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5 Areas Men Should ALWAYS Shave | Women DON'T Want to See Hair Here!

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Teachingmensfashion (1 month ago)
Get 20% OFF Manscaped + free shipping + free gift with discount code TMF20 at → http://bit.ly/2MnhKp7
Christopher Torres (19 days ago)
Jose is the type of zuniga to shave his asscrack while walking
david (1 month ago)
I cant watch this video.Please help
David Hagayev (1 month ago)
Teachingmensfashion why its not ships to Israel 😭
Nishant Pawar (3 days ago)
I cut my balls 🎾 once while trimming......😢never ever used a trimmer again there😂
michael stuart (5 days ago)
YOU GIRL-ly boy....
Nosrad130 (8 days ago)
On some real shit fuck what people want to see and don't want to see
michael martinez (8 days ago)
This nigga trash as fuck
Matthew Sullivan (9 days ago)
Haha u have a women problem don’t u
Alwande Sobuwa (10 days ago)
2:32 My LITTLE guy 😨Turn off
IGot Stylez (11 days ago)
There's one area where you can't shave or trim and that's your butthole😢😂
Robert Smith (11 days ago)
TheTomozzo (12 days ago)
I have a tiny amount of my back but i want it gone so I went to Home depot and bought a plastic tube whose hole was the right size for my razor handle. I heated the tube over my stove and bent it into a nice curve. I can dry shave my whole back.
TheTomozzo (12 days ago)
TheTomozzo (12 days ago)
Kabrina Biles (12 days ago)
Men, coming from a woman......please no.....except the neck beard. Shave that. I’d rather my man spend more time on important things that make him look manlier like mowing the lawn, smoking meats, doing push-ups on top of me. Than to look like a hairless cat or 10 year old boy. Boooooooo!
Greg Shuffield (12 days ago)
What dude shaves his legs
topopops (14 days ago)
I always shave my ass hole, what girl wanna suck a hairy ass crack?
rust in peace (15 days ago)
Fuck all that just beard and only when I want I work at a mine quarry so beards are ok women have even told me before sex when I said let me hit the shower and she told me straight up no I like you when your dirty not a fucking week just got home from work another girl even told me a man's sweat is like cologne I've the same thing all my life my dad even said women said the same thing when he was young deep down women love it!! you smell like an alpha male not some boy with cologne they even like the ball sweat they say they don't but that's a fucking lie I knew better do what I did when my girlfriend washed clothes I put a hidden 📷 a day before the day I knew she would do laundry I purposely slept in my underwear I faked showered I don't shower in the fucking morning then shower again after work that's fucking dumb you need some bacteria on your skin anyways I put my underwear on top of laundry went to work laughing to myself wondering what I would find out grabbed a six pack after work drank 2 said oh dam honey I forgot to get dam smokes thought I had another pack in the fridge could you go to the store please I got beer in my blood then the shit about cut down and all that shit but she went boom grabbed my video uploaded it and after turning on washer and all that shit she grabbed them it looked like she was just going to toss them in then like she hesitated and here is the funny part she actually looked to the door like I just might walk in any minute fucking guilty conscience is what it was lol and fuck yes she had those fucking underwear pressed against her nose moving them all over her dam face I said I fucking knew it!! then she got worked up because she started rubbing her front side then quit and the rest is just boring shit women like the smell of man's sweat why else after your done fucking your all fucking sweaty unless your the minute man your all sweaty and what do ALL women like to do after sex their fucking favorite cuddle how with her head on your chest show me one woman that does not like that cuddle shit not fucking once was I asked shower then let's cuddle why won't women admit it honest ones will the rest are afraid the man will think their bitch nasty sluts for liking a sweaty man or that they like the smell of sweaty balls shit why is one of their biggest dam fantasy's a sweaty man do you think if you can see him sweaty his fucking balls are not sweaty come on I go into a fucking bar I more often then not walk out with the girl I want other times not another guy has the woman's attention anyways act and be men and trust me women will know
obi was here (15 days ago)
Miguels brother
Chill Bill (17 days ago)
If men expect a bald pussy, then boys make sure those balls are hairfree also! I DO!👍👍
Necro mancer (17 days ago)
1:10 is that a werewolf? Lol
jonathan lalmoni (20 days ago)
Thank you for the tips
Michael De Silvey (23 days ago)
this little boy is a upussy! if you really think his advice is good, then your just as unintelligent as he is. be a man put the woman in her place and balls up like a man and stop shaving them and your ass!
Raghu sz (23 days ago)
2 areas missing 1 head hair and 2 facial hair ....rest are all done
John Doe (24 days ago)
Shave dem BALLS
Amir Sonu (24 days ago)
dude u are psycho.. go and see the doctor dumb ass
amherst ny (24 days ago)
I hate this guy
EveryThingNaruto (25 days ago)
Hose and ugly??????
Suhayb Boss (25 days ago)
How l can get my brother 💓💯
Ha ha which women said to u they not like that parts hair? 😂😂..don't say foolishness brother ...don't post like this type of video....ok We can't never say that no one can't say that some women's like that some women's not like that.part of men's hair....
Wings of Light (26 days ago)
But i dont have beard how?
Denton Thornton (26 days ago)
I do it all the time everyday
WavyGod (26 days ago)
My little guy is happy 😂😂😂 bruh I'm dead 💀
Chem Dawg (26 days ago)
Fuck what women want!!
greenmonster66 (26 days ago)
At least he's not ashamed to say he has a little guy 😂😂😂 He owns it 😂😂😂
Beef Burger (26 days ago)
Shaving beard to impress her..... well gotta replace the gay lover girl
Paul Barnes (26 days ago)
All this just to impress the women not worth the effort. What do the women do to impress us men,oh put a bit on make up on and look pretty. I've given up on women they're just not worth the effort.Who cares about what women like I don't,i no longer pay them any attention.
Juan Romero (27 days ago)
Laser hair removal is the best solution. You will no longer have to shave.
Raghu Seetharaman (27 days ago)
Yes, shave these areas if you are a desperate fuckboy. However, if you have self-worth and don't care to suck up to women for validation, shave where you want to shave based on your preference. No offense, but this dude lives to please women. Life has to mean more than that.
You don't have to shave to look sexy wtf
Fulltime Virgin (27 days ago)
I’ll stick with using scissors for genitals
Justyn Balingit (27 days ago)
Your videos is cool 👨‍💼
5h03nak D3br0y (27 days ago)
Where is armpit hair
rex logan (28 days ago)
thanks for not showing images for last one jose
Desmond Soo (28 days ago)
Sadly i'm Asian so even if i want those hair i won't get it
thair alexander (28 days ago)
Man this was informative n funny as hell🤣🤣
Dadda Purple (28 days ago)
Yo I started shaving my ass crack and, damn, cleaning my ass now takes 10x the time and I use 10x less the toilet paper 😂😂👌👌
Saif Subedar (28 days ago)
Sad I dont work I'm only fucking 14
callista (28 days ago)
Bro, what if a woman is into hair? Also pubic hair makes you more sanitary, it is an added protection from STIs and bacteria.
callista (23 days ago)
Cynical Some prefer it that way, that’s cool. Untrimmed isn’t unhealthy either.
Cynical (23 days ago)
Yes, but keep it short not shaved just trim every 2-4 weeks
dipesh rauniyar (28 days ago)
My little guy is save too
Nanda Kumar (28 days ago)
I think u don't care of ur subscribers world wide because manscaped is only available in usa
tech therapy (29 days ago)
U r selling the product only.
Abdulahi Z Farah (29 days ago)
Elbert OX (29 days ago)
Shave on the hair frm the face is ok if u shave at leg or body... more hair grow like a sheep..
Phat Bastard (29 days ago)
WTF makes u an expert on what women want? U lean way harder to the BUTT PIRATE side of the fence!
Ashwini Bansal (29 days ago)
What was you age when your bear started growing?
Jitu Paikra (29 days ago)
No I don't care about how to shave I just care how to get body like your
Captain Souvlakis (29 days ago)
It's hard to shave my genites man everytime I'm doing it I'm super afraid and after some time that it grows back it hurts a lot
Aviral Aryal (30 days ago)
Tip of a mushroom in the middle of a forest. Hmmm...
mahammed sirajai (30 days ago)
Superb teaching 🔥
Yung Dagger (30 days ago)
Pain.. *in the literal ass* 😂😂😂😂😂
Pratit Bangdiwala (30 days ago)
This video does not have speed options and quality is only 360p. Whol else?
Parikhit assassin (30 days ago)
2:32 my little boys
Top Bandit (30 days ago)
Hey Jose where'd u get that necklace
AirsoftGamer TV (30 days ago)
Jose, the guy to go to for help with getting girls
Alex K (30 days ago)
Jose' You are calling those two gentlemen who way more powerful than you and they try anything that they want. Hell fashion and style is not always related to girl's attraction. If you want to promote Lawn Moaner than do it other ways, but bashing other people's choices and giving people false advice that girls don't like kissing on the bearded neck, actually they do. Keep this in mind next time when just move backward and forward while speaking. And yes there are lots of creative ways to promote a brand/a product, and this is coming from an experienced advertiser.
Osyris • (30 days ago)
“Shave my balls”😂😂😭
Dang, im on a packed subway watching this. Then boom! Abs and shaving showed up....
Optic500 (30 days ago)
She'll see hair everywhere aint shaving for nobody :)
Nylis Robinson (30 days ago)
“Tiny mushroom tip” That’s a hodgetwins term yeaaahhhhhhhh
Cathal Magee (30 days ago)
"Us normal guys" come on Jose you're like 6.2 , 8 percent body fat and 185 pounds 😂 with a good bone structure and sallow skin. Are you serious?
Anonymous A (30 days ago)
Why do you shave your legs
BryanOnPiano (30 days ago)
Want it so bad but only Ships in united states..
swapnil choudhary (30 days ago)
Rug on face???
JFAR 1306 (30 days ago)
yo i need that necklace. Jose, where did u get it
Gregory KEROR Davis (1 month ago)
You always making these videos about what women want and things we should do to attract woman..how about things to do to make yourself happy and contented running around chasing these bitch’s where in life is that gonnA get you and you will never be yourself because your only interest is to be appealing to these thot’s you need to be making video’s telling these men to be comfortable in they own skin and that they are the prise not these women
Nick W (1 month ago)
Sadly manscape only supplies American Customers would be nice if jose would find some offers for his European followers
SoUnDwAv3 (1 month ago)
Are you uncut? <3
lon Hussain (1 month ago)
Oh boy he is too funny 😂😂😂
Levi Umoze (1 month ago)
His little guy heh. He has a small guy 😂
What The Fun (1 month ago)
That explanation of genital hair 😂😂
Carl Christian Trolle (1 month ago)
I should shave: my neck my back my dick & my crack
Carlos O (1 month ago)
0:37 is that kurt cobain on the left?
O Caçador (1 month ago)
Mushroom tip Silverback action I smell Hodgetwins... 😂😂😂
Kris10anst (1 month ago)
360p squad still here?
Maxwell Carano McClure (1 month ago)
How short on the genitals though?
RODZ 79 (1 month ago)
What about your arms??? Especially if your sleeved up! Makes tats look clean.... including your guns!!!
McHajen (1 month ago)
only me just seeing this in 360p?
MTS Voetbal (1 month ago)
Where did you get that necklace from? It's beautiful
BNX TV (1 month ago)
1:10 shit that's me
john moreno (1 month ago)
You shave your balls? ha so do I 😁
Wasim Rahman (1 month ago)
Jose what about hairy feet?
Legendary Texasdredds (1 month ago)
This was pretty awkward I was expecting shaving your arms, legs
Edson Dasilva (1 month ago)
Video of your diet to gain muscle or stay lean
Demetrie Robles (1 month ago)
Now how do I shave my ass crack??
Leo Solis (1 month ago)
My lil guy😂😂
he h (1 month ago)
Bryant Beckenhauer (1 month ago)
Thanks Jose now my ass won't be as hairy
Dan (1 month ago)
🤣 i loved the part about shaving your huevos 🥚🥚 and your verga 🍆 🤣 you have some cojones for mentioning that taboo topic but props for doing it because no one else really mentions that yet we guys all want to know about that lol unless they are a sasquatch ☠️ How about next time you give us a demo haha. You got a new subscriber and i will buy that lawn mower today 😹
BuSHidoZZe (1 month ago)
Why in the thumbnails jose looks like white daddy?
Madelline Ortega (1 month ago)
What if u dont have but hair/back hair
Jeremy Vella (1 month ago)
Can you use the manscape without the guards for your boys? Not just the shaft your boys too?
Emma vids (1 month ago)
Please make a video on dark skin around nose please i really really need it

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