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Hello, hope you enjoy this new backpack tutorial :) insta/twitter @mradamatkins [email protected] Music from - youtube audio library Thank you for watching :) #diybackpack #howtosewabag #sewing
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highlands (2 hours ago)
Hey, bonus hot pants, all right!
Aneta Koehn (13 hours ago)
wow, amazing! You're a genius!!
Sima Hurwitz (21 hours ago)
Thank! Where can you buy interface material?
Jonny Ruzzo (1 day ago)
What interfacing did you use for this? Looks great! It's cool to see you recycle an old item into something new and usable.
Destiny Meredith (1 day ago)
Thank you for sharing ill try this next time i have fabric keep it up
Paola Ochoa (1 day ago)
What is that thing (0:38) you use on the back of the fabric?
This is sweet!!!
muhammed sahal (2 days ago)
Super Cool mahN
Bec R (2 days ago)
Love it on a lot of levels.
VeeVeeVeeV (2 days ago)
sweet, simple, to the point!!!
Christina Lee (3 days ago)
Wow very neat! Love it.
xojslyn (5 days ago)
Oh my, I like it !
Dulcina Mallough (5 days ago)
Damn I could make this if I had interfacing
Naville Torres (5 days ago)
i loved it! great job :)
Fuck You I'm an egg (6 days ago)
The fact that the button is off to the left and is not aligned with the middle stitch-line is making me freaking insane
Heidinein (7 days ago)
Caileigh Brynn (9 days ago)
See my problem is that I see videos like this and then I have the urge to destroy a pair of pants to make a backpack
Susana Zeddy (1 day ago)
Caileigh Brynn buy a thrift pair
Patricia Fernando (10 days ago)
Wow😍 I want to get my hands on this project
GOD ACC (13 days ago)
holy cow! its amazing)
Rintin Tin (14 days ago)
Very good bag, THANK You!
Rakchit Yonzan (17 days ago)
How long is the strap
Vivi Virli (1 month ago)
AwkwardArtist (2 months ago)
This is absolutely fantastic! Instructions are clear and to the point. No loud music and no unnecessary chatting! My husband sews and is very good at it! His aunt taught him and she is an extraordinary seamstress and has never used a pattern for anything! I have been sewing for 30 years and my husband is better than I am in many different ways. Men bring clear instruction without a lot of unnecessary stuff. Sewing is for whoever wants to learn it!
AGP Meri Hera (2 months ago)
you're very talented
Adam Atkins (2 months ago)
Meri Hera Thank you so much 😘
it is so nice !!! 👍👍👍
nadhira tasya (2 months ago)
Adooo jadi pgn beli mesin jaittt
Blue Angel (2 months ago)
OmG nice!!! Supreme! Thanks very much!
valentino Lyngdoh (2 months ago)
That Is a very easy and simple project and really beautiful..thank you..
Emanuele A. (2 months ago)
So simple, great I like it, i will try do it too, thank you for sharing
cindy chan (2 months ago)
i am making my own version today. so happy i found this
Thais Lazzaretti (2 months ago)
What are the dimensions of the backpack at the end of the process? I rly loved your work and would like to reproduce it (BUT just wanted to make sure that my stuff would fit inside with those dimensions)
OMNI HALLS (2 months ago)
You sound English. Anyway, the English are masters at Sailing, Tailoring, and also making race cars... very nice project.
V. S (2 months ago)
You made it look so easy!
Pazzie Johanna (2 months ago)
Some easy instructions, thanks!
N.B. (2 months ago)
I will really like to have a bag like this and make isn't by myself but I really don't know how 😭😅💕
Олена Мяшина (2 months ago)
Maha Fouad (2 months ago)
Nor ibrahim (2 months ago)
hi i wanna a good kind of sawing machine to buy please
Krishna (2 months ago)
Loved it..😍😘
Petra Bóta (2 months ago)
I really loved this tutorial, expecially because you are a male :) Not that females are more common in sewing videos, but I just found your interpretation calming. :)
Rini Lama (2 months ago)
So creative
bird (2 months ago)
DUDE WHAT youre changing my life
Wang Yuexin (2 months ago)
I just need a small backpack and it's a brilliant idea to make one out of old clothes!
Up2 Me (2 months ago)
Very nice
Mithra H (2 months ago)
It looks like a store bought expensive bag..i loved it😍.Can you make such bag so it is waterproof?
m s (2 months ago)
Very nice project, I liked it 👍
Sopia Sopiyanti (2 months ago)
love this
Sopia Sopiyanti (2 months ago)
love this
Niel Jos (2 months ago)
shalini dhyani (2 months ago)
It looks pretty easy.. I am someone who doesn’t sew , but these are only some straight stitches, so I think I can get through this 😊😊
Lamont Simpson (2 months ago)
Had to thumbs down because I saw your semi hard dick when you tried on your chinos for us. I don’t know why that was necessary.
Lloyd Dojillo (2 months ago)
love it!!!!
Abed yuro (2 months ago)
lenox pinto (2 months ago)
😍😍making this for sure
Mutiara Wina Dewanto (2 months ago)
Sava Ntile (2 months ago)
Wow!!!!!!! Just wow! Subscribed!
The One True Donut (2 months ago)
Could you do finn the human's bag?
Will B (2 months ago)
The bag looks good. Anyone know where I can buy one ☝️.
Ciarán Kelly (2 months ago)
Would love to see a shoulder strap version.
Danielle Taylor (2 months ago)
A clean and simple design. I appreciate your tutorial videos. The instructions are easy to follow, right along side my sewing level and eye for detail in simplicity and neatness, without all the complexities you'd usually find in other tutorial channels.
Rom Santillan (2 months ago)
Kayte Del Prado (2 months ago)
hug my channel : Kayte Del Prado
Kayte Del Prado (2 months ago)
hug back
Numa.K (2 months ago)
LOOOVE THIS PROJECT! I’m def. going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing this.
Rwby ruby (2 months ago)
I'd love to do this but unfortunately, my mom wouldn't allow me to use my clothes and even wouldn't allow me to use the sewing machine
Patricia Calvinho (2 months ago)
I think it's gorgeous!
Rosario Longoria (2 months ago)
Excellent work!👍
Bojoy Kyut (2 months ago)
amazing.. 😊
hersanti rahayu (2 months ago)
Hi Adam...Thx for sharing this very simple tutorial. I'm gonna try to make itu too...Can I have the measurement for the webbing?
Errolea brown (2 months ago)
Very well explained and an easy layout, bravo really neat little bag.
Keramas Wiguna (2 months ago)
Love it 😍😍 its cool and simple
Kacie Surber (2 months ago)
You're brilliant for upcycling old clothes
Ron Michael Gawat (2 months ago)
I love it so much..
Mr. Meeseeks (2 months ago)
Love seeing other dudes sew!!!!
Bhargavi D (2 months ago)
Damn this is the coolest thing i ve seen today.. i am gonna try this
Artful Arts (2 months ago)
Exactly, it is lovely
SuperNutcake (2 months ago)
Beautifully simple (yet I bet more complicated than you make it look!) I have a pair of ripped cargo pants of hubby that would be perfect for this. Thanks for sharing ❤️
Ysabella Williams (2 months ago)
Wow love it
Victor Emanuel (2 months ago)
uooow , this is amazing
Princess Keith (2 months ago)
0:13 yes, it's small
Adam Atkins (2 months ago)
Princess Keith 🤫
matheus almeida (2 months ago)
omg the video is so perfect, well explained and on point
Daffy B (3 months ago)
I'd have added a hidden zipped pocket at the back for access to valuables, a more substantial lining and overstitching for wear and tear.
Slinks (3 months ago)
i would’ve used a red for the lining to make it pop more but this bag is still hella cool
apratimsanyal (3 months ago)
This is fantastic!!!
khawbeer (3 months ago)
Wow, simple but good looking, What sawing machines you use for the project?
Maria Celma Tubay (3 months ago)
This is nice 👍
Noriko (3 months ago)
Love the project ..thanks for giving us an idea
eva (3 months ago)
amazing with the recycled fabrics! a zipper at the top would have been a nice addition maybe?
Eonnie Kim Gallery (3 months ago)
Just found your Chanel today. I'm a crafter and sketcher. And definitely would make this one. Need to change my old backpack but I'll sure to make some adjustment since I need it bit bigger to carry lots of my sketching tools. Thank you...
paul Z (3 months ago)
If i could make something like this I'd sell them on etsy
Financed_coffee (3 months ago)
I like the recycling idea.
PROVISION Handmade Gear (3 months ago)
I've learned a lot from you Adam! You make everything look easy!
marian smith (3 months ago)
Great idea...
Dr. phil. Szilvia Rad (3 months ago)
It is suoer! Thanks for the video!
1 9 (3 months ago)
I'm in love with this bag
name surname (3 months ago)
Oh 😭 I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND YOU ARE SO AWESOME! ♥️♥️ رهيبة جدا 👌🏻
It looks like a Late Victorian-WW2 era Commonwealth Soldier’s backpack and it looks nice because of that.
Nazli Sam (3 months ago)
Definitely trying this <3
Gloria Paredes (3 months ago)
Beautiful.!!😀👍 Thanks you😏
Dajina Bell (3 months ago)
Love it

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