Love from bhutan
Riwaj Rokka (1 month ago)
Nepal is also carbon negative country. Nepal receives lots of money from carbon positive countries.
Daniel Whyatt (1 month ago)
sonam tenzee (29 days ago)
We are Bhutanese. Like our PM said. "We did nothing for global warming but we are sharing the consequences". It's impact is being felt now
Aban Shrestha (1 month ago)
I just wish that somebody had asked him why this prosperous country 100000 people

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