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6 Common Men’s Hair Problems (And How To Fix Them)

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Text Comments (575)
Deathhorse (1 day ago)
Long hair... I like it, looks nice
Mari Arias (2 days ago)
A video about us african americans homes
joey (2 days ago)
can you do a tutorial on how to get hair like you
Gustav Forsberg (3 days ago)
Add ends at 3:17
Eddie -_- (3 days ago)
1:45 just spray the whole dry shampoo bottle damn
Timmy Naan (3 days ago)
Pls can you do a tutorial on how to have your hairstyle bcus I can’t get my hair like yours Jose 🤕
INFERNO (3 days ago)
Make a vid on oily face plz. I was my face before going to school and it looks good but suddenly my face turns oily again
Jonathan Hemingway (17 hours ago)
Use face wipes throughout the day
Daniel N (3 days ago)
How do you deal with cowlicks if you have two crowns 🥴
candied yams (4 days ago)
Why are you.. shouting
Rory Milsom (3 days ago)
shut it buster before i come and get you
A ALI (4 days ago)
Man said Alfalfa 😂
Miraj Mahmud (4 days ago)
Can you make a video of sweaty hands
Thegamer Striker57 (6 days ago)
oh jose can you make video about oily face.. because this is our problem
Thegamer Striker57 (1 day ago)
thanks bro
crazy cat (2 days ago)
Thegamer Striker57 its called puberty abd you have to wash your face with a small cloth morning and night, yw
Westus (6 days ago)
Po po po po po po power
abraham gomez (8 days ago)
My hair doesnt go where i want it to go like i move it to its original place and it just falls down
Elite (10 days ago)
Are you... trying to imitate alpha m.'s mannerisms?
Manshionhaunt12345 (5 days ago)
He's nothing like alpha m. If anything he's better than alpha m. Watch his more recent vids to convince you.
b r o w n i e (10 days ago)
please everyone read this... im not trying to hate on jose or anything but i just wanted to say, dry shampoo is TERRIBLE for your hair, you might as well just wash your hair, rather than damage your hair follicles with all the chemicals in dry shampoo just trying to help, please dont damage your hair for no reason
محمد رضا (10 days ago)
Translate from English to Arabic because I do not understand much
محمد رضا (8 days ago)
hands off do not interfere
Bradley Sucks at life (11 days ago)
Why do you sound like the donkey of Madagascar
LL Stylish Zed!! (17 days ago)
Sir How to Fix Frizzy Dry Hair I Can't Manage my Hair🙁 How to Straighten Hair without Flat Iron?
Straightener what flat iron
Dragon Blue (22 days ago)
My hairs are not even at the end.How to fix that?
Lil Teapot (25 days ago)
Indian Alpha M.
Romit Bansod (27 days ago)
You had done soldier cut ....hairstyle ? Tell me plz
ZeXaL (1 month ago)
My hair is thick and wavy (with a very little bit of curls but it's overall wavy) ... but i have a problem which is my hair feels very damaged and broken and that makes me unable to grow my side hair at all because it looks so messed up as if my hair is standing up instead of going with the flow ... what should i do? please i want any good advice because i have been suffering from this problem for years now but i want to grow out my side hair to do a long wavy hairstyle... (I also have the widows peak thing but my hair problem is preventing me from styling it to look good)
Hashir Jan (1 month ago)
didnt he have a volume less hairstyle b4
MonkeySpirit 1992 (1 month ago)
Dude are you trying to act like AlphaM? Do something original.
He used liked half the old spice dry shampoo bottle, that's why he leaves a day in between lol!!!
Charaka Amayantha_CR (1 month ago)
Very important topic Jose...Really valuable video...💚Thank you 4 these kind of valuable videos...🔥💚
Pavel Zambrano (1 month ago)
Jajajaja se me hace raro oirte hablando inglés
Ihatemylife (1 month ago)
Why does he have four million subscribers
Used Burrito (2 months ago)
I have a widows peak with curly hair :(
Tae Jun (2 months ago)
Imagine what would happen to this dude if he had male pattern baldness. Nothing like someone with a full head of hair explaining how to deal with MPB.
dart furry (2 months ago)
Boy your beard still patchy
Markus Bryn (2 months ago)
Wow, love your hair bro.
Owen Marsden (2 months ago)
You have a patchy beard
ARUN VANJARA RD (2 months ago)
Jose Moises (2 months ago)
Can you give us a video on shampoos that are good at blocking DHT
Elizabeth Martinez (2 months ago)
Imma start a channel called "teachingkidsfashion"
Black Kim Jong un (2 months ago)
My hair can not be straight ever its way to curly
Furqan Muhammad (3 months ago)
Jose can you please do a full hair styling tutorial pls pls pls
Miklo Vadca (3 months ago)
17 years old and I'm already losing hair. My hair line is so bad.
Paa Werrr (3 months ago)
3:16 thanks me later
Vaporrs MET DIGGY (3 months ago)
Alpha M?
Mario garcia (3 months ago)
Hazlo al español por favor ):
MC GU VAZ DE LIMA (3 months ago)
Ad ends at 3:16
wolf clan (3 months ago)
What are some good hair cut you should have
River 808 (3 months ago)
What do you ask for when u get a hair cut
Dream of Anything (3 months ago)
What is the meaning of zuniga?
Jamanul Sakib (3 months ago)
You know what ends in 3:16
ice ice (3 months ago)
Does hair always need to be put up to look good?
Luis Serrano XD (3 months ago)
I think you should go more in depth on DHT blockers or inhibitors in your next video because they come with some serious side effects
zeemme (3 months ago)
Why are you shouting 🧐
bland bland (3 months ago)
Your ears annoy me
Saroj Kumar Sahoo (3 months ago)
Do Bleach water cause hairloss? Plzz ....reply....
Jay Antonio (3 months ago)
Oily and greasy hair what if youre a sports guy?
Michael Figueroa (3 months ago)
I think that wont be applicable to my pubic-hair like..its really hard to styled
SamTheMan015 (3 months ago)
Whys my photo in the thumbnail you prick??
Xavier Ty (3 months ago)
Ad ends in 3:16
Dope Carlos (3 months ago)
I take a shower and that's all then sleep
Paulos Bamlaku (3 months ago)
I know this may sound like a lot but can you do a curly hair video?
ahmed guled (3 months ago)
Hey I was just wondering if you could do a video on other hair types other than straight , such as Curly hair
DepressedAstronaut (3 months ago)
Are you a full breed American?
Daniel Ramos N (3 months ago)
You are problably not going to read this but, I have two cowlicks in the back of my head and the thing is that they both go crashing to the middle so I can't go one direction without having the other cowlick contrasting it and making my hair stand up. I don't know if you have any advice for me.
jose lopez (3 months ago)
If only stop and shop wasnt closed i would be able to do my hair
Raihaan Suleman (3 months ago)
Jose, old spice dry shampoo's not available in the uk or for the uk. Help us out plz
Adonara55 (3 months ago)
When he said not to wash your hair... Does he mean not to shampoo it or not to wash it at all?
Shubhankar J (3 months ago)
Are you son of Alpha M?
Abhay Kumar Singh (3 months ago)
Fake act 💯 He is trying to imitate alpha m. Nope bro.. never you're not even a thing comparable to him !
Abhay Kumar Singh (3 months ago)
@bablapradeep muh se lund nikal k baat kr bsdk
bablapradeep (3 months ago)
Ganduu teri ma ki chut.
SWIRLY4LIFE (3 months ago)
My hair is a lost cause
CHHIREE SHERPA (3 months ago)
I'll be trying the dry shampoo!!!!
Sp4rkii _TK (3 months ago)
oh the puns xD
Muhammad Abbas (3 months ago)
I want the complete tutorial of your hair cut and styling hair products how .. and how much you use it .. please do a tutorial it will help us (wavy) guys alot!
Alexis Trujano (3 months ago)
This is so stupid 😂😠
David Salinas (3 months ago)
Why did i get an ad in spanish..?
Luis Carlos Tabian (3 months ago)
My big forehead is the ultimate hindrance to me trying new hairstyles
Joshua W (3 months ago)
I have a double cowlick
Marcos Lopez (3 months ago)
Was up Jose, can you put up another video of your haircut. I want to get your style but my barber can’t get it just right.....I think I need to change my barber
Tejashwer Uthaman (3 months ago)
Are you copying alpha.m?🤔
Jorgio Arboleda (3 months ago)
breath of fresh hair. Witty AF.
M’ Baku (3 months ago)
Smells Like poweeeer
Dang PANDA (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot
Jin Kazama (3 months ago)
You look tired
Aviv Mique (3 months ago)
Full metal alchemist reference 2:59
Nanis Gerrard (3 months ago)
Nanis Gerrard (3 months ago)
So what you’re saying is old spice is better than Hudson and mane!?
AwardedAqua (3 months ago)
Vegeta peak
Swishask8 (3 months ago)
I'm hungover, I'm never drinking again.
Alejandro Raa . García (3 months ago)
Bald, and watching this xD
Alexis Garica (3 months ago)
I’m scared of knowing when there is gonna be a video that isn’t sponsored
Ratnesh Jha (3 months ago)
Advertisement ends at 3:14
clam chowder (3 months ago)
Help me - my hair hold moisture well -does nt absorb it too well -gets fucked in bed depending on how much i move -i sometimes add a 'cantu' product where my hair look kinda greasy to start with but after time looks good -btw i have dark brown, mildly tight curls, thick hair What shall i do???
Andrew Rocco (3 months ago)
Thank u Jose for all the videos u made cuz they hav helped me a lot in the past and even today with what to do with my hair and how to dress
Boozness14 (3 months ago)
Old spice is what my grandfather used to wow my granny back in the 60’s
T Donovan9 (3 months ago)
I used to have a callic, but my mom started parting my hair to the side and my callic is now gone
Tomas D'Incau (3 months ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to use half a bottle of dry shampoo in one go.
Mohammad AL-Khatib (3 months ago)
Welp, my beard ain't full yet but I manage to give the illusion of fulness just by knowing where the hair hasn't grow yet, keeping it long enough and then covering the bald spots, it might not work for everyone, yet it works for me 🕴
R6_z33 (3 months ago)
I need help!!! I have straight thin hair but I always blow dry it every morning and do a comb over. I shower every single day with hot water and when I get out it feels fine but when I shampoo it (once a week) it gets very dry. Any tips?
Binit Rai (3 months ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to get sponsored by Old Spice
clement tshikuna (3 months ago)
Not everyone has the same type of hair
barryseaworth (3 months ago)
I'm balding so this doesn't matter
Alish Khatiwada (3 months ago)
Jose you said about a product for hair growth in a video. I can’t remember it now. Can you help

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