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This country isn't just carbon neutral — it's carbon negative | Tshering Tobgay

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Deep in the Himalayas, on the border between China and India, lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, which has pledged to remain carbon neutral for all time. In this illuminating talk, Bhutan's Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay shares his country's mission to put happiness before economic growth and set a world standard for environmental preservation. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (4351)
neal tran (1 hour ago)
one fighter jet consumes as much as 3 times a commercial jet. Military is the main culprit of CO2 emission, and climate change. Big governments with big military employ the most scientists, who are muted, the rest are producing fake facts about climate change to support their jobs to the governments. For a carbon neutral planet, soldiers please go home. Scientists please quit your jobs with the military.
Narrow Broad (1 hour ago)
Let's damage nature that much that humankind vanishes for good. Nature will repair itself. Problem solved.
Navin Gowda gowda (3 hours ago)
All countries running behind money... But Bhutan🇧🇹 great
gildone84 (3 hours ago)
I applaud their commitment to GNH and the environment, but why did such an elightened country kick out all the Bhutanese Hindus?
Swapnil Alhat (6 hours ago)
Bhutan says i love constitution, and we say ftl. Difference between talking good and doing good. We talk no work done. They do work and do not talk about it.
Root Sharp (8 hours ago)
Planktons creates much more oxygen than trees. It's all about presentation. Basically we can see trees.
stephen jacobs (12 hours ago)
Absolutely wonderful.
Creamy Pasta (14 hours ago)
Hmm, when are people going to wake up to the truth about such things as Climate Change and Global Warming. The fact is the Kingdom of Bhutan has a population of 807,610 (Wikipedia) and an area of 38,394 km² giving a population density of approx 21 people / km² and now compare that against almost all other countries, especially 1st world countries. The point is energy from carbon release is directly connected to a) where the carbon came from and b) how many people burn it to release the energy. Surface carbon (trees etc) are cyclic and contribute little over long time periods. Digging it up as coal/gas/etc is releasing old stored carbon (not good, we're reintroducing past carbon into the here and now). The real problem is the numbers of people doing this, it's us. The Earth is just trying to maintain a balance, it's what it's had the good fortune to have been doing for billions of years now. We humans are the imbalance. While we struggle to make an increasing population use less carbon this isn't a long term strategy that works simply by virtue of our continued expanding population. So, the Earth will simply do what it does best, what it can to restore balance and it will do that. Unless we either a) curb our desires to procreate in an uncontrolled manner or b) figure out Fusion Power and give the technology away freely we are, quite simply, fucked.
Neikosr0x (14 hours ago)
yea, sure it is nice that the country wants to remain carbon neutral. But the fact is that the cellphones he has, the medicines they consume, the turbines which they use to produce electricity from their rivers, their school systems were acquired from countries that are not carbon neutral just because you can't produce that kind of goods/tech without damaging the environment all that tech came from industrialized countries. So yea, you can start taking all of that out from your checklist.
Peacal Doxa (15 hours ago)
As an African, i learnt one thing: 3:50 We manage this because we use our limited resources carefully.
Watisen Jamir (16 hours ago)
Recently been to Bhutan.. It's so clean and the administration management is so commendable.. Very surprised with the way people lived there... A great example
MadMarco (16 hours ago)
Anyone noticed his name is Topgay?
Harish123 Gv (16 hours ago)
Wow , huge respect from India
Rustythuunder (17 hours ago)
Pog Champ
naphackDT (18 hours ago)
That pocket is amazing.
Giovanni Ramirez (18 hours ago)
Increíble esta conferencia sí todos pensamos que todos vivimos en este mundo y que todos tenemos que colaborar para que el mundo mejore, todo sería tan diferente, sí en lugar de criticar ayudamos a avanzar. Un ejemplo a seguir Bután ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rey Viente Morta, EA (19 hours ago)
Bhutan is awkeing all human kind to protect, preserve and love the natural beauty and life of our planet.
Mark DotN (22 hours ago)
It's always been true that a small group of people manage themselves very effectively. There's nothing new here.
Seth Thompson (23 hours ago)
Imagine the percent of Bhutan's wealth that was spent just sending this guy to do a Ted talk.
J L (1 day ago)
Very interesting policies. But will it works impose to any.other nations? I suppose not: human nature mostly Greed. Easier for Butan to achieve because it a nation short of influenced from British colonized exploitation.
Black tail37 (1 day ago)
sounds like bhutan needs more diversity, they need to take in all the refugee's of the planet instead of the west, seems like they are better humans than those in the west and have a better life and have free education and healthcare
Stella Yuan (1 day ago)
I am so touched and inspired by this speech and the amazing job they have done!
Dustin Boyd (1 day ago)
By halfway through the video, I was having flashbacks to Namu from Dragon Ball and his effort to win the World Tournament, the prize money buying precious water for his dying village. His home is being destroyed, and he is here to do his very best to help his people. By the end, it was about more than just Bhutan. It was our entire world.
How 2 with basics (1 day ago)
The Climate has been changing for billions of years hence the problem is not climate change it is POLLUTION
Abhinav Singh (1 day ago)
These white morons did that
Abhinav Singh (1 day ago)
but you don't have fast internet and even memes load in 5s
Abhinav Singh (1 day ago)
hey india is biodiverse hotspot too ..
Abhinav Singh (1 day ago)
we know about your country please go forward
Whare Kingi (1 day ago)
This guys like an asian MAds Mikkelsen
This bloke just wants money from the west
Climate change is a hoax u even had to change the name from global warming to climate change because the globe isn't warming. The ice caps have risen 400ft since ww2 because my grandfather had to ditch his p38 lighting fighter plane on a Greenland glacier and people went back looking for the planes expecting them to be on the surface because of your false global warming but no they had to use ground radar to find it and they found it 300f under the glacier in the 80s they dug it out and the plane is call glacier girl plus I know a person that lives on a island in Canada that is supposed to be going under water but it's not because he built a Villa on the water in the 50s and the water level hasn't changed on it the island is just slowly getting washed away
Angle Study (1 day ago)
other governments should take notes and do what they're doing as well
Rudolf Schumacher (1 day ago)
Why can i like this video only once
Bina Das (1 day ago)
Thank you and sorry,, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Dongs (1 day ago)
Id rather not live in the dark ages cheers.
Barbara Stamm (1 day ago)
just from the title it sounds like a shithole
Acid Lamb (2 days ago)
Politicians spread the world that the global warming is a hoax just cause its cheaper to act like it is. I hope karma gets back to them
Acid Lamb (2 days ago)
They committed so much and are sacrificing so much to protect the environment but still. They just absorb so much carbon dioxide as *one* city in america produces yearly. Its insane. Countries these days pray on countries like Buthan and are killing our planet. And the world leaders dont care. They just want to be rich and dont care about people in poverty living in a poluted broken world, they will die soon and will die rich and our planet will die poor
Acid Lamb (2 days ago)
Baby boomers fucked up the economy and the climate *but sure blame the millennials*
Bob Bastion (2 days ago)
I'm startin to think ol Ted is pushing some sort of agenda. Hmmm.
Ami der Große (2 days ago)
This gives me so much hope, but i also realise again, how f*cked up our countries and governments are :(
Osman Pasa (2 days ago)
I think amazing speech
Michael S. (2 days ago)
Rich is not the one who has the most, but the one who uses what he has wisely.
Larry Mcknight (2 days ago)
Canada is also a Carbon Zinc
Rahul DG (2 days ago)
Love this man
Gizziiusa (2 days ago)
you forgot about the part "...and only the very wealthy are allowed into our country, b/c it costs $200 to $250 per person PER DAY for just the visa". phony, hypocrite catering only to the affluent. may your transgressions of doing what I just tryped, AND that you follow the BS UN- carbon footprint scam be drawn into karma coming back around to you...
Denise Gibson (2 days ago)
That was the best video that I have ever seen and I will share it on facebook. Thank you.
Matthew Crossley (2 days ago)
"Our king imposed democracy on us" hol up
Blaineworld (2 days ago)
I think I found the best country at 1 AM. Edit: and the coolest person
Diana S (2 days ago)
I like the idea of GNH. But what he is telling here is basically a known fact: country without any industry or developed roads/transportation system has less (or even zero)  pollution that countries with heavy and midsize industries do. How much subsidizing their government can do out of their 2 billion budget? For just one trolley bus or one tram? I bet they receive lots of international money thanks to announcements like this of them being "green" and carbon neutral.
Boy man (2 days ago)
Respect to Bhutan people. We produce co2 and Bhutan consumes and give us o2 what a shame for us. Love from Manipur
ArcanistSickle (2 days ago)
The problem is that if your country is super underdeveloped that of course you produce no pollution or waste.......I don't think how it is suppose to be something to be proud of. It is a dictatorship after all.
Sowel 44 (2 days ago)
So it's an authoritarian monarchy with social planning and gender dress codes? but at least their carbon footprint is amazing... right???
sweiland75 (2 days ago)
At the time of this video, he was Prime Minister of Bhutan.
Ramayana Roxas (3 days ago)
I'm crying because my country is just killing and stealing.
cold45acp (3 days ago)
And women and homosexuals are oppressed.
Isa Coto B. (3 days ago)
Adnan Qamar (3 days ago)
The cause of all our current problems: OVERPOPULATION.
SK Best Collection SK (3 days ago)
Wow.. The spectacular speech The capabilities and potential disclosed with simple smile.. Well done. The pioneering vision by the Bhutan's Ruler, turned the country as a role model to many countries. Protecting the Mother Nature and providing a Healthy Gift to the next generations The concept of "Live Healthy and let all other beings Live Happily" is appreciable. All the Best for all your endeavours
otowise (3 days ago)
I wish people really did some research on climate change and not be told about the pending disaster. 20 years is nothing in the planets life cycle.
Praveen Nair (3 days ago)
Loved to hear. Motivated to do something back to nature.
Otoven t (3 days ago)
Bhutan is the sort of country that when all the resources in other part of the world will slowly start emptying, every company and government who wants them will come knocking at their door. At first with cash, and when that doesn't work, with force.
Sagnik Das (8 hours ago)
Yes exactly what I thought, these trees will be gone soon whether that want it or not. There is seriously no hope for our planet.
Anonymous Change (3 days ago)
What language do they speak there, I want to live there
Anonymous Change (3 days ago)
Google says it is Dzongkha
Logi Venkatesh Raja (3 days ago)
I like to join you
Richelle Monter (3 days ago)
Bhutan❤. Love from Philippines
Malleswar Chaviti (3 days ago)
Fantastic 👏👏👏👏
Kamrul Ahsan (3 days ago)
M N (3 days ago)
Problem is all thd people believing that things, luxury and so on is equal to happiness
Mendori (3 days ago)
1.6mill views. not nearly enough. share this!
KCs Funhouse (3 days ago)
What a beautiful country and to think they are working to fight climate change while other countries deregulation continues to further pollute our planet. I could listen to this man speak all day, something about the optimistic tone, it gave me hope and even when talking about glacial flooding his fighting attitude won me over. The world absolutely should use this model, at this point we couldn’t do any less than we currently are.
Fan Xiao (3 days ago)
amazing oral presentation!
solomon copeland (4 days ago)
Honestly you can not deny the left is selling this fairly tale. And they are actually hurting people. The earth has been warming and the seas have been rising for 20,000 years before fossil fuels were ever used. The rate of warming and sea level rise has actually slowed since the use of fossil fuels. I understand why these people are depressed and in despair. The left has no way to stop and change it. The moon is also very slowly moving away from the earth. So with that orbit change will come even more effects. The climaelte change mob could instead learn to adapt and evolve to an ever changing climate and a dynamic environment. Instead they keep saying the end is near. So now people are having suicidal thoughts and giving up on having kids. The green new deal is only an economy policy. It's TRUE goal and aim is just to destroy the economy. The left only wants to tax us and get a trillion dollars for it. We can not replaced fossil fuels. We can try to use more nuclear power which they do not want to do. A better solution. But they want to destroy the coal and oil industry. Get rid of gas. Give us an energy deficit. They sell dreams of stopping the use of fossil fuels which will never happen. They do not have enough of any other source to make up for it. They somehow think they can also at the same time clean all of the C02 out of the atmosphere. They never look at the benefits or more C02. They cry the green house effect. Why not instead use more water, use more land, and find ways to benefit from the ever changing planet. They is no way every single scientist thinks they can combat to climate change and none or them even venture into how to overcome it. It's simple and easy. If the earth is changing then we must change with it. Climate change has always happened and always will happen. So our only recourse is to become more flexible and adaptable to an every changing planet. The world is more green and more beautiful now. If the earth is changing let's use those changes for our benefit. I refuse to see how they don't realize all of the current and potential benefits. They use fear and scare tactics to control people. We can take back our power and have a voice. They go from captain planet to climate change. We can not hope to change or control the sun. If the world is actually getting warmer than move more away from the equator and move north. Go north that's simple. If the world is getting colder move closer to the equator. Animals migrant and change. Recycle , clean the oceans, do all of that by all means. Help animals to move around and migrate. Don't isolate them. People love the coastlines. We build dams. Seas will rise. Ice caps will melt. More land will appear. Crops can be moved. This whole world has endless possibilities. Let's harness and enhance our world through technology. Let's embrace the change. We can adapt and evolve to anything.
Mike Becket (4 days ago)
Yes and live in caves and walk everywhere and live like they might of done back in the fourteenth cenntury whoopie doodle doo. And it's all socialism
What a joyous presenter, with a wonderful and hope-filled presentation. I am enchanted.
Gabrijela Fratnik (4 days ago)
Slovenia is 62% forest
Resting Bitchface (4 days ago)
The earth is always in flux and always will be. Manmade global warming is all propagandic bunk. Live your life, step lightly, and move on.
Hedgy Verona (4 days ago)
Going to bhutan in two weeks, really glad I found out about this before going!
Jacob Taylor (4 days ago)
It's all useless if there's not a concerted effort to grow shady trees to breathe in carbon. I like how the trees are valued by govt
Debnath Basu (4 days ago)
Comment courtesy Dr SK Mazumdar, Executive Director, Indianoil: I wish all the big-wigs take some time to listen to this master piece of the deliberation that came out of his heart. It's backed by the commitment to live the true essence of the Sustainability - a term I find most of the policy makers and strategists using so cheaply. The one message is very clear Nature is to be respected through a National Attitude.
Len Zi (4 days ago)
Bhutan is not perfect. I have seen a critical documentary. But this countrey tries to set outher priorities than making money. In other countries like germany it is always said: THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE TO ECONOMICAL GROWTH AS FIRST PRIORITY. But there is. Bhutan ist not perfect. But it is not less perfect than anyother country. AND it has the better values concerning social and environmental issues. Bhutan is a role model. And we should try to understand how they system is working. When it comes to gender equality Bhutan needs to strengenth its efforts. The Journal 'BusinessBhutan' quotes 'The National Survey Report on Violence Against Women and Girls': "The report also found that half or all Bhutanese women agreed that it is okay that a man hits his wife under some circumstances, such as when he finds out she is unfaithful or does not take care of the children. The report further showed that the lifetime prevalence of physical violence by husband or partners was highest among the age group between 30 to 34 years, followed by the women aged 50-60 years. The highest current prevalence of physical violence was among women aged 25 to 29 years followed by women aged 30 to 34 years."
Len Zi (4 days ago)
Quelle: https://www.businessbhutan.bt/2019/04/17/gender-inequality-the-greatest-obstacle-to-womens-equality-and-empowerment/
Anton Allen (4 days ago)
Bravo! 🙌
T Phanindar (4 days ago)
Let the 2 largest religions come in christian and muslim your people will pollute. Let in any mnc and your land water air will pollute
Peter Giesbrecht (4 days ago)
Great country, great folk, great ideology!
Vincent Chmiel (5 days ago)
Interesting that the climate emergency dogma has been accepted by even small distant countries. Despite a dearth of facts or science to back it up But its what the activists want us to believe
Thileep kumar (5 days ago)
you now opened bhutan to dirty loud tourists
L!GhT (5 days ago)
Who tf disliked this mudafukas
me love (5 days ago)
Hats off bhutaan
L1ght 111 (5 days ago)
Yea until the virus ( Americans) head that way.
cesteres (5 days ago)
Plants need CO2
Steve Gem (5 days ago)
So in order to keep your environmental Utopia you have to come to the industrialized world to get money to maintain it. sounds like you're robbing from Peter to pay Paul
McMatthew99 (5 days ago)
Ecuador also gave the environment constitutional rights. Every country should follow suit.
manjugill100 (5 days ago)
This indian sikander singh salute you my brother country Bhutan .You are the greatest country of the world .You are world hero
Sturgeon (5 days ago)
Why is he wearing Italian shoes?
Delaram Sani (5 days ago)
Respect from an Iranian Australian
adam conard (5 days ago)
cute, but you do nothing but keep humanity small. we are destined to live interplanetary. Your simple lives are adorable but fantasy in the long run
Kenneth Chan (5 days ago)
great speech
Helmet Guy (5 days ago)
Hope my country adopt Bhutan's methods... Great country... Respect from India
BOUNCY (5 days ago)
you hope that your country kicks one third of your population out , for not being the preferd ethinicity?...
shutupsucka (5 days ago)
And what is their population
MZ TV (5 days ago)
I salute the people of Bhutan.
JoJo Arpa (5 days ago)
Someone should remind him,and everyone else that glaciers have been melting for centuries. He should be thankful the ice age ended,and the melting began. One day the melting will end,and cycle back to another ice age. No doubt humans will once again blame human activity for the accumulation of snow,and ice.
JoJo Arpa (4 days ago)
@Stwinge44 My point is the earth has gone through this many times,but Humans believe they are so important that they can affect these cycles.We also believe we will be the only species to avoid extinction. We have polluted the earth in many ways,but carbon dioxide is the least of our worries.Plastics is the greater threat.
Stwinge44 (5 days ago)
JoJo Arpa of course glaciers have been melting for centuries. If not you wouldn’t be able to get any water from them. The question is, is the NET loss of glaciers accelerating? And I would say yes, it’s pretty obvious.

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