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5 Areas Men Should ALWAYS Shave | Women DON'T Want to See Hair Here!

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Text Comments (1205)
Teachingmensfashion (3 months ago)
Get 20% OFF Manscaped + free shipping + free gift with discount code TMF20 at → http://bit.ly/2MnhKp7
Malik Saboor (10 days ago)
T m f what religion u follow sir i want to know ??
Chirag Patel (10 days ago)
Teachingmensfashion hey man. Is there a way I can get it if I live in Montréal Canada?
Stanislaus Ozor (12 days ago)
Nice talk bro
Meapness (15 days ago)
I can't gift cards don't work and I have no money😭
bry ross (29 days ago)
You wanna look much better in those fitted shirts, start training that neck and then you will look masculine, facial hair does nothing when your rocking a womans neck line.
R Bear (1 day ago)
Are you for real ? When did men become pussies ?
Tony Wells (4 days ago)
You ever hit a piece of loose skin on your sack with a beard trimmer? Aint fun. Gotta hit the sack with the razor for sure
Jiu-Jitsu Disciple (4 days ago)
ricky gervis's response to the gillette ad was priceless.
WonderFriday (8 days ago)
What's the name of the girl in thumbnail?
Wait what?? You shave your eyebrows?? Is that making it thicker? Please send me a link
I love manscape trimmer coz its waterproof :)
Zoro p (9 days ago)
Normal my ass, you could be a Model if you wanted
Hatred Pkerz (9 days ago)
Isnt leg shaving gay? LMAO
Raymond J Blaze (9 days ago)
I don't shave period
Mister Ping (9 days ago)
He’s Indian and acts black wtf nigga
6lack 5heep (10 days ago)
2:32 his little guy
wayne burgundy (12 days ago)
775 motherfuckers with backhair
Roland Hernandez (12 days ago)
Jose. Your little guy is it handsome. Or very tiny.
Sanjay Sharma (12 days ago)
Mushroom tip 😂😅
Adrian Adrian (12 days ago)
I dont care about what areas women wanna have shaved. This is my body I dont need to do anything any cunt says.
Rushed (13 days ago)
Jose the type of juniga to call himself normal looking to gain subscribers.
sai ganesh (14 days ago)
Carlito Lowkii (15 days ago)
I ain’t gotta shave shit, fuck a bitch
Fabian ArreolaSalazar (15 days ago)
More gym vids
Jeffrey Heister (16 days ago)
No tips die gay men?😂
Esa Skykke (16 days ago)
mandibleman (16 days ago)
Is it just me or is this guy a fucking genius
djevan 41598 (16 days ago)
3:15 how much would this trimmer cost exactly
R M (16 days ago)
Jose is more attractive than David Beckham
experiment bros (16 days ago)
What yoga position will help me to shave my ass(im just 13 and im like a bigfoot
G Kakoti (17 days ago)
I know a dude who wax his ass
how tf do i trim my ass help plz
Will Spring (17 days ago)
Most annoying youtuber ever
I hate neck hair myself Especially my neck hairLINE
Raisen (18 days ago)
I was eating
John Segura Jr (18 days ago)
Um i dont think normal guys shave their legs
Poloz Apex YT (18 days ago)
I need a lawnmower to shave my balls
Tech It (19 days ago)
Scrolling through comments to find the time when ad ends Edit:- it's 3:52
Jhet_writes (19 days ago)
HOW FAR DO YOU SHAVE YOUR BALLS THO???? And like how do you reduce the itching???
Ruman Dhaliwal (19 days ago)
Looks like men have to start giving there ass crack hairs a hair style😂😂😂
CoReManda (19 days ago)
I feel like he tries wayyyyy to hard
Subconsciouslockdown (19 days ago)
Don't forget the monobrow, guys!
Sean Rohan (19 days ago)
Pupil: “Master is it gay for a man to shave his ass?” Master: “my son, any man who cleans his house is surely expecting visitors”
True Blue You (19 days ago)
Men are men— I love hairy men – a man that looks like a 12-year-old boy is not a turn on – what I want is a caveman... a caveman who smells great lol
Ayush Kumar (19 days ago)
My man jose you are rocking that beard
MacePingu (19 days ago)
*scratches at a level 6 and deeper groves at level 7*
Caleb Quinn (19 days ago)
I’m subbing this guy is jokes 😂
PO3 Torres (20 days ago)
Jose is so proud that he can shave his balls when he showers
Ricky O'Brien (20 days ago)
I wonder how akward editing and filming this was 😂
Andreas Broch (20 days ago)
I live In the eu so I can’t get this, what do I do
y.miggs (20 days ago)
The problem is, it is only for the United States
jatin duggal (21 days ago)
Basically this video is just about sponsorship
Mir ali (21 days ago)
Shaving , looking good is nice practice but y to please only girls Girls like this Girls like that.That is y illiterate people talk
The Bird (21 days ago)
Bro i go every week to my barber 🎉🎉
adoboFosho (21 days ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to shave his ass
Lion Heart (21 days ago)
Omg men are turning into women... as a gay man I couldn't care less about what women think.
Agrim Khare (21 days ago)
So u got a small boy?? 🤣 Well I always knew that keeping neck hair, hairs down there are gross but I never thought about back hair & ass hairs! So thank u
Rami Sandouka (21 days ago)
Lose the chain
Ballislife 23 (21 days ago)
He said "My lil guy feels fresh".
Ballislife 23 (21 days ago)
simeongv (21 days ago)
Barber 2-3 weeks... Geez... Ik go once every 8 weeks. Lol
billowpillow (21 days ago)
shave your ass so its more pleasant for the guy bum fuking you
juga jega (21 days ago)
fuck shaving i keep my forest growing
Jarosław Psikutas (22 days ago)
how da fuck I can shave my ass crack
Yair Celis (22 days ago)
Instructions not clear. Accidentally cut-off one of my nuts.
Bo Dodson (22 days ago)
2:36 Notice he said, "My little guy." Haa!
zeus himself (22 days ago)
2:32 did he just say my little guy on the internet? 🤣
Stunt bros OMG (23 days ago)
Shave my balls hahaha😂
solly wilman (23 days ago)
Guys Shave your Armpits. Hairy armpit cause more smelly sweats..that's why the prime location where we put our body spray & perfume are the armpits. So shave them. Trust me..
Mr. Marian (20 days ago)
As long as you shower daily or every 2 days there is absolutely NO NEED to shave pits.
solly wilman (20 days ago)
+CoLdBlooD Honestly
CoLdBlooD (20 days ago)
Michael Kobbe (23 days ago)
People have hair on their ass crack??!!!??
Daniel Mc (23 days ago)
Shave your ass crack? Wtf!
Timothy Mcgrath (23 days ago)
What happened to women liking masculine men
T Nailz (23 days ago)
I always wear a balaclava when "picking up" women...
raghu b (24 days ago)
Too much you talking, ladies wont love it
T operator (24 days ago)
If you have any balls
T operator (24 days ago)
Did you hear “the little guy” he has a tiny dick 🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😂😂👃🏿👃🏿👃🏿👃🏿👃🏿
The Roman (24 days ago)
I dont care what women like, I do everything in terms of looks for myself.
Edy Geani` (24 days ago)
The Boys (24 days ago)
If your a guy that shaves your legs and chest your a fuckin pussy. Unless you swim or bodybuild
Taakia (24 days ago)
Lee Washburn (25 days ago)
I give in. I’ll buy a manscape:)
Mick S (25 days ago)
Real men don't shave their pubes, their legs or their arse crack for anyone.
Grim Reaper (25 days ago)
Shaving beard for a girl? Fuck her then i will dumb her ass. REAL MEN NEVER SHAVE BEARD FOR A PUSSY CREATURE CALLED GIRLFRIEND. UNLESS you sub than a man or gay.
Anand Dr (25 days ago)
Jose I'm Dr Anand ur videos r helpful can you contact me at +91 6380478200
Mohamed Attar (25 days ago)
Let's just say the whole body! Dang!!!
McChugga (25 days ago)
Shopping Channel !!!
Joshua Minke (25 days ago)
i agree with trimming, but not a complete shave, girls don't want to date prepubescent boys
Kinnai (25 days ago)
I find the beard between chin and neck okay, but on the neck nope
James Greg (25 days ago)
I am NOT shaving my ass-crack.  No fgn way.  Keep it clean, use wipes and powder the thing up.  NO SHAVES!!  I enjoy my fur and love it on others!!
Jangosie (26 days ago)
Start 00:35
Ruk Kay (26 days ago)
Women can suck it Hoe'sey. Dont b a bitch.
Jordi el Chico (26 days ago)
How can i shave my ass
xristos Mirwnitis (26 days ago)
Next Video how to shave your asshole 😂😂😂😂
HelloHuman 1234 (26 days ago)
How about your hands and knuckles?
Sagar Negi (26 days ago)
😂😂 This guy is hilarious
Caleb Slackford (26 days ago)
“My little guy” -Jose You literally just called your balls little...
Dude dont wanna be rude or something but your legs are kinda skinny no offense
Zack Viva (26 days ago)
yeah..at the past 30 years before..men are fully obligated in raising a family..they work hard for their family..so..how does they look like..women never complain..but now..women are far more superior than men in career and economic..
SoulBonus (27 days ago)
75% of the vid is a promotion for a trimming product
tentimetex (27 days ago)
They should always shave those areas.....because you say so?
Irfan Arif (27 days ago)
Fo fuck sake you don't need to trim your leg hair being a boy
AGENT 839 (27 days ago)
Why was this on my recommended??????
Ivana Škobo (28 days ago)
Do not listen to this please. I will say no more
DJ (28 days ago)
First time i watched this channel I thought he was indian till i heard his name was Jose... just thought I would share that not sure why

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