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Husky Dog Babysitting | There's nothing greater than Dog and Baby

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Text Comments (405)
Its Marlon (7 days ago)
Baby cries dog howls for help Very punny
se7ensnakes (9 days ago)
I wonder if the dog know it is a baby that is going to grow up
Baby s crying and instead of comforting tat baby idiotic parents are recording it..Bad
DUDLEY JENKINS (1 month ago)
kawaii JP (2 months ago)
dogs are man's best friends probably because dogs can't think with reasons.
Carl Hursh (3 months ago)
Best baby sitter you can get.
jensmom604 (3 months ago)
Dog nanny, so sweet.
Efrain Tello (3 months ago)
3:00 country music😊
Dog Loves Baby (3 months ago)
hmmm yes
Doug Yates (3 months ago)
Dogs! I love them.
Sissi 49 (3 months ago)
Sto genitori sono consci di quanti microbi hanno i cani che annusamo tutto per le strade e poi permettono ai cani di leccare la boccuccia dei piccoli che non hanno neanche ancora difese immunitarie sono un po incoscienti mi pare
Karen Mitchell (3 months ago)
We had a malamute when my boys were growing up and he was so good with the boys. The boys loved him and he loved the boys they had so much fun in the snow. Great and gentle dogs with children.
Phil Tevlin (3 months ago)
Funny lookin' puppy.
Bob McDowell (3 months ago)
It depends on the dog type. Pit bull no!!! They have a bad record for killing and maiming. But there's alot of dumb people out there, especially the young thatthink it's cool to have a pit bulll, well it's not.
Ramon DePeña (3 months ago)
Only a dog can show love this way, only a dog...period.
jim boniface (3 months ago)
so beautiful. Thanx for posting.
Dog Loves Baby (3 months ago)
Have a nice day!
mcharren (3 months ago)
Very sweet!
Mazot Hortlak (3 months ago)
You all shut the hell up! When they're not looking, that dog maybe maul that baby to death. How many stories about dogs mauling babies??? Something snaps in the dog's brain, the baby dies! Get that fukking dog away from that innocent, helpless baby!!
Almedin (3 months ago)
Why would anyone do a thumbs down on this video??????
May Xx (2 months ago)
We are concerned for the babys safety look on utube for the video of a little child being attacked by his pet dog it is horrifying
Arrayeh (3 months ago)
Huskys love babies
B T (3 months ago)
Too bad about those ugly pop ups at the end which spoil the video and ruin the best scene.
Stebson Gold (3 months ago)
natures cruel when it comes to dog/human life spans.
John Quinn (3 months ago)
Nature left to it's own devices is perfectly balanced , we humans put our big brains to changing things for the "better" and we screw it all up.
No more sweet videos, please !!! I am diabetic
Dog Loves Baby (3 months ago)
Awesome babies and dogs are so adorable D
bb89670 (3 months ago)
Amazing. These babies and dogs are best friends.
Dog Loves Baby (3 months ago)
Thank you for enjoying,have a nice day
Dave Purdy (4 months ago)
I love how the Husky's drown out the babies when they cry! They are very vocal and extremely protective and loving. I love the colour of their eyes! So cute to watch the Husky who is covering up the baby, just adorable! Wonderful to watch! Thank you!
ed low (4 months ago)
Hilarious sing along.
dachunde (4 months ago)
People don't think everyone remembers when they were really young. I do. I was a sneaky little child at the age of two when I walked out the back door to play with a thing I never saw before. It was a four legged furry thing playing on the hill. So off I went.We played for a long time it seemed until I heard screaming and I saw mother hitting not just the dog but me as well with a broom. The dog started pulling me away by my shirt, then bit her. I started crying due to the fact I was pummeled with a broom.....I really could not talk yet but I remember the incident vividly. The dog never hurt me.
chris wentworth (4 months ago)
How do you get a dog to protect a baby? Make the baby part of the pack.
Little Flower (5 months ago)
The dogs howl because they think the babies are trying to howl so they are teaching them to do it properly
i love dog
Cecilia Donahue (6 months ago)
? alone oh. Course you can always dweeb j
Radhika Chatterjee (6 months ago)
Leader of the pack!
0230Raveena (7 months ago)
I think animals have smelled and sensed the babies before they are born. So sometimes the connection is instant.
Dog Loves Baby (7 months ago)
haha i was about to say the same thing
Ronda Doolin (7 months ago)
They r such good mommies and daddies
chelsea smith (7 months ago)
The dog at 1:33 is like I'm not having this its my baby
XHawkRid3r (7 months ago)
Insane parents. Don't they know how easily dogs pass infections? Dogs don't even let people touch their puppies.
Savira S. Karamat-Ali (7 months ago)
Uzair Irfan (7 months ago)
What’s wrong with those animals? Why are they making those sounds?
asheesh prajapti (7 months ago)
I fall in love with these dogs 😍
Dog Loves Baby (7 months ago)
it makes me smile
pewdiepie suckatgames (7 months ago)
*baby crying* husky: awooahwooah woooahh...(translation) plz shut the hell up!!!!!
Ruben Mercado (7 months ago)
So goes the says "Dogs are mans best friend" such a cute video😊
Dog Loves Baby (7 months ago)
how adorable comment.. thanks
shannon popesco (7 months ago)
My dogs both love our kids I'm shure my older girl dory thinks my kids are hers my boy Gunter think hes ther brother I'm shure .
janet wahl (7 months ago)
OMG I love these dogs. They are beautiful sensitive strong and loving. They are also very protective of their human family. I’ll be 57 years old this November 22. We had a husky (Hendricks). My brother named him in honor of a Jimmy Hendricks the rock legend. I was 14 when we got him as a pup. So that was 43 years ago. I remember when we got him. For me it was instant love at first sight. I remember once one night I was walking him around in the neighborhood (trust no one who had any kind of brain would not dare advance towards me) we ran into a few boys I hadn’t seen in my neighborhood before. I got off the sidewalk and entered the grass so they could get by with no problems. I guess they thought they made me nervous of them. So they stopped and started talking to me. They were pretty polite at first. Then they started make no cracks about being outside with a dog like mine who was a sissy because he stayed sitting and seem to care about them. I said why that’s because he was given a command to sit and stay seated that he was observing them and most likely their movements. They said if we throw so if we throw anything at him like a rock or something he won’t attack and come after us? I explained he was a very good dog and very smart. As a rule if I have given him a command I could guarantee them a 99.9 success rate that he will usually do as he is told but we all have our tempers and sometimes we lose it so it stands to reason an animal would be the same in ways. They were laughing their asses off and the dog I swear he looked like he was rolling his eyes at them and looked like he had a smirk on his face while turning to look at me and say come on Janet just let me bite one ok? Just give me the command please? I’m like ok it’s time for me to head on home now. I’d given the dog our hand signal to get up and go when one of the boys literally jumped in our pathway saying you and that ducking dog of yours can go on when we say. At this point I am not scared or worried about myself or my dog I am now worried about what’s going to happen to a somewhat stupid teenage boy who jumps in front of a dog that weighs close to 130 pounds of mass muscle and big bite. They did not know that the dog was trained to know what the perimeter of safe space allowed near me before he would automatically go into protective mode for one of his human family members if he feels I am being threatened. Hendricks let’s out the biggest deepest bark showing his teeth with his mouth wide open sale a dripping from his mouth like he sees a meal of meat come g towards him. He jumps knocks that boy right down on his back and before the boy even knew what was happening the dog was standing on the boys chest with his front paws growling at him and just stood there growling and looking at the other boys as if to say one step closer and it will get very ugly very fast. The boys froze. I said just don’t move or he will take it out on your friend on the ground. The boy on the ground said can I get up can you get him off of me. I’m sorry I had to laugh. Hendricks was really a huge dog that thought he was a lap dog the size of the Taco Bell dog. Scratch his ears and pet him and say good boy good boy then he will get off of you. The boy thought I was crazy but he did what I said to do the Hendricks leaned in towards # the boys face. He tried to cover his face thinking he was going to get bitten or his throat torn out. Hendricks simply gave the boy some very very sloppy kisses got off then wanted to play with all of the. The boys turned out to be brothers who had just moved a few blocks away from our house. After that those 3 boys would always acknowledge me self and the other girls in my neighborhood very nicely and they became very good friends to not only me but my family’s as well. It was a lesson they never forgot. It started some great friendships for me and for our dog.
OA (7 months ago)
“jimmy Hendricks” the rock legend? Lol
Dog Loves Baby (7 months ago)
Thanks, hope you enjoy my channel
TFfolkes (7 months ago)
dogs are not toys
ACS Shap (7 months ago)
1:57 is a keeper
Brandy Vlogs (7 months ago)
Once I was speaking Spanish to my friend and I accidentally said doggo instead of perro. 😂
Dog Loves Baby (7 months ago)
what a beautiful language
Greg Kelly (7 months ago)
Unless the dog decides to eat the baby.
Sam Tanaka (7 months ago)
Last 2 puppies were extremely gentle. All puppies are so wonderful though.(^^) I miss having a dog....
anna daniela travaglio (7 months ago)
tanta tenerezza
J P (7 months ago)
Never trust Jews, Democrats or animals with small children.
Eserey (7 months ago)
Nice i saw a baby vagina.
mik ztif (7 months ago)
Dogs are a blessing from God! :)
Immortal 86 (7 months ago)
Dog smells bady! Instantly falls in love!
Y Vorius (7 months ago)
Satan want you to know the story of the baby Who got EATEN by a husky. Take a second to Google it... Couple years ago, but nobody Heard about it BECAUSE IT WASNT A PITBULL. Nice video btw.
Sareth Ou (7 months ago)
Super sweet dog.
BIKER ***** (7 months ago)
I love Trance (8 months ago)
Im pretty sure these babies and dogs go on adventures together when the patents are sleeping... Look at stewie and brian
Tiffany Tiff (8 months ago)
Awwww so cute,😍
Reginald knight (5 months ago)
Tiffany Tiff and you too😍😘😘
Dani Duran (8 months ago)
I'm loving this video!!! Huskies love babies! I know; I have two!!!!
Susanne Höfer (8 months ago)
Hallo große Hunde sind zu gefährlich es steckt doch in jedem Hund der Uhr trieb mit Babys zu spielen ein unmöglichliches Ding!🐶 Mann sollte dem Baby einen Teddy bar geben
Cute but I don't think dogs should lick babies. That's very unhygienic
Maureen Bruner (8 months ago)
I think dogs are so good when bringing home newborns is because with their great sense of hearing they recognized the babies heartbeat
Phat Ass (8 months ago)
Rusty Trombone
Abigail Joachin (8 months ago)
Abigail Joachin (8 months ago)
It’s so cute how can this dog do this 🐺❤️👼🏼
Mashal Siddique (8 months ago)
True love by soul... 😘
Clementina Ellsworth (8 months ago)
So sweet. Last two clips😱😱😂😂💕🐕👶💕
carolyn haney (8 months ago)
Having a dog like that around that baby is one of the craziest things I have ever seen. No amount of money would have been sufficient to me for to let that dog have access to my newborns. A big dog chomped down on a baby's head and killed it. It was the son of a neurosurgeon and their family pet.
Penny Perris (8 months ago)
jonquerettess (8 months ago)
Who wants a huski after this video rise the hand ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Paula Jewitt (8 months ago)
Cutest thing ive ever seen.
Ny Phoenix (8 months ago)
Huskies were bred for centuries to guard children. Best dogs ever.
M. Rodrigo Lemus (8 months ago)
OMG... Husky tucking baby up in bed... The Best 🤗
Laura Arnette (8 months ago)
The babies that were crying and the huskies start howling was hilarious 😂 Such sweet pups
diane9247 (8 months ago)
People, don't use a newborn to test your dog's temperment. That's just irresponsible.
timothy chung (2 months ago)
A loving dog is loyal.
Ramon DePeña (3 months ago)
That only applies if you are an asshole who has a dog to make them fight, that is it!
Roger Adkins (5 months ago)
ms precious, dogs are like people. if you dont trust them, they wont trust you. but it is completely understandable if you dont want your child around a dog, but if that is the case i would advise that you just dont have a dog
Ms Precious (5 months ago)
Roger Adkins vets experts always say never trust! I would be more worried about when they bury the baby tbh and some rough play which comes from the owners..
Roger Adkins (5 months ago)
ms precious even the best parents can turn. if a dog attacks it has likely been abused or neglected and most dogs would never attack without provocation.
victrola2007 (8 months ago)
"I came. I claimed it as our own. I fell in love and protected."
Nadine Goossens (8 months ago)
Nick Calvé Nick cave
Liza Welling (8 months ago)
This just made me want to cry we lost our beloved husky Blue 😢😭
Monideepa Sarkar (8 months ago)
I am a hardcore dog lover and also a doctor. Trust me this licking on face and mouth especially the newborns, is not okay. Everyday microorganisms are getting mutated to become more virulent and more resistant. You never know what organism will evolve tomorrow with what route of spread. Your baby is yours only. If anything happens to him, at the end of the day it is your loss only. And no amount of love, passion or cuteness will be able to undo that. Let them play and interact with dogs but don't let the dogs lick inside their mouth like that. At least not until they are a bit older.
karine nalt (8 months ago)
abhishek paithankar (8 months ago)
Maybe the husky is remembering his days as toddler 😅😅
Nephi Silver (8 months ago)
It's disturbing to see someone that lets a baby get that close to an animal like that you're really pushing your luck don't do it it's not a good idea an animals is an animal and doesn't realize the consequences of their actions..
ConstantCompanion (8 months ago)
Could you pick your ads somewhere else?
Gemelli (8 months ago)
gli animali sono amorevoli
smaria mirams (8 months ago)
Where lost a brain this parent? smelly dog in bed with baby,
Veronica Illieva (7 months ago)
By the looks of you, any man will rather have a smelly dog than you in their bed. Rather judgemental for someone that looks like a walking cow.
Tina p (8 months ago)
Awww so cute. lol So sweet
sunil kumarmb (8 months ago)
🐶I haven't seen such a beautiful video in my life 🐶
sunil kumarmb (8 months ago)
Dogs are the most loving pets in the world like if you agree
Grace Watson (8 months ago)
pets nature lovable but dog's hair babies mouth
Frank Berst (8 months ago)
I swear Huskies and Malamutes are the biggest characters on the planet bar none.
Ben Schaeffer (9 months ago)
LOVE Huskies. Such wonderful dogs.
Richard Hutchison (9 months ago)
Andrea Cooper (9 months ago)
0:47 Baby was naked
Pauline Gregory (9 months ago)
Until it bites the kids face off.
Vikas Agre (9 months ago)
I don't know why my sis likes cats more...I love dogs..dogs r loyal.. I hate cats
Oliwka Pinas (9 months ago)
SO CUTE!!!!😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊
Estelle Barry (9 months ago)
Hope these dogs have been wormed :)
Josiah Black (9 months ago)
Dogs don't "Baby sit" fools...
mel Zainal (9 months ago)
I wish i can having a dog.....but sadly i cant
chiya2006 (9 months ago)
If i ever get a dog, it would only be Husky, thats long decided.
ASHOK KURIAN (9 months ago)
I don't like to see dogs licking the mouth of babies

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