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Adorable and Affordable Korean Fashion! | Youvimi Review

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Read me! I have important information/sorta funny banter! Wowie, this took waaaay too long to edit. Anyhow, Youvimi contacted me for a sponsorship, which I accepted after some thought! I'm always on the hunt for quality and cute clothes so I was surprised to see that the quality for these clothes were soo good! I would classify this as a "pay for what you get" sort of deal-- the price speaks for the quality. If you look at other websites selling similar items, they're a lot cheaper, BUT their quality is, uh, questionable. Also, this website isn't a scam and the customer service is quite nice. :) Links!: Skirt: https://www.youvimi.com/collections/dresses-skirt/products/sweet-love-high-waist-woolen-skirts-yv2477 Black top: https://www.youvimi.com/collections/tops/products/dragon-long-sleeve-embroidery-sweater-yv1506 Pikachu turtleneck: https://www.youvimi.com/products/lovely-pikachu-turtleneck-winter-hoodies-jacket-yv8092 Youvimi: https://www.youvimi.com/ Thanks for watching and thanks to Youvimi for the items!
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LaDeathMachine (4 months ago)
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down, yall! I mentioned my height in weight so you all could visualize the dimensions of the clothing and how it sits on my body. But I'm seeing loads of comments talking about weight and what is/isn't skinny/fat! Though I totally support good diet, exercise and general good health, this isn't the place to compare your weight with mine or anyone else's in the comment section! All bodies do their own thing and carry weight in their own ways. I value one's healthiness over one's appearance, and I want you guys to think that way too! Don't forget that all bodies are different and all of them are good!
Shyrah (1 month ago)
Where did you get those round glasses from there super cute
Maya_ lemonade (1 month ago)
Ugh still wish I was skinny :')
Rayne Ledbetter (2 months ago)
LaDeathMachine If I were to wear your pikachu outfit, since I know my teal and green hair would ruin the outfit, what color should i dye it, my mom wants me to redye it anyways, the reason I am asking is because my outfits aren't approachable, so I don't have anyone who wants to talk to me, and my mom wants me to dress cuter and more approachable, and I think your videos help, and definitely this video, I hope you do more outfit reviews!! Oh, and thank you for helping me through my struggles with my makeup and outfits
Poh (2 months ago)
I just wanted to find out how old are because you said you are in uni. I completely my degree last year. And I am 24.
crying noodles (8 hours ago)
Irene get back to sm
It's so expensive!!
Tae Kook (1 day ago)
NVM GIMMIE ALL OF THEM I really love the 2nd Outfit But 3rd is So cute
Tae Kook (1 day ago)
I want the skirt and shirt like rn
Tae Kook (1 day ago)
Can I have your skin tone.
sakura haruno (2 days ago)
You're so cute like me mwehehhe...
B.P - B.T.S Gamer (4 days ago)
Im dying your so cute
Clemen Gianan (4 days ago)
Your so cuteeeeee
Sadia Siddiqui (4 days ago)
OMG your looking adorbs in all outfits
iconic asmr (5 days ago)
Lotus Tang (6 days ago)
you are the size of a middle schooler
Pink Girl (7 days ago)
Ilike 2 model 💔
Fussy Lazy (8 days ago)
Hyper active 😏🤣
Rai Kate Rafols Ticot (8 days ago)
Omgggg u r so adorable. I loveeee ü
oneandonlyahgase (8 days ago)
She's 5'1 and 104 pounds and I'm 5'0 and 103 pounds. Coincidence??? Or satan???? Lol
kristy palmieri (8 days ago)
You’re so gorgeous! Can you make a tutorial for the makeup you have in this video? Hope you have a lovely day💕~
Rose (8 days ago)
I really love your humor hahah <3
Vixx is my anthem (9 days ago)
2:56 6:01 YASS VIXX REFERENCES Didn't know you were a starlight!!
Ryan Choi (9 days ago)
I recently Opened Korean and Street style clothing online shopping mall. It is very affordable and high-quality than YesStyle or Kooding right now. I am doing like 20-50% off right now untill I get like enough subscribers Visit my channel to see some product video. my link shineonyoushop.com
Cupcake (10 days ago)
You seem dope and funny; guess I'll subscribe now 😝
queen_thiccymemes (10 days ago)
If your fat, then I'm a fucking elephant.
suga biased슈기 (11 days ago)
You are so cute!!!♡
ゆき (11 days ago)
*when you realize ur underweight*
GodOfAllThings Weird (12 days ago)
*I want to be her*
magdabobruk (12 days ago)
Omg! Extremely cuteee♡♡♡
BrooklynHoneyGangster (12 days ago)
Ur amazing ugh
nassi cha (13 days ago)
مسحي نواظرك ربي يخليك كي تصوري 😁
Jess ! (13 days ago)
In China I'm obese! :D
-*YOUR GIRAFFE*- (13 days ago)
Wtf. My mom threw chips at my mf face.
Wen HF (14 days ago)
*_HER NOSE IS PERFECT_* _i wish i could have that nose lol :’)_
KawaiiPetitePotato :3 (14 days ago)
That sweater looks SO CUTE! NEEEEEDDDD IT!!!!!
KawaiiPetitePotato :3 (14 days ago)
so cyaaaaattttteeeeee
you look super good with everything 😍😍
Ani Listherchill (15 days ago)
Oma god a genuine review on a god I love yooou
Jasmin McNeil (15 days ago)
I love your personality 🤩🤗🤩🤗
Quynh N (15 days ago)
did she just...compare pikachu to pee
Stephanie Rose Cipher (15 days ago)
Omfg I love her XD I'm definitely subscribing
김재숙 (15 days ago)
*god left me unfinished* I’m sorry but if that ain’t me imma- *flips table and leaves*
Cerise cupcake (16 days ago)
You are so cute and so funny😂 I love you ❤️
Mia Querijero (17 days ago)
Why r u so cute?!?😲😂❤ I'm jungshook😂
Seb Veber (17 days ago)
charlene klein sanchez (17 days ago)
She compared it To china sizes because here in asia, having those kind of weight cause disease. Like here in the phillipines many people who have heavy weight tend to get, High blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes and other weight related disease. Sorry if that scale weight offends you, but thats the truth sis. They even show it on the news :/
M is not fat
TDU vicky (17 days ago)
*don't worry, I'm not dead! Well... I wish I was* that made me laugh! XD
BTS Nation (17 days ago)
hon’, medium isn’t fat.
Jady Ribeiro (18 days ago)
I love Korea♥
chittaprrr ; (18 days ago)
you are so relatable and you're gorgeous 😭💗
ALEX ISHII (19 days ago)
That's incredible plastic surgery in South Korea is very popular to be a little bit of "beauty" but not happy most of people look like so much each other like kinda doll toys. I just want the surgeon doctors in that country to find more samples of different "beauties", not that same stereo typed "beauty" I see the same faces who has got this surgery.
baby bimbo (19 days ago)
Your so fllllipppiiing cuttteeee
Benjamin Thakur (20 days ago)
she is very gorgeous like anime character
Norlorn Aelrindel (20 days ago)
I like your voice, your bare face, and your makeup style.
Thu Doan (20 days ago)
Hâhhaa so cuteeee . I’m from vietnam and I love youuuu
jeonsfineass (21 days ago)
my first thought when i clicked on this.. “irene?”
Νίκος Α (21 days ago)
I am so fat 5.3 and 110 pounds !!! Please help!!! How to lose weight???
KawaiiXIV (22 days ago)
Mystery2003 (23 days ago)
Omg I just went to the website and I am dy-ing :0 This is such good shitz omhg thank you for showing me this :) *burns closet*
wow, where do you bought your glasses? super cool!
Krysta Tec (23 days ago)
I wish I was pretty like you
I N T R O V E R T (24 days ago)
That Free poster is distracting me.
Que lindura😍
Bts Is Lifeu (24 days ago)
3:26 her:according china sizes I'm fat Me:.............................same
Ayyüce (24 days ago)
They're not affordable for me :') Anyways still amazing video 👍
Nur Fitriyana (25 days ago)
Please tutorial this make up... because this make is so pretty
AMBot Senpai (25 days ago)
Oh, I like your make-up now also. And nice fashion sense.
iTs a Tina (25 days ago)
Potato :P (27 days ago)
Potato :P (27 days ago)
4:00 hey ya'll
idk but yeah (27 days ago)
why the fuck is she so pretty for
Cecilie Falkesgaard (28 days ago)
She looks better in those cute clothes than I ever would
Those clothes are cute and you look beautiful girl💕
Wolfy Lunamoon (28 days ago)
in a good way u look like your 12 so cute
ᎶᎾLDᎽ (26 days ago)
Wolfy Lunamoon she doesnt look 12
jung hoseok (30 days ago)
*When your fat and you can't wear any of these...* ;-;
Icegoddesswolf (30 days ago)
Girl, why you flashing us? You're adorable xD
Bc Ch (30 days ago)
I live in Korea and I never saw any korean dressed like that
Mistic_cupcake (1 month ago)
Sister Snatched (1 month ago)
“According to China sizes I’m fat” subscribed
Psycho Seraph (1 month ago)
These are awesome!! Thanks for linking everything too!!!
Najmah Chant (1 month ago)
i want to take her home she's so cute :(
BTS 4EV3R (1 month ago)
You are pretty
Ur mom (1 month ago)
if you’re fat then what am i
Sister Namjoon (1 month ago)
If I wear this people going to be like: Ooh my god ur a koreaboo!1!1!
I'm the same size and have the same body of you, ¿It means than i am fat too? T__T
cheesy mouse (1 month ago)
wei ying (1 month ago)
If You Even Know That '' Song?????! ''
wei ying (1 month ago)
[Me After I Watch This With Mah Friends] KAWAII ! Geto Ah!~ Friend:No,It's KAWAII! Geeto~Wah! :3 [THREE HOURS LATER] both of us: oh.
Synai Eudiamonai (1 month ago)
"God left me unfinished"
XaJl Va (1 month ago)
use better camera pls!
Farrah draws (1 month ago)
Ok I’m 12, 128 lbs, and s h o r t . 5 w ha t
King Jim Centeno (1 month ago)
you look like wengie exept your hair.can you dye your hair pls
김지민 헤 (1 month ago)
Uhhh at Korea..my sis wears the same styles tho...
Random Taco (1 month ago)
You literally have the perfect body! Very cute and small, but a lil squish because everyone loves a lil squish.
cremesodaa _ (1 month ago)
I wonder how these would look on someone that’s 6’3 like myself 🤔🤔🤔 I’m...idk how many pounds...170 maybe??
cremesodaa _ (1 month ago)
ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali (1 month ago)
"God left me unfinished" ME
Koøkiės_ and_taê (1 month ago)
Whoa whoa whoa u posted this on my actual birthdayyy
Star Blossom (1 month ago)
Oof kawaii
Sophia Lee (1 month ago)
Isn’t this j fashion?

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