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THIS Is Why Girls Are Rejecting You

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Text Comments (1134)
GT ZONE (2 days ago)
You are the best adviser😘😘😘
hacking guru (16 days ago)
You are gay
Sam Levin (1 month ago)
I've seen guys get laid with some pretty dumb or messed up shit that would get an average or ugly guy arrested so yeah I'd say appearance is MOST of it. The entire courtship process is different based on your looks. Some men need to put it more effort than others.
Matthew Scanlon (2 months ago)
Bracelets on guys are for gays
Levant (2 months ago)
Side note! Side note! If a girl plays hard to get, leave! If she wants to play games and force you into pushing her boundaries, she can call that sexual harassment/assault. Walk the hell away! Head games aren’t worth the time they take up.
Monkey D Luffy (4 months ago)
I am not living for a girl, I am living for my offspring.
Piyush Yadav (5 months ago)
This video changed my life.. love you...jose🤗
Cus i’m ugly got it
Marvel Tamil Fans (6 months ago)
What is the name of the dress Jose wearing ?
Soutrik Orton (7 months ago)
I am from India. How can I buy your's recommendations
Bryan Perez (7 months ago)
Not even my mom thinks im cute😭😭
Austin Dotson (8 months ago)
Daljeet Singh (8 months ago)
Love from India❤❤
Mason Mitchell (8 months ago)
How do u sexually attracted a girl
Uncle Hubbis (8 months ago)
I’m 12 and I’m the best looking in my class Bc of you man
Michael Cranshaw (8 months ago)
What about those teasing chicks? She shows interest, always asking questions, flirting it up; but then goes ghost as soon as you ask her out. Then some time passes, 2-3 days says "oh i just saw that, haha" then it starts again. Girl did that to me 3 times, i have my own busyness as in my schedule gets crazy randomly, so i get life getting in the way. However, these teasers need to get checked and potentially corrected. If thats how they have fun though...I'll let God sort her out
Theodor (9 months ago)
HA i was never rejected ( because i never tried XD)
Zane Truesdale (9 months ago)
Lmao that pic
GOLDENCLOCKS (9 months ago)
Alex Tan (9 months ago)
Where did you get that jacket
SO¶RB® (9 months ago)
Yeah fuck off bitches... I aint gonna go through this shit just to get you to like me. 😐
SO¶RB® (9 months ago)
Yeah fuck off bitches... I aint gonna go through this shit just to get you to like me. 😐
Dekkard5 (9 months ago)
I have a question: How old is too old to date. I'm almost 30 and a lot of your advice seems catered to 20 somethings so I'm wondering if it's too late for me
Benawesome BW (8 months ago)
Dekkard5 Your never to old to find love. My grandmother is 60 years old and she's dating a guy lol. I recommend you try and find a dating site that is geared towards your age, as let's be honest your heading down to middle age town soon lol.
MrDawg23 (9 months ago)
Feels good to be asexual 😎
Joe Alias (10 months ago)
Damn dude, the difference between "needy" and "persistent" is a real hard one to understand if you've never done it. The issue is I don't think you can stop "acting needy". You have to just legitimately not be needy. That means having your shit together and not getting your self worth from other people, particularly not from women. Damn, see I escaped the friend zone with my coworker and we got it on but I still feel very needy and it's been a huge obstacle. So, let me tell you, getting the girl seems like the goal but if you're needy you very quickly realize that isn't the finish line. Becoming truly non-needy is the real goal.
vatO (10 months ago)
I don't agree with you in #3 .. Sometimes you might be very annoying to her so she will keep ignoring, If you kept talking and talking, She'll hate you more than anything else .. Are you sure about that?
Adham Ayman (10 months ago)
I make all what you said and it worked!!❤❤
leevikv (10 months ago)
Im short and have braces or wtf its in english and I have shitty friends
Decide 123 (10 months ago)
No...not even my mom loves me :(
Abdirahim Mussa (10 months ago)
friend zone is the best to get girls
Maguette Ka (10 months ago)
😂😂 Jose when will u take TMF overseas ??? Im dying to get to your deals 😥😥😥
ShadeOfDrums (10 months ago)
Just to put it out there, I'd happily do Kim on the first picture as well.
Aryan Jaiswal (10 months ago)
Where did you get that jacket from?? It looks so awsm man!!
michael op (10 months ago)
Dude u usually use what hair product? Like wax or pamade something like that.
Benawesome BW (8 months ago)
michael op I recommend you watch his hair tutorials
Brayden Paredes (10 months ago)
I’ve never been rejected I just really find your vids interesting
Roman Vlad (10 months ago)
Well, I actually liked that first date you've shown.
Angel Jiminian (10 months ago)
most women are shallow
Angel Jiminian (10 months ago)
tacky plug
Leslie Anne (10 months ago)
God (10 months ago)
Where tf you get that jacket
M L (10 months ago)
Even my mom thinks I'm ugly ..."sigh" .....
Everything 254 (10 months ago)
hozay's vlogs make my day way more better 😁
Aidan Ballard (10 months ago)
If you turn the volume all the way down, you are suddenly watching a rap video
AzatisS (10 months ago)
0:52 ... Its because you said before dont buy Skinny jeans .....
Eric R (10 months ago)
Who else likes the video before it even starts?
Fromtheoak (10 months ago)
I'm not being rejected, just having a fuck ton of difficulties with girls because I can't keep a relationship going. I always mess it up somehow.
Lexie Lilium (10 months ago)
p.s. jewelry on guys is sexy as hell
Lexie Lilium (10 months ago)
I've been in a serious relationship with my man for almost 3 years now and tbh we started dating because he did/does all these things. You don't even know how many clueless guys I met before I found him. So great video lol
Chirag NAAGAR (10 months ago)
Dude ty this video help me a-lot.
Ameenk Chanel (10 months ago)
Girls dont fucking trust strangers so be her friend first and after a week or two tell her you love her.... thats why i got rejected for no goddamn reason everytime i ask a girl out
valentinesday2708 (10 months ago)
She *coudn't care less
Rahil Kaushik (10 months ago)
Hey buddy I'm a big fan. I have a big scar on my face since my childhood so what can I do with it so that it doesn't look ugly.
Daddy Derrick (10 months ago)
I had 3 girls approach me and ask for my number in the same day I’m not lying honestly I don’t even think I’m that attractive lol I don’t even know so I don’t know why I’m here 😐
Boulabeef (10 months ago)
Jose can u make a vid on what we should buy from esntls when it comes back in stock
Swayam Aiwale (10 months ago)
thanks for this video :)
tony lopez (10 months ago)
Where’s that jacket from 😍
landiswalter42 (10 months ago)
TMF > Alpha M.
Oscar Rodriguez (10 months ago)
You need a watch guys. If can't tell the girl the time she won't do the time.
Andrei L. (10 months ago)
with or without earrings?
Benawesome BW (8 months ago)
Andrei L. Whatever floats your boat honestly
Paul Pogboom (10 months ago)
I never get rejected because i approach girls
Nicolas SH (10 months ago)
Next Video be like: This is why your face isnt Beautiful: Number 1: Buy this nice trashbag from our Sponsor and put it over your face, nobody will see ist uglyness.
Unknown Face (10 months ago)
Nicolas 2k Savage
Sangita Banik (10 months ago)
Bro in Asia looks are matter specially india
Krun (10 months ago)
3:26 / 5:17
Mehdi Belmahi (10 months ago)
Even my mom don't think im cute
Jfrancomirones. JFMC (10 months ago)
I don't think that my Style or looks are my problem, I am just pretty mean
johanna dam (10 months ago)
jewlery on men is gay
Bob BirdmAn (10 months ago)
“The friend zone” funniest shit I ever heard 💀
Bryan Jett (10 months ago)
Help a brotha out so there is this girl but she is really hard to get at she’s never been with anyone or done anything with anyone I guess she is very secure she hates immature ppl btw any tips on how to make a move
Pejtu Joker (10 months ago)
read my comment Mokey from newest ones. And just ask her do you find me attractive and please be honest ask her that if she says yes make a move ask her out whatever the place is if she says NO then leave her dont even talk to her anymore
jossue garcia (10 months ago)
What happened to your hair products
Adrian Smith (10 months ago)
How can I contact you bro?
Pejtu Joker (10 months ago)
check my comment from newest ones u will see
Emmanuel Rojas (10 months ago)
Kim K ugly af, maybe use Selena Gomez?
sol (10 months ago)
Hey guys rose gold and black will solve all your problems😂
rockhoodie 331 (10 months ago)
Alr Jose I got a question... I want to look skinnier,i try good fitting clothes and pants, but still feel, look and teased for looking fat... can you help me Coach Jose?
Benawesome BW (8 months ago)
rockhoodie 331 there are two possibilitys. One is that you are overweight and you need to work out more. I also recommend cutting out processed foods and eating more lean meats, fruit, Greek yogurt, vegetables, etc. the second thing is that there assholes and you should stop talking to them. Try to turn there joke into your joke.
Jean-Edouard Jean-Gilles (10 months ago)
Thank you Jose!
Leonardo Seibel (10 months ago)
Your videos are really eetertaning and ur viis are thee only reaction vids i watch. annd i think pusha t is wnning
xhang chung lija (10 months ago)
Ad ends at 2:30
Agent 00P (10 months ago)
Video's Timeline: #1.)You take the nice guy approach 0:22 #2.)You don't care about your appearance (RG&B ad) 0:43 #3.)You gaved up too easily (ESENTLS' June 9th Launch) 2:30 #4.)You're needy 3:39 #5.)Maybe they're just shallow 4:17 Have a blessed day :D
PrettyInPink (7 days ago)
As a I'm going to say none of these are true except #2, and #4. The main reason is because I wasn't attracted to him followed by #2, and #4. I don't agree with #5 is because we can't help who we're attracted to, and are allowed to have standards. As long as they aren't too high. Sometimes the reason why guys can't find a woman who's interested in them is because they're always pursuing women outta their league.
Donald The ducko (4 months ago)
MECROGA (10 months ago)
Perry Ehimuh thanks cap
Hafid Rozaini (10 months ago)
Blood Sal (10 months ago)
I’m not the one getting rejected I’m the one getting the girls
SinzOfGreed (10 months ago)
JOSE!!! where did you get that jacket???
giga cr (10 months ago)
all you are saying is nonsense and trash every case is different , come to Israel and let's see how you are going to pickup girls who are close-minded and ignore everyone, it's not about only looks it's about self confidence
Alin Cheraru (10 months ago)
Best video you've made so far gg
Leushen Naicker (10 months ago)
Rosegold and black should open up a store in South Africa
Jakob Führ (10 months ago)
Why is he so homophobic?
Johnny Rodriguez (10 months ago)
The first 15 seconds had me laughing so hard 😂
Tazdid Syed (10 months ago)
Dude you can never get rejected cuz you are the most stylish person I've ever seen
A Philip (10 months ago)
Im going bald
Lukas (10 months ago)
TeachingWomen'sFashion rocks, man
Julian Hernandez (10 months ago)
Im glad this video is not for me because i already got a girl thanks to your tips👌🏽
Eric Rodríguez (10 months ago)
good video men, all the mens incluiding me, have to change this
A menekülő ember (10 months ago)
Because iam too good
gfjufijqqd dkfjgjqsd (10 months ago)
I get rejected all the time. Probably because I am very short, have an average body despite workout, have a completely unappealing face (I do), and apart from that I have no friends and a boring life. I have been trying to change that for years but I was unable to.
R.C. Beringuela (10 months ago)
Today I learned that women can be freaking confusing.
ItzAviel (10 months ago)
Where your buying all your clothes?
Piyush STARK (10 months ago)
Will we get rose gold bracelet in INDIA
Justin Hollowell (10 months ago)
All you need is confidence bro
Nikko Emelito M. Silva (10 months ago)
I'm gonna kill myself . You're so freakin' true from the first statement you said till the end.
Fromeo (10 months ago)
JOSE will give a BIG competition to all the "PICKUP ARTISTS" out there. I`m sure he gets laid every night with a new chick.
Ctrl Krnfx (10 months ago)
the last tip was very well said I salute you man I SALUTE YOUUUUUU <3

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