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Montero vintage canvas backpack meets the new Spirit Airlines personal item size requirements

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Get it on Amazon here... http://geni.us/JUh3p Montera Vintage Canvas Backpack - Heavy Duty Casual Daypack Rucksack Best For Travel The Montera desinger Canvas Backpack is for every traveller who wants to carry several items with ease, but can't find a rugged, functional, retro-look canvas rucksack that's up to the job. Here's a problem you face right now - poor quality, cheap nylon backpacks that just don't hold up. Without rugged canvas construction your backpack won't be up to the task! Which means your investment just won't last. And, worst of all, many people can't get past the idea that all backpacks are built the same, so you should just buy the cheapest ones. So, if you're a traveller and who needs to carry several items with ease, but can't find a rugged canvas rucksack with a cool retro look, then the Montera Vintage Canvas Backpack is the answer you've been looking for! If you want to travel in style, rely on a backpack that will last for years and carry all your kit with ease... then this is the best rucksack you'll ever purchase! You've waited long enough to travel in style! - Order Now! Would make a great xmas present or stocking stuffer for your father, son, grandson or boyfriend. NEW! - Cool vintage style coffee canvas back pack with inspired functional design evokes the spirit of outdoor adventure. STRONG - Heavy duty canvas construction means you to rely on a rucksack that will last for years. FUNCTIONAL – Lightweight with an assortment of handles, pockets, water bottle holders and straps enables you to carry all your kit with ease. Makes a great retro-look canvas laptop backpack for men or women. SECURE - Hidden zippered pocket lets you transport important items securely, safe from pickpockets. DELIVERS - At 14" x 18 " x 8" capacity there's plenty of storage space, plus a padded inner pouch holds up to 15" laptops or tablets with ease.
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Text Comments (5)
RE Ohtz (1 year ago)
Learn the product prior to doing a demo for YouTube.
Ryker777 (1 year ago)
Will not fly that shit airlines
Not bad, wish it had the waist strap though.
Ginger and the Willow All backpacks should have them, in case someone tries to rip it off your back if you need a reason. Stop with the stupid questions.
Ginger and the Willow (1 year ago)
why would that be needed for a bag like this one

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