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Text Comments (2280)
Outleteon (3 months ago)
1s air force 1s vans ultraboosts 1 hyped pair like an 11 or 4 or yeezy for every once in a while
hoaxks 135 (4 months ago)
This guy forgot vans old skool
Isaiah Rosas (5 months ago)
Im wearing the air jordan 11 retro (GS) gamma blue,the air jordan 1 chicago,the nike huraches,the checkered vans,the nike slides,the yellow soccer cleats,the air jordan 4 and air force 1 collab,the purple jordan 4,the jordan horizon,the jordan 3 flights, the nike free runners,etc.
Tara Vigna (5 months ago)
Curry fives
Tara Vigna (5 months ago)
Yezzy boost 350 moon rocks
Tara Vigna (5 months ago)
Ultra boost multicolor
Diego Hodges (6 months ago)
Triple black huraches
Edwin's life (6 months ago)
I have the converse 2
Sheila Smalley (7 months ago)
For me it's Vans high top checkered and these navy blue vans fresh out the box
TheyCallMeYoungSsauce (8 months ago)
2:10 chuck chailor
Mike K (8 months ago)
1 all black converse 2 2 air force 1 3 nike runners 4 Adidas alpha bounce 5 LeBron 15
Mushroom man (8 months ago)
I'm not paying over $80 for a shoe.
Luis Vega (8 months ago)
I really like the Converse 2.0 but there are two things that are missing which is a signature converse detail which is the black lining on the bottom of the shoe and the white laces. If they just put those black linings with the white laces then it'll still keep that classic look and whisper like it's saying "Psst hey, I'm the 2.0 version.
Kova (8 months ago)
Your voice changed so much
Team DubZ (9 months ago)
I got the af1 high strap wheat
Walker Woolard (9 months ago)
I have ultra boost
Andrew Clark (9 months ago)
He forgot vans 🤦🏼‍♂️
Manny Hp (9 months ago)
Did anyone peep the dog😂3:33
Jon Carr (10 months ago)
No order 1. Triple white air force 1 2. Mesh nike presto 3. Vans 4. Ultra boost or NMD 5. Jordan 1 5.
Zetsu (10 months ago)
i only wear my vans and air force ones
Ben Donaldson (10 months ago)
#5 was pretty random
diggythedog (11 months ago)
if your watching this in 2018... heres a top 5 list, that is based at my school sperry nmd/ultraboost vans harraches clasic jordan 1 buy as musch as these as you can and you should be more than ok ..
DOPE _ (11 months ago)
Any shoes under 50 for the broke boys like me😭
Richard Fajardo (1 year ago)
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Who here 2018
Who here in 3018
Who here in 3018
Panda alexaa (1 year ago)
The converse 2’s you can get for 30 bucks a piece at 6pm.com
Levi Myers (1 year ago)
Is it wierd that i have NO pears of jeans and my name is Levi
Diego Martinez (1 year ago)
1. Adidas Yeezy turtle dove 2. Vans checkerboard 3. KD Trey 5 IV 4. Some random Nike running shoes 5. Adidas NMD 2 runner 6. Black Converse
ghost_bro _ (1 year ago)
Im suprised nikr air force 1s werent on here
Alex B (1 year ago)
Nike Huarache?
Alex B (1 year ago)
Nike Air max?
Emi Mao (1 year ago)
I can’t find those lunar tempos anywhere bruh
Yermom Bigay (1 year ago)
I wear curry 2.5s
John Andrew Isles (1 year ago)
1 Jordan 1 black and red 2 Nike Roshe 2 Flyknit 3 suede converse low tops 4 chukka boots 5 sperrys
pubmix (1 year ago)
sandals comfortable running shoes chucks
Liam Bachmann (1 year ago)
You spelled white wrong... haha
Rosa Pinelo (1 year ago)
Y3s and yezzeys and mags
Rosa Pinelo (1 year ago)
Chuks 2
Oh so smooth Jay (1 year ago)
Whoever subs me I will sub back let’s get one another grow thanks guys
Eli Mac (1 year ago)
1:foamposite 2:nmd 3:Nike air unlimited 4:Nike Air Force 2 supreme 5:another pair of foams That’s my rotation
Zackery Hucksoll (1 year ago)
im wearing supraskytop 2
Chad Esval (1 year ago)
I’m gonna say it Yeezys are overrated
Roman Raboy (1 year ago)
I'm wearing those Nike LF1
Robayat Rahman (1 year ago)
Yeezy v2 bred Jordan 1 royals Jordan 11 unc Nike Air Force 1 lows Adidas superstars/Stan Smith
i i (1 year ago)
He sounds like a salesman
Finesse Reezy (1 year ago)
1. jordan retro 4s 2. nike foamposites 3. jordan retro 6s 4. jordan retro 13s 5. jordan retro 12s
Nadyah official (1 year ago)
140$ oh hell no
Abisai Ramirez (1 year ago)
Nike dunks high
Devin The g.o.a.t (1 year ago)
Oh wow 666 views satin
Safyan Iqbal (1 year ago)
My rotation is Zx fluxes Brand new model hurraches And roshes
Dale fetz (1 year ago)
TBH Air Force is best for cooler weather since you won't be wearing shorts they go good with almost everything and they pretty cheap if you go to a nike outlet
Adit Mohindra (1 year ago)
this guy called white cement 4 beaters lmao
king Semba (1 year ago)
The chucks look like jordan 12's with how white hits the black
Marcus Van (1 year ago)
Richie the type of person to want to go to school just to make more friends. Stay fresh Richie
Kitty Jeler (1 year ago)
Nigga I can only afford Monarch 4s
Jeremy butters (1 year ago)
What im wearing: Under armour micro blue Wrangler memory foam Nike turquoise and blue And1s
Toryian Tubbs (1 year ago)
Aitzaz Mirza (1 year ago)
1.under Amor shoes I've been wearing for 2 years older than this video 2. Nike air max 90 all white
YoungSinatraLoGiC (1 year ago)
Jordan 11 barons lows Jordan 11 true reds lows Jordan 11 true red highs Thats what i got
SubsuedTv Wyatt (1 year ago)
I got dem InkI boost for back to school
Logan Graver (1 year ago)
What about disability
Bryan Navarrete (1 year ago)
My rotating of shoes are Jordan 11 High top vans Air force 1 Adidas ultra boost And converse
3:33 sky pilot!
i am wearing 1. DC tonik 2. DC COLE PRO 3. conver 1 4. pony top star
z z (1 year ago)
im gettin lebron 12s cause i need good ball shoes
z z (1 year ago)
my old shoes are broken and lbj 12s are the shoe i need they have the perefect coshin
ELEMENTAL HD (1 year ago)
where the Vans at?
Josh 98 (1 year ago)
Fuck Trends just give me my Polo Boots
Imhotep Tafari (1 year ago)
his hands move alot
Daniel Jimenez (1 year ago)
0:18 you forgot the disability
Chuck Ngo (1 year ago)
make a 2017 version please
IgneousFlame13 (1 year ago)
What Im wearing for my school year are hurrachi ultra Air Jordan 23 Addias All Star The Addias comfort slide (very hard to find) I forgot the name but a nice addias that looks like Jordans And I got two Nike visors Like my comment guys
Ryan Le (1 year ago)
My mans forgot the Air Force 1's
Shawn Rigdon (1 year ago)
I got and huaraches and that's it. Everyone at school asks why I wear the same shoes everyday and I say to them that why do you need like 10 pairs of shoes when you are only in middle school. Like your feet are growing
HokageClark (1 year ago)
The black ying-yang Jordan 1's
Jelly Jiraffe (1 year ago)
Wanna look 🔥 back to school while wearing a comfy shoe that looks dope? http://www.ebay.com/itm/122644167530?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
Chronic Bluez (1 year ago)
im wearing huarches for school
Ojm .2004 (1 year ago)
All white Air Force 1 a classic sneaker
Henry Torres (1 year ago)
I got cement 5s and motorsport away 4s
Randi Branistareanu (1 year ago)
i have the Kyrie 3
Spectre (1 year ago)
What are those adidas shoes called next to the steph and bron magazine
Carson Reinersman (1 year ago)
Jordan 1 metallic red
Revrse SZN (1 year ago)
I have school in 3 Daisy's and I got the new white cement 5's that released on august 6
Mark Figgy (1 year ago)
He have a cool talking voice
Jaxon Claiborne (1 year ago)
Ultraboost triple white Timbs Checkered slip on vans
Gamer Profile (1 year ago)
Ultra red Jordan 5
Gamer Profile (1 year ago)
Plus all black high top vans
Francis (1 year ago)
"this retail for $140" * has a hard attack *
Sup Faka (10 months ago)
Francis Elimbi My niqqa almost had a HARD attack
Yao Ming (1 year ago)
Nmd r1 triple black and glitch pack
kid curry gaming (1 year ago)
Curry 4 Lol it lit
Ethan Brumer (1 year ago)
yezy zebra
Parker McDaniels (1 year ago)
1.Jordan 7s 2.Chucks OG 3.Jordan 13s 4.ultra boosts 5.Vans 6.Nmds 7.Huraches
BEEFBLITZ (1 year ago)
Lol I'm hear a year in the future
Andrew Dominguez (1 year ago)
Who's watching in 2017?! All tips are still being taken this year!
Adrian Noel (1 year ago)
Everything I have for school this year Huarache ultras Atwood vans Lebron 13's Nyc Jordan 10's Nike Free Runs Cement 3's Royalty 4's Air Max 2016 Adidas Tubular Shadow all white Jordan Superfly 5's
El Zoeja (1 year ago)
All thoes shoes except for the 4s are ass smh dont call yourself a sneakerhead😭👎
Jzcksvn (1 year ago)
I got yin yang (black) Jordan 1 high for schoo
Angel Garza (1 year ago)
I bought some jordan 1 mid
Robin Yashed (1 year ago)
Stat Padder (1 year ago)
I got those black and white converse all star 2s for $29 at my converse outlet

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