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Top 10 Fall Pieces EVERY Man Needs In His Wardrobe

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Text Comments (1052)
mitchell daniels (8 days ago)
Is it only me or are there more guys that dont like the 90s/80s windbreakers?
John929kelvin (8 days ago)
Can you guys tell in the thumbnail but you need to to have a beard on the fall winter and no beard on summer!!
Senseless (9 days ago)
Anyone know where to buy the boots he didn't put any links ?
Raheem YT (14 days ago)
5:04 Temperatures rise in the winter? Hmmm
daniel dudasa (15 days ago)
u dress like a boy pal . have a look at alex costa , u might get inspire
Little Talks (16 days ago)
Jose, what type of boots are those at 1:22?
lucas brands (20 days ago)
Where can I get that overshirt at 1:01?
Franco (21 days ago)
Dude, I love you but the skinny jeans and the rips jeans are not you! That hoody was sweet, I want!
fam fam (22 days ago)
Yo where do i get a no drawstring hoodie in Australia
Marcos Membreno (22 days ago)
what is the pink hoodie he is wearing in 0:13
ILIKETURTLES (23 days ago)
where did you get that windbreaker from?
Syed Burhan (23 days ago)
Light coloured denim pants doesn’t look good in winter/fall
Anonymous (23 days ago)
Beginning to think you’re gay.
Jason Johnson (24 days ago)
What shoes is he wearing at 0:11 ? Help a brother out lol
Daniel Selvan (24 days ago)
Fennel is so nice
Tyler Bergquist (25 days ago)
Yet he never says where to buy anything. Maybe one thing in the video. This is so aggravating.
cody carriker (25 days ago)
Jose, where is that hoodie from? Is that Esntls?
IrVin Cheema (25 days ago)
How can I see essential's products? Anybody plss tell me....... I tried link in descp. It says enter a password.... I want to see there hoodies n t shirts
Faisal Sheikh (26 days ago)
I love that red hoodie
wing chun mirash (26 days ago)
I just don’t how to style the boots
something anything (26 days ago)
Can u give some dressing tip for 17 year teens
OoWeE Comics (26 days ago)
Jose we in Florida we ain't gonna be wearing this stuff until December when it drops a few degrees
Nestor Rojas (26 days ago)
Me saluda acá Argentina
Nestor Rojas (26 days ago)
Por favor no entiendo nada en inglés por favor en español
Jak wa (27 days ago)
Doesn’t that sponsor defeat the purpose of everything you teach on your channel?
Jai Mistry (27 days ago)
where did you buy that flannel from pls help because it looks dope
Mario G (27 days ago)
Lol when he said there was a science done ... me “where’s your sourc...... ohhhhhh ..”
Shreeram Sankar (27 days ago)
Jose, plz upload a new video about how to build a foundational wardrobe.
I_Am_SamIII (27 days ago)
Those jeggings at the beginning though..
XxChristianxX lol (27 days ago)
Dude I just saw your Spanish channel, wow I didn't knew you spoke Spanish
Brent Fortin (27 days ago)
What cable knit is he wearing?
Madelline Ortega (27 days ago)
I like flannel it fits me well☺
Jamie Hall (27 days ago)
This guy could make a video about the birth of jesus and still sneak an advertisement in it and make it flow. Thumbs up for boots and denim!!
Bboy Mannases (27 days ago)
5:06 temperature is rising? You mean falling?
Jonathan Tulbure (28 days ago)
Can someone tell me where he got his turtleneck from? Thanks
GGViral (28 days ago)
hate to see where this channel is heading im I the only one that missed the old "top 10 fall pieces" that actually had nice clothing and nice outfits, ever since ur essential brand came out I feel all ur videos have not been up to par just sloppy a damn shame
Top 10 fall/winter shoes
Laura Cochran (28 days ago)
4:25 comment F to pay respects
Christopher McKenzie (28 days ago)
Anyone know what type of boots he’s wearing 1:09
Christopher McKenzie (27 days ago)
I believe I’ve found them, they look like these Heritage Iron Ranger boots
Martin Lundgren (28 days ago)
you NEED to change your background music to something NEW!
ratata tatata (28 days ago)
How to get taller ? Please answer
PXJesse (28 days ago)
Dope thumbnail!
Gage Massey (28 days ago)
Dang, this video quality was 🔥!
XxScopezZzxX (28 days ago)
Anybody else “lol” at #9
Mega Trunks (28 days ago)
The place i live is -20 in winter and u cant even stay outside for 5mins with that outfits lmao
Domingo Blackwood (28 days ago)
I wonder if I could Hire Jose to be my personal stylist. How much would be charge?
So long story short my crush called me bro today😢
John Lee (28 days ago)
Where’s the brown overshirt from?
Doug Dimadome (28 days ago)
What bomber jacket are you wearing, looks dope
Anthony Cedeno (28 days ago)
Why is the esntls website not working right now Jose?
obec_18 luv (28 days ago)
i love his style and videos but why do he has to scream to much on every video he made??? why? 😒
Rj Johnson (28 days ago)
What if I only have a Debit Card and not Credit?
Gustavo Pasan (28 days ago)
Does anyone know where the boots are from @1:09?
Dragon Killer (28 days ago)
1:00 where did you get that jacket bruh?
Dragon Killer (28 days ago)
Definitely will be getting an ESNTL hoodie
Dylan Arellano (28 days ago)
1:00 that outfit looks dope
Ray Serna (28 days ago)
In South Texas there is no winter or Fall...its mid october and its 96 degrees. My wordrobe is all year long
UglyPanda3 (28 days ago)
who else saw him miss the pocket at 4:25 xD
Jorge Aviles (28 days ago)
Bruh winter in Miami is like 80 degrees.....
A J (28 days ago)
Loyal sub here 💯
Obey my Sauce (29 days ago)
Anyone know where to get a good turtle neck?
Obey my Sauce (29 days ago)
Pants look too tight. Great vid btw
Sonny Song (29 days ago)
only if your in Florida and the temperature is above 0 Celcius​
chris (29 days ago)
id on that sweater?
mtyazigy (29 days ago)
What is your white sneaker brand?
Muhammad Usman (29 days ago)
5:18 lol true
XxBorn4GreatnessxX - (29 days ago)
Jose is the type of Zuniga that would get rejected by a girl and then give her 5 tips on how to be a better person.
Black Jesus (29 days ago)
Gotta make longer videos. This content is just not cutting it
Lorenzo Smith (29 days ago)
Where does Jose get hit ripped denim
Kill Bill (29 days ago)
Is that a price tag on your snicker in the beginning?
Armando Gonzalez (29 days ago)
Bro chill. Why are you yelling?
Admiral Aladeen (29 days ago)
fall is wiinter in canada, so hoodie can't work
Persian Top 10 (29 days ago)
Subscribe my chanel
Quinton Lee (29 days ago)
How to have style if you have a school uniform
MrCris487 (29 days ago)
I still don’t understand how you think 97s are chunky
Dr Pein (29 days ago)
the FALL here is 5 degrees!
GRapey Greg (29 days ago)
It's so hard finding a nice turtleneck for under 80 bucks
BOI (29 days ago)
Deym boi ya tall
Tyrese Heath (29 days ago)
Do outfits with Red shoes that don't have to match..... I need some advice. And please do Reebok classic outfits.
VIRALNX 222 (29 days ago)
If u have a tall neck and you are white I highly recommend a turtleneck specially in black
nash7117 (29 days ago)
Most stupid style white trainers with tags
GC-Direction Design (29 days ago)
Can someone tell me where I can get one of the two overshirts shown here?????
Ahmed Yeasir (29 days ago)
Please do a video on how we can modify our instagram ?
Dragon Smith (29 days ago)
Do the $100 Aeropostale outfit challenge please.
Chmayy (29 days ago)
Does someone know where I can buy the red sweater at the start of the video? :)
Wonderful Fak (29 days ago)
School of life and the subject was me, jose kills me😂😂...5:27
Dog Lool (29 days ago)
I was going to the mall today
Mashhood Malik (29 days ago)
http://MyMonthlyJob.com/?userid=664903 click here
Oh, look (29 days ago)
Can you mame a video on Windbreakers. I cant seem to find good ones
Mateo.Sutalo (29 days ago)
1:34 they ugly tho
Chicha (29 days ago)
If you wear 97s in Bosnia, you're gonna look like a hypebeast
The Don03 (29 days ago)
Imagine if he had waves bruh, they’d be dipping fr fr
Ruslan Koval (29 days ago)
What’s the watch you wearing at 5:37?
First Name Surname (29 days ago)
Chunky shoes are trends..trends will be fading away .. so..no for me
Where is that green bomber from
Edwin Ocasio (29 days ago)
Do a sneaker collection video!
Tazmanian Devil (29 days ago)
NaNd NaNh NaNm NaNs
Ryan Berns (29 days ago)
Someone please send me a link to a sweater or an over shirt like the ones in this video! Tmf fam 💪🏼
erick sosa (29 days ago)
I swear I think that this guy’s ego wins him over all the time.thinks he’s the shit. Dude your way too conceded with yourself. I bet you’ve been single all your life bc of it.
V3 Venom (29 days ago)
Too much man cleavage 😉

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