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Text Comments (3496)
demi owens (1 day ago)
Is that your chick
Ayden Tillman (1 day ago)
Sparkle Morgan (1 day ago)
He is so rude maybe i can hurt you one day come see me
IMFAMOUS Jelly (1 day ago)
Dame 1:50
Lemuel Willis (1 day ago)
Lemuel Willis (1 day ago)
Lemuel Willis (1 day ago)
Gena skull (2 days ago)
Looks like Greg that do vines
air breather (3 days ago)
i find this funny
Trans Is Beautiful (5 days ago)
I m dead af
Angela Swinton (7 days ago)
In gonna our my balls between your braces
Angela Swinton (7 days ago)
He kicked dorothy
Not gone lie 1:53 + was clean
Justina Marie (7 days ago)
the following link and you will have a good day please see the status is a very much appreciated
Jervon Antoine (8 days ago)
I need a girl
shaw tso (8 days ago)
1:01 get your dick off my booty
Rahmel King (8 days ago)
What's the song that said green
Dana Brown (9 days ago)
My'Keerion Dove (10 days ago)
She fine I wish i was him
Eireee17 (11 days ago)
*He went And1 on her ass. I HOLLERED*
eyptaingodess Wilson (11 days ago)
Keeamari Green (11 days ago)
Savior Bond (11 days ago)
What the hellllll
Travi? Thats a Ghost (14 days ago)
1:50 BRUH 💯 why he do her like that
Iyona Samuels (14 days ago)
Can y'all stfu about the damn braces and her ass y'all ain't never gonna get like her and she cute asf get of her dick shii y'all some mf dick rider most of y'all sound like some fucking haters just shut up damn 1 ok her ass fat she could have been working out and most of y'all saying it's fake like your ass might be fake damn let her be happy and 2 them braces get off her braces cause he look cute with them so suhhhhhh damn y'all just gonna judge her like that but anyway this ain't hate and basketball it's sex and basketball
Baylei Clouthier (15 days ago)
That man is so meen
victoria Jackson (15 days ago)
ok what the fuck
Is this born BASKETBALL-PORN B-orn
Chase Beck (17 days ago)
Balls between my braices
Man Mc Wiskey (17 days ago)
Man Mc Wiskey (17 days ago)
Man Mc Wiskey (17 days ago)
Chrystal Davis (18 days ago)
He stupid ass fuck
Sasha Petty (19 days ago)
They doing sex in backsket bsll
Sasha Petty (19 days ago)
Sasha Petty (19 days ago)
geodashbest 182 (20 days ago)
Funniest parts 2:16 he was like GET UP BITCH COME ON and 2:21 he said YOU STANK YOU SMELL LIKE A ORPHAN BITCH lmao
Duana Wrightsil (22 days ago)
0:58 Get yo dick off my booty
Duana Wrightsil (22 days ago)
More like sexaul and baskettball
Vinay Vishwatma (23 days ago)
fuck that bitch in the asss
Jonathan Hargrove (25 days ago)
cj so cool new song
Jonathan Hargrove (25 days ago)
Rahmel King (25 days ago)
What's all the songs u put in the video
Anoah OP (26 days ago)
RolandBachman (26 days ago)
Black people only think about 2 things...fucking and beating their women. Tell me I'm lying!
Felton Peeples (27 days ago)
Roy Hegwood (27 days ago)
That is so mean you fucking bitch!
Columbia (27 days ago)
Jon'leslie Williams (28 days ago)
You want to hunting her
Darrion GIVENS (29 days ago)
2019 stand up
10000 subs no vids (29 days ago)
1:34 ball literally went backwards
George Washington (1 month ago)
How come he ain't got a boner yet?
JACKN_ Colt (1 month ago)
Lol 😁
Meli Delvalle (1 month ago)
That's messed up
Kelera Gadolo (1 month ago)
Carl Tippmen (1 month ago)
How did he get the ball in his shirt
Momo Sonny (1 month ago)
The kid was looking dead at dem
tbs_ kitt (1 month ago)
2019 still watched this
Sonia Griffiths (1 month ago)
2:09 them ankles brokeee
Miss Garcia (1 month ago)
at least she tried her best
Michelle Ness (1 month ago)
Naruto Jr (1 month ago)
Who that girl in the vid
Dagger . A (1 month ago)
Anyone 2019
Willie Hill (1 month ago)
Willie Hill (1 month ago)
Willie Hill (1 month ago)
My my my
Willie Hill (1 month ago)
Amber Roberts (1 month ago)
1:01 tf is going on? Looks like porn lol
William Jackson (1 month ago)
Kelly Burrell (1 month ago)
alyaa mohammed (1 month ago)
Slayz_GamingYT (1 month ago)
I like how there’s that fat kid on the swig in the background xD
Kyden In (1 month ago)
Ass shit
Joseph Jaudon (1 month ago)
Creative Girl Niyah (1 month ago)
She low key looks like tae from jazz and tae
Eric Jones Jr (1 month ago)
"oh suck my dick with celery"
doge Lamborghini (1 month ago)
1:15 dang
Jonah jgall (1 month ago)
She has a big ass😂😂
Ikira Stampley (1 month ago)
2:17 Wow dude
Kilson Wawaye (1 month ago)
What her ig?
Nuro Hassab (1 month ago)
Wishful. I 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Jackie Atkinson (1 month ago)
Fuck you DELAN
Jackie Atkinson (1 month ago)
What the fuck are you doing man i am a nine year old girl so fuck you ass hole
meeonze Vernon (1 month ago)
That butt tho😌😌
Ursula Miller (1 month ago)
I hat how you guys have sex by playing basketball
cjtops513 (1 month ago)
If I win I get to fuck you raw lmaooo
Sandra Freeman (1 month ago)
Bubba Bubba (1 month ago)
Stand on my dick girl I'm going to fuck you hard👉👌👉👌👉👌👉😍😘
Martiz Wilbon (1 month ago)
Danille Matthews (1 month ago)
2 :52
Gabby Jean (1 month ago)
Ohhhh sexy
Israel Reyes (1 month ago)
Thant's nice I will do the same but not bet her up doe 😎😎😎😍😍😍😍
Precious Andrews (1 month ago)
He need to go to jail
faheemah salahud-din (1 month ago)
You the most boring and you are a bich
Tucker Moore (1 month ago)
Maison Charlie (1 month ago)
I done that before
aj sasquash13 (1 month ago)
kid on the swing like what did i just watch
Oliver Williams (1 month ago)
That puuuuuiijsssseeee

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