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Caribana Booty Shaking On The Lakeshore

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2-15 Caribana Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival on the Lakeshore. Chris Rose Travel
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Christian Adeola-hazzan (2 months ago)
They all sexy I WANT to go there and do that
Christian Adeola-hazzan (2 months ago)
That is sexy l wish when go there l want to do that
Macmillan mitir (2 months ago)
Some people are literally doing it with their clothes on...😓😕😦
BILAL JATT (3 months ago)
I wana attend this prad
William Toth (4 months ago)
Dr. Ford
Aeisha Brown (4 months ago)
If this was Jamaican they would spell Caribbean right
Daniel Morgan (5 months ago)
abo. Ali (5 months ago)
I think it 's good to remove there clothes😁😁😁
Emil Zaman (6 months ago)
Wtf. These nija man have no brains. Black people need to wake the fuck up.
Jose Juanjo (7 months ago)
Dumb human beasts...............fuking animals.................what a shame of culture
gil lehrer (7 months ago)
6:24 With or without erection? I would cum twice if I had a hot woman o brush my cock this way... (gilbertoLehrerFROMbrazil)
Gerold G (8 months ago)
Is it just me or all of them were ugly.......
Shade Shade (11 months ago)
Go seek jesus
ccb record2017 (1 year ago)
Gorgeous ladies and guys having all the natural great fun.:)
JOHN SMITH (1 year ago)
Paul Watson (1 year ago)
Nothing but black titties and fat black asses as far as you can see. Just one big open air porn movie.What a great way to depict the most important aspects of the black community. Throw in the usual gang shooting and the running knife fights and you can almost believe you're back home in Jamaican mahn.
Jaleel Nichols (1 year ago)
Where is this at
Coolmaster X (1 year ago)
Jaleel Nichols toronto
cristiano messi (2 years ago)
mental bitches
hubert wasserman (2 years ago)
let fuck me some nasty black female like those on video
Asma Nsar (2 years ago)
Y! (2 years ago)
So many sluts on a lucky nigga dick at 5:42!
sharp blade (2 years ago)
with all this going on Earth, God still gives us more and more chances to repent and correct ourselves. BUT, for sure there will be a dead line to all this.
TOm E (2 years ago)
This is how Sodom&Gomorrah looked like?
Unknown Unknown (2 years ago)
Seen a couple white DTF hoes in there.
Michele McKenzie (2 years ago)
can't believe I missed all the fun
TheBrantfordRailfan (2 years ago)
A roman empire style collapse of our society is coming, this video shows that
Suchandra Das (2 years ago)
Puro mono makako.
duncan maccleod (2 years ago)
Ostara (2 years ago)
So if you shake your arse someone comes behind and grinds their penis on it, make sure your arse is against the van so it's safe.
keet Star (2 years ago)
lmao at the white lady at the very end
Avery Tolbert (2 years ago)
I'm going to the next one
OoBlueGOo (2 years ago)
and this is why black kids don't have fathers...
Henok Kubrom (1 year ago)
You fucking racist! is that really a justifing reason for black kids not to have fathers?? I am black and i was raised by my both parents.
Jeremiah Smith (1 year ago)
OoBlueGOo I do 😤😤
Paul Watson (1 year ago)
Nothing but black titties and fat black asses as far as you can see. Just one big open air porn movie.What a great way to depict the most important aspects of the black community. Throw in the usual gang shooting and the running knife fights and you can almost believe you're back home in Jamaican mahn.
Mike Killagreen (2 years ago)
Your father is black. Your mother was an alley cat in her day
Tmnt Ktgy (2 years ago)
You racist
alwaysbusiness4 (2 years ago)
ok cut,cutttttt
Ramusaï (2 years ago)
woaaaw... momy's approve
SANKOFA DODOWA SON (3 years ago)
Truely the world must destroyed,because there is no worth in the world anymore,look at how woman,who need to bring up charithy to our generation has become?I pray for the destruction of this abomminable worrld an dfilthy people in it.,.,
Keysha Brown (3 years ago)
geewdanger (3 years ago)
nice to see everyone's having a good time I miss last year so then I definitely miss this year I love these kind of events
geewdanger (3 years ago)
+crystal dia778 dia crystal778 most of them a lot of places Jamaica usually
+geewdanger wait where do thise events take place
RaceIsOpen (3 years ago)
Nothing but wet couchies and hard ons at this festival...lol
HoopLah clunk (3 years ago)
its like a gay pride parade except they are straight,  Same immoral behavior
Young Young (3 years ago)
They shakin it out there
BIG BOSS (3 years ago)
jojobens (3 years ago)
good video, next time close the coments section.
Evan Juckes (3 years ago)
Jayda Edmiston (3 years ago)
Sexy ass
Proximo (3 years ago)
People are sometimes like animals like here
Magna CumLaude (4 years ago)
These men are fucking pathetic.  
Vee xo (4 years ago)
It's called dancing, soca in the blood..but you who are not true caribs won't understand. It's just a fete mixed with young and sexy drunks having a great time in the sunshine. Relax man..the rum that do them that lol..still you won't get it.
6Sofia6 (3 years ago)
When you think about it... Who are they actually harming? Maybe not the best thing in the world to Display to kids. But if you don't wanna watch it keep on walking..
Armand Dabney (4 years ago)
MD Mahmud (4 years ago)
ehrinn2009 (4 years ago)
God help us all!!!!
jhonboy (4 years ago)
Ha ha prophet..Y u r here....stay in church
Lee Moffitt (4 years ago)
Epic failwim
Kourtney_ Buster (4 years ago)
Dumb bitches like this wonder why they get raped ! Smfh
Veeraan Kutty (4 years ago)
Veeraan Kutty (4 years ago)
A Seaof Honey (4 years ago)
whats the matter with these girls?? No dignity, no selfrespect at all?? Everybody can hump them......
Awaaab Biram (28 days ago)
+Lea Lee am fuck you if you want hhhh
Carl Grimes (2 months ago)
Lea Lee wanna get humped
Lea Lee (3 months ago)
Lea Lee (3 months ago)
Nadd (4 years ago)
It's so sad 😩😩😒😒
AnonymousCowardX (4 years ago)
What is this shit  Primitive like apes, pseudo fucking? No, I am not a racist at all
AnonymousCowardX (4 years ago)
+Omg Fast Well thanks for the info.  Not sure what Bajan Style is and means though.
Omg Fast (4 years ago)
who ever u are this is carnival bajan style
Emmy Swartwood (4 years ago)
Why are people like this?
Booker T.W (4 years ago)
So if you don't care my oppinion,why you repllied? I still see this dancing as a deviant Behavior.and you sound like a "reparations zoombi"
Charlie Wilson (4 years ago)
Even the fucking cameraman decided to grind. wtf lol Hahaha
Nakayla Knowlen (4 years ago)
I no lol
Babar Ahmad Khan (4 years ago)
This dancing movement is called Scrub .I was there one of the this Booty shaking parade .I was a very young and flexible on that time .I was very interested in taking most of this sort of festivals. The girls and women pushed me away from themselves as every time I got into booty shaking with them. The randomly guys were barging into booty shaking and these girls and women allowing them to take advantage to abuse their booty . Few minutes later, a black guy noticed that I had been trying to get into this booty dancing and no females were not allowing me to share the fun .The guy approached me and asked why these females were pushing you away. He saw me from top to bottom and grabbed my hand and took me to his wife who was dancing with one of his rival .The black guy thwarted his rival away and told his wife to entertain me .She saw me from top to bottom and said " I aint dancing with dwarf and giving this piece of shit is an insult for us ". The black guy insisted his wife and later her wife convinced for a while and her husband left me alone with her. She danced but as I come close to her she pushed me away and suddenly other girls arrived in and said something in her ears and called Police after me. The girls and his wife filed a case against me for Sexual Harassment and I was on visit visa from UK. The Police took me into custody for 2 weeks, beat me up, scrapped my Visit Visa Status  and let me go for first time offense. As I came back to Heathrow Airport ,a committee was sit against my case and after sometime I was forgiven for first time Offense across borders. After 8 months later, I came across the same Black guy in Birmingham and he was with his some friends. He saw me and asked what happened why you just ignored and walked away from me. As he insisted and I spoke everything of what happened in Toronto with me. He asked me " did you do all the Papers " and I replied him with anger that " Did you not see the Pass hanging around my neck ? " He thought and said " I remembered and I apologize for the behaviour of Canadians, Americans, Caribbeans and others who broke your heart and offended you for no reason ." Well, it was already too late and I said nothing in return and walked away and never thought of engaging any sort of festivals like this event. Well ,I was 176 cm tall and I was white complexion with flexible and athlete body . What was wrong being looked like Asian or being from Pakistan .Why are they considered dwarf or short legged or a man with twiglet or a piece of shit ??? We have many more names in GCCC ,Caribbean, Africa, US ,UK ,Canada and Europe. I hope we have names in South America, Far East, NZ and Australia, too for being short . I think it is a crime being short in the first world countries. I shall discover the names from rest of the Countries to see of what they think of someone being short guy ??  
The FLAWLESS (4 years ago)
5:42 that white chic can't shake none
jhonboy (4 years ago)
White chiks only knw to suck black dick....bt dey enjoy ha....
Kourtney_ Buster (4 years ago)
That and she's fat and FUGLY AS HELL, gross white bitch !
gljay (4 years ago)
Now the nude bar has come outside with more clothes. And worse some of these women weren't booty shaking rather they were earth quaking. Too damn fat
ik1llpeeple4fun (4 years ago)
I would prepare the anuses of all the beautiful women in the video and give their buttholes the best tongue punching they ever had.
AndromeDa1 (4 years ago)
They let little kids come here!????
Fabio C Villaquiran Jr (4 years ago)
These Labor day parades are ALWAYS Hott!
shopnoraj (4 years ago)
What a nasty culture that is!!!!
shermaine martinez (4 years ago)
hey!!! thats just having fun, and enjoyment..... the carnival spirit.. it doesnt matter how nasty it looks but dats ppl life n they de live it to the fullest... all of the above happen anywhere and every where in the world...  i enjoy it so ppl who have a lot to say screw them... this is not a fairy tales its realistic.. 
Rock San (4 years ago)
xd mmm si para ti vivir la vida al maximo es hacer estó? xd mm estás bien mal de la cabeza, hay mas maneras de disfrutar y son mas dignas, aquí se pierde lo que es el valor de las persona y tambien el respeto a uno mismo, los seres humano en lugar de evolucionar vamos en decadencia al ver este tipo de espectaculos...hay que cambiar el pensamiento y darnos nuestro valor como personas DIGNIDAD!! RESPETO!! y más.
Booker T.W (4 years ago)
this is not dancing, is sex idolatry.
J DEL (4 years ago)
+ferny kajar its the same as being in a club but instead you're in a parade on the road having fun that's all it is to it, nothing bad about it just people a having fun on the road than in a club
Booker T.W (4 years ago)
Clitoris mutilation, honor killing,sex with animals also is part of some cultures.I guess you agreed with it also.
Omg Fast (4 years ago)
this is bajan dancing i absolutly love it and u start doing this from a very young age so fren kajar get a life this is carribean style and it is sooooo much fun #proud  to be a bajan
Marquise Alphonso (4 years ago)
+ferny kajar  No one care what you think. Europeans  when they first came into this part of the world saw the people walking around naked and all they could think of is raping the women. It is you  who are perverted.
Booker T.W (4 years ago)
It is grotesque! I give up.
fugu fugu (4 years ago)
holly shit ..pause at 0:48, that nigga just stole the Vietnamese rice hat from PHO RESTAURANT LOL
Nkakzola Africano (4 years ago)
I would ejaculate in my pants no thank you I would rather watch from afar than participate
Andres (4 years ago)
Imagine everybody doing the same thing, but naked! And that music in the background. Hilarious! 
mef77 (4 years ago)
I have a friend that is Caribean. He always invites me to this parade. He never mentions anything about culture, its always about half naked women shaking there asses. Sometime I wonder if the truth essence has been lost on today's generation.
Antonio Walton (4 years ago)
That's crazy.... Too much going on
TdotSoul (4 years ago)
To all the winey bitches complaining about all the "twerking" kindly piss off and if you don't like it don't watch it. Quit judging people for doing what they feel like doing with their own lives and bodies.
Tricia De Leon (4 years ago)
Whats the song called in 4:15
DAViD (4 years ago)
Roderick Afriyie (9 days ago)
DAViD u can’t get aids from that🤦🏽‍♂️
Jackie Jackson (4 years ago)
diane dos santos (4 years ago)
That's a hot mess! Gross. The first man that would even try to grind on me like that would find himself on the ground sleeping! No joke!
Coolmaster X (1 year ago)
Or you you can just not go
jhonboy (4 years ago)
Dat means ur prfesionl in grindng ass
bruno santos (4 years ago)
name song 0:38 please
bruno santos (4 years ago)
thanks <3
CM Smith (4 years ago)
People watch a 7 minute video and think that's all there is. If other things were put up nobody would watch. Youtube vids like this are published because that's what people want to see. 
Isah musa (4 years ago)
best dg
Jpkrao (4 years ago)
The flat-butt guy at 4:16 is clearly having an orgasm and the woman at 4:38 is literally breaking that guy's nuts. LOL!
Geek Peek (3 months ago)
Lmao that guy Doesn't have butt 😂😂😂😂
Rob Shaw (4 years ago)
this dances it only has to be for young people not for old people
raul villanueva (4 years ago)
I would have sex too
Black Invictus (4 years ago)
It is sad indeed to see how negroes of the Caribbean have slid completely into such savage behavior imitating the savagery of white people. Sad, sad, so sad!
Itz_ Sophirina (6 months ago)
This is what we do when we celebrate like how racist can you be
bigga (1 year ago)
Black Invictus wow you’re retarded
Nyasha M (4 years ago)
Can someone who is Caribbean explain what carnival is and if this is normal/ why? Cause I went for the first time last year in toronto and I was shocked all o saw was dry humpin and what not so I would like to know the history behind it
alieninthecaribbean (4 years ago)
In it's purest form it's just unadulterated, sensual, Kundalini joy. You hear that pounding base-line and your hips just move of their own will. Much like a Hawaiian hula dancer or Lebanese belly dancer would feel when they hear their native music.  It becomes more salacious  when you add alcohol and horny people.
Keiana Reid - Maynard (4 years ago)
Dancing came about like this from when we usto be slaves we usto sing and dance in our spare time carnival started in Trinidad and tabago ... Sign In Ask a Question Answers Home Notifications My Activities Categories Community Guidelines Send Feedback Help Other Sites Yahoo Mail News Finance Sports More View Desktop Version Privacy & Terms © 2014 Yahoo! Inc how did carnival started in trinidad and tobago? 4 Answers • Trinidad & Tobago Best Answer (Chosen by Voter) Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago originally has its roots in the 19th century, from both West African festivals and French Catholic carnival celebrations, where masks were donned and social visits ensued. When the use of drums and religious practices were prohibited following Emancipation (1838), slaves (and then former slaves) found novel ways to pass on their cultural heritage. Similar celebrations were held by the slaves at the end of crops harvesting, hence the Crop Over celebrations in some other Caribbean islands. In Trinidad, the festival was known as Canboulay (from Cannes Brulees, or burnt cane), and incorporated African derived dancing and music (the precursor to Calypso) to transform Carnival into what we see today. However, after Emancipation, the festival time was merged with the French settlers' and free coloureds' celebration, the pre-Lenten festival tied to the Roman Catholic carne vale (farewell to the flesh), in preparation for fasting and religious disciplines of Lent. It is now celebrated two days before Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent.
Osmany Fierro Viart (4 years ago)
Get real people...other cultures do exist and guess what they give  a f..ck about what we're writing here on youtube. Maybe in our house doing a shit in front of a PC. And while we're wasting our time on Internet they having fun and living the best they can :).
Girl IntheCity (4 years ago)
I played mas with Nationz that year…too many plain clothes people crowding the band on the parade route.  If people want to play mas they should buy a costume instead of trying to do it for free.
Girl IntheCity (4 years ago)
It's a shame….most of them don't know the difference between wining and dry-humping.  There IS a difference, LOL
Girl IntheCity (4 years ago)
LOL!! I think it actually devolved :D :D
realafrican king (4 years ago)
they invented wining and grinding..lol. guess it evolved 
nyambane winex (4 years ago)
bend over,,,,,heheehh
Carly G (4 years ago)
This is dance??? Wtf....
D Turbo (4 years ago)
Who called it dancing ya are dumb
Moderate Latino (4 years ago)
This is Yuckkkkkkk. Do they call this dancing??
Live, Love, Lift, Game (4 years ago)
I know, smfh
Zoso (4 years ago)
Hahahahah 3:52 Cameraman wanted to dance
John Holmes (4 years ago)
Major Feet (4 years ago)
WTF am I doing living in boring Los Angeles??!!
el jefe (5 years ago)
they might as well fuck at 0.59
Jpkrao (4 years ago)
Actually, they are fucking. Both have a hole near the bottom of their shorts, just good for the guy's boned cock to go through and ... baaammm!!!
ThatBoiFlo (5 years ago)
Legend of Awww Sheeet (5 years ago)
Aye man who do you go with to all the places
bootyOHboy ll (5 years ago)
6:48 tell me you got more of this that you can upload!!

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