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Cute Bull terrier Dogs and Adorable Babies - Funny Dog loves baby Compilation

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Text Comments (804)
Debra Jamieson (1 day ago)
This is not cute it's dangerous. Children should never be allowed to hit any animals.
Господи, какая красота !!!!!!!!!
Paula Santos (18 days ago)
Dimi Pimenta (19 days ago)
So cute
my bull terrier is beatfull
Alemania - Colombia (1 month ago)
Es tan feamente lindo :v
Elizabete Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Aa..meu..deus..gue dilicia ..gue ..ciza..mais..linda..gue. Fofos
Que coisa mais linda ver esses dois brincando.maravilhoso
Virginia Caitano (1 month ago)
Freddy is Ready (2 months ago)
Bull Terrier the best dog on the planet
Eddie Mpate (2 months ago)
Apart from being worried that the dog can attack the baby anytime, what about health issues when it comes to dogs' saliva and skin bakteria!?
rosita xarquis (2 months ago)
ayyy love it!!!!
Hendri Schoeman (2 months ago)
They are the most lovable and loyal dogs on the planet they will protect you from anything
Mandeep Rana (3 months ago)
Nice dogs
roger peet (3 months ago)
All dogs are fine.  It is the owners that need education and training.
Based Strawberry (3 months ago)
Rolando Serrano flores (3 months ago)
No hay nada más q decir de esa raza tan especial como esa
Bull Terriers (3 months ago)
I love bullies I have 2 , they are gentle and tolerant, but unpredictable and cheeky-why take chances with such tiny babies-this is playing with fire and running a terrible risk.
Retarded kids
Anissa Zahra (4 months ago)
So cute
Becca Hepple (4 months ago)
love bullterriers x
Dog Loves Baby (4 months ago)
Nothing better than a laughing baby
Bertha (4 months ago)
i love Africa (4 months ago)
I really hate this 😤😤😤😤
Alemania - Colombia (1 month ago)
kharib officiel (4 months ago)
فلذلك شعبهم كلبوي......
joel750 (4 months ago)
It seems like these Bull terrier dogs are Long Suffering especially with children. They endure being poked prodded hit even though these dogs KNOW that their infant owners really meant no harm to them and don't know what they're doing because they're children. Kudos to these English Bull terrier dogs for their tenacity patience and long suffering towards the children!
Asok Kumar Pani (4 months ago)
Invisible mom is lovely and sweet ❤️👌❤️❤️
зохан ворун (4 months ago)
Блин будто бы я не обожал собак невозможно дозволять к малышом они могут передать заразу
YA BOY O (4 months ago)
They Crazy To Let The Baby Do Some Of The Shit On Here Smfh
Kiri Jones (4 months ago)
that was some ugly dogs
zahoor ahmad (4 months ago)
Its can be dangerous
Dragan Jovanovic (4 months ago)
i Love it
Zee Ural (4 months ago)
O köpeğin kılından nefes borusuna gidecek bir köpek kılı neler yapabilir biliyor musunuz.bir köpek veya kedi kılı insan akciğerinde onarılması imkânsız tahribata yol açabilir ..benden hatırlatması.
Hamo Zino (4 months ago)
جامي شفت كلب كما هاك
uzma ahad (4 months ago)
1.08 so cute
Иван Фокеев (4 months ago)
Все зависит от воспитания собаки если дитя вырастает с этой собакой рядышком она вовек его не тронет и будет наилучшим заступником в мире
Ricky Smith (4 months ago)
The fact that you let your child get that obese is child abuse you should be put in prison I pray he don't blame you for his heart conditions liver failure or diabetes in the future
Mr. wk (4 months ago)
muito gosdo cachorro
牟牟哞哞哞 (4 months ago)
Собаки лучше людей
Газовик (4 months ago)
я практикую травлю собак кочевых по улицам приблизительно один в неделю, применяю смешение куриного дешового фарша гр 600, с пилюлями Изониазид, они продаются без рецепта в аптеках, продают даже ничего не спрашивая, пилюли следует кропотливо растолочь и смешать с фаршем, доза- 1 пилюля на килограмм собачьего веса. Бросать на улице следует ночкой, чтобы собаку никто не выручил. и Желательно кидать где то поближе к кустикам, чтобы люд меньше лицезрели. ОЧИСТИМ улицы городка от бродяего срача !!! Всем фурроров !
Levites Grigoriy (4 months ago)
Mkhitar Ohanjanyan (5 months ago)
Юрий Азизов (5 months ago)
Брал трёх летнюю суку алабая Дарка,и потом неё трёх летнего добермана Спартака и потом трёх летнего кобеля восточно-сибирской лайки Грея ни одна из собак даже не рыкнула на моих малышей,дочери было 6 лет,отпрыск был вообщем малыш,а молвят инстинкты в нехорошем смысле этого слова,хотя самый 1-ый инстинкт это охрана владельца и его семьи!
Petr Petrovich (5 months ago)
Sadiq Khan (5 months ago)
Wow some motha fukin stupid parents in this video.
Miguel Severino (5 months ago)
t nul (5 months ago)
Abonnez vous a ma chaine svp ;)
Massa .. daqui um dia o meu Bull vai tá assim com meu filho
Ян огненый (5 months ago)
Вот они рачительные Бултыреры
BÉ KRI (5 months ago)
Des inconscients, ces gents là.
László Vígh (6 months ago)
Kay Banks (6 months ago)
Cute but the one that concerned me the most was the video of the little girl feed the dog from the dog's bowl. Really not a good idea for even and adult let alone a toddler. Parents wake up. Are we supposed to have sympathy for you because your child was bitten? Don't put children near a dog's food.
Родители что же не этак у вас в головах...такому риску малышей подвергаете мамочки сегодня все хладнокровнее, малыши ваши не понимают,однако вы то старшие
Jo Powell (7 months ago)
Ive got a jack sixteen weeks hes a bit nippy gets put in his place well looked after my sons are grown ups babies and dogs dont fucking mix
Amrie AmrieThomas (7 months ago)
1.26 was so adorable
Linnea Lu (7 months ago)
Every dog Is good. It's only how you take care of the dog and do u love her/him. I have Rotwailer, we really love him and he isn't bad
Sara Lemos (7 months ago)
É muito amor envolvido....
marcinekz1000 (7 months ago)
do czasu...
Oscar Caballero El chef (7 months ago)
Solamente los que amamos a los perros entendemos esto 😍😍
Peter Pedro (7 months ago)
Dogs are a blank canvas its how you make them .I've got two staffies and too young sons no probs
Dog Loves Baby (7 months ago)
so cute
Wendy Stewart (7 months ago)
Very cute
Levi Grech (7 months ago)
The last clip was way too risky
Eudes Lucena (7 months ago)
Putz, muito nojento. O cachorro come e lambe um monte de merda, lambe o cu do outro, e depois um animal pior coloca o filho pra lamber a cara dele..
ABA X 24 (7 months ago)
marineide silva (7 months ago)
Anastasiya Barkova (7 months ago)
Может быть пес и хорошая естественно.однако даже самому ангельскому терпению может придти крышка.у моей подруги.размеренный.наидобрейший овчар.кинулся на её отпрыска.пёс длительно вытерпел его проделки.в течение 5 лет от его рождения.оооочень длительно и в конце концов не выдержал и схватил ребёнка за лик.возили зашивать.Собаку слава Богу не тронули.
Газовик (7 months ago)
пес- скотина, сейчас она лижет ногу , а завтра ее откусит!
Ты шо дядя это пес если для нас это частица жизни то для их владелец это вся существование
30 сек (7 months ago)
Какая ужасная пес На акулу похожа
Ann Mcbride (7 months ago)
The last vid was a bit uneasy, we teach dogs not to harm baby so you should teach child not to harm dogs
HP Lovecraft (8 months ago)
I ❤️ bull terriers but for Gods sake don't let children indiscriminately play with, pull on or get licked by any breed!
murilo muca1 (8 months ago)
Que lindo 😍😍😍😍
Alan Lee (8 months ago)
These are English bull terriers.
Sirin Erener (8 months ago)
Sick people! !!!
Gooby Tron (8 months ago)
Just so everyone knows these are not Pit Bulls!!
phydia72 (8 months ago)
I miei bull terrier son tutti cosi...la femmina poi non ne parliamo..appena vede bambini diventa totalmente idiota ...li adoro
alpha omega (8 months ago)
You should never let your baby play with these dogs like this
Dan Young (8 months ago)
Kevin Dubroca (8 months ago)
J'adore cette race j'avai une appréhension avec les bebe mes carrément pas il se fait taper par un bebe il lui tire les oreilles. Malhreusement il sont assez fragile niveau santer et tres souvent sourd petit soufle au coeur
Arlenys44 Mena (8 months ago)
Es adorable si pero tener mucho cuidado animales son animales y por cuidado de los nińos los padres deben tener reselo con los perros
Chelsy Manecke (8 months ago)
Some people should mind there own business what they think how people raise there kids or dogs and if you don't like it don't watch.
MARIFRUTOS Gar (8 months ago)
Que tiernos son
Michi Međi (8 months ago)
William Martinez (8 months ago)
Creación de Dios
puppy__ doggo (8 months ago)
no worries babayzzzzz tarrier will protect you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geilza Maria Silva (8 months ago)
Muito lindo
Zeitlose Hundetherapie (8 months ago)
Ich liebe genau solche Videos. Die das wirklich Wesen der Hunde zeigen
Jessica Nowakowska (8 months ago)
Andre Toles (8 months ago)
1:45 good patient dog ......taking baby slaps to the face 🐕
Cleverton Santos (8 months ago)
São muito lindos parabéns 😍😘
Boa noite tudo bem com você
Yuri Cruz (9 months ago)
dogs are angels in this world if you no think this get off world
Jasmin008 W (8 months ago)
1:44 / 2:50 ..do not allow your Kid to this to 😬
Davrods Channel (9 months ago)
I looked after a bull terrier when lived in Barcelona & it was straight up nuts.
krea (9 months ago)
Stupid parents
Julua Pureco (9 months ago)
It's so adorable
Junior É nós (9 months ago)
Amo vcs lindos
Lucy tremayne Tremayne (9 months ago)
I love dogs. all dogs, big, small, ugly, cute. And I love kids babies especially as they haven't been influenced too much. and that's why it makes me very sad to see these gorgeous loyal dogs being basically abused by babies. it's completely true that the babies dont know any better. however the adults do. and when little timmy gets older and kicks the dog the parents just turn around and say 'I don't know what happened'. if you wouldn't let an older kid or an adult hit your dog, don't let a baby! it teaches them from a young age that it's fine and the. they get co fused when they are older and are punished for doing the same thing they always have.
alfamonk (9 months ago)
last kid should have been slapped
keila roxana casas (9 months ago)
Tan lindo yo tengo un bull terrier y con los niños más .
Dario (9 months ago)
Watch the movie Barjo

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