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Necro Death Rap Album Track 2 Join The Necro Army www.necroarmy.com No Remorse No Regret Death Rap Lisen Too It Live It DIE!
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Gilberto C (3 days ago)
Alex again steven orazco joeseph cariel and julian cardiel and poser band alaso miguel jeniffer and karla quesada are bugging me idk if you could bless me that would be ok
Gilberto C (9 days ago)
Hey some poser named dj or mad dog is buggin you know the deal its not gilberto
Gilberto C (12 days ago)
All the guilberto shit is cause i fucked up on the profile name i just said it was my dad its me alex again
Gilberto C (12 days ago)
Hey my teachers and retards at youth build Keep doing retarded shit so ye have fun i guess ive always wanted ro eat eyeballs with the cornia any ideas for a sauce
Gilberto C (12 days ago)
Hey i got beef with some idiot he really bugs go get him hit up the fam much love i saw you beat the shit out of someone it was my favorite interveiw i like your work i have no remorse its alexis gilbertos son not gilbert i just didnt wanna make a profile hmu if you ever need anything i got you fam much love dont want it with me look into my eyes death rap listen to ot live and die
Gilberto C (12 days ago)
My bad for rhe spell errors im kinda insane i guess right once again its this guys son not gilbert gilbert is just a kind man thank you
Legend Cobra Light (15 days ago)
10/10 Best Horrorcore song
John Madore (1 month ago)
Hardest fucking track
Rare when you hear someone listen to NECRO #alwaysrespect NECRO is out of this world! Just love the aggression with power and destroying through
Akuma (3 months ago)
I remember pumping this song 7 years ago.. loved the brutal lyrics
John Doe (3 months ago)
Still one of the best shits you poped out, Necro. Bangin.
That hook is on another level 😈
Gabo Nemo (4 months ago)
D Most sickshit
nils holgerson (5 months ago)
One of my favourite songs ever
GorgusTV (5 months ago)
that sound is epic
Kodi Macneil (5 months ago)
Killing time ⌚
Oscar Montes (7 months ago)
Damn I was searching for a Metallica cover n I found this gold nugget.🤓
Antoine P (9 months ago)
John Smith (9 months ago)
He could totally fuck with Eminem
MsfPW89 (9 months ago)
Still one of the greatest Necro songs ever. I remember having my mind blown when i first heard this album and this song. I pop this album on anyday, it doesnt grow out from me
Susan Loughlin (10 months ago)
Easily one of his best
Monkey Mutant Boss (10 months ago)
That hook, tho
Andrew Robertson (11 months ago)
Just headbutted an old lady to this beat
justin Melanson (1 year ago)
Only has 175k views WTF
Ron Rick ray (1 year ago)
No remorse....uh... Sounds likemy wife...first red flag when she couldn't spell remorse...stayaway from inbreads.
소년우수한 (1 year ago)
Fucking psychopath shit
Boothy 91 (1 year ago)
Necro at his best. Don't feel he is on his top game on The Godfathers album
Doug Tunnels (1 year ago)
Wow that's fuckin domination yesssss
Brandon Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
Necro be real 100%
Tell Step (1 year ago)
THis song to dope fire
Darryl Montelongo (1 year ago)
I want to do a driveby when I listen to this empty two clips punch a foe in the face at the very least all while I smile like I won the lottery..
Fucking lyrical genius, holy fuck.
Kelly Kelso (1 year ago)
chug a beer with a line combined!
Nikky Blaze506 (1 year ago)
Lil Wayne sounds like someone keeps clipping clothes pins to his nut sack.
kain holmes (1 year ago)
lol that funny as hell
Baltimore Z-Wad (1 year ago)
Another ridiculously sick Necro track with straight fire flow & delivery over a hard ass beat
Richard Arsonman (1 year ago)
Fuck yeah smash anything in your way. JG shit at its finest
JAEDERKILLZXX (1 year ago)
I remember my homeboy PUFFS (r.i.p) got murdered around the time when death rap came out...this album is perfect for going out with your hommies and just handling business....R.I.P HENRY SAUCEDO a.k.a. PUFFS....#PSYCHOEHEADS(213)M...
Philip Geleta (1 year ago)
The fucking real necro mansaaa blasting yaaa with a real sludge hamma he gonna fuckin gudle yaa. fuck you all get juked bitchsss ;p #necrovideo
rory rory (1 year ago)
this tune fucckin is ....................phycho!!!!!!!
MrMakumbele (2 years ago)
Breandan Parker (2 years ago)
kain holmes (1 year ago)
horrorcore is dope as hell
Nicole Giglia (2 years ago)
Fight music.
Kim Chloe (2 years ago)
Trumps the motherfucking shit
Kim Chloe . Who gives a shit about the election you twit Im so sick of typical fuckers like you also talk about catfish.
llFLeXzll (1 year ago)
Trump the real stupid ignorante $#@$
Kim Chloe (2 years ago)
Necro 2024
Dr Colors (2 years ago)
always a pleasure
Chris Demkiw (2 years ago)
This joint gets me fuckin pumped. Necro is a dark genius
XADISX1984X BtK (2 years ago)
I wish necro would make a rap song in German
EST 84 (2 years ago)
necro!!!! let the tek blow!!!!!! rappers now days are cardboard gangsta. trap ass bullshit. bring bak the og rap ..vinnie paz/immortal tecknique /nonphixion. and a few mo
MilLz Killz (3 years ago)
MilLz Killz (3 years ago)
track that changed my life
Kodi Macneil (7 months ago)
Really fuck you
HeadingToHell (3 years ago)
finally found
CaraNoClue (3 years ago)
necro for president
jay p (5 months ago)
HeadingToHell leftard...
Richard Arsonman (1 year ago)
Hater Of The Year 👍 c ya around panocha your time means nothing to me
Shieet id vote
llFLeXzll (1 year ago)
TRump pretty goood for peeps work ;)
why? Trump is the man. twice as hardcore as necro
Viktor Kovács (3 years ago)
fuckin awesome brah!
Luke * (3 years ago)
my favourite necro song.
Legend Cobra Light (1 month ago)
it's the best necro song
hookedonafeeling100 (3 years ago)
+hookedonafeeling100 hrmm... was funny
hookedonafeeling100 (3 years ago)
+Luke * idiot
CivTr4pL0rd24 (3 years ago)
This song is dope, makes you want to break a bottle on a pigs heads and take his strap
John Smith (9 months ago)
pigs have innocent children so go ahead and kill a man for trying to keep the peace moron.
Magnum_Koichi (3 years ago)
DAT CHORUS: Dies iræ dies illa - This day, this day of wrath Solvet sæclum in favilla, - shall consume the world in ashes, Teste David cum Sibylla, - as foretold by David and the Sibyl. Quantus tremor est futurus - What trembling there will be HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! AWESOME!!!!
Joe Knoedler (4 years ago)
I nominate necro to replace lil wayne.
Muff Diver (11 months ago)
Lil Wayne is a fucking bitch
kain holmes (1 year ago)
lil wayne is a lame ass rap but john wayne is bad ass motherfucker
EyAlter dumichauch (1 year ago)
Who is Lil Wayne? I only know John Wayne
Jay Lukasser (1 year ago)
Big fucken tiddies
kain holmes (1 year ago)
lil wayne suck ball a frozen giant balls
primusayso (4 years ago)
Official ad by "FUCK OFF I'M BUSY!!!!!!!"
Jizraeli 360 (4 years ago)
If you watched the movie goon then you probly heard it on that movie.
Lucas Judd (4 years ago)
Bad. Fucking. Ass.
vamuel scalisi (5 years ago)
lorissa j seve (5 years ago)
Death rap Listen to it Live it DIE!!
SELA Ghost (5 years ago)
gilbert valencia (5 years ago)
I dont like when people try to rap like necro but i do like Necrophiliac
kain holmes (1 year ago)
I reather be a cryomancer than a necromancer
izik0113 (5 years ago)
Harvey Quinn (5 years ago)
Might be a remix
DBOUnknown (5 years ago)
Push it to the limit maybe?
Harvey Quinn (5 years ago)
What necro song has screaming in the chorus I've heard it but I can't find it ik it's this album though
SimpleFayde (4 years ago)
Push it to the limit
SehZ The Cynic (4 years ago)
Empowered is the single you're thinking of i think .
Zlatan Cantona (4 years ago)
the sample is ENNIO MORRICONE -"Dies Irae Psichedelico"
a4f2r0o (5 years ago)
MrMickthemonster (5 years ago)
Stomp you like a tanks cattapillar tracks.... YEAH!
chuck cees (5 years ago)
Fuckin putting adds on nercos music videos
Mocha slayer (5 years ago)
ZiomekPatrykC (6 years ago)
WHATEVER ATTACK! the chorus is genious
Spiritus Terminus (7 years ago)
a leg nagyobb!!!!
Fifty BMX (8 years ago)
Nice NECRO!! Nice!"
QUADREX (8 years ago)
Mikey Mnemonic (8 years ago)
Bumping this full volume!
Drew Waine (8 years ago)
669ELGUAPO (8 years ago)
necro for fuckin life.

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